Saturday, April 12, 2008

Take a tour

Here is our mls listing with the home tour. The Men came to take the pictures last week, we received this yesterday.
Friday I had good news! My insurance will cover 60% of my implant surgery for the tooth I lost. If I wait until the next year for the crown I may be able to have it covered at 60% as well up to $1500.! I was stunned!I am so happy about it. I'll have more news on the 20th after I speak with the surgeon.
Dove lost another molar , just that much closer to braces. She even has another loose tooth in waiting.
I took the kids to the park after school several days this week to play. Dove and I had a lot of cuddle time and just really enjoyed each other. I held her until she fell asleep.
Wow what a busy weekend!
We had a Pick nick with "The Mister's" company yesterday. It was a lot of fun. There was a rock climbing wall and several bounding and sliding inflatables. We enjoyed face painting and balloons also. The children had a lot of play time. Feasting was a fart of the day as well as Hot Dogs and Hamburgers were served. I enjoyed the BBQ chicken meat. It was fun to watch Dash eat both a Hot Dog and a Hamburger! He worked it all off. He is a busy boy. He metabolizes so fast! Dove had a lot of thrills on the rock wall. She is a natural at it.

We slept off and on all afternoon and just rested. Saturday was a really peaceful afternoon. Rest, rest and more rest. Laying in the sunshine on the "big bed" and just snoozing. I had bed time cuddle time with Dash and just watched his sweet little face as he slept.

Dove had a melt down this morning and I was able to sweetly help her. I walked her away from her computer game. She was so upset because she has such great persistence, but she forgets to walk away when overwhelmed. So I walked her away and just stayed with her helping her to calm down. I did so, so patiently I was amazed! She was so sweet during church she just cuddled up to me. I really tied a good cord with her today.

We went to church this morning and then more rest this noon for me. I just took another nap. That after going to bed early last night. Rest is so sweet.

The "Folks" (Hubby's parents) are coming soon for a visit.

Dash is "Indiana Jones" this afternoon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. My sweet friends today I rest :)
I will straighten up after the kids are off to school. This is a day to slow down a bit!

2. I gave my self a manicure! They are artificial nails ,but I need to start here as I have really torn up my nails. I love these they look so real they come with little tabs that you can hold onto. I use the nail glue on my nails not the other way around and then just press on. I treat the cuticles with cubical remover first and a nice exfoliator for my hands. Wiping them off with alcohol is important to do first. I will leave them on for a week as to not risk any infection. Then you remove them and file your nail tips and replace until my own nails have a chance to grow back. I am a nail biter and this is how I have to stop periodically. I will have my own grown back in a month. I find the nails at the drug store and use other supplies from a beauty supply house. all in all around $5. and walla! a manicure and no risk of error or infections from a saloon.
3. My feet are longing for attention.

4. My hair is in desperate need of a trim too. It will need about 3 inches cut because it is in bad condition. I will color it soon myself.
5. Going for a walk today will be a good thing to do.
6. Taxes! I need to get them done! or to file an extension. I am not to far from done for the medical was compiled in December for Dash's qualification at the clinic. So I think if I get in the right frame of mind I could get it done.
7. My children have had AIM's testing all week and today is the last day of it. They will be up soon. I in my white cotton night gown need to go get dressed. Breakfast are needing to be made as is their lunches.
8. I had the most fun with the children last night! We went to the library and then to the park. The kids are not able to play in their own yard with the seedling grass. We had all the car windows open and loud Celtic music. It was fun! We went to Jomba Juice and they were dancing to the music in the store. I really enjoyed them. I felt so relaxed with them. I treasure it.

9. Beloved and I watched a 1 1/2 hour UTube show on the banking/credit industry last night . It was amazing. I will get a link for you. Wow snakes in the grass. They target those who can not afford to pay then back. They target College students. Lives are being lost due to the desperation. The creditors ore ruthless. They are not giving credit to those who can pay back for the prophet is in the fees and interest. Very interesting stuff.

