Saturday, September 29, 2007

I walked several steps

Hi, I cant stay up long.
Just a thank you all.
I walked several steps without hobbling.
Amy I tried to send you a response to thank you it came back undeliverable.
The prayer are so sweet I am rich in them.
I rested and watched a movie in bed with the kids. Beloved took them to the grand parents I slept on and off all day long. Pain is getting better. I have 24 of the 72 hours over. I can walk like normal!!!!!!!!!! Well a few steps anyway. Have to close it hurts unless elevated and me being reclined.
I am so blessed>
I am rich in your friendship and prayer. Thank you every one
must close and rest.
No suffering seems pleasant during the time but it will avail so much. I can just see myself walking with no limp or wobble soon.
Remember all we go through is only for a season. Grab that moment and gain all it has.

Knee injections making a difference already

Good morning! I'm cant not sit here long. I wanted to tell any one out there that this stuff is making a difference I can already feel the difference of the bone on bone.
Pain is substantial so I gotta lay low. I miss the community. Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Privalidge. Knee Injections and Crown

I stand or lean on my crutches amazed.
I got the crown removed from the upper right and it was found to be one that was most likely 25 years old. it took a lot of doing to remove it. They do not make them like it any longer it had the titanium post molded right into the porcelain crown and it was very hard to remove. I was done at the dentist by 10 drove home to get the address to the ortho surgeon. I left moments after.
The injection was very painful I have to lay low for 72 hours and ice. It may take until the 3rd injection before I can begin a walking. I will be starting some physical therapy next week 3x wk for 4 weeks.
I am so privileged. I have been shown so much mercy and favor. Every one deserves good health care, I just am humbled that I have these opportunities. for better health.
I have to go back to elevate my knee.
Funny thing happened.
The dentist said try not to chew on that right side for 2 weeks.
The dry socket is on the left.........
I just started to reduce and diet. HA!

Christine will bring the children home from school for me. I am in a hurt. Pretty painful.
I'll go rest now.
Look around today and see all the privilege that surrounds you. It is so amazing how much favor we each have been shown.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I stand amazed.
I am so grateful at how very fortunate I am.

I am comforted.
Though a bit fearful and apprehensive there is excitement.
Tomorrow I have the privilege of a replaced crown and an injection in my knee.
I am offered a new hope of mobility.

My Beloved it encouraged over some events today at work that just may show hope for near future prosperity and reward for good service to his employer.
He is encouraged.
I am so thankful for that glow of hope infusing his heart.

I am so thankful for HOPE.
My children will soon begin the testing that will give them the hope of help to be able to achieve at their height of ability.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
This hope has been awaited for some time.
I am grateful that our hearts are being refreshed,

Thursday Thirteen things that start with B


Christine over at "are we there yet Mom?"set this up.
13 of my favorite things that start with “B”!

1. My daughters name here

2. Beads


4. Believers who live the life of LOVE

5. Baking

6. Balance

7. Berries

8. Butterflies

9. Belief in the Word

10. Broken Hearts that are being healed

11. Behavior fitting honor

12. Breath it sustains me

13. Beef , char broiled


I'm home with my pearly whites visible, (the dental hygienist was a lovely Woman who was very gentle and kind. She was very careful with the socket and did not use the suction tool to protect the clot) due to the screaming over the fact that these will be going into mt knee (the needles are not included, due to people trying to INJECT THEM SELFS>>>what are they nuts!!!!!!!!!). This is a real privilege I know few will get to take advantage off.
Can you say "chicken"? I have been called a few things .... Now I will have "chicken juice for cartilage" should I to start clucking pick me up and brush off!

Thoughts to empower me!

I can do this because I am tenacious vivacious fighter for the right. I am more than an overcomer I am a conqueror. I have been victorious in fighting for my life in every other way. I have been to Russia twice I am raising two special needs kids! It is now they are congruent and I am going to receive support to help them I have more left to take care of me ! I am an excellent wife for over 25 years. I can speak up and let others own their stuff. I don't have to swallow stuffed feelings anymore! It is my turn now for my focus to be placed on the furtherance of my restoration physically. It is the last of the goals for my own true restoration! I deserve this because I deserve to have the best life possible to enjoy the family I have fought for the mental and spiritual health I have fought for. I am beautiful! It is time my outsides match my insides. I deserve to be free from the fare of being assaulted for looking pretty. I don't deserve to be fat to be safe from perverts. I can and will be gorgeous again and I deserve to take the anger out instead of in. I matter! I don't have to look pretty for others JUST FOR ME!
I deserve to be fought for!

