Saturday, September 1, 2007

The last of a day.

I went to go visit with my beloved while he showered. He is so kind to me. He and I took turns napping and playing with the kids. I rested a lot today and blogged a fair amount. Dash and I played "go fish". Dove colored a prince and princess and Dash two star war fighters, life size. They also helped Dad clean the house up. I just held my head against the rocker all day and played on the blog. It got so boring after a while. I got up and cleaned out the refrigerator and paid for it dearly with throbbing so I sat back down with ice.
We all watched "Fried green Tomatoes"($5, at Wal-Mart) editing a few parts. Hubby fetched Chinese food. We are over budget just to have life but we let it go. I was able to eat it tonight! What a feast after days of soft and liquid. I am bleeding a lot and it is really gross. I just got up out of bet to brush and do another pain pill. My ambition and energy have been so low lately. I hope its just this infection in my bone and that I'll feel up to pep soon. I want to be more interested in playing and teaching the children. Sewing and crafting too. I hope that this blogging is not spoiling my balance. I do enjoy it. I just get to lazy I think sitting here and not being up giving the kids more attention, doing chores and art stuff. Considering my health I 'll give myself some slack. I really need to exercise. I am still awaiting the insurance query about the shots for my knee. Oh fun...NOT.
So I laid there and listened to Beloveds voice tell of the things on his mind. We remembered years ago a fluke we visited a church one day and happened to see Alice Cooper get baptized. Our lives have taken so many turns.
I want to have my kids see our life as good. Beloved shared our daughter said that she was sorry I was having such a hard life. Oh man, that mortified me. I want to give such a different picture to her of life. I must watch my words more carefully and not let her see life in a negative light. They have watched me suffer through so many painful health things I feel sad that it must wear on them. I have so many wonderful things in my life, the children being two of them. They have piers that have much younger parents strong of health and vigor. My bones are tired and sore and I feel so worn out all the time. Maybe this tooth thing is a big part of it. Without walking I cant get much exercise. The bone on bone with my knee is a real pain.
I gave Dove a nice leg massage and joint compressions tonight. and Cuddled Dash during the Movie. They are "camping out" in Dash's room tonight. They are such a delightful part of each day. They have become more independent and Dove is really stepping up as an active participant to help around the house more without being asked. Dash is a helper by nature. They both are being very considerate. They both however need some real good attention tomorrow. I think I'll do a girls thing with Miss Fiction and a board game with Dash. I hope I feel a lot less pain with the dry socket tomorrow tipping my head forward is unpleasant to say the least.
I want to want to sew, play , craft. finish up odd jobs. Be interested and accomplish. The Pain medication is keeping me in a lull too. I guess I'm rambling. processing the flow of thought a woman has late in the night. Thanks for being forbearing.
oh funny i just saw the scripture snip it for the new day... scroll down.

Our Family Ways.

Our family is made up of love.
My beloved told our Son how Mother came before the children,then he will care for the children. Mother is first then you.
Our family is set up under codes of conduct that surrounds it with security of purpose. With a strong sense of self we are each affiliated and have a mutual mission that we as a family unit are competent to keep.
When I home schooled, We taught some of these principles through the curriculum from
Whole Hearted Ministries.I do not find the book on their the list, and I can not find my copy right now. It is based on character principals. I have the colored sheets on the wall that the kids colored some time ago. This was some of the best foundational training I could have ever done. It is so much of who they are. It was a type of Bible study for children. This also applies to us as adults if you simply alter the wording . Although I fall short, this is our goal for living well.
I lost a few of the sheet off of the wall ,if I find them I'll list them later. Some of them fell off the wall. My home school books are such a mess for it is still hard to address them having to let go of teaching the children was difficult. I am still their first teacher and for ever will be.
My husband and I put a sticker on our refrigerator... "What is the Christianity we want to show our children?" We are not legalistic about this.