10. Kids are up more later




Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Works for Me Wedensday,Gratitude.

Wow I have been working my hands fast and furious trying to get ready for the photographer.
The house is beautiful!
I am just stopping for a bite of lunch.
This is a beautiful day of low 70*'s all the windows are open and the birds are going strong.
My new medication is working wonders although yesterday I just had to rest. I have not rested very often in so long that my Beloved was glad to see me do it.
I'll take some pictures too, it is really shining around here. I'll work on the inside of the cupboards soon. My hands are chapped and I really need to get my hair trimmed. Soon I will just take some time out to manicure,pedicure and have my hair trimmed. I'll color it myself to save on the budget. It is so hard just to take the time out and do my hands and feet (I do them myself).
Wow if this place shows it aught to sell real well. I have settled into Gods timing.
I will keep doing all that I am responsible for and just watch it all unfold. Praying that the buyer resist temptations and well as all my loved ones and myself.
They are out there, and I am here. Peace fills me as excitement buzzes around me to keep to my duties and task. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to fill this role for the family. My talents will help us out.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Dove fains sleepy for the day is about to go into high gear

Dash is in his "time capsule" He told me he went to visit the days when Jesus was alive and the date of 4/4/02 he said. He tried to go back to his day of birth but things were too distracted.
I am off to the dentist. I'll finish when I get back.

I rested a lot today
After school I took the children to a park for a play date.
We took the children to the schools book fair. They are now very excited about reading out load.
I am cooking a simple supper of Spanish rice and corn on on the cob.
Resting a great deal today just seams like I really need too.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 7th 2008
Outside My Window... is a freshly seeded summer lawn. Sky's blue a pale azure. The tree is missing in the yard behind me , they cut it way back and the hummingbirds absence is pronounced. I miss them.
I am thinking...I have a responsibility now to keep ready and set to task to accomplish this goal of selling. I have only to do everything in my power. The rest is up to Gods divine purpose. What a privilege that I have important work that matters so much to my families future financial success. I am so glad that I have no longer the terrible depression that so robbed me of my personality for a few weeks there. Stress was so hard on me. I feel compassion on myself for the things I endure and the slow to kindness that I offer myself. Delayed yet nurtured back into good health.
I am thankful for...A soft heart. The thing that got me so upset in the stress was all the temptations to root of bitterness. I saw how in a weakend state I was like a wounded creature with vultures over head waiting for me to die. The Semaritains that helped me back to health and paid my way were a gift. I saw love in action in so many of my friends . For this I am most Thankful.
From the kitchen...It is clean and no service of main meal offered today. It was left over elbow macaroni for the children. I have not eaten any supper proper. No real appetite tonight. Beloved had nachos and beans. He is content and appreciative of the mopping of all the floors in the house and said the place is immaculate. He said g"go rest you sure earned it"...
I am creating...A future of being debt free. A life style of family first and things after people. A schedule of family life around showing and selling a home. The dogs are being walked (or dragging me) to get them better ready to handle a showing by going for a walk.
I am going...To the dentist tomorrow to have my teeth cleaned and to talk over the implant I need done on that tooth I lost last fall. I also have an afternoon play date to the park with the children and the school book fair is tomorrow for the kids to attend.
I am reading...Up on some of those fellow bloggers who I have not been able to visit. I have enjoyed psalm 91 recently. I am looking into the lives of those who touch my own life and reading the needs for intercessions.
I am hoping...To keep this right mind and for the buyer of this home to be prepared for them to resist temptations. That I would resist temptations. To be whole body soul and spirit. :)
I am hearing...silence for the children are bedded and I click clack the letters of this post.
Around the house...It is pristine, a model home. Void of me and all of the things that were ours. Well at least most of them. I am thinking minimal is nice in it's own way. I will let go of more possessions I think when we move. Less is nice.
One of my favorite things...Peace within my mind and a calm spirit.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Continued deep cleaning , windows glass and such. Taking a girl friend out one evening. going for walks with the dogs and even without the dogs. Keeping the house show ready at all times!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Looking to the future, knowing HIS eye is upon me.

