Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle bells Bat Man smells Robin laid an egg....

Oh how nice it is to respond to this year from a different angle.
Walgreen's has toys buy one get one free!
So for the first time I will be giving my Great Nieces and Nephews a small gift. It worked out to be $3.50 a toy.
I have never been able to do it before so I feel very glad and peaceful to think that I can actually gift them.
I wish I could also afford to send up to Washington to my Sisters Daughter and her grown boys but at least I had been able to do that once or twice years back. I have 22 nieces and nephews and well over 25 Greats I think it is. I am not sure about one brothers kids if or how many, I have no contact with them.

Oh so many many children have crossed this heart and these related are just a drop in a huge heart for kids.

"The Bat Mobil lost it's wheel and went rolling down the hill"

Well another young life is rolling down the hill this Christmas. Sad thing too. Doves best friend is in a bad way...
As a seer I tried to tell the child's mother that things were not what they seamed and to use care. She had longed for her husband to get let out of prison. It began that she was awaiting two payments to set a foundation for child support and then she was filing for divorce however she fell over heals for an ideal that she had longed for all those many years she held onto as a loyal wife. Only hoping someday for a normal life.
He convince her of many things...I saw danger and warned her. I saw the very thing...Last night I got a call for the girls were to get together. She was distraught on the phone . I do not watch the TV much at all. So she filled me in. Her husbands nephew had been arrested a few days ago. Then yesterday her husband. He did not dwell with her because of their daughter he was not allowed too while on probation. So it appears the two men were burglarizing homes and violently kidnapping and roughing up the folks that lived in the homes. My sweet friend was stunned because she so loves her husband that the ability to understand he was not the person she thought threw her whole world. These homes were in the very high end area of a local town.

After helping her to breath on the phone I shared with my little family. My family had heard me set strong boundaries with interactions knowing that I had a strong sense of warning.

What do you do? I told her, I warned her. I even spoke clearly that this very thing was happening that he was enticing her into a lala dream of happily ever after. She sweet thing would defend her husband with every thing she was so after speaking clearly I said no more. Now this at Christmas . A child in a real hard way. This is the very child that God had asked me two years ago if I would hold this one close in my heart. I have. Now as to what else I saw that day...well that is Gods business. This child may eventually need a safe place my heart will be open to her. Keeping guard over my little clutch all the while.

folly it was all folly...

So that Bat Mobile lost its wheel and those lives are now rolling down the hill..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Honest Scrap

the honest scrap award
Michelle over at  Beautiful Chaos gifted me with an award.

This is one with a request of listing 10 things about myself. Points of honesty about myself.
the rules say i have to tell ten honest things about myself and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

Well thank you for thinking of me Michelle
be sure to go over and give her a visit.

Ten things?
1. I pour myself into whatever I am doing at the exclusion often of other things. Like this summer making the garden extension left the inside of the house in want. But then I will pour myself into the house for a few weeks.  It is hard for me to just balance. I will get in the mood to cook and I cook up a storm. The Strange thing is a dichotomy because at any given moment I have such a variety of projects going at the same time. By pouring myself so deeply into a project I will often exhaust myself. Like a hamster on a wheel then the bearing seizes up. That is when projects switch. I'll go from physical to intellectual pursuits.

2. My creative ideas can become very overwhelming so I have to use care to choose what ideas to pursue. I just love to do so many different things.

3. I am afraid to take the time to do the rest of the work on my novel for if I do I may become enveloped.  One of the reasons I do not write is that I really hate being interrupted in thought when I write fiction. Writing fiction takes me into a muse of sorts where time is lost and the world in my  mind becomes like a movie picture. I close my eyes and type. Did that one year for namo pro blamo and had a novel in 31 days. It is just like letting my imagination take me into lives that let my inner most thoughts and deepest most human lessons become laid out for all to see. When I become so intensely enveloped I can be very irritable when interrupted. I do not think that fair to the children or to myself to set up explosive scenarios.

4. I would of loved to be an inventor or an architect. I love to solve creative problems. Making the tools and environment work for me where it might be something that normally works against me. I want things to function well. I really love high quality tools for any of the skills that I practice. I will wait to afford the best tool. Or afford the best tools for a job that I can.

5. Love is not a feeling it is an act of your will
This is the real base for our long marriage.
There are days or moments when choice is forced to be made. Often this occurs with misunderstandings or with disagreements. Often it can be solved by hearing each other out without being defensive. Often it has been my own selfish or tender soul. Assuming that the intent was different than it was. Male / female thinking also plays a big part in helping me see more clearly.

6. I do not take as good of preventative care of my self as I ought too. Mainly my body. However I did learn today at my women's well visit that I have lost 15 pounds since last year. I was startled.

7. I really really can not stand tags in my clothing. They always get cut out. The threads will also get picked out. It is just on of those things.

8. I have heard it said that the number of taste buds on a tong will often have great bearing on how much a person will enjoy flavors. If you  have many many your likely to be very sensitive to flavor. 
I must have few for I LOVE STRONG FLAVORS! It is like I can not get enough. Herbs are a huge part of my cooking and baking for bland will never do with me. I love to have a bite of fresh thyme for example in my salad to me it is just the way life was suppose to be. Full of spice.

