Friday, January 22, 2010

Aloha Friday

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Rain? Love it or leave it

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

LIfe gives so many lessons

Ya know Humility is an amazing thing. As angry and seemingly justified as I felt I have been shown a higher value.
To give the example of fearlessness in a foreign world matters more than to teach the fear of exploring it. Anything left unexplored just might be those things left ignorant and vulnerable to exploitation. Teaching fear exploits the very core of KNOWING WHY we believe what we believe. Slippery slippery slope. Fine line between instilling fear and calling it a moral ground, or extinguishing that very fear with the truth of who we are in Christ.
WE have nothing to fear except that very fear our enemy would just love to cripple us up with. I can still take a moral stand for what I believe in but just need to do it through the proper channels. I also need to check my moral code too. Is it become based in fear of upsetting God or in Love and reverence toward him. Fear of Gods retribution or removal of cover if I err is a lousy lie that is hindering my parenting and my kids from a powerful childhood. One where they can stand in the strength of who is within them and who they are in him.

Lord Lord to articulate this one...

The children matured me this morning by showing me the desperation of a life of fear. Namely mine.
Who do I trust more God to protect them or the enemy to do them harm?
Once I was like that, fearless.
I told them of a life story where I stood up to injustice.
Now I stand up to evil by instilling fear in my young ones?
I must rather teach by the example of fearlessness. Express my convictions do my best to explain them. My kids showed such great character today.
Dove was heard saying "I can't wait till I am 18 and get out of here"...
My reaction as apposed to action caused her to long for freedom. My example ought be one that instills the truth of her freedom in Christ to "become" Godly by her free choice.

Rather it is for me to draw her to the honey comb. Steve had an Uncle who drove his kids from it. Lives full of bitterness and blame against God. It was the mans RELIGION that pushed his kids away from God and to resent God. It was a false representation of God. One of fear.
It will be my relationship with God rather that will draw them to HIM. Oh I have not lost that childhood tenacity to fight for what is right. Just got to study the right way and reasons for doing so.

I love a good fight
am I fighting to make a change
or to punish?

Part of me would just love to punish those who put that garbage out there to hinder youth. Know I was hindered by it.  I will fight to make a change. Teach them to fight for what is right. This motive to punish blinded me to the fact that I was making an assumption about what Dove believed.

I was Wr...wrr...wrong!

I search for a solve so desperately that I assigned fault to this where perhaps the target  is to empower her into who she is in Christ.

Tricky snake to slither in and divide to conquer using his very own fodder against me. Leaving it looking as if I am so valid to take a stand against a foe, rather that to stand up for empowering her in Christ. Too many weak Christian kids.

My kids walked to the corner buss stop feeling fearless and free to stand today for the first time.
Had no idea that living room battle would turn out grabbing a snake by the tail that wanted me to hold on to it. I toss it out to crush it underfoot, dirty little bugger.

Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Thankful Thursday

 I am so angry that I have a good healthy spit fire going on!

Enough to make my blood boil.
In the midst of this you will come to understand why.
Forgivness had and taken its shape for my husband as you might recall against my agreement exposed our Dove to this horrid movie. That was some time ago and I had enough not even half way threw and set my foot down so hard as to make a very strong impact. Explaining the concept of ramifications for ignerant choices. Well those ramifications are come home full now.

It came to my attention today that the reason a child wanted to exchange emails with my girl was to discuss the game they are all playing at school. You see several children have become convinced that they are either vampires or werewolves.
Can you see me spittin' fire!!!!!
Now I had to focus on the fact that my husband received my forgiveness and yes to forgive is a constant act of my will.
I kissed him and told him so in his sleepy ear last words spoken.

Now My kid sleeps on our floor on a palate.
Well let me reiterate she sleeps me I do not get too.
She also is snoring to rattle the roof.
This a problem that the culprit (daddy man) can get around with ear plugs.
Me, ill yet, forced to sit out here because her bed is in a room with fresh paint (latex paint that is).
I did not last but a few minutes in before a head ache set in.
Can you feel the blood boil?
Daddy man finds a solace that at least she was exposed here and we know what she saw....a watched pot never boils...they say.

So as I retired this evening while he was yet in the shower I delighted in the realization that it is this that keeps my special needs girl asleep in my bedroom, night after what must be for her agony.
It has also flashed in my mind that she believes theat she sleep walks.
She never has to my awareness but when letting a child sleep over she convinced or was convened by a kid that she did.

Dove thinks she is a sleep walking vampire!!!!!!!!!
spit sizzle spit!
Somebody get a hot pad cuz this pot is about to spill over.
Good thing too.
So this kettle is slowing boiling over and then I arise to find myself in the middle of my living room taking back ground my once gulible husband gave away.
Telling that enemy of all that is righteous and good just what he can do with it and where he can take it. That got me going on Dash's behalf and Steve's too and me and my critters.
My lands and the neighborhood.