1. We Love and obey our Lord Jesus Christ with wholehearted devotion.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Godliness) Matt22:39-38

2. We read the Bible and pray to God everyday with an open heart.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Trust in God)2 Tim3:16-17

3. We honor and obey our parents in the Lord with a respectful attitude.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Reverence)Eph6:1-3

4. We listen to correction and accept discipline with a submissive spirit.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Submissive)Heb12:11

5. We love one another, treating others with kindness, gentleness and respect.
(Character Quality or virtue: Love)1John4:11-12

6. We serve one another, humbly thinking of the needs of others first.
( Character quality or Virtue: Service)Mark10:43-44

7. We encourage one another, using only words that build up and bless others.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Encouragement)Eph4:29

8. We forgive one another, covering on offense with love when wronged or hurt.
(Character Quality or Virtue:Forgiveness)Col3:13

9. We are thankful to God for what we have, whether it is a little or a lot.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Thankfulness)1Thes5:16-18

10. We are content with what we have, not coveting what others have.
( Character quality or Virtue: Contentment)1Tim6:6-8

11. We are generous with what we have sharing freely with others.
( Character Quality or Virtue: Generosity)2Cor9:7

12.We take care of what we have using it wisely and responsibly.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Stewardship)Luke16:10

13.We are diligent to complete a task promptly and thoroughly when asked.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Diligence)Pro13:4

15.We work with a cooperative spirit , freely giving and receiving help.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Cooperation)Ecc4:9-10

16 We take personal Responsibility to keep our home neat and clean at all times.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Responsibility)Pro12:24

17 We choose to be joyful, even when we feel like complaining.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Joyfulness)Phil4:4-5

18.We choose to be peacemakers, even when we feel like arguing.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Peacemaker)James3:17-18

20.We choose to be gracious, even when we don't feel like it.
(Character Quality or Virtue: Graciousness)Heb13:1-2

21.We do what we know is right ,regardless what others do or say
(Character Quality or Virtue: Integrity)Psalm1:1-2


This is not to denie the things we experience, but to not let them define us. I have taught them that we have choice, to choose the right and it will go well for you. We believe that Character is trained into us (often the hard way),and must be intentionally taught to our children.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Photo Scavengers Hunt (dirty) hands.

My beloved put the new motor in the air conditioner tonight.
We were given it at cost via my sweet nephew.
Kind hands, loving hands.
That touch my face with love.

Bummer Dry Socket! can you say ouch!

It is 1 pm here I just woke up from going back to the dentist after I dropped the kids off, i had to buy some batteries for Dash's hearing aids and than them and the hearing aides (he forgot to put them in) to the school. I could not bear the pain in my jaw.
The sweet lady Margret (our age) found me in the lobby resting my head on the wall I fell almost asleep, she so kindly took me back and we spoke a little. I told her of my morning she asked of the kids special needs. The dentist examined my pulled tooth socket. I had a dry socket.
He said they needed to pack it, then he paused and said you know lets numb you up for the day. SO sweet, then this Margret lovingly touched my hand she stroked it while he did another nerve block (it really hurt bad) but I have been numb since 9am They were so sweet! charged me nothing! I need to go back in on Tuesday to get it packed again if I need too. I came home and slept. I need to eat something and get the anti biotic in me.
I am still numb. I feel like a truck hit me.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday at the dentist I was struck momentarily with humor as I visualized the children as the tooth fairy for me. When I got home I told Beloved and he laughed too. beloved asked me "what I wished the tooth fairy would give me", with his sweet smile , I asked for some beads. He took Dash to hunt for the evening meal and they stopped at the store.
This morning we were lying in bed and I heard Dash enter I pretended to be asleep . He gently placed something under my pillow expecting that it would be from the store, I was SO surprised to find all of Dash's allowance change from the other day. I was so touched by his kind generosity. I told Beloved the bag from the night before was on the sofa that I did not open at because Miss Fiction cried out not too when Dash had handed it to me.
So when beloved went in to fix something to ease my tummy He reminded Dash. Again I fained sleep so cute! He snuck in and pushed it under the pillows I pretended to stir a little and he (living up to his nick name ) Dashed out the door. It really brought a lot of simple joy to me. He later came in with Dad and then I 'awoke' to find some beads from the tooth fairy.
I made the mistake of thanking Miss Fiction... she replied "what present, oh did the tooth fairy bring you something". I said "oh yes wasn't that nice of her". She said"it sure was Mom"

Couragous Bloger Award

I just found this sweet gift over at Living and Loving every minute of it. Thank you Corey
2. A Courageous Blogger award goes to Donetta over at A Life Uncommon and A Life Restored.

