Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sunday Smiles

One year ago.
Beloved feels this way about Willy on a daily basis.
Latest provocation.
Willy ate 1 pound of butter thawing on counter.
I think you can imagine what might happen when a big dog eats butter.

Attack the dust!

Hello! Good Saturday Morning to all of you.
It has been over a year that the dust build up in my home has been a problem. I had knee surgery over a year ago now. The upper shelves needed attention back then but I was not allowed to climb ladders. I still need to use high caution. My beloved attacked the dust on all the high places in the great room today. It is my hope that with both Dash and I having asthma,this will help us. It has been a real concern to me. With the allergic/hereditary emergency swelling happening so often and steroids keeping it at bay I had to push the priority of getting the dust knocked out!.Beloved worked all morning on it and I am so encouraged. It has bothered me for so long that I just almost got up on a ladder myself to tend to it.

I awoke late at 11:30 today. I sure needed the rest. My Love was at task for us. I am so appreciative that he just got after it. I have asked for several weekends and it just kept getting put off due to other events. Today was the day. Man all the stuff was just black. Dash is having breathing difficulties and coughing a bit. I am somewhat winded I know it had to really stir up the air in hear. I am resting a while while My Love goes on a couple of errands. He took down the left over decorations from Beauties birthday (in July!).

The items were all black with dust. I washed the fine things and "Love" took the others out doors to keep the dust down.

These are all some of the favorite things I have. The "tree of life" quilt and such. I love the children's poem print.

He vacuumed all the upper window frames. These are real dust holders. For living in the desert it is very dry and very dusty. I love the light that comes in these duel pain windows. I think they would be so lovely as stained glass.

"Love" even vacuumed the curtains and they are white again! It is so encouraging. I have been keeping the dust managed on the blinds only to have to redo it over and over because the upper levels just made a mess of all my work. It has been a very frustrating year of dust for me. knowing that my work was being sabotaged over and over again.

He is even removing everything above the TV and the dining hutch. It has been a lot of work for him. I am so happy to have this chance to have a really clean home again. It is such a beautiful building that it just seams a crime to let it get so bad. I know once all this dust is removed that we will all breath better. It is my hope that it will improve the problems I am having with the allergic swelling/inflammation stuff that has been hitting me so hard.

Once I get to feeling better I will be all set to decorate for the holidays to come.

I hope you are all having a great day!.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Photo Hunters *clasic*

1957 Pfaff 362

When you have a family life comes at you.

Carnival of Family Life
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Carnival of family life.

The November 5, 2007 , edition will be hosted at Don't forget to submit your post not later than this Saturday, November 3, 2007 , at midnight Pacific Time (note that Pacific time is three hours ahead of Hawaii time). You can submit your post using the link at Colloquium or Blog Carnivals.

