Saturday, October 10, 2009

Date Night

My Sweet Little Boy.
The school bell rang and there sitting on the bench in front of the door sat I.
Dash soon bounded out among all the masses with Archer in tow he flung his arms around me and said
"I knew you would come"
He was a little regressed at the end of this week.
All the action in the neighborhood I think.
He had his back pack ready...this an old pack of Daddy man.

With the kids at a sleep over...
I made two stops before I got home...
I flew in the door once I notice Steve came home early.
Loved it that he was home but I had not showered or made the meal.
So I sent him to the shower set the meal.
I told him that the kitchen was off limits and went to go shower and get changed.
It was really sorta fun trying to rush about and get it all done.
I was going to broil a cod fillet but we had plenty and the light cool supper was really a treat.
I made a raspberry vinaigrette for the salad.
Lemon sorbet for desert.
We rarely have wine but I got a bottle of pinion? it was a white bubbly.
I used the cork screw to open it as the carbonation hissed was a screw top:) hahah
Shows how often we imbibe.

So candle light on the porch served I a dinner.
Just Steve and I.
Steve surprised me with the life.
We had desert in the garden watching the hens. You know they really are a peaceful thing to watch.
I gave my beloved a garden tour showing him the fruits already on the vine.
(veggies at it were)

We went over to drop off Archers bedding and then stopped to see what was at the picture show.
We walked up to the marquee with the masses and then we just walked away from it all to just be us.

We stopped at a store called Harbor was funny me in a red dress in a hardware store looking at cool tools and gardening gear. You might not know but mechanical things are really interesting to me and I love quality or helpful equipment and tools.
Steve and I really have that in common. See we laugh because this was our date or a part of it.
I really enjoyed seeing this cool store that my dear man wanted to show me.
He was thinking of my heart and my interest different than others yes, but a common ground for us.
I found a nice jewelers pliers that I needed and a eye glass clip on magnifying loop it has 3x and 5x lenses.
We chose to go to a wal-mart and buy a movie and snacks and go home.

Now this is amazing!
As we pulled up to the house we saw the reflection of our labs eyes as he sat sentinel on the curb of the sidewalk in front of the house!!!!!!!!
Somehow the gate was open?
He did not run away he just sat there waiting for us to come home.
Our Golden was inside the fence too.
Steve found a bag of dog dung on the side yard?
Perhaps someone walking there dog threw it at him?

We hung out and watched a movie together and enjoyed each other the snacks and the evening. 
With no story time or bed time children s rituals we simply stood up and went to easy.
We just simply choose to go to bed, no sweet daughter knocking at the door at 3 a.m.

It was so strange not to have any interruptions.
Finishing sentences is a lost art when we are with the children.
With Dash having a hearing loss and Dove well we just have to reinforce and reinforce...
seems to make little to no difference.

I will be standing in a room and all three of them will speak to me at the same time.
Daddy man usually gets higher rank unless there is a crisis.
Well with kids there is always a crisis. :)

It was nice to sit together and enjoy the evening.
We even slept in...
As we awoke we had several minute of prayer time  this as I lay there arm in arm with him and with Abba was the highlight I think. We just thought of the concerns and laid out them one by one over and over, it was just the best!
We just relaxed for the longest time spoke nothing of work or chores to be done.
Kept silent of tasks..until I remembered the kids would be home in a hour or so and the chickens were out of food.
I was so looking forward to my sis of the heart friend to come and bring home the children so she could stay a while and visit, see the gardens and listen to her new novel plot.
She is a writer. A self published girl.
I am so proud of you, one her sequel now.
Great read! available on Amazon

Well....chickens were hungry no feed.
So we had to take a run to the feed lot before the kids got home.

When we came back and emptied the bags and fed the critters...

a message on the phone left me to realize that my friend who had been sleepless...well she was tired and unable to stay when she was to come to bring home the kids...(I wanted to be with her. :( boo hoo
So with the kids at her place overnight and her tired we opted to go fetch the children.