Set course and preparing for the journey

I am getting ready to set course and preparing for the journey. I will be following a plan set out that had been placed before me now for several years. It was a plan, that one year ago, just after surgery, while in therapy, once again... after praying about trying it, a man at therapy , out of the blue said Have you ever heard of... He told how he had lost over 100 pounds by living this way. I have several of the weakness listed for type O. I a type O with the rh negative factor. The theory is that our bodies sort of get poisoned. Having the rarest of the blood types. I do not do well with the food stuffs available to the general public.
I will begin on Monday. I am studying menu and prepping for the extra work to do a lot of preparations. I do feel a little overwhelmed. The dentist called I have a 10:30 today to get a cleaning, tomorrow to have the crown started at 8:30 and 11 a.m. to have the injection in my knee! So I'll have the weekend to overcome the dentist and knee thing. Monday I set sail in earnest.

After spending months of study on this it really makes a lost of since and I have based our supplements on this as well I have one child who we are pretty sure is a type A and one we think is an O. Hubby is an O as well. By following this understanding we now have one child off her Prozac! We us sub-lingual b12 and other specific to typing nutrients and have watched in amazement several of the neurological problems minimize. So I am sold on the theory.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Parent Consents sent home!

A cup of cool water...
Wow after 6 months of hard work! The public school has sent home a package with each of my children to inform me that the testing will begin for each child to have special education made available this is the prior step to the intervention actually happening. It has been a lot of work and a long time coming!

Tales from the scales challenge and group.

My begining at 193 pounds. Boy I can not believe I am so drastic,
This has got to work!


Well I have been attempting discipline to reduce my weight. I really do well with the Tackle it Tuesday. I need some support to do this maybe it might help. I have to gain back my health and am scared about my knee but I'll do what I am able too.
They have all the info on the sight. click on the side bar button.

Folks, as "I was typing this" the news came in.

I got a call from my orthopedic surgeons office . My shots are there,I have been approved by my insurance! However the surgeon is on extended medical leave (say a prayer he is a great guy). I spoke with a friend who is a family doc. he is going to call a guy he know to see if I can get in to have the INJECTIONS a 3-4 inch needle= being able to walk again and get this goal in my sights! Wow a new guy to meet and let him do the work this takes some courage!

O.K. My friend, who is a family doctor, was able to have his office staff call and get me into a buddy of his. I have an appointment to get the first of three weekly injections into my knee!!!!!!!!!! On Friday!
Panic-scream (silently) as to keep a brave face for my family!
This will set me to be able to walk soon. I hope this makes the difference. I have such a limp from the rebounding effect of pain. I am so hoping this does well for me. I am so blessed to even be able to have these injections they do not come cheep. It appears the insurance may have paid 100% on them I do hope so. Otherwise it will be a hit on the credit card the pharmacy has on file. I'm nervous about it a little. Yes me. I know I must think about the chap stick :)
Man I got bit by something on the bottom of my foot is all swollen "good grief!" Must just be another distraction! ha!

The weather is just now cooling so I will be able to be out doors. God's perfect timing.

This is the begining. I'll go fetch the shots tomorrow to take them to the other ortho doc.

Beloved took the images and made the collage for me. He is very supportive. I really do want my body back. This is a remarkable opportunity to make use of the next 6-9 months of joint support through the "chicken juice" that is what they call it. It sometimes has been even known to cause new cartilage to grow. I have bone on bone right now. I have to do this. I choose too. With the goal met I will then (I trust with less weight ) be able to walk and enjoy activities with my family.

Good Morning

Thinking of all of you often I think about you, out there and how your doing. I wonder if your lives are bring you a balance of joy to those daily battles. I tend to get a little loped side when I use meme to get goals accomplished.
I hope that your troubles are few
That your needs are met.
That your tasks are not some huge burden heavy on your backs.
I desire and long for all of you that your children are well.
There health is strong.
That your health is strong and improving.
I see your count that you cared to stop by,
I think often if you know that I even care about you?
I do care, I want for you to be embraced by the LOVE that I have known.
Hoping that your mates are treating you well, treating them selfs well.
My hopes and dream include you, your well being.
Be Blessed all of you today and always.
Embraced by your presence may you be embraced by God's love and my fond wishes.

Wordless Wedensday

"5 minutes for mom" hosts Wordless Wednesday come join the fun!
There are so many wonderful entries.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tackle it tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I got this in better order. This used to be the home school board. A many a lesson has been taught on this. Some days I sorta miss it but I know I am right where God wants me. It hurts though not to be able to teach them. I let it go lay it down and do what I am responsible and able to do.

