Friday, May 20, 2011

Make your heart stop! sorta week

5/9 In the morning I had the privilege of working in Dash's class at the elementary for the first time all year. It was wonderful to hear the children calling my name and vising for the space to hug me. Really built up my heart.A painting demonstration in acrylics. My dear Rena, painted in an evening sky with stars. Wonderful deep issues of heart with children who opened up to be heard. Really awesome. While leaving a child approached me to carry my gear. It was perfect timing. I barley had the strength to do the rest of the afternoon.

5/10 loads of laundry and lots of cooking with prep time

5/11 Unexpected skate party for the school 6-8 p.m. Steve worked late so I took the kids. Had two/three extra that parents just dropped off... I could never imagine doing it. Talked to the mom who volunteered to keep an eye on our dog. Asked her about hearing that her daughter might have given Dove a boys email. Asked her if she knew of the boy. She was at a loss. She knew of NO kid who her daughter might of know. 
We went home Steve was there and he and I got right into the email. Read that for two days correspondence was going on. Thank God that Dove and I can talk. She showed me a picture of a boy in the morning. It sent up concern.
5/12 Pedophile scare to be explained needless to say it took a few years off my life.
We keep an eye on every email that comes into the kids and that goes out from them. Within two days of correspondence this all took place. We caught it the evening of the second day.

when I read an email 
"how dare you accuse me of doing that" sent from the friend. Outraged that I asked her mom/accused her of giving Dove the e-mail...(that was what Dove had told us) We panicked!

This is very involved.
To simplify all I can is to say this. 
A friend of Doves created a fake e-mail tricked her into responding to a pretend boy. She sent him her image! ( now daddy man hears me and disabled her Iphone from internet). This is the stuff kids kill themselves over. 

Dear Lord she even sent an image of herself! Yes we have trained her never to do so. That does not stop a kid from thinking that they know more than the parent.

Any way the last message was that "he saw her across the playground and was going to meet her the next day at 12:13 behind the cafeteria". We discovered it the night before. Read all the two days emails say that she had sent image. I was so ....angry to candy coat it!

Called the police (not knowing any of the above) several officers, investigators and child protection people got on board within minutes. All at 10:30 a.m. to catch this guy at noon. Steve researched it and the e-mail (server) was out of Arkansas. The last email from a cell phone! Panic!
The cops thought he even had discovered where we live.
They did a stake out on the school, when he did not show they came back here. We had Dove under the eye of all of the teachers and administrates at the elementary. With careful consideration and advice from the officers, I trusted that it was best not to bring her home. THAT WAS HARD!
All night I kept vigil, next morning the kids mother calls to say the kid came clean and told her what she had done. The posy was called off. The kid said she did it to teach Dove a lesson.

5/18 2:30 meeting...The school counselor is going to advise the counselor over at the Jr high of it. They need to do a real thing on cyber bulling. For that was really what it was.  She told me something I had not thought of. If the 'boy' that did not come was awaited on by Dove and then Dove humiliated by the whole school...this is what kids are killing themselves over. No Itouch internet! To easy for the immature to send images of them self. Thank GOD that the lesson was this simple. Dear God may this simple child of mine learn and understand how serious this was. We are not real sure she does. Scarey!
I was LIVID! I hate her being on line. Always have. This kid who did all this is more savvy than most adults and can manipulate the internet to her advantage. The smart ones learn it fast. Too much power for any kid.
The early teen years folks don't let them on line the developmental stage is just to tender to the matter of who likes who.
This woman has helped us so much with Dove over the last few years. She made sure Dove was set up for next year at the JR High.

5/13 Dealing with parents and police
Concerned for this family that they may be charged for all these man hours.

5/14 Steve changed all the hoses on the car. We went to a party in the evening, thus after having 6 kids in the house all morning. Two of them had slept over 

5/15 rested need I say more :)

5/16 Dash had his Arizona History play at 6 pm

5/17 My Dog had to go to the vet. He is alright.

5/18 With only one week left of school hear and Dash being unable to have 'mom' in his class all year I pulled up all I had to gift him with my presence. We had the Arizona presentation at a care facility for the elderly and in firmed. This after an a late bus in class with the kids for 45 minutes, an hour in the park playing then giving the lunch at 10:30 a.m.! A mix up in plans. Two teachers, 63-65 kids on ONE bus!, and me. It was horrid! Never have I witnessed kids being rabid animals! Truly I wish Dash would of been removed. I just did not understand how really bad it was. Our elementary absorbed another school and doubled this year.
I fell asleep at 3:15 and slept until 8:p.m. worn out. I even had to break up a physical altercation on the bus! In all my years working with kids...the teacher are just passively exhausted. Dash had become part of the problem. Needless to say he gave his teacher a written apology for his 'baby talk' in class. Humor gone a muck. Kids have to try to cope. The new kids had a choice in their minds bully or victim. Mercy! rough kids.

 At the care home.
The kids all had to be rest roomed so I had to entertain for 15 minutes. I had each elder share a special word of wisdom with the kids. It was AWESOME!

Discovered that the kids were being given snow cones (for the third day in a row!) Gee I wonder why they have been so crazy lately! Can you say dye!
45 minutes after we returned from the field trip I had the 504 meeting with the school counselor.
See above
Dove is doing GREAT! in school. With the exception of the above innocence and lack of recognition to danger...BIG EXCEPTION! 

For the last few weeks 
In the midst of all of the activity of late I have been studying Fung shui and interior design. Very interesting observance of nature. Really is not even a religion at all. So many things are so misunderstood in the fear of ignorance. So the house is getting very well organized and the process is really giving some wonderful results in the atmosphere of this home. Those terms Asian to me are now understood words not understood can sound so cultist or evil. We can all learn so much through sociology. Understanding WHY people do what they do has always fascinated me.

 Cool image of Dash handing out the programs for the play.
Made me wonder if that man will be passing soon :)
S/W in Living Room (earth)
S in Dining (fire)
East (Large Wood)

Studio S/ E (small wood)

Center (earth) / South (fire)
to the left
N/W (Large metal)
Entry NW/N
Water to the Left
Metal to the right

 The girl spoken of earlier...Her parents have inherited the largest awning company in the valley. He gifted us with these awnings last week for a third of the cost. He installed them for free. We are so thrilled with them. Any one who has supped at my dining room table in winter can attest to that. The sun no longer is blinding. The house should stay much cooler

 Speaking of cooler I was able to bring our cooling cost down $25 a month on the average monthly plan. That is every month. Hanging laundry on the line. Only using the elec during low peak hours.

 A moment of calm peace...

Well May Bell wanted it to stay that way
May Bell the great defender

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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