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"History of Holloween"

Originally posted 10-17-07

"History of Holloween" Check out this sight!
I have many very strong feeling about this time of year. I was raised by the descendants of the KKK who also practiced their own sick distorted Satanic Rituals. So how could I not have very STRONG FEELINGS.
However recently I was lovingly compelled (provoked, in that I was so charged over the feelings and I did not want to do it :) to examine this holiday from other than "Feelings". I have investigated history, myth and fictional concepts that have now left me better educated.

When one is raised bred and groomed in fear it can leave a pretty bad psychological limp. One that has been crippling to me all of my life. I recently told about a childhood event that was pulled out of me over the anger I felt having to face these hard feeling verses fact. I sought fact. If I am to overcome the fear that is so frustrating and divisive I must pursue knowledge.

The above reference gave me an open view of reality. It taught me about the HISTORY.
Everyone and everything has a history. Our history will effect how we see things as well as the view we pass down to future generations.

The following is a synopsis of the two part research paper that is founded is history. Very good read!

Occult and Satanic Elements:

Deuteronomy 18:11 says: "There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, one who calls up the dead."

skull.gif (40167 bytes)One of the present realities we must be aware of is that in recent decades, pagan, cultic groups, and some Satanists have claimed Halloween as a "holy day." As Christians we must avoid any action forbidden by our Lord. We should never seek to know the future through horoscopes, divination, or astrology. We should not seek to talk to or call up the dead (necromancy). We should not pray to other gods. We should not seek "power" over other people by the use of spells or supernatural forces. The practice of pagan witchcraft is specifically prohibited in both the Old and New Testaments (Leviticus 19:31; Acts 19:18-20; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 22:15). Witchcraft (whether pagan or Satanic) is dangerous and harmful. We are to submit to God and resist the devil; not form alliances with him (James 4:7). The Bible certainly makes it clear that we should not participate with pagans in speaking to the dead on October 31 (or any other day)!

2. Non-Satanic elements:

Although some devil worshipers have adopted Halloween as their "holiday," the day itself did not grow out of Satanic practices. Halloween has some weak connections to Celts celebrating a new year, but most of present day Halloween customs are neither pagan, nor Satanic. Here is a table of practices and dates as they are connected with Halloween:

practice divination necromancy black cats, spiders tricks & pranks costuming pumpkin carving trick or treat slasher movies
earliest date ancient ? Middle Ages ? early 1900s(?) after 1750s 1930s 1950s
original intent pagan religious practice pagan religious practice fear & easy labels "those nasty fairies" stop pranks(?) ward off evil stop pranks make money
Biblically forbidden yes yes no if destructive no no no yes - Phil 4:8

pumpkin carvingtrick or treatslasher movies

Earliest date:after1750s, 1930s, 1950s
Source: Irish, Boy Scouts & others, Hollywood
Original Intent: ward off evil, stop pranks, make money
Biblically forbidden:No, No, yes-Phil 4:8

He also writes,
What I have tried to show is that much of the association with witchcraft and Satanic elements has actually come from Christian misinformation attempting to "demonize" this holiday. There is no evidence that the original Celtic celebration was Satanic. Much of the information on Halloween that Christians preach and write about is plainly based on shoddy research. While Christians should absolutely avoid pagan practices, Christian hype tends to make us overreact to benign folk elements of Halloween. We appear like zany buffoons to the world when there is no necessity for doing so. Furthermore, our groundless retreat from all elements of Halloween leaves a vacuum that wicked elements delight to fill.
I also found this paragraph very interesting
"By the turn of the century, Halloween had become an ever more destructive way to “let off steam” for crowded and poor urban dwellers. As Stuart Schneider writes in 'Halloween in America' (1995), vandalism that had been limited to tipping outhouses; removing gates, soaping windows and switching shop signs, by the 1920’s had become nasty -- with real destruction of property and cruelty to animals and people. Perhaps not coincidentally, the disguised nighttime terrorism and murders by the Ku Klux Klan reached their apex during this decade. Schneider writes that neighborhood committees and local city clubs such as the Boy Scouts then mobilized to organize safe and fun alternatives to vandalism. School posters of the time call for a “Sane Halloween.” Good children were encouraged to go door to door and receive treats from homes and shop owners, thereby keeping troublemakers away. By the 1930’s, these “beggar’s nights” were enormously popular and being practiced nationwide, with the “trick or treat” greeting widespread from the late 1930s."

This was during my mothers youth and then it became a part of my youth, as the generations grew into the events of my youth. This helps me a lot in knowing how it came about. My Mothers youth was post depression. The times were waxing Evil as even the Nazi were recruiting the youth of our country in the very late 1920's as my own mother reported to me.

So I still have strong feelings, but I have a better understanding and knowledge base to form my beliefs. I stand corrected to be basing my views only on feelings was counter productive. To any one I may have offended I stand corrected.

