Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

We leave in the very early a.m. tomorrow.
We have a dear friend to tend the estate.
He has been recently blessed with employment at my husbands side.
30 years ago they once worked side by side.
Brothers and friends.
Amazingly he starts when we return.
It is so good to know that he is here for the life we leave behind as we are free to set off.

Oh Joy!
Small children await the day as they anticipate a journey.
The sensory issues faced them a bit.
I found sweet Dove asleep this morning

Change is a process when you have special needs darlings.
Slow transition called to wisdom to keep them home today.
Their little hands to fold the clothing to take.
Their little minds to process what is going on around them.
At their own pace they this day will prepare for a change, a different bed to sleep in.
They will anticipate sand on their toes and if that will feel nice or harsh, will the air be cold on skin or just right.
Noise and lights to consider as wisdom reminds me of my bag Of tools, tricks of the trade for this mother of special needs children.

Time to pause and reflect , watch for the next vision of action to take.
Made able for this task am I.
Made able.
Not able alone or on my own.

"This is not my mother or this is not my father HELP!",
rehearsed into a jubilant force of power!

I will flow into the end of my day.

This day that like my land , no more belongs to me but to the Love of a Father.

All the rides have been viewed on U tube.
The preventives measured and readdressed.

Open for question, rehearsing the trip.

It is like taking it thrice or even more.
Once there then....calm can easily be restored if need be.
They have played it out before.

Oh, but this day...

This day is new.

This day has begun.

Oh the joy.
Oh what fun.

They are so happy.
They are doing their laundry HAPPILY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cleaning the chicken coop poop.

The coop
The poop

the rake the bucket

Tarren high tailing it out of the way.

Pearly had to come check it out.

Now you scoop, the coop of the poop.
"Alright then go on... get!...this is my coop
my poop get on your way then..."

The coop has three doors on hinges.
The far right is the only place that really needs to be cleaned
No matter how much room they have they like to nest together.
"Didn't you tell her to get?"
"Come on Angel leave her to the task."
"Do you think she will grab the eggs now or later?"
The poop I scooped from the coop, into the compost and stir it over. They call it "green poop" that I scooped. It takes time for it to ripen up for the garden. Well it smelled pretty ripe to me:)
At the wallies world I get this for $6. Cheapest I can find it. Pine shavings, I once used a bag a week soon I learned it was over kill. Over fill. Just more than was necessary. See the nest are not needed to be cleaned very often.
My birds do not poop where they nest.
"What's going on up here?"
"what you think your going to leave this like that?"

me..."Birds! Oh Maybell, she is just an old "Mother Hen" bossy bossy."
"angle I got this under control "

"Now that's better!"
"Wow Pearly would you just look at this, fresh sheets"
"Well don't forget to close the door on your way out"
Maybell led the girls down stairs. I think she is satisfied.

This is kept by the compost. The pine shavings are the "brown" of the compost, the dung and the kitchen scrap set the balanced stage .
"hay she forgot the eggs"

Word Filled Wednseday

If we love him.


What a full day already!
I had the most awesome day!

After the normal customary tasks of each day and the children were off I set to a few additional duties of the day.
Set the worms to soil and the praying mantis out

cans to the posts in the garden and the compost fed the kitchen scrap

I remembered well that we were to have a brunch at Bible Study , is in three weeks. The Cole slaw went to the heat for I was not to return yesterday untill day's end at 4 p.m.
Mucked the chicken coop, stirred the compost and watered the gardens too.

Mornings harvest.

Picked the peas, tomatoes (so I could save them from the dogs..)
They will ripen on the counter.
The sandwiches for the trip will have the treat of the toms.

Girls said hi:)
Well lookie there.
You wont see that often here at his uncommon home.
Set for the absence.
I am a funny soul. If I should go I would not want to leave a mess behind for another to clean.
Traveling is that wasy for me . I do not want to return all rested to tasks to tend too.
I much rather like to ramp up.

The car is in my charge today, however the kids are due home and I have just returned from Prayer with the Mom's in Touch group. to walk in in a moment, devotions on psalms91.
If you set your love upon me said God ....
Thought it a good lesson.

Gotta go get the chicke feed, the water shoes and the oranges and fruit for the trip.
Heard we have a microwave in the hotel so I got some ideas of a few prep meals to just reheat.

Oh this is so funny!!!!!
The door bell rang and I was off in a song
for 5 days or more no more school
thinking it was the kids.

It was the UPS guy
(he delivered Dash's medication and the walkie talkie's that Steve was gifted with for his first 5 years of service with the company.)
Just in time for the trip.
We will each now have one.
Perfect timing!

Made him smile.

He told me that a man hit him today with his vehicle, and then pulled up fixed the mirror and drove off...
He said he got the plate but did not report it.
I told him that if he did that to him so callus and he was alright what if he was the honorable man who could be used to prevent the mans next victim.
He said he had not thought about that.

well better run.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The Lion King, a symphony

My Daughter.
She amazes me!

