Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black and White Photography

Come visit 'A Place to create' to see a project I have been working on.

Michelle see the Dogwood and the Magnolia flowers. That is what I gained with that thoughtful gift card you gave me. Thank you.

Shoe Polish *Reduce-reuse-recycle*

 Remember when we bought it once and took good care of it to make it last. Now I now many of you wise souls have known this way. Knowledge lost of the wolves who have come gained not only our minds but our pocketbooks as well. This week pulling out a different hand bag and some old sandals to match it called in some tending too.
 Yep, there worn and seen not just a few miles. But they are mine, mine to what I own and afford. Yep, one day perhaps next year to the top of the budget will come a new pair. For now I delight in shoe polish. Once was a new pair of shoes were not taken for granted. My own mom was not able to go to school for her daddy would not get her a pair of shoes. Many years in the great depression things were so. Food and shelter mattered most. However my mom should of been treated better.
 Snippin' the threads and brushing out the ring yes...mine. the have good use left in them. They were purchased as a timeless style with purposeful intention.
Do ya one better than that. With folk forgetting just what polish is or is used for keep an eye out on clearance. Now days shelf space is more important than function. Now this was $1 a time back.
In stock keep your basics
other colors you use if applicable.
Mind you never polish swede shoes or handbags. for a colorless polish try leather wax. leather soap too.

Clean up those shoes when your do your pedicure. Shoes show your character. New or not, the care one takes of a shoe shows many an employer how detailed a person may be. Just an Old Wives Wisdom passed on.

Camomile Harvesting

Hello, I'll do a brief post. My chest (port) is tender. Must limit my typing.
Thank you for the kind hello Amrita, Annette and Linda. Nice to hear from all of you. This week before my strength ran low there was the sweet aroma of Camomile in the garden. We had a heat come through that caused early flower last week. Twice harvested the flowers within two days. Really peaceful and easy. Sitting down is no real hard effort.
 See that onion seed head? It is so cool looking.
 We have been letting the hens out daily now. The Lab is accustom and does not bother them. My lab is so sweet. Stays real close to me now. Right at my side. He is still not allowed in the garden. So he went in the house to the window by the bead center. He is on the other side of that open window above the pipes crying for me. I speak to him and comfort him.

 Using my skirt as a catch the flowers are combed through my fingers and the stem held with the other hand so as not to break it. Only the mature flowers remain in my palm.

 MayBell the hen is helping to stir the compost and rid it of bugs. As does Ruby below. She is a piece of work. Ruby tore out both of the bell peppers this week. Now I understand the meaning and purpose of Chicken Wire. The next garden item on my wish list.

 Moving on to the raised bed this twice picked in two days. It is full of buds for next week. So far a good pint dried.
 Wild things best left wild, life left alone if it means you now harm. I worked around this little friendly fellow. Thanked him for the help to keep flower from bad bugs.
 It is so wonderful life not being afraid of my presence or needing to defend itself either.
Love to have ya all over for a cup of fresh dried Camomile tea. Smells so fresh and wonderful. Nothing like the store bought. It has a fragrance that is rich and full bodied. Not grassy or dull.
Shaken in a fine mesh sieve double check for tiny company it is then laid out on a plate and place in the cooled warm oven till it is dried (24 hour). Shake through the fine sieve again for good measure. By then the life is gone. Funny folks just assume that store bought is free of insect. If so it will be loaded with poison. Some of us rather risk a bit of critter. This batch however is real free of any. It is so important to harvest the day of bud.

Best stop and rest my chest so the needle hole can heal up.