Evil is a real and present danger. Fear that is crippling is also a real and present danger. The gift of fear is wisdom. I have unwrapped my fear and will now base my choices in a place of knowledge. I must follow my heart so as to NEVER sin against my own conscience. I will do so however in freedom not the bondage of fear.

Urgent Call to prayer for the children. Please.

This is a re post from Oct 23rd 2007

Thank you all for your prayers this week.
Please pray for a little soul I know and her Mother, for she is in a struggle and is only 11 years old dealing with this.

Falling on my knees

I suppose I risk offending.
It is my heart is to say that I really care about all of you.
I really do not like division and judgments based on religion. This is what I came to on my 20th birthday. A kind woman who came to me, when I was in desperation asking God to show me why to live. She fed me as my body was hungry being with little food and faulty shelter. She laid an open Bible on my lap to this passage. I said O.K. God whatever you have for my life I am yours and I take it as truth, that YOU do love me.

My life turned around but not without a great battle and struggle to be free.
At this time of year my heart wants for all of you, SAFETY and REST.

So Please pardon me if I offend, but you matter more to me than what rejection I may face in sharing this text.

Safety in this present day and for ever throughout eternity be yours my dear readers. May God's peace and rest envelop your lives.

It is a few days now from when the ceremonies will begin. I weep inside with knowledge to great to understand on my own. So I ask all of you no matter your traditions of beliefs Please pray for the children in the sights of those who would worship another than the Living God. These children are in for a life stunting event and the people who perform such deeds are sentenced to an eternity that grieves me to think of happening to even my own greatest enemies. Please pray that they would turn from their deeds and repent. That God would even heal them. Sending legions of angels to battle over those lives in the cross fire.
I am weeping having known the price personally. I have in my recovery, many dear friends who could not bear the consequences of the harm done to them. Who's lives were lost to the devistation of the knowledge of what occurred to them. The lives now gone on before me, yet I live knowing the seriousness of this next few days. Please pray for me as the faces of memories are bolted behind the vial of love. This is such a hard time of the year for me. I feel so very lonely in this. I am so sad that the people are blind and ridicule me, and the truth as if it does not really happening. I know of a fact that it is still occurring. I am helping now a dear adoptive mother of a child who within the last 6 years had the same things done to her. This is real people. Please pray for her and this dear child trying to overcome the devastation's of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. These groups are real.
I weep and pray and strain to stay in the quiet of the stillness, in the palm of HIS hand embraced as more than a survivor, an overcome! I still stand in the cross hairs of the spiritual evil that would desire my silence.
The light can not be silenced, but when even fellow Christians attempt to dismiss me I count it as loss to the glory of the great Most High who has the power to even in this overcome within me to cause me to speak.
Please pray for the children who are being dedicated on those stone tables of hell. I know that like myself they will be given mercy in the midst. I know that God will give them a spiritual way of escape. But to have to learn how to live after a life of survival and existence is harder than most can do. I do not want even one to ever have to know what I have known.

Thursday Thirteen *A day of Art*

1. My first attendance to the Art master piece group occurred today. I will eventually be serving in our local elementary school to bring in the in depth conversations that it is my hopes to spark each child's mind to the love of art.
2. The resources I now have at my disposal as a Volunteer teacher is amazing. The Teachers library is full of wonder for me. Books endlessly ling the walls of two large rooms. Prints on mounting board are lined like some flowers in a row. More than a 1000 of them for my use.
3. My Sweet Mother in Law is also an artist of regard
4. I am alive in the thrill of this opportunity to have restored to me the loss of my education. Everything the worm has eaten! I now will be receiving a free self education with the guidence of the program. I will be studying each packet to present to the classes of kids. I will learn about the master I have never dreamed this could really come true. I will learn of the masters.
5. It will be Gory to teach to impress and exposs all of the young who will be exposed to such wonder.
6. There are yet several schools who have NO ONE to present these things to. I may in time be finger printed (if it is a school other than the one my children attend this is required) and them also offer my services to other school of less fortunate children. JOY!
7. I watched as 40? vulonteers gave of themself today to begin the training to take this 23 year successful program into all of the schools in my district. All other programs have failed! Iam so grateful to be apart of this.
8. On November 14 th and 15th I will be holding a "Trunk Show and Social" at my home.
My life has come full circle where I now have the ability to show and sell my work. I may do a second show of fabric arts in my home in December.
9. Work is the opperative word! There are countless hours of creation and collection before me. This estate needs an over haul of task! Many things need to be accomplished.
10. Last evening finding my rest at a fabric counter, joy overtook me to find several of the colors of a collection af quilting prints in brights. These will be made into a new quilt for the bed. It has been several years now, time has come for a new chapter of quilting the new me. Brights boardered by rich black. Gotta do it!
11. I will now embark in the art of homemaking for my chores are at reach begging to be embraced.
12. Art makes me thrill, my heart races and the flow of the force is pumping a renewed energy into me.
13. I am happy. I am artist. I am alive as artist, flowing through my veins and feeding my soul life blood.