Donetta is a very courageous woman. Her bloggings of her journey through life is heart touching. Her fierce love of her family is inspiring. She strives to live the life she so deserves. I admire her very much. I am sure she also has one of these awards, but when I think of courage...I think of Donetta.

I want to pass this on to some wonderful Ladies.

Just a mom
Sometimes life takes great courage to face. My dear friend has three teen girls and one is not going so well. It takes courage to face a child who is more than challenging. She faces health issue that are scary too. This woman fostered over 30 infants adopting the sibling set she in now raising and two biological grown daughters as well. She faces things that we never dream of.

Gumbo Lilly
In a fast pace city life we often forget the courage once shown here in wild America. The Land, sky and all of life once met with courage those who honored it and live among it in harmony. Courageously herding cattle, a few sheep, raising chickens and canning jam. I live vicarious through her beauty.

Spiritually Unequal Marriage
It takes great courage to do what is right, to watch ones ways and live ones life to example love to a spouse who is not as you in faith. Strengthen community and exposing ones own limitations all in effort to have clean hands and a pure heart. Courage, humility and grace.

Laughing through the Tears
This endearing woman is a real courageous soul. She has kindly befriended me keeping me and my family close to her heart. She has a wonderful husband and children who are her arms and legs. While living full of tenacity she struggles with life long arthritis that has caused her to be a real example of faith, courage and hope. Suffering with character is a hard virtue to gain. It is in each moment of choice. She chooses well. Courage is a laurel upon her head.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for alligators, and towels on the floor
For pantry light left on and the open door
The little messes all over the floor.
I am tankful for my daughters kisses and best wishes
For Dash the tooth fairy and loving hands.
For Beloveds kisses all over my head
His instant oatmeal that got me out of my bed
For powerful drugs to ease my pain
and antibiotics to regain heath
I am thankful for all of your prayers
for getting the kids to school and back home safe once more.
Gratitude surrounds me in all that I am .
I am thankful for you kind comments that ring in my ear

Good Morning!

I hope you all have a great day. I'll keep the pain med going. and Rest Rest Rest.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A gift from Amy. Nice Matters Award

Nice Matters Award

Well How sweet is this. Amy at Laughing through the tears Just found out that she gave me this thoughtful award. What a nice big hug Dear Lady. Thank you Amy I hope your feeling fetter after your Ice Cream.
I have some thinking to do. With the extraction today I'll have to pass it on when I'm feeling a bit better.
This is what The Nice Matters Award is given for, “This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

I want to give this to Michelle over at Life in the midst of writing. by the way her book just came out in paper back yesterday. She is so sweet called me up to come help me with morning chore to get the kids to school if I need he in the morning. What a sweet hug.

The Knightly News
This is a place to go when you need to recharged. I have more than once visited here and came away refreshed. I found here a delicate woman she fills her page with life words. text from the living word and life lived peacefully. I like this kindness. to share the word. It is to share life.

As the Garden grows
What a "NICE" place to visit, for those of use gardeners or gardeners at heart life abounds with great photography and a kind hearted hosts. Your garden tour is one of knowledge shared on plants and techniques. Go take a stroll in her garden you'll leave refreshed.

I lost a treasure today...

I'm a little daffy I just got home from the dentist , the pharmacist and the Delly at the grocery store. They had to pull the tooth! My bone has some infection it it too I could just kick myself! because of fear of $$$ , fear of the dentist and his integrity issues and just plain neglect to get a new dentist the rot under the crown got down to the bone! I got the pain meds in me,and I'm working on some smashed tater/gravy so i don't puke it all back up!
Thats what fear and laziness got me! Arg!