I'm back 9:15 Rena the Queen is at the groomers I get a $45. ! package for free.... did you know my knee hurts and my dog really stinks! I have always groomed the dogs myself and still will but with an infection in my jaw and my knee screaming at me... How sweet is this!!!!!!!! It just came in the mail day before yesterday!

Well, well, well! There an old saying nothing is free!
I went to go get Rena and this is what was done to my 8 yr old Golden Retriever! She had 4-6 in fetters and a full under belly/ tail and bib! Then wide eyed as I was the girl then said she had a hard time doing her nails and needed my help. I said "what did you do to my golden?! This is not what I signed for or agreed too!"
I went in to help her hold the dog and she said she needed only to tip the nails, Oh click and clack is not a tip job. The dogs nails needed trimming! So I told her I needed to step away and go take care of the register affairs and calm my self a bit. I would return to get her in a moment, I was holding Rena helping her to trim the nails. (Hurting my knee)
I stepped out saw the Manager coming my way and wide eyed stated "are you a manager?" " Yes " said he. "They just Really screwed up my dog, Go look at her she is a 8-9 year old golden who had full fetters and bib,tail belly. This is not what I agreed to their was apparently a mis communication!"
I then stepped up to the register and was just gasping to maintain decorum and told the girl at the register the news and handed her the coupon. She had never dealt with such a coupon before. She went to speak with him and I was in tow.
He walked out just as wide eyed and said..." Oh Madam! We screwed up your dog!"
I politely said..."ya think!" He said... " I am so sorry ,If you will give us another chance we really do, strive to take good care of our customers?" I said as I took a deep breath, ..."Throw in a 40 pound bag of IAM's and the next bath and I will call it an amends." He said... "that sounds reasonable to me." I told him I need to get to my kids and asked if he could please help get the dog food for me. He complied. As we were heading to the front of the store I said..."man, She really screwed up that dog..." He shook his head agreed and said( as we were walking down the toy isle)..." what kind of treat does your dog like?" I said ..."the IAM's biscuits"... "done"... he said and went back to get a box.
So he met at the curb. My truck was open and ready to put her in.
I went over to get the dog and the girl was visibly shaken. I entered she said.." (teary eyed) I am so sorry, I thought I was to do that job on her it was a misunderstanding".
I told her that I was not happy That it is understandable for me to emote but, that her heart was more important than a dogs hair it will grow back. I make mistakes. Misunderstandings happen it does not matter who is at fault. Things happen. I told her that the store has made an amends to me and it is finished.
She just fell apart and was weeping , "I am so sorry!"... she said "It is finished"...I told her and then I reached out and embraced her.
I repeated that
her heart was more important!
The manager met me outside and lifted the dog into the truck ( I was actually backed in curb side perfect parking spot too) much easier to get down on my knee.

Rena looks so goofy but she is clean and well she does not stink anymore!

$30. bag of dog food
45. free bad hair cut (very bad hair cut!)
10. free box of biscuits
45. free grooming for next time
$130. worth of God's provision for free (well nothing is free) Ha!
With a little humor added in and a whole lot of love when that young girl looked in amazement at me to my response. The manager said that he was so appreciative of me not to explode at him and thanked me for being so understanding! My cost was minimal I loved, forgave and received what was already done.
Post script. You know her under belly is sorta nice trimmed and she is cleaner a foot with all the long hair on her paws off. It is so funny that they had me sign that contract for a professional trim.


2 inch adhesive, Velcro acquired at a clearance rack for 50 cents for a yard package, I slice it into 1/4 strips covered the edges. It took two yards. I got this started day before yesterday.

Gods provision! I had this much scrap hook left.

I have been working o this project!

I finished the curtain under the drawer!

Now I can have a station for th serger or a child to sit across from.

I got the sheets in the washer and the bath rugs in the dryer. Ye ha!
All this I have yet to do I only have 2 hour to play date:) gotta run!




After, I still have mirrors and the rest of the counter tops but the floor is mopped.

These prints were found in an old church basement bizzar up in Jerome Arizona I just love them.

I did get the floors mopped too.

another day!

another day!

I made 10 dozen cookies for the freezer last night still got to clean up the dishes.

kitchen a total disaster...I'll tend it tomorrow!
After I return from a visit to "Photo Daughter of the Kings" house, she moved and I have yet to visit her at her new home. We have been trying to do this for some time. So tomorrow I have some time off work to go play.
Go give her a visit she is a new to blog friend who would be lifted up by a comment or two.