Kick up your heals and dance

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Menu Plan Monday

Tackle It Tuesday

Several weeks ago you may recall mention of a young impoverished woman to be wed.
The young woman when asked what her colors were or what her dress was like told me she would be waring the only jeans she had and a t shirt.
I told her..."no way!"
This is your day.
I set to prayer over her for her means to be available to her.
I thought of many things and prayed for many other need for as well

After five hour, of spinning my needle and thread, the necklace was beaded.
This is the ladder stitch. i found myself in prayer sing "We are climbing Jacobs ladder".

I glued my knots (and my fingers, hair and cheek:), trimmed all threads and attached a Silver knot guard and a heart shaped knot ending that I attached to a (pearl type )clasp

After the children in bed I spent a few more hours and made the earrings and finished all the knots with glue. I used silver (sterling) kidney hoops.

I attended Bible study almost late. I gave the child the necklace. She said she was waring pearls and asked if I would be mad. I pulled up my dignity and offered it to her a free gift and told her that pearls sounded lovely.
She then closed the box and put it in her bag sorta tossing it aside. She said "thanks", and do you want to see pictures of her little daughter singing.
Stung a little, I remembered I was only keeping my word to her that I would make her a necklace. My word matters to me.
However the disregard stung a bit.
I then joined her and her pi as aunt in the small prayer group. I find her aunt the most inhospitable "professing" Christian I have ever met.
Now ya all that is really saying something and this woman is a missionary?
I asked the child if she were marrying of her own choice, she did not understand my question. I explained that I have been married many a year and have watched More than my share of marriages collapse because the wife married out of obligation or expectation of someone else and wanted to know for sure that this was her will.
Some of the other ladies were on the same page.
The aunt was not pleased with my question. Does that tell you anything about the wisdom of my question? The young woman then said that they have been together for four years and this was just the paper.
In class I spoke boldly and freely about the meaning of covenant.
I pressed the issue, a class mate said "did you do the study?" I told her I had not. The study taught the things I exampled to the class. Everyone had chance to share with her. It was a very good class. I told them about how in a mature marriage that the mans question of "Can I cut it" can only be answered by God. I told all the girls that witness to a marriage a wedding also have a responsibility in the covenant witnessed.

I said the same things to the groom at the before the ceremony. The pasture over heard me telling the young man these things and said that I had done his sermon for him.
I was asked by one of the ladies helping out to hold the door open for the bride.
I accepted the charge willingly, The aunt again was cold and indifferent to the bride. Control. She does not this girl and shows it. I was offering the bride a photo with a decent back ground and was pushed aside by the aunt (dis-respect intended).
I took several images and was so pleased to see the child (young woman) smile about the isle when I held the chapel door open for her. I ran around and slipped in the other side and sat down. Trying to capture this event for the child , I kept eye for the girls taking a few cell phone pictures and such. I tried to capture a few that would have been lost for her.

Be was beautiful in her dress.
I talked to her about the truth that she is beautiful, she said she used to believe that.
What has happened to this child to lose the truth so blindly.
Me thinks the aunt is a poison and a thief of her niece by marriage beauty.
She only helps them for the sake of the four year old child.
Shame, shame she has place upon her own head. Just shameful!

I captured a few images of the licence being signed. The aunt would not receive my offer to catch her image as she signed and blew me off.
I complimented her dress and she blatantly ignored me shunning me by turning her back turned to me.

I have done what is right.
I have spoken what Gad asked me to say. I have created beauty freely and gifted her with it.
The outcome may never be before my eyes and all seamed awash with insult and disregard. I care more for the friendship I have with God, that as his friend I have befriended this girl hoping to add a memory of beauty for her wedding day.
This was her wedding day. Lord help her with the marriage.
Friends I am exhausted of all of this and I let it all go.
I will be going to another prayer group on next Tuesday.
If The aunt (who leads this small group) asks of me why I will tell her.
That I find her inhospitable and I do not find a quality of character that I can respect in her presence.
Stings to do what is required (asked of) of us sometimes, but I can sleep and I like who I am.
I have befriended (in act) one whom God so loves that......

Independent Adventurer awards

Independent Adventurer awards
Daddy Man and I set up the Tent for the kids in the back yard for the weather is perfect.
The kids wanted an adventure.

Last weekend the kids slept out side in the tent all weekend

They slept with the "bears".
With the foodstuffs to consider they had their own ice chest complete with marshmallows and all the joyful things needed for a proper camp out.