The Simple Woman is the original home of The Simple Woman's Daybook.
The Simple Woman's Daybook will take place each Monday.
Now you can share with others a little look into your day plans and thoughts while you are focusing on the simplicity of the everyday moments around you. That is my vision for this idea! Slow down, take time and enjoy the moment...the day.

Menu Plan Monday

Keep them from starving! :)

Pasta tonight I think

Marriage Monday

1st Monday Every Month at Chrysalis
Marriage For Happiness or Holiness?
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As I sit and type this I am impressed with the idea of what holiness means to me. Clean hands and a pure heart. Free of bitterness fleeing it like it is a plague.
It inters into marriages like a masked bandit. It is a culprit of devision. Bitterness is the begining of shadows that blur a pure heart into tainted ideas and concepts.

Guarding oneself is often less confounding than you might think.
Three major enemies of any good life is

1. Being too tired
2. To Hungry
3. Too Lonely

We are a triune being Body soul (mind) and spirit ( a spirit renewed or not)
If we hunger for food, touch, education, mental stimulus, fellowship and friendship with God or others. If we need rest of body, or our mind is overwhelmed or our cup has run dry spiritually, or we need for physical intimacy we are made more vulnerable. If we are isolated, or do not get enough time with our mate or even with mutual friends these things can make us open prey to the enemy of hearts.
Bitterness is a weed best prevented to germinate, but if it does it is best to pull it soon as to not let root set and become entwined in words and regretful deeds. If it does set and flower leaves pod to the wind the havoc of seed tossed to wind makes healing a hard thing. Not impossible but you'll be pulling weeds for a long long time.

Words are seeds, pick a crop you'll be glad to live with.
Yet there are times to expose seed stores in such a way as the wounding of the other is lessoned. Some weeds are stored up. They are bagged into chambers of resentments secretly stowed for the future. Perhaps your mate hurts you and you forgive but it is still a root.
The weed may have been pulled but if you miss the root it can grow back sometimes that weed will be stronger than the one first pulled. It mulled in the soil of heart so long that the root is fast holding the deeper ground. These often need to be poisoned with the miraculous.

So Just know that Holiness is assaulted by temptations. The soil of your heart must be tilled and tendered by choice.
We must guard our hearts at all costs.
Just know that your enemy will assail you when you are at your weakest place. Assume it is him, feeding your mind with the bitter seed, he would so love to set. He is full of "crap" too he uses it to fertilize his crop. :)

Now as for happiness....
Happiness is peace with God.
Peace with man is the absence of strife.
I avoid strife like the plague it is.
That is what it is with me anyway.
Marriage is work, it is an endearing friendship that ebbs and flows. One that will flourish best when we receive what is given in gratitude and make known our desires and needs with a gentle yet firm voice. We will not always get what we want but that which God wants for us must be our goal. Not always happy but at peace. Peace is fought for it does not just come up to us and say "here I am" I am sure of Peace being a goal a quest of attainment through working out our own maturation. Supporting our mates as well as they work out theirs.

Happiness is a moment
that is fine, it feels good. It is however a moment. Peace is a life style choice. I am not speaking of subjection here in any way. I want the very best for him and for myself. In sickness and in health. We are not "happy" when one of us is sick and it hampers the others efforts or experience day to day, but it is the peace the health for each other in the midst of the storm.
Life is a battle.
If you chose sides intentionally or not you will have your standing on one side or the other. Know that life is an adventure. Marriage is sharing that adventure. With courage, and a desire to keep a soft heart toward each other.