Be embraced with a slerr and a drool :)
Beloved is getting the kids home from school. I got the potatoes and gravy in (man I spent $4. on smashed instant potatoes! Yes I am worth every penny heres to hoping the dairy in them does not bite my head too hard. (allergic to milk) I just had to weigh the cost. I needed soft and I just was too wiped out to drive to get a jumba juice. I need to take the anti biotic. I'll sit here a bit and go lay down soon.. Beloved will cover me the rest of the day and tonight.
We tried so hard to save my teeth. I have had over 14 root canals porcelain crowns.
I want someone to look up that passage will you about Every tooth in our head being a treasure. Leave in a comment. please. thanks
Hi guys its 6pm I just got a call from the dentist giving us his cell phone number. He was concerned about me. He was checking on me to see if the pain was being covered by the light duty rx. He told us to call if it cant be controlled tonight with what I have. He said it should get better overnight then by morning. He said it was an oral surgery and that the bone had a lot of trauma inflicted on it.
Wasn't that the sweetest thing that he called.
Beloved brought me home a jumba juice and I had a Miss fiction care for my needs while the "menfolk went out to hunt for dinner.
I have little boy hugs and gentle man )beloved)kindness flowing all over me.
Oh my
The dentist had to use great force to get the stubborn root out. My neck is pretty painful too.
I think that the ac motor is being greased. It just about seized up just now. Our nephew is getting the replacement for us. Hubby is out doing the fix on it to get us through. We had an all time record here 28 days over 110.
I think I'm rambling thanks for your prayers.
Daddy Man did homework with the kids too cute. This is such a wonderful life. I am surrounded by so much loving kindness.
I am embraced
So too you be, always remember how very much you are loved. Everyone of you. God loves more than we can even begin to imagine.

Good Morning!

Daddy Man made a fort for the kids last night.
Yesterday I went to find Miss Fiction to have her start homework, she was out in the yard picking up the dog dung!!!!! Stunned warmed to the heart and amazed was I.
Well,Hubby is off with lunch in tow, kids lunches are made, they are just now finished with their eggs and toast. They are dressed (the rule before the T.V. goes on) off to the living room for JJ the Jet Plane on PBS.
I < I come to sit and eat my spelt bread/soy cream cheese/ and grape jelly to find the jelly is bad yuk! This morning is weird. I have had one challenge after another the little stupid stuff. The dog barked at 6 am to hubby barking back, then the lunch meat was not closed and juices all over the floor and my foot, then the kids were in Dash's room he had had a bad dream(interesting), then the hubs told of real bad news for a brother in the Lord. Then he asks me to remove the lettuces off of his sandwich (no big deal just by this time I was not as humored by the battle) then my toast.
I have a 10 apt. to go to the dentist to check out this molar I think is abscessed. Most likely to get a shot BOOHOO>>>>

Thank God I have Insurance and get to go to the dentist. I ave been holding off on this tooth for some time because I felt un-trusting of my dentist. (I got a referral, this guy, this morning, is new to me). The other dentist I had to walk into a call from God a year or so back and talk to him for God.
Well, God showed me myself doing and saying... I did and I said "Remember now why you first choose to do dentistry, and chose now whether to return to your first reason."
The dentist wept before me. Openly sobbing. We were in a conference.
Thanked me and We both knew where the question came from. He tried to cover a mistake he made on a crown and so...
Everything in me says that he chose differently and that it is time for me to go on.
I rather don't like change when it come to dentist or things that are hard to do . The newness offers another layer of courage to tend too.
So courage it is , over comer I am. Get this tooth cared for I will. YEE HAA!

Well you all have a great Morning. Dash wants me to play a game with him. Gotta go love on these kids of mine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wordless Wedensday

Thumbs Up

Rodney Olsen
This fellow is establishing a wonderful meme
The thumbs up for positive bloggers
Thumbs Up! Want to highlight someone making a positive difference?