Thank you Denise
That was a very thoughtful find in the mail box after a full day.

A day in the life

My second art masters class began at 11:30
Showing them The Spinner
by Maes 16oo's

The conversation steered into history.
We spoke of how in days gone by no electricity, running water.
Eyes closed they saw them selves doing chores before eating, including cleaning stalls and fetching heavy water.

They understand now a little better from where they came.
This forgotten to a generation lacking purpose.
It was so amazing, the teacher gave me full sway and asked for me to keep going.
At was nearing 2 p.m. and the intrigue of our conversations was not even dimmed.
They were eating it up!
We spoke of the Elders who have the skills that are disappearing.

The teacher saw me at the curb and thanked me so much.
she said Mrs. U. I am amazed you know second graders are often only interested in any thing for 20 minutes tops!
You know she said that we kept speaking of these things until the end of class.
There assignment is to go ask an Elder to tell them their story and if they would please share the knowledge they have with the child.
I told them they would "blow their minds to show that they actually cared to know".
I am so grateful that I was given the strength to do the classes today.
three classes of 28 or so kids each.
The first class was brief and the kids were having a wonderful time I showed them the "water Lilly" by Monet.
It was so awesome!
I am having so much fun.
It is a second gift to see the children's faces and hear the questions and to listen to each kids question or statement. All of the children will actually listen to each other.
One little girl asked if it had to only be Elders who they go to to ask for knowledge.
I thought a delightful statement.
Then I told them how each of them have a gift that is unlike an others. To go to each other to earn trust and share the gifts and knowledge you have.
I spoke about gaining an others trust and HIS STORY forgotten repeats itself.
I love days like this when HIS STORY of love comes through.
The teacher gained the floor and then told the kids of her own mother only having electric after she was a junior in high school.
I told them my own mom was without shoes and was not allowed to even go to school because of it. I shared of the changing times. How in their life time they may be Needing these skills to survive and to take care of them selves.

The spinning wheel reminded us of how our ease has left us without the knowledge we would need to live life and thrive.

It was just a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who have a song in your heart...

Thank you Michelle.
It just goes to show ya what can happen when we all get together.

The song over my head today

I awoke to this old song.

It reaches to the highest mountain
It flows to the lowers valley.

The blood that gives me strength from day to day it will never loose it's power.

Tackle it Tuesday

....But Teacher...
"my dog peed on it!"

Dash said "well why did you have it on the floor?"
HA! Smartie!
Well I had dropped the heavy bags off my shoulder at the pillar and had another class to teach in the morrow. The crazy dog peed on the floor and the bag absorbed it as well as all the papers.

Well after all the documents were scanned and re printed...
Thank you my dear loving husband!

The envelopes were acquired and then I had them laminated.
Now the packages must be reassembled for today I teach.

So all you teachers out there
It really does happen!

6a.m. wake feed dogs, make husbands lunch, feed kids and love on them.
7:25 cup of coffee (half cup it is left over from yesterday YUK
8 a.m. kids to the stop
8:05 walk around the block
I checked the garden when I got back, fed the chickens and glory!
I got to have strawberries with my cherrieos!
I must say the berries are like nothing I have ever taste it is like they have mega flavor.
A very little ges a long way.

Dash gave me the 11 cents and the two washers last night.
A penny and a dime. life is funny that way.
I guess you would need to know why a penny and a dime is significant.
8:15 do art packages
make a new pot of coffee
8:45 Bible study Oh yikes today is a brunch!
(?????left over Cole slaw) pays to cook in the large batch style!
11 a.m prepair at the elementary to present at 11:55, 12:30 then spend lunch with Dove.
1 p.m.
Go get chicken scrap
go back to the school to present again at 2:30:
Then the afternoon awaits until Dove is done with Student Council, she also has her first concert tonight! She is a bit nervous today. She plays the viola.

3:15 snacks for the kids and then we have our gab session and devotions are set aside till next Monday so we can get readied for the trip.
busy day.

Have a great day!

off on the fly
Remember NEVER TRUST A DOG!!!!!!!!

Menu Plan Monday

menu based on clearing out the refrigerator

Good Morning!
This a day late....But now my camera is back in hand with an empty memory card.
The kids flipped over the pan seared salmon.
It was wild caught. I never buy the farm raised.
Farm raised salmon is doing some nasty things to our wild salmon.
It in itself is pretty nasty too.
They use dye to color it after the crowding in the net ponds and a life of parasites.

the only way to go. We found a good buy on it at Costco, frozen in individual sized cuts.
I pan seared it HOT PAN , Cold Oil.
a little dill on it.
skin side first, half way through flip it over.
The Cole Slaw was made the way my MILove makes it.
rice vinegar and sugar, with a bit of celery salt.
Dash helps make it.
Dove set the table.

We got someone here at the house so it will not be unattended.
Plus the dogs are pretty vicious when they need to be.
That Godlen she is one might defender when we go for a walk, she even scares me.

We are so excited.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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