On the way home sweet Dash was in a crash...he was starving like the kids in India just dieing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sarcasm) I think he had some sugar in the morn and with his metabolism burned it off in an instant.
The boy was also so tired...sleep over is a miss nomer they really don't sleep much ya know.
Steve and I took them for a privilege to the wal-mart to get a subway sandwich they have a $5 foot long. Well we more than got the money worth that girl made a sandwich of a hungry child's dreams.
Dash ate the whole thing!!!!!!
Dove Archer ate 3/4 of hers and chips too and they split a can of soda.
They are sleepy sluggish souls lazing about like every child in the world should have the opportunity to do every now and again.

I just found that cool feature to play with color

Friday, October 9, 2009

God's got my back!!!!!!!!!

My heart is beating so fast!!!!!!!!!!

Now girls ya gotta know I'm the one who always locks the doors, and is very attentive to safety details.

I am sitting at the kitchen table reading through the mail. I hear a real soft knock at the door like a friend would do.
So I go to the front door
and see that the door was not locked from when I walked the kids to the stop.
Well I reached up and locked the bolt and looked through the window to a man asking if I had work for him to do...I said no...or any donations he continues...I declined. He then said thank you and as he turned he saw what I was seeing behind him.

A police officer getting out of the patrol car and approaching.
He sited the guy.
The guy had no ID even.

So I call Steve and tell him "something so cool just happened"!
As I do there is a firm knock on the door it was the officer.

I declared my thanks that he had my back that my door had been left unlocked (because I had gone through the gate to take something to the garden from the truck).
The officer said
"Do you know your garage is wide open!?"
I had left the garage door open when I came back from the neighbors with some tree limbs for the garden, the truck was even open! tail gate and all!

Oh I thanked him for watching my back.
I thanked him again for last week the guy that got caught. He told me it was a nightmare of paper work for the burglar last week his heart stopped beating! That one was so hyped up on drugs.

There has been a rash of burglaries in my neighborhood the officer told me.
I thought it was just the cars being broken into ...
They are going in through open garages and the officer has been going driving around telling folk to close the garages. I saw the patrol car this week after the bus got the kids.
The burglaries are happening in the morning.

The officer said he was following this guy watching him this morning!
I know it is no surprise in that yes He always has my back oh girls...
God had my back.
I won't even go there the even think of what could of happened because it did not  because

One of my greatest fears is that having this memory issue would endanger me. Now everyone anyone could of forgotten like me this morning.
But GOD HAS MY BACK!!!!!!!!!

I am just so happy!!!!
So very grateful!!!!!!!!!!

I just thought I had a kid young man do the same thing yesterday trying to get me to sponsor him. 
I did not open the door to him either. 
This is getting to be a daily thing.
We are in a very nice community near a area of a more desperate population.

I am one of maybe two or three who are home in the daytime.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Agile Archer and her red framed glasses

In answer to my hearts prayer along side my daughter has come a new friend.
A friend who like Archer (Little Dove grew up) wears reading glasses.
She asked of me to take her to the drug store. She has a pair of perscription reading glasses.
I learned after paying a lot for them that the drug store readers are fine. She is at a 1.5 magnification.

She is so happy!!!!!!!

I had her use her allowance and covered her the other 2/3's of it.
She hugged me with such gratitude.
You know there is something powerful about
a new pair of red framed glasses.
Archer needs to feel the power of who she is.
This is a real good thing.

The little girl we have been showing hospitality has become a "firendemy".
Archer was betrayed...She was really having a hard week.
Tonight she shines...Oh the beauty of it.

My daughter the most valuable gem.

Thankful Thursday

Well now here it is 5 p.m.
The timers set to go off in a moment for Archer to be finished with her reading...
She changed books! I am so glad of it. I was not pleased with what she was reading and she read enough of it I guess to agree. I am thankful for my husbands leadership.