When you have a family and life comes at you.
You manage it.
Last night ,once again we had the opportunity's to manage it.
We had bedded the children and were going to our own slumber early for us. Showered and in bed before 10 P.M.
Enjoying sleep is such a pleasure.The children learn much better and many studies affirm the importance of good rest. They slept well again now two nights in a row. We dim the lights early and have the routine running smoothing. We too are shutting down the bright lights including the monitors to help our system shift into a mode to rest. It is a bio-chemical bio-logical process we are learning how to respect.
Last night asleep early , showered and in my bed sleeping ,I awoke to my woven gown tight on me and got up to use the commode and shift my gown that would not fix into the normally loose fitted white cotton gown that is my favorite. Sleeping I noted the strange fit and laid down to shortly realized that I could not breath right. I noticed that funny feeling (on the left this time) of my face. It was swelling fast! OH MAN! NOT AGAIN!
So awaking my very sweet husband I reached over to an empty bed. I was groggy and felt again. So rarely in my 25 yrs of marriage had I ever felt him missing from beside me.
I made it to the bathroom and found the bathroom door shut. He was on the commode ill with an upset tummy. I asked over him and then told him of my present danger with the face swelling again. We tried to consider calling on friends. We live a long way from all of those who are so sweet to offer. It was of course midnight. For a moment I felt afraid that the ill will of those I had exposed were spiritually attacking us. I shared that fear with beloved who promptly shot it down. So after much consideration of waking the children to take them to the ER that hubby would either sit with them or have to take leave to take them home.We shot that down too.
Being a Family really pulls on all that is within you to do what ever it is that you are able . Even if you don't want too. So off again, Alone I drove the 21 miles to the ER. The nearby hospital is really bad. I had the same procedures and injections.
It happens in families that a hardness, a protective callus can cover the (what would be thought of as normal) so called normal panic and response. We have watched so many illnesses play out over 25 years that we just don't hardly even panic at all any more. This calm demeanor was once not so. Now it is however. I think there may be mercy in it. It could seem a little heartless. But life is about the other guy too. Beloved has a heart that feels and bleeds and is saddened when illness strikes. It is,as a family guard around our hearts protect us from unhealthy stress. Mothers must function when babies are sick, we can't afford to just fall apart. I see it like a safety valve for family's
Safety valves that protect us from stress overloads. What is truly marvelous is when we face these things and we have become desensitized to the point of a reassurance of faith. That faith is that God has us, each on of use in his protection. I know many of the early years, as a wife, hold the healing of those fears that can threaten the loss of your spouse. Fears of a traffic accident or some crime when they deviate 10 minutes from schedule. Cell phone stopped some of this for the last generation. When I was a newly wed it was not so. We had to trust through those silent hours, without a voice and a face so longed for. It was easier for us however then our forefathers and fore mothers who lived so far into a wilderness that weeks sometimes could separate hunting husbands from families.
This is a big part of maturing as a couple and as a family.
Learning to manage. Management is a processes of knowledge gained and implemented. Understanding is the begining of that. Understand your family members. Look into the lives of each one. Learn how they tick and you will see how best to serve them and to manage the surroundings, stresses and crisis.
It has been a remarkably full day of management. All is good. Hard times are stealing my mettle (my resolve) to manage my family and my life.
Be Embraced all.
I am back on cortisone and will gain an immunologist next week as I am able, to address these inflammatory events. I know God has me in the palm of his hand.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Making a Volcano, Enjoying your family.

Wrapped Emotions button
Beauty has her third grade science project due tomorrow! YIKES

So in lieu of paper mache' I am going to use up some old Elmer's glue from our home schooling and party dates. It is working great for a hurry up job of it.
Make your foundations. I use duct tape on cardboard. It has two pieces of brown construction paper taped together then make a slanted tube of it. Tape it over a water bottle (empty).

So generously we poured and painted the glue layered the newspaper and so on.
Dash needed to get in on it so after I got Beauty on a role, I got him set up. I'll let them dry a bit. We all know they will not be dry by morning :) !
We will paint them this evening and let the paint dry...(thinking hair dryer)

It is 4:30 pm
O.K. I'm icing my back and my knee(with all I have done today the pain is minimal)... Chillin' out a few before the "Daddy Man" comes home. I hope with news of a bonus or raise... He works so hard for our family. I just stopped at 2pm and prayed for him during his meeting. I am so eager to see if his heart is up after work. It can be hard on him to overcome when they disappoint him. This company has been VERY stingy with raises across board.

Well now it is 7:30 and bed time story is under way Via the "Daddy man".
Tomorrow the world will feel the effects of Volcanic eruptions on the continents:)

Hubby caught me in the middle of thought.
How funny it looks like I'm asleep on my feet.

Jurassic period in Africa


Sewing Christmas Stockings

Accomplished d to the Sound track from "Spitfire Grill"
Thanks Hubby very pretty tunes.

I began these back in July "See Post"
These are the service project that The Sewing Guild is doing for the Salvation Army.
First I sewed all the stocking half's face to face together in a running assembly. Some needed to be pressed a bit. I have had them setting in a pile for some time.

Now my 8x4 rectangles, three inch ends face to face together.

Clipped and piled, set to match piles.

These fabrics were all donated. We cut it all out in July and so far I think the guild has accomplish around 500 for this Christmas. These may be the only gift someone gets this year.
Now fold wrong sides together of rectangles. Do not turn out stockings. the stocking wrong side out to the halved rectangles stitch all the way around ,Making sure that you catch both sides of the rectangle .

Turned and pressed

When you turn out the stocking it will look like this (at least it is supposed too :)

Now by turning down the collar you have a finished edge on the inside.

The trick on the collar is to half it put your hand in it and then the other hand and sorta roll it. It will find it's grain. It will know it's voice and the edges will come together on their own.

I like how I choose to use my time today that was fun. It was a commitment I wanted to accomplish. Now I can sew for my own family.
When I remember the Salvation Army of my childhood. The person who often delivered our food would hide fast so that my Mother could not see them on the porch. When I was younger and less wise I thought that it was my Mom's pride that caused her to chase them off and she would say..."I don't accept Charity", But now I see it was her dignity. Dignity is a treasure that poverty can leave you holding fast too.
Remember in your acts of service to save the dignity of those who you offer up your generosity toward. It may be the only treasure they have left.