Had the play date from 3-5 nice child. It was a friend of Dash's
His Mom stayed for 45 min she had pick up her 13 yr old to take her to an eye apt. She had a little alone time with her. She was prompt and came for her boy . He melted down on her and Dash supported him to maintain by giving him a coloring picture. That child was tired.

I forgot till 4 to put this out I hope tit will thaw quickly I have yet to make supper. I got it mid day last week and froze it.
I got the chicken fried steak and the gravy, but we just had a salad with it.
I'm tired!!!!!!!!

I go to go to tend to Miss fiction she is getting negative attention by messing with the serger dials ooooo... that ticked me off. Got to go tie strings.
Post script... I tended to miss fictions bath time and washed her hair with my abalone shell, those are intimate loving times we have together.
Mr Dash hawk comes up to me pulls up a kitchen chair says... Hay Mom how would you like to have a conversation with me...:) so I said why sure He asks" so mom how was your day today.." so we conversed a while this boy is ^ yrs old. who would ever know.
AAAaaaaa...I got the beds made too. Opps!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

"Organizing Junkie" hosts this carnival. I have been wanting to join for a good motivator to help me keep on track.

Manic Monday

Over at Hunna's Hapenings you'll find this meme.

You’ve won $100,000 – but have to give it all away. To which charity or institution would you donate it?

I think I would send half to each of the two Russian Orphanages that my children came out of.
What do you think is the most soothing sound?
Does time heal all wounds?
God heals all wounds. In time we are able to touch them if the pain becomes bearable. No time does not heal all wounds. Often we need a little help to walk through healing. Repression is often an effect of time on a wound left un-healed it will just bubble up in other ways.

Fun Monday *Recipe*

Hosted today by "Food Snob"
I best go meat this new to me blogger.

Sorry side ways pictures I am having a technical problem.

Inside the cupboard doors I have always kept items of importance or interest. I make cakes so I use my doors near the cake pans to store the images and I write in perma marker the amount each pan holds in cups this helps me when I have a party to do. It is a great time saver.

Party tray examples out of the holiday news adds give me inspiration.

Near the stove/oven I keep lists of temperatures and storage times. Spice lists and lists for the supplements each family member uses both medicinally and also on a daily basis. My brain just won't hold on to all this stiff. It is my brain on the self (or in this case the cupboard door.)

These are my cook books, herbal and health manuals. I have a messy shelf. :)

This is an open file drawer all hand written (some from my own mothers hand as well as my husbands mothers) Many are clipped. I must admit have had very little time to use these the last several years. Usually cook from the palm of my hand. It will be good me get in here for some fresh recipes, although I rarely do follow them. I use a lot of substitutions because of allergies to dairy and wheat. I also like to vary our food source. So I use varied thickeners as opposed to just using corn starch for example.

This and That.

I gotta to tell you about this.
Yesterday I did not take my purse with me. I did not want to carry it in the crowd. When We pulled away from the house, like most moms do > I notice I had neglected to moisten my lips. Well... I though oh well Lord it sure would of been nice.
At the circus I was climbing to the top of the bleachers with the family and there , YES! you guessed it! was a brand new, doubled sealed , unopened , unscented, unflavored brand new chap stick! Just under a bleacher where there were no other people to ask if it belong to them. Just for me. :)

As per a request. This is the jelly spreader. It has a wide stiff blade with one serrated edge as well. This is a great 2 in 1 tool. When making sandwiches for the lunches. It is well used also to spread frostings butters and such. A great little tool.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Salvation Story

Is now posted on my a life restored blog.
It is with great courage I share .

I have been asked by several of you to share my Testimony of my salvation. This is a difficult thing for me to do. I was left very tender. As often is the case when I touch those things of long ago. The comments left helped me a lot. I get scared about telling these truths. I don't know if it is a fear of judgment or concern over chasing folks off cause it is hard stuff. I feel sad though. It is so weird to remember those times. It is so long ago now that it is almost like I am talking about someone I used to know.