Supper is in the oven and it will be ready to pull out around the time he gets home.
Stamina...what a wonderful gift.
The meat loaf sounds pretty good too.
We have a meal to look forward wonderful.

It has been a 5 line wonderful it is to have a five line clothes line. The strength to hang it all and put it all away. My bones were tired today very much so and yet I am made able to do the things around here that are needful. Laundry has been set on hold to get the crops in the earth.

Paperwork day...Being able to often we might think this a small thing. I heard of a father who read to his children every night...the same book. One night the Mother read the story in his absence..."the children declared that is not the story as Dad reads it mom"!
Dad was telling a story via the illistration....they all discovered that he could not read.
Oh so much paper work today stacks of it!
It is now managed and doable. yet many forms to fill out...
the life of mother with a special needs kids.

Now while taking the image I became profoundly greatful for humor...

Dash "fell of a cliff and he is dead"

I found such beauty in my little boy.
Covered in dirt...trying not to show that he is alive.

The children playing in the garden leave me a bit out of ease.
I am thankful for trust...that they want to play in the garden...
It is an imaginary jungle fraught with adventure and suspense...
Oh please Lord watch over the garden
the children are in it.

Oh it is good to trust in the Lord...
so the children can be children

Let me get this straight.

...we're going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it,

by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it,
to be signed
by a president that also hasn't read it and who smokes,
with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes,
all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese,  
and financed
by a country that's nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

written by Maxine 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

 Well this new editor is proving a bit of a challenge and another thing to learn.
I made it through the images a bit mixed up but non the less a post.

I can not post with this new editor! arg!

I want to make coment under each photo and it will not let me~
Any way I dug down a good 6 inches and filled in the flower bed. By using the spike on the pick and then shoveling it all opened up the bed to receive the garden mix that came for free. As you can see there was just what I needed.It was a lot of work today...It is the sweetest thing to have a vision and just do all I can toward it and ask for what I need then see the way and the means come to do it. The Right side elbow was finished as well with the free garden soil.
I stopped and got 15 blocks...the first ones I have purchased...lettuce and herbs in the little holes.

The arbor was a find a while back on a clearance at a big lots store.
So now I await the the fence so I can move in some horse manure and keep the dogs out of it.
Susie can you see it?
I had an idea to set the feet of the arbor into a mold and cast concrete so it can set on the soil at sidewalk level the gates will then be able to open out. The weight will keep it stable as well. 

Lots of flowers and vine flowers on the arbor around the master bedroom window.
Well after the four hours of loading the soil into the truck and the two hours setting the block...I had had a good hard work out.
Steve unloaded the truck last night and we had just the amount of it we need.

Today another 4 hours of hard work removing the dirt/rock after it was picked loose leaves me with the vision almowt set to plant.
It is so good to set my heart to create.
My work has been given favor and I feel so grateful...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wow I fixed it! It is the new blogger editor a page break I think?

Well folks had a full day. I got the free garden soil and loaded it this morning. Met a wonderful woman who has many similar interests. It was a 5 foot by 15 foot by 2 ft deep bed of the most beautiful mix  of vermiculite, compost and mulch. I stopped and got 15 blocks at a 1$ each and made a bed for the lettuce. There is a lot of gardening and home decor going on here. Play dates as well. With the spring break I think the house will be busy with the many kids who are friends with mine who will need a place to be.

I will try to get some photos tomorrow. I am so blessed all I have need of....Ask.
the potting soil is just this gardeners delight. My body had an all day work out. Loaded the dirt into the truck, hung a drape, worked in the class with 6 kids. Had a kid over to watch a movie with my kids...Then I unloaded the 15 block and used the wheel barrow to get them into the garden. Made the new bed and lined it. When Steve got home he unloaded the soil as I finished up the raised bed and watered it real well. Tomorrow I plant lettuce perhaps and herbs (seed).

LAUNDRY!!!! need me too.

It is a good life to see the supply come with such sweet souls living...This ol globe gets a bad reputation that there are so few good folk left. Well I am just really amazed at how many of them have come across the path with me.