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I am enjoying about my day today!

1. I woke and found so much pleasure in my children. They awoke early because Daddy and I are really setting a strong value on the rest we all should get. It is very important to the health of our family.
2. I can still feel the loving warm embrace of my Beloved and just to think of him brings me joy, pleasure in every thing I purpose to accomplish along side of him in our "lives become one".
3. My Husband will hear if he may be receiving a raise at work for his review was outstanding. I hope they honor him, he sure has behaved honorably toward that company.
4. I walked almost 3/4 mile today and I was able to do the abdominal isometrics as well as the glutes.
5. I went to Wal-Mart and hit a clearance rack of toys to fill under the tree for little expense. No bikes yet but the things I found were $2 for a monopoly game kind of things to use as gifts for others as well.
6. I got myself some mums to plant out on the entry and it is exciting to garden a little. I think I will incorporate the children's efforts.
7. I have so many things to create before me. It is very exciting!
8. I just had an apple and some walnuts as per my meal plan Healthy food is so YUMMY!
9. It is only noon and My time is my own! Chores and crafts and holiday preparations!
10. More photo journalistic post to come! :)
11. I have many irons in the fire, It is so good to be vital and involved in the lives of my family and friends.
12. The wonderful quiet and peace here is so divine! Just loving it!
13. I am not in any pain Wow! That is too cool!

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning!
Wow that was a differnet 31 st for me!
Once it came close and it was different I had power over the mind so well. I felt like I grew up a lot. It was like well "IT IS FINISHED" is what comes to my mind. When it was spoken with such finality, and power. Firm and done.
I kept my word and told on them and now I can move on! I did what I promised I would do. I risked the wrath of it and overcame through my faith and the truth. I did what my own Mother told me too. I told on the deeds done in darkness.
That truth is setting me free!
I have never had such an ease of event passing as yesterday.
I feel powerful and strong. Like I finished a job. I told and I learned and I arose from those ashes.
Today is a new and wonderful day full of duty and joy and charge.
I have the lunches made, and the day is still quiet here all is asleep. The dogs are fed and calm.
Wow! I am so stunned at this newness I feel . Wow!
What are you up to today? Do you have a plan or project for the day? I have so many choices to do. So many wonderful bunny trails to explore and accomplish.
I rejoice in that Love that holds you and lifts you up!
My children both just woke up (6:38) happy and refreshed and awake.
Enjoy your day!
The light does dispel the darkness.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Urgent Call to prayer for the children. Please.

Thank you all for your prayers this week. I am doing very well tonight.
Please pray for a little soul I know and her Mother, for she is in a struggle and is only 10 years old dealing with this.
This is a re post from Oct 23rd 2007

I suppose I risk offending.
It is my heart is to say that I really care about all of you.
I really do not like division and judgments based on religion. (the last post) This is what I came to on my 20th birthday. A kind woman who came to me, when I was in desperation asking God to show me why to live. She fed me as my body was hungry being with little food and faulty shelter. She laid an open Bible on my lap to this passage. I said O.K. God whatever you have for my life I am yours and I take it as truth, that YOU do love me.

My life turned around but not without a great battle and struggle to be free.
At this time of year my heart wants for all of you, SAFETY and REST.

So Please pardon me if I offend, but you matter more to me than what rejection I may face in sharing this text.

Safety in this present day and for ever throughout eternity be yours my dear readers. May God's peace and rest envelop your lives.

It is a few days now from when the ceremonies will begin. I weep inside with knowledge to great to understand on my own. So I ask all of you no matter your traditions of beliefs Please pray for the children in the sights of those who would worship another than the Living God. These children are in for a life stunting event and the people who perform such deeds are sentenced to an eternity that grieves me to think of happening to even my own greatest enemies. Please pray that they would turn from their deeds and repent. That God would even heal them. Sending legions of angels to battle over those lives in the cross fire.
I am weeping having known the price personally. I have in my recovery, many dear friends who could not bear the consequences of the harm done to them. Who's lives were lost to the devistation of the knowledge of what occurred to them. The lives now gone on before me, yet I live knowing the seriousness of this next few days. Please pray for me as the faces of memories are bolted behind the vial of love. This is such a hard time of the year for me. I feel so very lonely in this. I am so sad that the people are blind and ridicule me, and the truth as if it does not really happening. I know of a fact that it is still occurring. I am helping now a dear adoptive mother of a child who within the last 6 years had the same things done to her. This is real people. Please pray for her and this dear child trying to overcome the devastation's of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. These groups are real.
I weep and pray and strain to stay in the quiet of the stillness, in the palm of HIS hand embraced as more than a survivor, an overcome! I still stand in the cross hairs of the spiritual evil that would desire my silence.
The light can not be silenced, but when even fellow Christians attempt to dismiss me I count it as loss to the glory of the great Most High who has the power to even in this overcome within me to cause me to speak.
Please pray for the children who are being dedicated on those stone tables of hell. I know that like myself they will be given mercy in the midst. I know that God will give them a spiritual way of escape. But to have to learn how to live after a life of survival and existence is harder than most can do. I do not want even one to ever have to know what I have known.