Is there a blogger who deserves a pat on the back or simply something that has you feeling thankful this week?

The blogosphere can sometimes be a pretty negative place so I reckon it's great to make a habit of accentuating the positive.

I want to link to a number of bloggers who are writing positive posts each week.

Do you want to be a part of the positive? You can post a thank you to someone, a list of reasons you're thankful this week, or highlight people doing something worthwhile in your community. You don't have to post every week but it'd be wonderful if you're prepared to make the effort to write a positive post most weeks.

If you're willing to jump in and give it a go, just copy the code from the box below and insert it into your blog post to display the Thumbs Up! badge. (Like the one in the top corner of this post.) Don't sweat it if you don't feel technically confident enough to add the badge. I can give you some help if you need it or just simply post without it, however you must link back to this post.

I've also been asked about a smaller badge for sidebars. You can copy the following code for a smaller badge.

Folks I was so encouraged last week when the very day I needed a thumbs up, I got one. Maybe you could do the same for others. I know I am looking forward to doing so.

hey everybody turn on some tunes ! Enjoy your work :)

I have on the theme track from the Movie Gladiator! Powerful stuff to do this paper work by. I am fighting for my kids YA!!!!!!
I'll wield that mighty pen

Tackle It Tuesday Good Morning!

After at noon, accomplished to the movie sound track from "Cacoon"

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Noon hour... Break time. Had myself a (thawed out from freezer) bowl of my own chicken soup see old post here
and here

I want to tell you about a product I use (just cause I like it). "Bar Keepers Friend" I find it is in the cleansers all store don't have it but it works GREAT> I also use it on the tile in the front entry way. (although getting down on my knees to scrub is not an easy task any more)

I like to scrub the sink before I do the hand dishes. That way it is sanitary. A little marred up by the end of the job perhaps but I rather like to live preventative when it comes to health.

Just a note here about preventative homemaking, I keep a (3M product) micro towel on my hip for many uses during kitchen duty. Today I kept hands dry, covered the mixer when I added the dry ingredients and this keeps my apron dryer and my feet less walked on for fetching a hand towel to dry off with. I got these at a Costco. I use the other two I have as extra drain boards for large sink loads to drip dry on.
I like to wear brightly colored clothing when I have chores to do. I have studied color and it is amazingly factual that our brains respond too it. Try it out it is a fun study. I also color drape and in my creative arts I use it to fashion jewelery.

Well, I have had my lunch rested my knee and played on here for a half hour... Back to Work!
I called on Dash's med, and they came in post today!! ya!

NEXT! OH ARG!!!! But I don't want too.....
Image removed
2:00 P.M. Forms filled out! I'll ask the school to copy maybe if I don't have any paper. I listened to the Gladiator sound track. It is so hard to write all that they have been through. I feel like crying I feel so worn out just from the forms. Dear God We have gone through so much. My kids are so amazing such overcomers.
This will be my big job.
I have to do all the paper work for the M.E.T. to get the I.E.P. (see other post)
Lots of little jobs here ARG!

since 6:30
Hubby lunch made packed
Dash and Miss Fiction Lunch paced
Dash eggs cooked and fed, apple sauce for both vitamins too, and pineapple juice
Miss fiction Toast and fruit spread
Dishwasher emptied
woke Miss Fiction with a call from her onterage too cute, they wanted to know what color her clothing would be. PINK of course as she dressed
Dash built his prize toy (first thing!).
Helped Dash with homework
showered wash my hair with my new cream rinse! dressed
at 8a.m.,Drove the kids to school
fill out forms (done! My hand hurts and my copier is out of paper Arg!)
make and and breakfast cookies see old post here
kitchen chores

took the forms to the school
had the nurse sign off and copy forms, kept copies for my records,
met with the phyc at the school gave her forms and had a nice talk (took her cookies),
meet with each teacher, Heads up teacher,Nurse and phyc to Miss Fiction detoxing off Prozac starting Friday.
get kids at 2:30 got home 3:45 after doing all the stuff at the school
6:30 Dish washer humming Made a London Broil, Broiled sweet potato wedges and ? (I love my clean oven from last week)