I am really looking forward to Florida. Got to grow in this being loved thing...need to learn to trust it will be alright (safe) to receive it. Came up for me this week that I can love easily (pretty much) receiving it though just cuts me wide open...slays me sorta. That old baggage. Gotta work at setting it down. My job this week for me is to accept my humanity with balance of course. I do not have to be just right., and when I'm not it will be just fine.

Tackle it Tuesday

Perhaps one of you might be able to help
Photos exceed the amount of memory so said the up loader on the posts
When we paid it the date had expired and so we had to re pay it altering the date on the account of the card. It did not connect to the upload on the posts. It shows on my profile that I have huge memory...
Steve is doing an email to them for me. I miss showing you all the wonderful images I have the privilege to see each day. Yet I am so busy that it has been a little hard to keep up.

This morning I am going to begin a process of recovering garden mix from a 5x15 foot. It is a free gift to me from a fellow who made the mix from vermiculite, mulch and compost. This is so exciting to me for the garden is in high thrive mode with one more little raised bed to go.

I began the flower bed by throwing the pick last light and clearing it out down 6 inches or so. This flower garden is my prize for the efforts. Oh the efforts! I still have a lot of picking and raking to do but the earth that will fill it is awaiting me FOR FREE! A gift that I will treasure and be eternally grateful for.

So the Arbor is set just in front of my master bedroom. It will have grapes vines on each side one day.
Perhaps a rose bush on each corner. The bird bath is centered. I am in hopes to receive a bit of garden fencing to keep the dogs out...well the dirt I asked God for some fencing. I need lots of strength as well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Simple Womans Day Book

FOR TODAY...October 5th
Outside my window...AMAZING!!!! The fall has come with delight!

I am thinking... garden garden garden....

I am thankful for... beauty, wonder and compassion toward the self.

I am wearing... Cotton dress that is blues and white, with a leather brown headband. Oh and a smile.

I am remembering... How to concider the lessons of the day...compassion toward my own soul.

I am going... To hope for the free stuff off of Craigs list...some garden soil, and a wash tub

I am reading...1 Sam 2:

I am hoping... A prosperous gardening season

On my mind... the love of a good man, the compelling beauty of a loving God, sweet simplicity of my children.

From the learning rooms...Interior decor and design, gardening and thoughts of Christmas gifts to create.

Noticing that... time flies...

Pondering these words... Self compassion is a balance in accepting ones own humanity

From the kitchen... hamburgers from home ground beef and grilled buns...

Around the house... peace and chores and decore in progress...

One of my favorite things~ Color

No image for Google is late in processing my renewal order for more space...

Steve photos are still down...

Thank you for your efforts darling

Hay Babe took some doing but I figured out how to get there!
It said that Google has my order in process as of Oct 3rd

Thank you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garden update

my photos are still down
Cosmo just short of buds now
bok choy
broccoli raab
several more beans (pole)

Seeds came up today the garden is happy. More and more are showing. It brings me great joy!

I am happy. Full full day. Just resting with the family and enjoying the sounds of my sweet Daddy Man washing up the supper dishes...that is just the best. When Monday Morning I can rise to a clean kitchen and an open morning schedule.

Interior decor study filled my morning with pleasant ideas to create around the house, and the garden studies of Saturday have me full of ideas there. It is fun to just study. To learn about the things I have interest in.
Just a few more days and I will be in Florida! Still sorta amazing to be doing so. Angie is taking good care of my transportation and bedding and I just need to get there. I feel like I will either arrive and fall on the cot and sleep for 4 hours or just be so excited that I will be wide alert x4.

My knee injection appointments were mixed up and the message was overlooked because someone (a kid) played them without telling me. So the shots will not likely happen until my return.
I am vivacious creating again. It feels so good!

Hope all of you had a good weekend. Tired woman...the extra child left for home at 6 p.m. and at the arrival home we had two more come to play with Dash. Daddy man walked them home while I plated supper.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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