Thankfully I can raise a good spit fire when the occasion arises to boil over on this cause.
I know the chef and he can kindle a good blaze under me tell you about "the what for".

Chest a pounding.
Getting tenderized.
Some of the best stews gotta boil some time to get things tender.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor Wendsday

By 1 p.m. the egg shells ground and the sweet potato trimmed and set to root I decided to step out doors to get some air. It has been almost a week and Wow can a garden change in a weeks time.
The sky is so beautiful, we have had a week of rain with more storms foretasted tonight and tomorrow.
Among the land of the living.

 Last nights rain storm filled the water tank to the top.
Using a bucket I used care and watered the sad tomato plants.
Then sitting on the raised beds wall trimmed the chard and shared it with the dogs and the hens.
The hens had a real pay day. Sweet birds have been on "moms sick" rations.
Feed and water that's it, mom gets missed.
 Swiss chard to dogs...yep.
They flip over it.
Have you ever witnessed such a thing
 Man it might as well have been a steak.
It coming from my hand helps.
Then my golden sat at the gate and barked for more and more.
This is the harvest.
The zucchini was a surprise. It was wedged so tightly between the plant and the trellis that it was pushing back into the plant
I grew a bell pepper first time.

Weakness prevailed and so I came in.
Oh, so nice to be up though

Alive again

Up from the grave HE arose! With a mighty triumph over his foes, He arose a victor ov'r the dark domain. He arose a ruler ov'r the saints to rain.

Wow! Once my dear husband made it on his way with a lunch in hand the children were gone from the stop...walking home felt so so fresh. Shaky yes so very shaky. I went back to sleep and did not awake until 11:11! RESTED!

Speaking of rain! Our water tank is FULL!  We have been having rain all week. Wonderful nurturing  rain. The earth is pleased. As am I. The drive to the doctors was so beautiful as the clouds topped the heavens.

Sipping on ginger digestive tea I was just able to eat a plate of jasmine rice cooked in chicken broth with some kale in it as well. Oh man to eat! This is the first time I had not been forced to take a nausea medication to sip water let alone a bite of yogurt.

Deuteronomy 8:3 And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.

You know being real sick is sorta like that...nothing else will do. No food, no water just the humility of going to the "boss" that's it.
That I suppose is the best thing about getting through such sickness. The gain of such great a humility. :)
I mean who else can cause you to not care who sees what or hears what. 

The kind hand that helps to hold your hair back. 

My sisters hand was used in that case this weekend. What a kind hand. It is in the loss of my dear friend my elder sister this month that makes the sisterhood with my sister here more a prize. She has lost too much in the last year. Loss changes you into the moment at hand. Nothing else matters. Sorta like the humility of illness. Sometimes there is nothing else that can be done than to just grab the ring and hold on, catch your breadth when you can.Accept all and any offers with humility. Times where your not even able to make an attempt at being apologetic for any inconvenience. My Sweet sister came to our aide. She took the children from the hospital parking lot. I told Steve NO NOT LET THEM GO IN THE HOSPITAL! 
He locked them in the car for one minute to check on me and I said not to leave them. 
She took the kids to a dinner and then home. Where upon my arrival she had done floors laundered the bed clothes with Dove and tidied up oh so many things. She stayed and helped well into the evening in case I might need to return to the hospital again. It was a pretty rough few days. The dehydration was dangerous with the rebound effect.

My sweet sweet children...
Wide eyed babies were spared the first round of violent heaving but alas the day home from the ER the kids saw rebound and oh man I could not even open my eyes. So scary for children. Those two were so brave. So helpful and so very kind. This morning I was able to be back for them somewhat. Not full steam but there. I hope to rest enough to be real present after they return from school.

Oh a good husband who could find. For His worth is far about diamonds and rubies. The heart of his wife trust in and relies in him...

Oh that is how it could go anyway if you were speaking of my husband. He has been through the wringer this week. Still working still parenting and up many hours tending after me. Checking on me. Doing part time work on the side. He has his birthday soon and he saw a coat on a discount sight he previews daily. Now this a man who never really wants for himself...saw a coat, a air force leather bomber jacket that is authentic brown leather with the American flag in the inside coat brand new free shipping too...$79! Happy Birthday baby. 

Men's Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Continuing on the mend

Hi Folks
I went into the MD for a follow up. She gave me another injection of antibiotics. I am finally getting able this afternoon to hold water and food down. This viral turned into a sinus infection. The shot today really helped me, thank God for it. I am ready to get over this.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good evening to you all

I am doing better tonight

very ill

er yesterday my sister came she was so needed so greatful for her help   i have the kids alone right now
two bags iv and awaken costanly my mouth stuck got a cup of water sipped through the night so far it is staying down ya

oh man i am sick

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Please pray for her parents and family
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