To Tackle Yet Today:
find all documents
(Oh! that was so cool! 4:15 p.m., St Joe"s just called and I was able to ask for the audiology report also. We forgot that player yesterday when I signed all of the releases!)
call City of M. Student Services Center audiology department for Dash testing ARG!
Gotta do it as redundant and annoying as it is! tomorrow
do dining table; cards, budget send packages (no photo for safety and privacy)
Get clean Laundry folded and put away
My feet (pedicure)and hands (manicure) if I can tonight I'll give myself a little tinder loving care in my bathroom. I'll light a candle and enjoy!
I have a special order for some lanyards. Ya! another provision from yesterday!
Do layouts and bead search gather components. This after kids go to bed?

I got a referral from "just a mom" for a new dentist
I have an abbess I think in a molar ARG! My jar hurts I think that it is making me a little fatigued. I have a migraine in the shadows, so I'll go take a big guns and get to work.
Please visit her she sure could use ya alls support. Thanks

The dining room table
this is from last week...Man I got to get this finished!

Gotta fold and put all this away...

This is a master builder. 6:30 A.M. by himself!! As I cooked his eggs. The book on rocks Dad grabbed because first thing Dash wanted to know what type of stone a rock was. You know I lifted the book opened the book right to the page! God does redeem our time folks.
Have a great day I gotta get to work!
Thanks for all the great comments they give me wing!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sheltering trees

Oh my some days are just so amazing!
As I sit and type I am listening to a lovely heart card from Denise she wrote...Thanks for being a sheltering tree for me, I love you my friend.
A lovely keyboard simply played in melody.
Today at my daughters school :when I went to retrieve them for the long ride to the city after a set of circumstances. I sat In the classroom. The teacher had called a child from the room next door , he had just teased my girl calling her "beaver". He sat , in front of the class sideways facing this loving woman who then, kindly asked the class for a show of hands as to who had ever been teased. Most lifted high and solemnly too. She then asked for a voiced of what had been said and how it had made them feel. Well after several had chance to say... She then asked ME. I told them of how I was called "dognetta" and to this day at 46 yrs old I still have to remember when I walk by a mirror that I am beautiful. The teacher spoke of how hurtful and lasting the teasing can be. I spoke up with voice and said this to the many children all with eyes riveted onto me.
I told them that they were all very powerful. I asked if they knew the greatest power they had? After some pregnant pause I held my toung in finger tips. I explained the toung can give Life or Death. It can kill or like water give life. It is like a well watered tree; we can cause growth in each other. Then we all can become a great forest. The birds approach us and are safe to rest on our limbs. We are safe for one another.
The children in her class have all just had their plants (science project)germinate this morning.

then we left...
I took the kids to the city and the psychiatrist's heard and was moved deeply. Smiled so lovingly with tear in her eye. She told the children of how blessed they were to have me for a mother. I deferred the honor back to them that It was i who am blessed. Miss fiction and Dash Hawk were given a toy. Miss fiction called me to come to assist and stand by I went she then gave her toy to a little girl "she looked like she was having a hard day momma" The elder with the child teared us and was deeply moved at Miss Fictions heart of generosity.

I stopped by the grand Parents (hubby's folks) had a visit.. As I left she said to me Oh did I give you that cream
rinse? I laughed out loud Folks I have been out of cream rinse for three days making due. I rinsed out the bottle two times and then used up what I could of some leave in so I could get out of the house today.. I asked God just last night for some cream rinse. Not having a chance to care for my own needs HE SAW TO IT!