Sweet camomile dreams. I'll come and visit if my arm will let me. Being it's attached to that side :)

Homemade sugar oil scrub

 Lately I have become much more grateful to have legs that work. Ones that have feet attached that work. Taken often for granted we forget the treasures they are. So to celebrate these gifts came sugar and avocado oil scrub. 1/2 cup grain sugar and 3 tbs oil. Olive can be used or coconut, use an oil that you would be willing to eat. That is what measure I use. My skin is alive and living oils will cause it to thrive.
Mix in a bit of water to form a moist paste.
 With the hand spun ceramic bowl I made some 15 years ago and a wooden spoon from the earth mixed I the creamed sugar and oil mixture. There is something about wooden spoons that make me feel close to this terrestrial peace.
 By spooning the paste and rubbing it the skin will begin to slough off. It will begin to ball up and turn crumbly. When it will rub no longer rinse. You will be stunned at the new silky skin. No lotion will be needed for days.
 When you look at the tub the evidence can be seen. The residue is no problem to remove. Real ingredients do not need artificial chemicals to remove. No petro based oils are used. In store bought items it will be a different story.
 Simply use a cloth and the tub will easily wipe clean. That is all there is to it.
 Last month for our anniversary I asked for new rugs for our master bath. I love the gray. Some day carpet of gray is the dream. Now I remain appreciative of the 20 year old pink carpet.
For a kind touch toothpaste shine for my ring.

Today was infusion. My nurse left just a few moments ago. Blessed am I so very blessed. We slowed this infusion down. Four weeks ago it did not go so well. With the knee injections, my pups death and all the other adventures in character it all caught up to me.
Today was a good day. We watched movies and enjoyed each other for six hours and those drops of sustain life came into my vein via the port within my chest. Needle insertion is getting better for the site is beginning to toughen up.
Dash is home from a sleep over and Dove will do a second night over. The morning was calm so nice on an infusion day to begin that way. Those morning have an innate layer of stress as it is. Raining all day the weather called for a cozy blanket and a good movie. Ned Divine and Nims' Island were the two we watched. She also asked a tutorial in food storage and preservation. So I gave her a tour of the freezers and pantry.
My nurse could be my daughter in a different life. She is the age one might be. What a gift she is . I find it so touching how she admires me so. I admire her so. Funny how we can often find so much beauty in others when beauthy is within the eye to find.
Resting is the call of the afternoon for me as well as hydration. This elusive woman thought to stop here to visit some. So many of you are in mind. Yet reclusive seems be me these last few months.

There have been several profound items come to light of recent. 
One is that after years of wondering, years of trying to figure out...this calls for another post.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bulging capacitors in monitor

There are many things we are thankful for...
The skills our elders shared with us gave us invaluable knowledge.
Recently my monitor began to succumb to failure. Slowly over the last month the screen would dim and be noisy like a bad fan motor. Well monitors do not have fans...we were puzzled. My husband had looked into a purchase of a new one for me and had called around to find it in store for same as on line prices. With budget I knew we should not buy one at this time and just figured I could do without it for a while. Then realizing what an absence it would be thought better of that. We had each prayed on it. I saw (within me) Steve fix it  knowing it would be so. Telling Him of this he set to it.

Always unplug things
(I know, but it should be said)
 Steve is unafraid of an adventure and took on the challenge. He is that way. If this monitor would have to have been replaced why not give it a shot. Now he knows how to use a soldering iron, and has one here. Having tools that are basic to life is imperative. If your going to buy tools get the best you can afford and buy them once. Take good care of them as well. Tools can be found at yard sales as well for this generation lost the ability to use their own hands. Now, everything is just replaced, tossed into landfills so the man can gain more money to get more.  Oh that must stop for our dear earth is in such disregard.
 Center image there is a vertical black capacitor looks like a little battery. Look at the bottom of it, it is risen up and not level to the surface of itself.
click to enlarge

Three capacitors to the bottom right and center right of the image had pooched out. Like a swollen battery. Steve took Dash to the electronics store. It was so cool because it was Dash who located the particular part, a high temp Radial cap. Times three...monitor fixed for $5.54 and a bit of daddy son time.