Good Day!

My dear loving friends. This year has really been a changing point for me. The study I did has helped me move from Feelings of dread and fear into a place of knowledge. I know what I believe and can think clearly through the feelings over what I experienced in my youth. I do have freedom. It is as if a veil is over me today and I am doing remarkably well. I have had no PTSD today No triggers or flashbacks either. I am grateful for all the loving prayers I feel bathed in. Sleep was absent last night ,but due to the steroids not the terror of the visions that once haunted my mind.

Well this is the day that the Lord has made and I am Glad in it.
No longer a victim of years past I now stand firm in the Knowledge of why I believe what I believe and the fear is greatly diminished. I had a wonderful in depth conversation with a young man who does some of the therapy on my knee and back. He asked some really good questions about the difference between religion and relationship with God. He asked to know what I thought of this holiday. I was ready with answer, for the first time not locking up in a false sense of threat. It was awesome!

I had a busy morning with the children at the school. I am so surprised that a good 80-90 % of the costumes k-6 were gory and gruesome and I was alright. I just kept looking at the eyes of the children thinking why would any parent in their right mind dress their precious kid up in death? The children were not very original at all. Maybe 10-20% of them had a little imagination in the dress up.

Dash was a hit! His robot drew shouts and comments in every room we entered. His face beamed with pride and he really felt good about himself. The parade wove in and out and back and forth through the school. His robot was the most original costume there. It was just a robot!? It was almost all witches, gruels and goblins and a few Elvira type. One little girl was an angle and a boy was a motor cross biker ( I liked that on a lot) ,I used to ride dirt bike in my glory days.
Sweet beauty was joined by several other Dorothy's but not so real the dress was so pretty and the others were costumes it really looked different. I stayed with the class Dash was in to help the little ones stay on the course so I missed out on Beauty today, I have to catch up with her when she gets home. I saw a bit of pride well up in me as room by room my boy was being raved over. I made that robot and people liked it. That was sorta exciting.

You can see these were the kids that marched through his class they had some cute thing on.

Tails from the scales Weel #5 +2


193 starting

191 week one

191 week two (at 189 on Friday)

193 week three

190 week four (189 peeked at me)

192 week five

Pregnizone after the ER visit last Sunday morning has effected me, candy and stress. Oh well.
Next week I sure hope to do better. I am able to walk around the block twice now! I walked all morning at the kids school. Therapy is going well.

Class Costume Parade

This is a stretch for me. It is the first time I have had to face this dilemma. I have been a home schooling mother for all these years. Until this year I was able to avoid these issues that I have found in the past so grueling. I supported the kids as to be a part of a whole at school in having a costume for the morning. We have our family night movie tradition with giant bowls of candy and quality time together. All lights off and we enjoy each other. However in the morning I will attend the school event to be present for the children and to assist the class rooms. I will feel better there with my eyes on them than at home not knowing what they might be exposed to. I am hoping to find fun and pleasure as I celebrate them.

Dash still needs the gray pants on and he will be set

Miss Beauty as "Dorothy"

Wordless Wedensday

A birthday gift I made her in 2002

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"History of Holloween" Check out this sight! I have many very strong feeling about this time of year. I was raised by the descendants of the KKK who a

"History of Holloween" Check out this sight!
I have many very strong feeling about this time of year. I was raised by the descendants of the KKK who also practiced their own sick distorted Satanic Rituals. So how could I not have very STRONG FEELINGS.
However recently I was lovingly compelled (provoked, in that I was so charged over the feelings and I did not want to do it :) to examine this holiday from other than "Feelings". I have investigated history, myth and fictional concepts that have now left me better educated.