Know who the "real" enemy is and your Happiness will not just be limited to a moment.
It becomes Peace, Joy. Long suffering that is doable and a pleasure to love another in a way that is removed of greed of the "I". I have known this love for 26 years now, and I have given this love and it is the real happiness not the counterfeit that sets so many up for desperate disappointment's.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Smiles

I had a nice week End. It was full!
With a yard sale on Saturday It began with a rush. At 12:30 a.m. I awoke thinking it was 4:30 and jumped out of bed and started the shower only to wake up the rest of the way shut it off and go back to sleep! That was weird! So when the sleep fell upon me I was then awaken by Dash around 1 a.m. , he had a bad dream and crawled in between us. We were both too tired to take him back to his bed. I then awoke at 5 a.m. and dressed and went to the store for lemon aide and a petty cash of change for the sale. Got back to see Mr U. setting up tables, and a yard sale "hawk" circling the sale she hurried to buy one of the drawers for her students.
I had so many teachers and church folks come it was cool to share with others who have hearts for children. Our favorite experience was a van full of special need adults came and they were in a van, well I gave this one girl a doll and she smiled! She cried out with glee MY BABY!!!
The children we there and saw this too. It was heard loudly as they pulled away...MY BABY" thank you for my baby! Oh it was just wonderful. Then a paster came and bought a crib we had for a church. We all but gave it to him. Several teachers of special needs kids came and got the school stuff. Mothers of children and so many clothing sales of the kids stuff. One woman was buying a figurine I had of a angle and two children. I was letting it go but still found it hard a bit. I told her I got that when I adopted my son. She said oh! I am just adopting a little girl and she will be ours this week. It felt so freeing inside and liberating to see how Gods hand worked in it. I was then easily able to let go of it.
We made 173.$ and many great memories. The children made $12-15 in lemon aide sales then paid me the split difference of the supplies. It was a wonderful lesson in sales. Dash was a real go getter, all but chasing down his customers. Dove was so excited and just giddy over every sale. It was the best part of the sale.

The sign is in.

The fellow who planted the sign was entertained by Dash. He shook his head as he finished and said" you have one very intelligent little boy there" . I agreed.

We have this bay back. I set the shelf and the table up with all the home school curriculum on it so I can do a Crags list later and try to recoup the costs. Bren I know I am trying to get to that point. :)

At the end of the sale I packed it all up and Mr U. loaded it and I took of to drop it off and he took off with the kids to the park. I met them at the park and the children found joy in climbing trees as we sat together on the grass and watched them.
Saturday movie night for Daddy Man and the kids me... I fell asleep on the sofa and then went to the bed at 7:30 p.m. and slept through tell 7 a.m. this morning RESTED!

Today I shampooed the master bath and we did a few things around the house. Tomorrow is the first day on the MLS.
We had a date at 11 a.m. our dear friend came and watched the children till 6 p.m. Wow time alone together. It was so nice. We went to lunch and then used the rest of the gift certificate buying BBQ sauce. We called the Realtor and met her at a house that I had showed the kids. It is vacant. Beloved and I toured the outside while we were waiting. She met us and he got to see the inside. I love that it is down the street from the elementary school. I has some needs but the landscaping is impressive. The house is doable. It is in foreclosure if we sell this quick we may stand a chance at it and for a low price too.
We then got a soft drink and drove around. We went to a mall. Walking together we realized it has been more then a year since we have even walked in a mall. It was peaceful together. I found out the diamond in the ring he found is not real. I still think it a wonderful gift from my Abba.
We then went to a riparian area and walked. We saw great blue herons, egrets and many stilts ducks and such. It was quiet! The bees and insects buzzed and you could hear them.
We came home after a long lovely walk and Jay and I visited as the children bathed. They had story time and are off to sleep.
I am feeling so SO much better the saritonin levels are back up and I feel like myself again. I am so grateful to have gotten the help.
Well now we have another marathon to do. Keep this place show ready. The children have 20+ days of school left and then It will get very interesting. Oh OH may it sell fast!

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• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
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• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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