Saturday, December 18, 2010

In this week of life

 Last Friday evening our dear son had his concert for orchestra, He is center back of image. We were so delighted the Grandparents were able to attend. All eyes were on our sweet boy that it was a little over looked on the same evening that Dove announced with the humility befitting her that she had won Student of the month at school.

Monday gave way to my son getting ill and staying home. He went to the (our) doctor. He had a viral infection that was clear for him by Tuesday.

However I was coughing yellow by Tuesday night rather ill again. Arg! it gave way to illness for me and antibiotics. The viral struck me with a bacterial bronchitis and sinus infection. Fortunately the doc on Monday gave me a RX for a 'just in case over the holiday' measure. I started it by Tuesday night, with orders in next day.

Wednesday was his first day of leave. Daddy man is now on a mandatory (said with a grateful affection) leave (paid) until after the first of the year. He had his review and it was awesome. It looks like he may be returning with a raise and a possible promotion. He was a huge part of a very successful job shall we call it. So he helped bundle the kids to the bus stop and giving me the 'sit down rest order', into the doc before lunch. We caught it before phenomena Ya! if it had not been for the forethought to get the Rx on Monday It might not of turned out so well.

Wednesday mandatory rest for 48 hours.

Tell the courts that . Not even 18 hours latter it was Thursday 7:30 a.m. to the court to testify. Got there and the whole thing... It had been postponed and right home I came and rested as much as able. We all slipped through the cracks that the next morning early was doves award ceremony. The Grandparents truly gifted her and us with the arrival there at 8:45 in the morning.

Friday morning was the awards for Dove

 Totally unexpectedly Dash had his name called too! 
Non of us knew about it.
Get this Dash is distraught for another child got a letter but was never called up.
Dash got no letter and was. 
He feels terrible so much so that he is praying for this little girls heart and not really able to accept the award very well at all. He feels it is hers. My boy showed so much character that He deserved praise.
 My attendance was in a warm vest and coat with a mask on my face and straight back to the car and home to rest.

The kids had a half day so daddy man had to do the last minute shopping with me. We were a good team. With his help pushing the cart we were able to do the shop. $400. I got $185. of it for free. I used an online Safeway tool and extra coupons buying mostly lead in adds. Got Christmas shopping done for the meal and for the two weeks all the family will be home together. It was so fun to show him my process.
the kids had a lot of fun shaking the wrapped packages for 15 minutes until we got back.


We were up very late tending to a medication expiration on the anti nausea medication to do the infusion this morning. An on call doctor found us an alternative medication they use for chemo patients. Steve got home at 1 a.m. with it. So an early start today at 8a.m.

It was another real hard start. My body refused again to let the catheter enter the vein. The stick is good but the valve shuts right down, over and over this time third try worked. It would not however let the blood back out to do the blood draw. Another stick with a hard needle draw leaving the other arm very bruised and pained me to the point a holler and I got angry! The blood kept stopping and there were many many vials to get the hard way with that darn needle digging at me. When I got mad the blood let go and started to flow fast! real cool the way it did.

My PTSD is causing the body reactions. We are trying all sorts of things. Music, prayer, trying to visualized another place to go. That was when it was with a large bore needle that the catheter stayed. I was listening to Irish music and tried to watch seagulls fly over the rocky coast. It was so hard to ignore the pain but forced myself to stay there and it just at that instant let it in! It was a horrible place but it was in. Just above my right thumb.

My nurse is so wonderful. She said she is learning so much about the spirit body connection with me. I laughed and told her that "I had a ministry to the medical profession", and that I was non to happy about it at that moment. :) She has never had another patient whose body pushes out the catheter. I may have to consider a implanted port. Surgically into my upper chest. Steve and I are trying to deal with that and pray about it.

So anonymous ivig gal if your reading. Our journey is unique to our own. Yes it is easy dear ivig for so many to have their ivg treatment. Each case is it's own. Wish it was easy for me like it sounds like it is for you. Your very blessed, never take that for granted. I am very blessed too.
Only three iv sticks today and one blood draw stick. Beats the 5 iv sticks last month. Tiring my mind and it is really getting hard on my husband to see me suffer it.

During the infusion the ceiling had a funny black spot on it....Termites!
Little too much for the Daddy Man. Please say a sweet prayer for him if any one is out there.

I know I am not commenting back or email I am sorry. Just feel so little uplift to speak. I would never want to be a Debbie downer to ya. So many years it was I reaching out with supportive kind words. I am trying to reach out really. It just feels like I have so little left of me.

However good news as strange as it might sound. I have a fever tonight. First one in a long long time. An immune reaction to the bronchitis! U HOO   I can not remember the last time I ran a fever, never do. Chills and all but never been well enough to fight it off with a fever.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Being a Witness

Good Evening
Way back in 2007 an act of kindness placed me in a position to be a witness at a trial against a woman who was DUI crashed only yards from a school buss stop.

At 7 a.m. donning my best attire I dressed and medicated this body of mine with the antibiotics given for bronchitis and sinus infection. That infection only 18 hours earlier was instructed to 'sit and rest' for 48 hours. With the prosecutes office closed yesterday the letter that told me to call the day before was a mute point. So under the threat of arrest so the day began.
Once the car was parked under the court house garage a long walk around the building, then through security the elevator took me to the floor with the prosecutors office on it. After sitting sometime for the attorney had not arrived yet. (mind you I had to arrive at 7:30 a.m.). Once again the trial was postponed. Stunned at the defense tactics to wear out the witnesses we stood slack jawed. This folks is common place. Good witnesses are worn to attitudes of hands in the air.

