Friday, November 12, 2010

Intentionally teach children and adults to never use the 'R' word

click here Parenthood see the first few minutes of a fathers grocery store encounter from minutes 3:03 to minutes 5.05
  watch as a father deals with the ignorance...HE also deals with a well meaning Grandpa who inter-ups the process of teaching the kid the boundaries parents of special needs kids often struggle with. There are reasons that limits must be set and stood by. Support parents who are in these positions.
I showed this too my kids today after we heard Dove use the 'R' word (retard). She used it toward an inanimate object but still she must understand.Please teach the kids to never use it.
This is a wonderful thing I think to use for an example. Perhaps not the best example by the father but yet a great opportunity to teach empathy.
Teaching children intentionally to be a defender will show them how to handle it when that day comes.

Mamma's Feather Bed

 There is an old John Denver song that I dearly love. A song about family, children playing and having fun on an old feather bed. Last night the old feather bed became ready for the cool season. With lows now in the 40's it was time. Over the summer this project kept me busy. This is the duvet cover. Within it is a wonderful thick feather comforter that my dear sweet BILove gave us so many many years ago.
The cover acts like a big pillow case over top of the white ticking to keep it clean. It also keeps allergies at bay. The fabric is a 600 thread count. Now that is extravagant but if you keep a sharp eye out at clearance stores or in the racks of those stores that sell them often you can get seconds or irregulars that are just fine. The higher the thread count however the better and longer service you will get out of the clothe.
 This pillow has been a long term effort of mine. A little a day on it. It has been passed by when knees needed to be fixed and pants patched for the kids. Yesterday I finished it! It is of upholstery fabric that was given to me. A wonderful Jacquard silk, the appliqued center was fused first with a double sided adhesive then sewn. It has a pillow case fabric on the back. The fabric was too stiff for my liking as a pillow case so it was put to use here and matched the bedding well. It is zippered center back.

This was the big task. The fringe was found years back at a wal-mart for $1 a yard. I bought all they had.
For so long I dreamed of doing a wonderful bed set.
This chair was a gift from my MILove and FILove, the nurse sits here when I am sleeping during the infusions. It makes for a nice cozy setting. Steve has a place as well for his robe.

Now this is the 'big bed' as the kids call it (a California king). My darling is 6'4" tall and his feet still almost go off the end. We will often play tickle bug. One of us will coyly challenge the other and we all run to the big bed and tickle and giggle all and all just play! It is the wonderful moments of tying those cords that bind us to each other. It is most always just the  kids and I. Sometimes we get the daddy man to join in not often. It is the time when I and the kids bond and laugh hard. It is a fine art with the sensory integration issues.

Dash is very sensitive, Dove loves the intensity. They are both so much calmer. Often I get a split lip or a good bump on the cheek, it's all good though. We will wind down with a game of hide and seek or night Watchman where one kid has a flashlight and we have to freeze so we are 'not seen'. Taking turns. It is really funny and so charming to see the glee on the faces. I love that they are both so sweet as to allow the play of youth.

This morning my dear husband was so enamored. He thanked me for the comfort of the feather bed. He was so tender, really. He said "thank you for making up such a comfortable bed. It is just like being encased so wonderful!".
Funny thing how awesome a well made bed can make a body feel.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thrusday

Good Evening!
Thanks for your prayers. Silly woman forgetting to take the allergy medication before an allergy injection. Next thing ya know I'll....I'll           oh i forgot what I was going to say...hahah

This was a good day with the children home due to the veterans day. So grateful for those who have fought so hard and so long in so many many battles. Veterans of all kinds. Wars between nations, battles over lives including their own. Warriors who pray for the battle of others too. Suppose most folks have become a veteran of differing wars. We know yes that this is the day for our nations war veterans. It just got me to thinking.
Each life has a battle of its own. Many more than one alone. It is the courage to face those who battle against us for battles sake. Often forgetting what the fight was for long before the ammunition is gone.

One good thing about forgetting, it removes the focus onto the dead and dieing, those who lay bleeding on the field. Those who we have pity on cause us to question the wars we enter.
Variations of wars over Bodies, souls and even of our own spirit.

Think those who fight for the bodies, souls and spirits of others I so admire. Whether on enemy soil or our own. Over seas or in our own living rooms. We can be for or against. We can not live really without taking a side. Even in not choosing sides we already have chosen. Funny thing that.
Begs the question...just what are we fighting for. Suppose a good clear idea of that might bring back the tenacity to win through the wherry battle.
Fighting for or against the lives around us. Fighting to prove our self right, another wrong? Or fighting for what is right. Although even that can be as elusive as the opinion on the point. Each man has his own. Could another ever really stop, stop to even consider the other opinion?
Well this wandered off into a deep thought.
Just something to ponder.

Thankful that we are free to ponder things, if we are free within our self. Suppose that is the greatest battle to face really.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayers Please

Today Dash and I went to get our allergy shots. I forgot to take the medication first. My arm has a baseball size lump. Itchy as the dickens. We also had flu shots. I got the kids home from the office ran into the rest rooom all but to vomit. Mercy a big boo boo, mistake.
We weren't sure if it was the flu shot or the other. Now with the ball no joke on my arm well. I slept three hours should of gone to urgent care earlier. Steve offered to take me. A few crackers and my allergy meds took a bit of a hold. I just realized that there was a bennadril in the ivig supplies so here I sit awaiting it to help. I do not want to go anywhere just need it to reverse on it's own.

