Friday, June 22, 2007

adding to my list of top ten

11) "Early " mornings outside are quiet and nice. (until the neighborhood Landscapers arrive)
I can get the lawn mowed

12) In the mornings after the lawns mowed Water play with the kids and the hose.

13) NO BUGS (blood suckers, ticks and the like), as long as the neighbors keep their pool clean and the standing water up, except the ants

14) no humidity

15) I love the summer rains when we are not in a drought (like the one we have been in for many years now)

16)My sunflowers are lovely.

17) wet clothes feel sorta nice. (kids dumped the dogs water bowl on me.

My attitude is improving and my irritability is decreasing. I am looking more forward to my day. That is the whole point of this for me. I don't like who I have been becoming. I don't want to be grumbling all the time. Thats not who I choose to be. It is really hard to implement this choice.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Laughing hard at the comment from jaye on my last posting.....

I asked everyone I could think of what the could think of to appreciate about living here in the summer
1) you don't have to grab a sweater when you go out in the evening.

2) although the weathers crap the schools are great.

3) .............

So..I sold $111. worth of Lanyards and jewelery today at the St Joe's CRS clinic. I also saved 69. on groceries tonight! It felt good to contribute to the budget so much in one day.

Steve is out working on the AC motor tonight. Ironic isn't it. So I sit quietly because he is real angry and afraid right now. The house is not a peaceful place for him tonight. He did 10 hour work day and read the kids to bed and now he has to fix a squeal in the AC fan motor. Poor guy!

O.K. I'm depending on that AC for my #1 reason
Oh life!

Only one week left of June.

I have to reflect on the speed of the weeks, months years that pass. My attitude has been so angry and negative about another desert summer. Here June is almost over and the dog days will get heavily laden with the intensity of 110+ heat. How Can I get through it if I don't change my attitude? So I must choose to do so.

Top 10 things I like about Summer Here......

1) Air conditioning and the ability to pay the bill for it.

2) Staying home and being calm without all the running around (There are less people out when your on the roads, all the tourist have gone home).

3) Ice water, opening the freezer to get the ice is a treat.

4) Pretending like I'm snow bound and doing lots of craft projects because its so cold outside.

5) Lazy days that have an excuse (the heat wears you out) Planning gardens for the fall .

6) My car in the garage cools down faster and my hands don't get burnt.

7) Lots of groceries in the freezer so I don't have to go out and when I do the stores are cold in the freezer sections.

8) Lots of supplies for projects so I don't have to go out. I get jobs done that I put off when i can be outdoors in the late fall/winter/spring ( if and when the inversion is not so bad as to light up my asthma).

9) Air conditioning in my car and not having to depend on a bus or others.

10) Less laundry because shorts and sleeveless tops make smaller piles (in theory).

Please help by listing your top 10 things you like about Desert Summers

I'm trying to think proactive but it is so hard. I do not to I do and can.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I colored my own hair first time!

I love it! and I am so amazed at the savings. I have waited so long to get my hair done$$$$ Yet I was able to do it at around 10$ using supplies form my local Sally's Beauty supply.

My friend took the kids this afternoon and I did my hair and a pedicure too.

I feel refreshed.

List your talents! I challenge you!

Have you thought about the things you know how to do in a fresh light?

Recently I took several Lanyards to C.R.S. ST. Luke's hospital. I had a lovely woman come and seek me out. She addressed me so sweetly and asked me to bring them back on Thursday (payday). I sold one gave one to Dash Hawk's therapist and as I was leaving went back into the Lab and placed on on a womans neck who admired it . I have 15 of them completed. I spent 9 hours to make them. I will charge only $10. for them so that they might be able to be affordable.
Our talents are a "ministry" to the world around us. These same Lanyards would cost $20 easily, but thats not the point. It is brings beauty into the world. You bring beauty into the world. I have a friend who quilts, one who writes and another who crochets. One who is an advocate , one who scrap books, sew, beading another who cooks. One who pray actually several. There are so many talents that we dismiss and diminish.
Running a home, raising great kids, Talents are not just the "arts" they are the everyday things that we are under valuing because we have been taught too under value them in this culture.
During the time of cottage industry we learned the value of such talents and abilities. We treasured each other and even appreciated and treasured our own abilities.

List your talents!!!!!!!!! and post them.

Celebrate your talents and unearth them. Invest them and bring the beauty of who you are into this gloomy world.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The need for Widom....

Free will verses destiny is a topic of mind today. I think it is both. I have prayed that if it were Gods will.... that he knows the best for me. I offer you a choice" free will". I have choices to make. That is "we" because when you wed it is no longer a singular choice to make.
Destiny.... Gods design for our lives. Do we have a destiny? "For I know the plans I have for you ". Well as I have witnessed we are place into a moment in time to glorify Him. Or is it that wherever we are it is our choice to glorify Him and within our choice (right or wrong) He cant help but be glorified?

It seems a dangerous thing to call our choice hearing from God to do so, is then filled with all the "what ifs"... if we were wrong. We really didn't hear or God has let us astray "how dare he"? I have watched more believers fall by the way side over this very issue than any other in all my years of Marriage. Then it seems to me we are laid open to blame God for any of our own errors.

So is this fine line here in the sand before me. If I say it is up to my choice to respond to any given decision as I determine fit then I am the one responsible for the errors or challenges that lie ahead and maybe even for some of the success. If I am given such freedom then I must depend on Him for the Wisdom to choose wisely. It will be His hand to show us through the desires placed into our hearts. Yet are were following Him or our own wants? Or are they the same thing? What of all the outside influences? How do we know if we are following the desires of others over us? Everyone has their own interest in each of our lives. Where do the influences divide from our own design or can they even be. Perhaps it is that tension that pulls us into a balance

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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