After we returned home Hubby pulled in while we were down at the corner mail boxes. We all met for a brief few moments then the men arrived for the mens group. I took the kids to the Wal-mart and we had a three hour math/ethics/social lesson where they spent the time fitting their budget around a purchase. Miss Fiction got a pink play phone (too cute she asked dag to remove the batteries so she could talk with her pretend friends). We pulled in as the men folk on the curb were saying good night. They had rooms to clean before packages were to be opened. So she dashed to task. While "Dash" fed his face the corn dog and chicken nuggets, Miss Fiction joined him. Tummies full of a late supper of sorts. Dad read story as he does nightly. I sit here amazed listening to this lovely melody. And think on how for every discouragement the enemy places before me I have ten thousand triumps that dim out the waist of his efforts.


Please Pray for Amy

"Laughing through the tears" is having hip replacement surgery.
Please pray for her children and family.
Stop over and give her a big comment hug. It would be a personal favor to me.
Life is a battle she holds a sword well, it is an honor to know her.

The Public School Speical Needs intervention process

Step One
M.E.T. Multi Departmental Evaluation

4.emotional ?
5.cognitive ?
she could not remember the last two,it was guessed.

They have 60 days to perform it from the day I apply. 8-23-07

They will meet and look at all 5 parts , test a part 1-5 if more information is needed.
This is where all of our private stuff came in out dated.
I took that as a big discouragement., but I'll look at it in a different light and chose not to be discouraged.

They then have 30 days to gain any of the information lacking on the 1-5 above . This means that they would begin to test. Look at history, all the forms I have to fill out, old records, and the players of the multi departmental that includes parent, teachers, school psychologist, ?private, psychologist, psychiatric, MD, Occupational therapist, Physical therapist, and speech therapist.??? I was promised a letter or report from highlighted by italics have yet to receive, now I have to follow up and call each player ARG >:{

If then it is determined that a I.E.P. Individual Education Plan needed it is then that the team steps in together with me to see what need are to be addressed and how best to address them.

If the M.E.T. determines that the I.E.P. is not needed but that the child may need a little specialized access or curriculum, then a Section 504 plan can be established.

For the state of Arizona we have this help....

For Mesa East valley we have

Barbra Ross

E.S.S. = Exceptional Student Services

P.I.N.S. = Parent Information network, these are contracted folks who have a qualifying or have had , child who have walked the system and are paid to help us through navigating it

P.A.L. = Parents are Lesion to Schools, these are parent volunteers who help the PINS

So I need to fill out all the paper work for the MET and get all the other reports from this summer, for they have all of the history and tests that were given the kids (for the most part) and they were all too old.
I took that as a rejection of the IEP not understanding the process.
I am so glad that I had this woman who is boss to the local school psychologist called me back. I had left a message last Friday for her. Since then I had spoken to the school psychologist and felt discouraged and overwhelmed. This woman explained it so clearly and translucently that I understand. I will go through the process because it will show many
(5) areas and I will have been thorough in examining the full scope, it will either give each kid the interventions they may need or put it too rest weather they have need of anything particular, or any need for assistance at all. Of course the IEP will have to be agreed upon or at that time I can appeal.

We do perish for a lack of understanding and knowledge. I will, as I now understand, walk in knowledge. I will assess, inquire and gain all we need to help our kids to the best of my ability.

Boy do I have a lot of forms to fill out and a lot of data to gather from so many folks. YEE HAW!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Name Plate meme

The rules are:Write 8 of your blog friends' names in a unique way and post them. You must write the blogger's name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative.

1. Care oh! lynn
2. Jaye DE ya! wanna dance....
3.Christine= pristeen (as in pure beauty)
4.Amy = A meen'
5.Denise = on de'knees
6.Trisha= Ta' wish a (as in to wish upon a star)

Family Sunday

My Nephew and his Son came for the day. This young man was a child of 6 in our home so many years ago playing and enjoying His Uncle's lessons and Love. I watched him grow up from a distance. Now he speaks of the memories of those days. The men spoke of car work the things we were doing when he was just a child. He is doing those things now.