Sunday Smiles

What a lovely day! The morning sound around here are so intoxicating to imbibe in. Our Son coming in to greet me softly announces a new city he has built. "It is in the back yard Mother". Willy Wonka Bar (the choc. Lab) is all over the hope of an outstretched arm. whimpering like a toddler wanting to be held. Then the sounds of click and click tapping across the laminate floor and small voices in deep debate that ends peacefully (the dvd) had been chosen. It was the movie from the night before. Looking over to see to see my beloveds face he has serenity expressed , no furrowing of his brow. Telling him he looks like when we married 25 years before "thats hard to believe" states he. "I don't have my glasses on..." say I. "that explains it" he smiles and lets out his morning laugh. The children are explaining the finer points of the old west and details of intent of character. They speak in great detail teaching each other what they know. We have taught them the responsibility of passing on your knowledge. That we are all teachers when we do so. To whom much is given much is required.
After we mused over the finer moments in time, and how these simple mornings resonate in our minds, we arise as well.
I saw myself making Pancakes(apple) this morning and set about doing so. I have not made morning fair for some time. I exchanged ideas with a fellow blogger last night and I left an impression of how blessed We are truly are to have all the ingredients for it in the House
I was compelled me onto do what I can do...I also worked on the breakfast cookies for Hubby to take to work. I ran out on thrusday and he had no breakfast.
I served them on the patio. Much to everyones surprise and delight. Today was our first cool (relative) morning. It was not to hot to eat outside and we all did so.

Last week my daughter asked me if we could ever go to the fair. On Friday we went to the city for Dash's speech therapy appointment. WELL....on the counter were free tickets to admit a childx2, and free admission for adult,x2. It was a Shriner's Circus. If we were ever to put our selves into a circus I thought that would have a better crowd and atmosphere.

So at breakfast we also broke the news to the young ones. They responded as if I said the moon is purple. It did not register at first. I stood in front of the breakfast table and exposed the tickets. Well, Miss Fiction...Do you remember when I answered your question with... If you want to go you'll need to ask God for a way. Your Father and I do not have a budget for it. HE HEARD YOU! So soon after the boys cleared the table we were off.

The freeway had a closure and so our skills of transverse got us there with 2 minutes to spare. We parked and it was a 2 block walk and Beloved was concerned about me. I thought I'll just have to do it. Just then a man named Paul pulled behind us while another family raced to the cart too. I sat in the front with the kids and beloved walked to the gate to meat us! Just perfect with my knee right now it would of left me greatly pained! We had a great time.

It was free to get in because it was laced within with many money sucking opportunities. We celebrated with some cotton candy. While we watched the trapeze. We had sat right in front of it! We later mover to a more center bleachers. We had no one around us at that spot.

The children understand how I feel about "wild things best left wild" So I let the expeirence things for them selfs giving them a chance to decide what they think of...
such things.

the kids each were given the choice of 1 intermission activity. Miss fiction rode an Elephant (Pit Bull was his name) at $6. a ride

and Dash chose the giant slide at $5. for four trips down.

Disappointed they could not do the ponies and get the photo with a bear they had a little pout, but soon overcame and we were back up in the bleachers. Dash had a harder time with "no" over wanting a drink, I was unable to search a drinking fountain due to climbing the bleachers.

We stopped at a Mc D. on the way home, drinks were then made available as apposed to paying $$$ for a 4oz cup o' sugar ;0 I had a bottle of water in the car for the drive on the way home for them.

I was startled and appalled at the lack of respect and enthusiasm for our Flag. The crowds did not even clapping or show any respect to the winners of a raffle or those awarded with volunteer acknowledgments.

Ofter we returned. I napped for several hours while "The daddy man" watched "Back to the future" with the kids. When I awoke I was famished. Dash and I had some left over pancakes.
Soon it will be bath time (now past). The week will begin again. My jaw is doing better my energies a little tapped though. I don't think I'll do the new crown, I'll switch that appointment with a check up for the infection. I think I better let things settle down before opening another tooth up. This socket thing has been a trip! now my eye hurts.

We had a day of fun for the kids. It was so nice to get them out of the house and into an adventure. beloved hurts I think that we cant do more fore them. I thanked him. He is working 50 hour weeks now and we are not hurting. It is however different when your living on 1/3 of your customary income. Dash needs to be able to accept what we are able to offer without a big seine.
We have so much and everywhere around us hands are into the pockets seeking a gain. Beloved is going to look into some WEB education to investigate doing some hosting and earning income somehow through getting a distributor. He has asked me to come up with some ideas for items that might be hot sellers.

Thinking of the morning and finding a bug on my floor YUK! The dishes well, I pressed through the Weekends worth of home cooked meals and snacks and cleaned the kitchen so I could "Rise and Shine" Tomorrow!

Beloved came in and said "how do you do that?" !
"I left you a half an hour ago and now I come in hear and it looks like this!"
I made lunches hoping that that might give me some more time to satiate Dash's demand for attention and too still have plenty left for Miss Fiction. What great privileges I (we) were given today.
God redeems my time I'm telling you!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,'
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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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Thank you Michelle

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