So think on these things...


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today… Monday, November 8, 2010
Outside my window... Evening shadows have fallen into the dark of early night. Peaks through the dark a light through soft clouds. The rose is turning into a powder gray. Day is done
I am thinking... How lovely it is to listen to the worship and praise music from the Homespun sight. Peaceful. The kids are laughing with the daddy man in the other room. This is the heaven I wished and worked so hard toward. Here in this moment. Let all care and worry leave me now.
I am thankful...My heart has returned to me some. A wonderful reminder through the sweet mutual friendship offered Sunday. A dear friend and I spent most the day in the gardens. Just commiserating (commiseration - The act of commiserating; sorrow for the wants, afflictions, or distresses of another; pity; compassion) together.
I am wearing... jeans, cornflower blue sleeveless sweater of a set, soon to put the long sleeve one on as it is cooling here next to the open window.
I am remembering... The journey called my life. The amazing adventures in overcoming those things that would of loved to remove my resolve. How many years I fought not allowing life to ware me out. Thinking on how it is to weep rest and refresh in the love of the presence of my God, my Father giver of life.
I am going... To be home here for several days this week tending to the heart of the home. You'll find me watering the germinating gardens both veggie/herb and the flower patches.
I am reading... The Egoscue Method Of Health Through Motion
I am hoping... That my husbands employer gets some job orders in so these folks can work without layoffs
On my mind... How and what can I do diligence too to help out as much as I can . Our budget needs and meal preparations. conserve utilities and use resources as wisely as possible. Wo four hours sleep last night I am getting tired.
From the learning rooms…Dove is doing Annie Oakly in a few weeks so that is the center of focus, Dash is interested in levitation, wait for it..."ya know mom it is just a stunt a trick. Were gunna figure it out. That way we can show them that it is just a magic trick" yes our jaws dropped and we had to hold a grin back.
Dash was in the yard trying to hold his full weight on a wrist holding a stick. 
Pondering these words..."When I come here it is like a refuge, a safe place to come and just rest. It is the safe place here on earth for me"....she said. My heart was warm. Touched deeply at the difference this home I make offers others.
From the kitchen… homemade lasagna, cole slaw, chocolate chip cookies still warm on the counter. The afternoon spent as sue chef chopping dicing and washing produce. Menu preparations for the week. Pies to bake for an early Thanksgiving supper on Sunday at my niece's home with all that clan and the great nieces and nephews.
Around the house... I have been catching up on all the years of dead filing that was unattended due to all the interventions with the kids and also with my own health. It is looking up. Gardens in, all but the root crop to finish out.
One of my favorite things: My child's invitation to come play a board game.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Baking, gardens in, resting some. Sewing a pillow for the master bedroom. Changing the kids linens.Completing the files so as to have all 7 years of tax documents in separate file folders finished. Then to get order to all this years stuff to be ready ahead of time for the tax work in January.
From my picture journal...

The effects of time with a friend

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Dash Individualized Education Plan Meeting

 Speech therapy
 In early 2007
22 miles one way

 This is the wall of photo's of all of the kids who were helped by the CRS childrens' rehab before they lost the funding. Dash is in red on the bottom.
 In November of 2006 He was fitted with his first hearing aides
 This after several months of intervention, paperwork and all the other things that were a part of the jurney.
He had surgery back in 2004? for the deformity of throat and such.

 Even then He had to understand and the woman was so amazing at that.

 This was just before Dove had her oral surgery to remove the supernumerary tooth in her upper palate. She still had those adorable buck teeth. She was so excited. Dash was apprehensive.
 She put them in and turned him around. Then she turned them on and had me speak to him, at that instant turning the chair around. This is what I saw the first time he heard me clearly. I will never forget that day as long as I live. Look at that joy.
Well now here it is almost exactly four years later. He hears much better. This morning was held the meeting for the review of the IEP at the school. He was released of speech therapy, relieve of the hearing specialist, removed from the IEP and given a 504 status. He is a straight A student with great behavior.The 504 will give him special consideration for preferential seating. We will use a speaker on the desk and the teacher will use a microphone. I would not sign until it was added that his (any) teacher would be given the education and support to be able to use skills to help him and others of hearing impaired kids. They sorta dismissed me. I held my ground. It was added,
then I signed. These are amazing people I am dealing with this time. Same as last with Dove. So much easier than the years of battles before.

One of his hearing aides is broken so unless we are able to come up with the funds to replace it this will have to do for now. I almost cried (well I did). So in junior high we must have the aids repaired and in place. For there the speaker will just not due. They change classes throughout the day.
So today My Sweet Boy is so accomplished that he is able to use a speaker on desk. Now however this places him at the (lack of) mercy of an obnoxious kid who is intent on not making it easy for him.
Hugo is not in this image
Please pray for a boy named HUGO that his heart might be healed in his needs for attention so that Dash can benefit without the hassle this boy has to offer. As of now with the over 400 kids Dash is only one of two who are hearing impaired. The other is VERY special needs and Dash could not really gain they feel. That sweet kid is handicapped by needs.
Dash was very regressive Sunday night. His RAD (reactive attachment) was flagging big time. The sweet baby is feeling a stress belonging issue due to being different. I need lots of wisdom as due the educators in supporting him. I have a little boy in the evenings and early mornings. Not too bad today. I can see he is really trying to be strong.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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