Now speaking of Daddy/Son time. It was Steve's father who raised this man of mine with the thought of his future in mind. Watching to see the way or inclination he might be guided toward. His wisdom educated my man to have basic understandings of elements and science of materials. Steve is not an electrician but he was raised to know the basics of electrical principals. He was raised to understand how to use a tool, bolt or washer. Just not the clothing kind (harhar). My FILove taught his sons watched his sons and supplied all he could to prepare them with vocational skills. He watched for their talents and guided them with knowledge.

Direct your children in the way they should go. My FILove did and we have kept great wealth over the years because of it. Thanks Mr FIL if your reading this. It is something we have never nor ever intend too take for granted. 

Teach yourself basic skills. If something needs done without knowledge study it to show yourself approved lacking nothing. Better to study than to work for money to have someone else do it. The money is drying up. Gain knowledge, it is the beginning of wisdom.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don Joy Knee Brace to stave off my knee replacement

 When I was fitted at the doctors office for my knee brace the measure was taken by a wonderful slide rule.
Not touched at all by the fellow. This took all of 10 minutes then ten days later a brace fitted at the next appointment. Unfortunately went it came in the adjustment was on the wrong side of my knee. It was remade and sent to me in the mail. This caused a bit of a fitting issue that took me some effort to figure out on my own.
 However I got the kit at the first fitting, then the second with the mailed brace. This twice the replacement supplies for it. Cost savings from extra supplies paid for the error. The speed in which it was remade was great only two days.

 These are used by athletes for stability and injury as well. There are several varied adjustment possibilities taken into consideration the needs of the given leg.
 Designed VERY light weight and comfortable. I have several replacement pads, adjustment wedges, and two Allen wrench's. My knee still swells a fair amount using it. All in all it is a great temporary solve.
 It is actually an ACL brace. We are using it to push against the outer side of my knee to open up the collapsing inner joint. Sorta getting all the ware we can out of the old 'tire', just rotating it as one would with a set of tires:) we are trying to get all we can out of my leg.
 On the outer side there is a pin set that turns to create more pressure against my outer knee. So as the remaining cartilage wares down we can continue to adjust it.
 Yes humility to show my unflattering leg, but hey I can walk on it so to me it has become a beautiful thing.

The brace is made with the inner thigh part curved over so it does not hit on the inner thigh. The lashing is rather complicated to get adjusted but I think I have it set well now. If not all I need to do is get another appointment at the doctors and meet the representative there.
 The stability is WONDERFUL! I can now walk all of an afternoon without the agony I was having. I am so blessed to now have ability to go for walks. We look forward to a summer vacation. The daily pain is so reduced and my excess weight is slowly coming off.

The little tool (Allen wrench) tightens the side and creates the added support. I even was stable enough to climb a rock wall. Several times now I have hit the brace against a hard surface. when before it would of happened as frequently with great pain. Now it is guarded.

This is just a wonderful to help with the degenerative issues associated with ostio arthritis.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Company Pick Nick

Saturday was held the annual that brings families together to have a day of fun. How blessed we are to work where even in this economy a tradition continues.  The kids climbed the wall.
Guess what?! I even gave it a try.
Only a few feet up, but funny thing was once I tried it several other adults began to stand in line for a turn. I get a real kick out of how that is. It often happens that way. Seams I have always been a bit of a trail blazer.

 That was as far as I got. 
Sure was inspiring though.
Look at me a knee brace (that is awesome) and over weight yet I overcame the fear of what others would think or say about me. That really felt good to get a stronger vision of my sense of self. We did not mingle at all, that is the way it is with my sweet man. We watched the kids and sat around with little to discuss. Sorta boring that way really. Perhaps if we are able to have a few more adventures this summer we might just have a thrill to make a memory over. Something new to talk about.

It was good to get over myself and just try it.
 That's our four in the center

 The company volley ball championship was held. Between games the sand was wet by a sprinkler while the kids ran though it to cool off. It hit 98*. Steve and I were just heat tired.

Even Steve got into the act.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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