9. I love cotton. I would rather iron or have a few wrinkles in my clothing than to be encased in fake fabrics. Silk is abundant life and beads are the eye candy.

10. I am a very deep thinker. Often times I am a seer. That is my spiritual gift. Things I see spiritually often are not spoken. I will see things often before they happen. I will pray and think a lot about why I am shown something. I love to see people the way my spirit sees them. They are to me the name of the vision I see over them. I will often know people much more intimately by what I see over them than by what my eyes might see before me. I really like that, but it is a strange sort of way to live around folks. I think it would of been more normal for me to have lived as a native American many years ago. My brother said that my grandmother was a Cherokee medicine woman. I have often wondered if this is a part of my gift. It makes me a peculiar person I think especially in the Christian setting. Many religious folks tried to convince me that it was evil or that it was demonic to see. I now understand this is a gift from God and it is holy. As with any talent one must gain skill in the practice of it to become an artisan. It has been hard to do so as a born again Christian. Only through my Friendship with God have I come to terms with his sweet sweet provision for me. I understand that this is how HE made me and that is not evil.
To call something Holy evil is a shame and really grieves the Holy Spirit.
We do not have to know Gods mind just His heart for us and the world.
There are so many peoples with so many cultures and so many many ways of worship.
There is only one God in three Father Son Holy Spirit.
Many people in varied cultures worship the true God.

I am never going to finish this if I do not just post. I began this last night.
The day has been so full.

So I tag these dear hearts in hopes they might have a chance to open their hearts to us.



If any of you might have the oppertunity to do so as well feel free to join in.

Good morning

on the fly busy busy busy
just wanted to give you all a big hug.

if a fat guy grabs you and puts you in a bag don't panic I told Santa I wanted my good friends for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prepairing for High Tea

 For many years a core group of women have met.
We have a special bond with one another.

This year my home will be hosting our tea.
We have met in tea houses but this year...a home.

He has set a table before this case with my friends.
I like to set the formal table and see to it that it will present the way I like.
The tea is not until next Sunday.
I want to have it just right.

Each friend will bring their part of the tea.
High Tea is normally held at 2 p.m.
We have finalized a schedule that will work for everyone.
These days with all of our busy family lives this is a  real accomplishment.

This is not the final table.
Thought it would be fun to let you have a peak.

Tackle it Tuesday

Approaching Christmas with a Hush not a rush

This Morning was spent writing out the last of the 50+ Christmas cards. This is something that I love to do. It is a part of stopping the world and saying hello to folks. It is a chance to thank those professionals that have added blessings to our year.
Many calls made for appointments and such with amazing results. I was able to get into a specialist on 12-28! unheard of! God is good.
With all the calls and cards complete I was off to an impromptu concert at the school. I found out about this at the last minute of course. It is so good to be real and not try to catch the ideal of the so called perfect holiday time. In doing so I was slow and able to relax my way into a wonderful band concert.
Stopping by Dash's class room to check on him the teacher told me that the district is forcing 3rd graders to do multiplication this year for tne new standards will be pushing the kids harder. That is a full years advancement. Needless to explain that Dash came home in a panic at his homework.
His teacher asked if I could stay after to lend a hand making ornaments. So after the concert with the card finished and sitting out in the car to be mailed I was hushed to give my afternoon to the children. We used painted puzzle pieces to make little Christmas ornament with the photo in center like a little wreath. It was nice to be around all those smiling little children. The day had a hard start of a migraine to it. Being with the children really warmed my heart back into a bit of excitement over the holiday.

I have an extra child in tow and so they are all playing now.

The house is actually hushed for the play is quiet.
There will be no rush today.
This is the time to hush my soul into the lush abundant life of loving and being loved.

 Dash's class we made the gifts for the parents of these kids today.
 Dove plays the french horn.
 This is the 5th grade class after the performance.
The sixth graders were up next.
These kids sounded so much better:)
 The french horn girls.
Playing the french horn comes with a heavy case to bear.
 Presents are almost all wrapped and the cards are finished.
A few more things for neighbors and I am done.

Just gotta clean a messy kitchen and hang clean clothes.
Play for a while then they all do a bit of homework.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adoption Day number 7 for Dash

 After Dinner we all gathered to give Dash his gift from Russia.
When we adopted him I tried my best to gather as many gifts for his 18 years as I could.
It was made more difficult to do so for Dash due to our location.
We were only 500 miles or so above the Northern Afghanistan boarder three weeks after the special forces went in. We accually met one of those men at our 25th wedding retreat up in the mountains some years later.
It is a small world really.
Dash got to come home to us just the December after the 9-11-2002 attacks on the U.S.
We were unable to get him home until he was 10 months old.
It was four months of not knowing if we would ever get him out.
We had a wonderful Christmas child that year.


Look at the grin he lost a tooth today

 He was so happy with his child doll in Russian attire.
 If any one can translate?
The cake was a snaggle because I made Chocolate frosting with making the teddy bear in mind, because of size I grabbed his second choice the Santa. I had the frosting made.
So Santa was just covered in chocolate frosting and sprinkles.
I felt bad about it but Dash did not mind, at least he said he didn't

After Company of the day left we all wnet to Panda express for chinese food.
Asia was the thiem

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• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

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Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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