When one is raised bred and groomed in fear it can leave a pretty bad psychological limp. One that has been crippling to me all of my life. I recently told about a childhood event that was pulled out of me over the anger I felt having to face these hard feeling verses fact. I sought fact. If I am to overcome the fear that is so frustrating and divisive I must pursue knowledge.

The above reference gave me an open view of reality. It taught me about the HISTORY.
Everyone and everything has a history. Our history will effect how we see things as well as the view we pass down to future generations.

The following is a synopsis of the two part research paper that is founded is history. Very good read!

Occult and Satanic Elements:

Deuteronomy 18:11 says: "There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, one who calls up the dead."

skull.gif (40167 bytes)One of the present realities we must be aware of is that in recent decades, pagan, cultic groups, and some Satanists have claimed Halloween as a "holy day." As Christians we must avoid any action forbidden by our Lord. We should never seek to know the future through horoscopes, divination, or astrology. We should not seek to talk to or call up the dead (necromancy). We should not pray to other gods. We should not seek "power" over other people by the use of spells or supernatural forces. The practice of pagan witchcraft is specifically prohibited in both the Old and New Testaments (Leviticus 19:31; Acts 19:18-20; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 22:15). Witchcraft (whether pagan or Satanic) is dangerous and harmful. We are to submit to God and resist the devil; not form alliances with him (James 4:7). The Bible certainly makes it clear that we should not participate with pagans in speaking to the dead on October 31 (or any other day)!

2. Non-Satanic elements:

Although some devil worshipers have adopted Halloween as their "holiday," the day itself did not grow out of Satanic practices. Halloween has some weak connections to Celts celebrating a new year, but most of present day Halloween customs are neither pagan, nor Satanic. Here is a table of practices and dates as they are connected with Halloween:

practice divination necromancy black cats, spiders tricks & pranks costuming pumpkin carving trick or treat slasher movies
earliest date ancient ? Middle Ages ? early 1900s(?) after 1750s 1930s 1950s
original intent pagan religious practice pagan religious practice fear & easy labels "those nasty fairies" stop pranks(?) ward off evil stop pranks make money
Biblically forbidden yes yes no if destructive no no no yes - Phil 4:8

pumpkin carvingtrick or treatslasher movies

Earliest date:after1750s, 1930s, 1950s
Source: Irish, Boy Scouts & others, Hollywood
Original Intent: ward off evil, stop pranks, make money
Biblically forbidden:No, No, yes-Phil 4:8

He also writes,
What I have tried to show is that much of the association with witchcraft and Satanic elements has actually come from Christian misinformation attempting to "demonize" this holiday. There is no evidence that the original Celtic celebration was Satanic. Much of the information on Halloween that Christians preach and write about is plainly based on shoddy research. While Christians should absolutely avoid pagan practices, Christian hype tends to make us overreact to benign folk elements of Halloween. We appear like zany buffoons to the world when there is no necessity for doing so. Furthermore, our groundless retreat from all elements of Halloween leaves a vacuum that wicked elements delight to fill.
I also found this paragraph very interesting
"By the turn of the century, Halloween had become an ever more destructive way to “let off steam” for crowded and poor urban dwellers. As Stuart Schneider writes in 'Halloween in America' (1995), vandalism that had been limited to tipping outhouses; removing gates, soaping windows and switching shop signs, by the 1920’s had become nasty -- with real destruction of property and cruelty to animals and people. Perhaps not coincidentally, the disguised nighttime terrorism and murders by the Ku Klux Klan reached their apex during this decade. Schneider writes that neighborhood committees and local city clubs such as the Boy Scouts then mobilized to organize safe and fun alternatives to vandalism. School posters of the time call for a “Sane Halloween.” Good children were encouraged to go door to door and receive treats from homes and shop owners, thereby keeping troublemakers away. By the 1930’s, these “beggar’s nights” were enormously popular and being practiced nationwide, with the “trick or treat” greeting widespread from the late 1930s."

This was during my mothers youth and then it became a part of my youth, as the generations grew into the events of my youth. This helps me a lot in knowing how it came about. My Mothers youth was post depression. The times were waxing Evil as even the Nazi were recruiting the youth of our country in the very late 1920's as my own mother reported to me.

So I still have strong feelings, but I have a better understanding and knowledge base to form my beliefs. I stand corrected to be basing my views only on feelings was counter productive. To any one I may have offended I stand corrected.