I fixed an impromptu shrimp and pasta salad

One box pasta set to boil in sea salted water and olive oil-drained
2 c thawed (in a water bath) salad shrimp
green and red bell peppers chopped fine
green onion dice fine
celery hearts chopped
purple onion diced very fine
broccoli florets finely slivered off the tops
1/2 cup ? Mayo
2 tablespoons curry mixed into mayo
mix all then add
frozen peas (not thawed) used to cool pasta in a hurry :)
Served on a bed of romain lettus.

Look at all the children... oops! how did that happen? One has turned into a man.
A fine young man. My house has always had so many children. What if I could remember them all? What if one day we all sat around my table once again. Perhaps one day we will all sit around in Glory... may it be.

I hung my fine things out to dry tonight. The summer heat, mild, as the coolness of the garments encompassed me. Gauze and cottons woven into a soft perfection.
I wonder if any one else ever hangs out their fine things any more? I find doing this a gift to my own heart, a way to lovingly care for those things that make me feel pretty.
Tomorrow it is off with Dash and Miss Fiction (Little Dove has grown up) to the City for a visit with the psychologist. They get to view a video about teasing. I'll have to take them out mid day.
I am considering letting go of Miss Fiction's (Dove) I.E.P. and to just see if being a regular kid without intervention for a while just might not do her the best over all good. This takes a lot of courage. I learned more about the Teachers philosophy or at least what she was referring to. It could easily sound like a "name it and claim it thing" but I think there may be a little wisdom in showing confidence in her teacher,at this time. If Miss Fiction can really do well without the special needs umbrella it could go a long way toward her self image. My instincts are telling me to give it a try. Fear of "doing it wrong" hovers. I have to trust that if I am in error God will step in and show me so. He has in the past and He has not changed. :)

Star Wars Vidio

At great peril Dash Hawk interviews in the battle of ....
"Star Wars"
***click on image***

Blogging Ethics

I had a new one today and was unsure haw to handle it.
A commenter being very supportive and kind sent congratulations to us for our video posts. He has a well assembled blog on funny videos.
If you are there thank you.
Our context is very different for I keep a PG blog.
It is a kindness offered to post a referral, but it is also a responsibility I have. When ever I give a referral to a link. I must ask myself...Now is this something I would want my name on.
Our identity is our most precious possession. As well assembled and as best fitting to another audience as their blog was, it was not something I would enjoy.
On U Tube there are filters, and their are apparently sites who can disable these filters.
Well I am a woman of filter. I like to guard the images before my eyes and mind with great care. Somethings of humor are not so to me. I have had a serious journey. Some things are to my sensibilities in poor taste.
So forgive me "M." if I do not post a link to your sight it is just not for my taste or for my community of audience(at least not through my recommendation) .
I do wish you well and thank you for your acknowledgments. I deleted your comment and thought twice that perhaps I would offer a greater kindness in explanation.

Golden Retriever de matting.

Rena the Golden retriever, was in bad shape after her bath she had several mats on her tender under belly. I like to learn what the pros do so I don't have to pay them to do it.I found the tool that they use, the de-shedding tool cost a an arm and a leg $50.! It is a VERY well made professional tool. I think I could of gotten a better deal else where.
The Bamboo brand tool was great! It sawed through the matted hair then flipped over for the de shedding rake this really worked great for me. It was very fast work and We have one very happy dog.
I had to be an alpha for the constancy sake I held in there and she at last submitted and now she is all loving and acts like a pup again. I did not want to have to shave her. Dogs with an under coat need specialized tools for grooming. I thought I had all the tools I needed. Rena has an undercoat it sheds seasonally. These tools are the best I have found for the purpose of the undercoat.
The dogs slept out in the main house. I put the bedding(I made them big fleece pads last season) out in the living room for them. WE SLEPT! Rena clicked and clacked a bit this morning at our door. Beloved used ear plugs.
If you have dogs know that laminate flooring really is noisy!
Nobody is paying me to say it by the way . I thought if any one else out there was suffering the problem I'd save ya the hassles.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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