Why help if this is the course of action when you do?
I will tell you why....

We are called to do what is right. By choice we will see, hear and experience life. We will either be a silent source or a vocal witness of what is truth. We as witnesses to what is holy will be silent or speak. Now mind you what we have to say will be stalled and even halted by the defense of the darkness that wants to be witness free at any cost to what is holy. 

When it is the darkness that bears witness it will be plastered all over the news, papers  and media for all to see. It will then be what we testify of in our daily life, through what we see, say and experience, even if vicariously. It is before our minds blocking out the beauty of the divine.

What the right standing witness will note is that the conviction of our witness will pull in the consequences of those who do evil, error or just plain have wounded minds and hearts.
We are the witness not the jurors or judge. It is not for us to defend or prosecute but to simply testify.

Those who can or do not hear the testimony of our witness to all things Holy will play those roles however. Those who make you prove out your testimony. They defend or prosecute the things witnessed. The jurors will pool and also design a verdict. Often at the mounting evidence before them based in the darkness that would to consume them.
At times even biased through eyes that have witness of  a 'where was God when...?'

 Their judgment comes then to them through the bias, wound or plain disbelief. How can any goodness withstand those who testify all of evil and darkness. What they see then is how fallen ALL of man kind must be. A bias of a false truth. For not all of man is in a fallen state. Those who are covered under the jurisdiction of grace remain. Those He has called by name who have not heard yet of HIS name.

Yet to testify based on kindness not a desire to be punitive just might save a life.
I play this a parallel to what is spiritual.

Driving home this morning considering the consistent inconvenience of the postponements of this trial year after year I thought how wherry we can become in doing what is right. The kids were told on scene back then as well as this morning no matter what we do what we know is right to do.
I felt a well of compassion for the defendant. An annoyance at the tactics enacted by the defense to wear us all out (both literally and spiritually figurative). I am the last standing witness of all the police and ER staff. 
Last standing.

Yet I stand.
At threat of incarceration if I do not show up.

The witness under threat.

Isn't this how we are in our testimony in Christ of the things we have witnesses in Him.
We are worn by the defense of error and ignorance.
We grieve when God is blamed as a defendant. We are wishing for mercy on those who suffer.
Worn by the time lines of 'trials' in our own lives, and in the lives of others around us.
Set to consequence if we deny our witness or refuse to do so.
Tempted to attitudes when the guilty get away with their actions when we who are innocent witnesses are forced to have our lives inconvenienced or even threatened.

Then if we do not let it wear us out we become compelled to compassion and base our testimony of the guilty into an intercession on their behalf. Never to waver from the truth witnessed but to do so without malice.

Don your best attire (both internal and out) go out and tell of all that you have seen, heard and witnessed in HIM.

Do so without letting the trials make you give up acquiring a fine in doing so.
It is by the WORD of God and the testimony  our mouth we will overcome evil.
If we do not bear witness it is then we will be under threat by the imprisonment through our own conscience. 

May I always be standing.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adoption day #9 for my Dash Hawk

 My sweet Christmas baby. 
It was actually on December 8th that the Russian Judge said "Yes"!
The joy overflowed as we all exited that court room on that cold winder morning. We were so head spun at the favor and mercy we were shown that day. We were given the favor by people who were so very poor. They would step aside as if we were royalty. Humbly my eyes filled with tears. We who were the least of all people were placed as if we were at the the head of the table.

We walked back to the orphanage and on the path there was a snowman along an open space where some apartments were.It was made by a child, sweet and innocent. Living here in the desert it was a special sight for us. In my memory there is the sight of it. Every day as we went to visit him at the orphanage it would shrink melting. Just like the time line of the trip every day getting closer to being home with our daughter. Our whole little family home for Christmas.
Our Whole family. This family, my family. Waiting 16 years for dove and for Dash ...
I waited 20 years to hold a son, my son. My son.
We got a Russian truck. He was so funny, phonetically reading the package. He had us all laughing.
Our son brings us so much joy every day. One of his nick names that I call him is

when I saw this cake it was perfect! On the way to the store to get it I saw myself going elsewhere. I walked into the store and right to this cake. IT WAS Perfect!

On another note...
Amrita my dear friend asked an important question.

Please don 't min d me asking , I don 't wan t to offend - but I am just curious to know in America how do people cope with house dust - you all don' t have maids to do your dusting an d with all the decorations, ho w you manage everyday dusting? I suppose American cities don' t have dust.

Oh we have dust! Water and a wrung cotton cloth that's it. With the wood I'll dry it after. With trinkets an old tooth brush. Again only water is used. If it is oily dust a pan with dish soap added to water works for me. Baking soda and vinegar are two other favorite tricks. A half of lemon on the kitchen counters with baking soda.

Well you all have a good evening. As for me I had a sick kid on Monday. Today I had to go in to the doctor with Bronchitis and sinus infection, caught it short of pneumonia bless God. I have sat still resting all day.
Tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. I have to testify in a trial as a witness. See this old post.
Please pray
Infusion on Saturday so I am really in a dangerous state to have to go. My doctor said sit still 48 hours, NO Crowds~  I will ware a mask to protect myself.
I have to read over that blog post.
This is the same trial that has been postponed every 3 months sense 2007!  I am the ONLY witness left!

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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