Evil is a real and present danger. Fear that is crippling is also a real and present danger. The gift of fear is wisdom. I have unwrapped my fear and will now base my choices in a place of knowledge. I must follow my heart so as to NEVER sin against my own conscience. I will do so however in freedom not the bondage of fear.
Originally posted 10-17-07


"Gumbo Lily" has a wonderful Post by my dear friend Michelle over at "Life in the midst of writing". If you have ever wanted to write that novel go check it out.

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Ooo I like this knife! My birth Father was Inuit Indian. I never met him but this is a sweet treasure from his land.

Tooth fairy news

This morning the loving tooth fairy came to visit beauty again. That is four times in two weeks!
I found this cute doll on a clearance rack for $3.00.
This little girl is set for x rays for her braces in just 2 weeks.
God's timing is so perfect.

New Gate Material

Folks gave us the left over lumber for the gate to be redone.
It is treated so as not to warp or curl. I asked God for a gate repair sometime ago. My neighbor across the street redid hers and it really made her place look so nice. It will go a long way toward the repair. I can spray paint it , Beloved will need to fix the slant in the gate.
Thank you folks for your generosity.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Lunches are made, Hubby's off to work, Kids are off to school

So far two loads washed one in the dryer

At lunch time.

Warm weather good to hang out now lets have some lunch!

Lunch break! Noon straight up!
Tasks accomplished to the tunes of "Cold Mountain" soundtrack. Thanks Beloved darlin' for the good tunes!

One load in dishwasher before 7 a.m.
Just a reminder girls ER visits set ya back:)
Hubby is sweet he was just too tired too.

10 A.M. Beloved look you do not need to do dishes tonight!

The joy of home cooked meals .
Have I ever told you folks about this lotion it is the BEST!

8:45 so far two loads into dishwasher! I'm heading out for my walk! :) Listening to the joy and beauty of "Appalachian trail" On the "Zen". Oh sounds of Whiperills and red winged black birds and acoustical guitar. I found myself wrapped in worship and happy to have actually made it around the block twice. It time with such little knee pain in years!

Walking around the block twice (done)
Therapy exercises
kitchen (done)
Michelle, I even made my self my mid morning snack (banana silk tofu smoothly) yum!

laundry, laundry ,laundry :) swappin' loads

Dash's room arg!!!!

You may remember this from last week. No matter how hard I try to forget it it just remains there like a giant waiting to be stoned! I gotta start spinning that sling!

Yes I really do use the Garden tools!

If you don't hear from me send search and rescue!
This morning I said to dash "it must be sorta hard to wake up to such a mess every morning?" He replied "yes it is"...I said " if I clean that room up for you do you think you'll help keep it nice?".. His coy little burst of honesty! "Probably Not Mom"...
I laughed out loud at his honesty!

All the stuff on the floor is on the bed,
in sorting baskets for after lunch.

Do your kids use every blanket! Wow!

2:30 Time to go get the kids!!!!!!!!

Only one basket left to sort.

Hooaaa! Now you know why the kids call me "Wonder Mom!"
Cleaned to the upbeat Irish tunes of "Loch Ness"

Grandma is coming over with dress at 2:30 ( she hemmed it for me! Thank you!)

Look at our little Dorothy and Totto!
MILove and FILove thank you!

I keep looking at what that dog has done to my door!

I'll (not) need to hem it tonight.
I'm gonna rest now! for an hour or so before supper.
Supper (thawing)

Curried ground lamb, Turmeric/Anise Basmati rice, spinach salad with hard boiled egg. Mango chutney.
Except I need to make Dash's bed.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,'
I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on.

When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I am worth it.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain...
I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

Words have power. Here are a few of my favorite sayings.

  • A warm cup of tea is like a cuddle with a friend.
  • The North American Indians have a more eloquent word for ‘friend’ than we do in English. In their language, the word for friend literally means, “the one who carries my sorrows on his back.”
  • Return with Honor
  • The sage anticipates things that are difficult while they are easy, and does things that would become great while they are small. All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small. Therefore the sage, while he never does what is great, is able on that account to accomplish the greatest things."
  • “Live so that when your children hear these words they think of you… Fairness Caring Integrity Honesty Love Trust.”
  • "O Lord help my words to be gracious and tender today, for tomarrow I may have to eat them."
  • "No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes"

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e patterns My sister told me of this site

Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

Thank You Ross

Getting to know Me

What warm hearts you all offer

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown me with every Award. I am embraced. You Are a blessing.

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Annette they are beautiful
Thank You Annette
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