This on the second sight out was what they awoke to on the patio door.
As Mighty hunter will tell ya, there is nothing like the hunt and the chase to follow!
This is the reward of the hunt.
He landed on doves shirt and she just stood there and screamed half fear and half delight.

This is a big grass hopper.
He is probably thriving on my garden in part :)

Sunday night
We made a BBQ and ceremony to acknowledge the courage and adventurous spirit they both showed. We all did the ceremonial collapsing of the tent otherwise known as the . Avoid the melt down of the tent being torn down and the fun ending)

BBQ hot dogs for the kids and cowboy beans, Daddy and I had steak. (It was awesome they had it half off as a family package and so I just cooked all of them (we had a lot of left overs)

My Beloved set up a wonderful shop light for the grill so I could see well.

The children had made their own "lap tops" by copying the keyboard onto paper and tapeing it into a hard bound binder. Too cute! This was their own doing.

Grandma and I made these on her machine in the afternoon. I had managed to hide them from the kids.

I made a formal big to-do about it.
Passing out the awards, I touched there heads and said "remember this allways"
Dash had a fit because he did not like the image of himself on the award and it all went down hill from there. He coped a real bad attitude.
Later he even said hurtful thins that wounded my peace.
I just walked away telling him some stupid (on my part comment about "here is a knife just cut my heart out") I know very stupid for the adult.
Dove just fell apart and ran to her room. I then went in to appoligize and admit to the stupidity of it all . She read jokes to me while I laid on her bed. It was pricesess. She said that she just wanted to cheer me up cause Dash was so mean.
Wow! How tender a daughter we have raised.

Dash has sence then been rather regressed and has been very clingy and pouty. Oh man parenting can be hard.

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The Origins of life and leisure

Cotton before flower, with stem base (very sharp) and cotton with the seed still in it.
Fabric, in the begining.

Green Beans are flowers first.
Funny thought from beauty comes sustenance and health.

Woo Hoo A carrot!

With all this good food healthy teeth are growing .
"Look Mom another loose one".

I weeded...Now how do you say that single tense.

The Peas are sad.
I learned I should have soaked the seeds before planting.

My lettuce crop :)

I let the Ladies eat up the vines and melons.

It is a wonder a little water a lot of life.

Ladies in the morning sun.
Feed them...they will feed us.
That is the hope anyway.

Of late I have found myself fascinated with seeds.
This Honey Dew melon (a sweet tender fleshed fruit) Has the most amazing seed row.
I simply turned it over and was able to simply harvest the seed to plant.
I was thinking that these folks try so hard to make a melon that will make them money.
The life is in the seed. If I go buy seed at the store I will be paying them double.
Perhaps with this melon, using it's seeds,I may be able to reproduce it's quality.
Look at the seeds of the foods you eat they are so beautiful!

This is broccoli slaw. At the grocer , with a hankering for slaw...I thought to buy the ingredients and make it from scratch. Well I put the cabbage back when I saw the bags of organic broccoli slaw mix at a managers special for .99 apposed to $4.00a bag grabbing several bags I was able to make enough to add to the feast I took over to the Grand Parents on Sunday.
The dressing
rice vinegar

in the motor and pistil I added sea salt and celery seed.
Seed seed seed....
so beautiful!

I gave dash a long cooking lesson and made a feast together with him.
He finished of the dishes.

Boiling eggs 24 of them (the grocier had $5.00 dozon eggs for 2.29 on special.)
Heads up ...with range free eggs you can wait along time after date (up to two weeks) You see te eggs are much better to use for hard boiled eggs then. Eggs breath, the shell is porus with a membrain that protects the chick from air leaking out. When the egg is not furtile the air leaks out and so when they are a bit older egg the eggs do not crack when boiled for there is little air in them. So when you see eggs at date for reduced price buy a couple extra dozon and make egg salad and devel eggs.
Cool Trick!
place eggs in cool water and then boil for 10 minutes, emediatly remove into an ice water bath with BAKING SODA in it.
Now crack each end a little. Get under the membrain , now hold the egg in fist and blow a little . This removes the membrain and the egg will peel flawlessly.

Have you ever stoped and thought about the origins of the foods you eat?
A big part of the cooking lesson that I gave Dash was about this.
Now concider what was used to add to the main ingrediant can you figure it out?
Balance is key to food preperations. A balance of flavors, sweet,salty, spicy, bitter.
A balance of color is very important as is texture.

Dash discovered how to make mustard by investigatin.
Learn these things and you will know that the basic ingrediants to keep on hand will give you the power to make it for yourself with better core ingrediants and less expence.
Understanding is the begining of knowledge. Practicing that knowledge is the begining of wisom.
Think about it.
I gotta run Bible study and full day.
I am well I'll post more later just ran out of time.
I have been trying to get this post out all weekend.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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