Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friends, garage and the childrens adventure.

We have a full pantry now for I spent 4 hours Friday morning going over the lead in adds and gathering the coupons. Then making the list in the color code for the store to decipher the best deals.
So the first trip to the large Costco and got supplies in bulk to do the roasted garlic mashed Yucatan gold potato, and the veggie trays for the two Thanksgiving suppers next week.
The snack items and the freezer stock too a good $200.
Got home and unloaded into the garage and the freezer and headed off to the Fry's store.
I spent a good $240? 
and came home with $180. Free. 
and another 100? approximately that did not show in the $$ amounts as deductions.
6 hours worth of work.

Ladies stock your pantries this week it is the best time of year to do staples and some of the can goods.
Many good root veggies too and stored properly you can do a two month supply.
The bag man at the store has a cokuler implant and I sign with him.
I told him about God restoring Dash's hearing he was amazed and over joyed for him.
He helped me load up and we embraced at the joy of a child not having the journey that the fellow had to go through and is going through.
So few people will stop and effort to interact with the deaf community and like a wheel chair just turn a blind awkward eye.
It is such a gift to have the ease to hold conversation.
This young man was so refreshed just being able to interact eye to eye with another.
I felt really blessed to see that joy on his face.
When I got in with that huge load it was a real task to get it all into the house and put aside to unbag as the afternoon evening continued.

Dash went home with my girlfriend and her son to play after school on Friday.
Dove got off the school bus in a panic , I yelled hello to her  she calmed.
 I there just a few houses away stood on the sidewalk and waited for her. 
I sat and watched her kids tv and fell asleep for a few moments. 
If I watch tv for any time I just fall asleep. 
Sweet child went in and watch her computer game after covering me with her jacket.

I wish I could of just been more alert for her but the work load of a good almost $600+ worth of grocery shopping just left me wiped out.

I had not shopped in a long while and the storehouse was nicely emptied and dated items used up.
It was time.
Every quarter I do this.
Now coming into early harvest with the hens I will not need to be in the markets until after Christmas, after the crowds, after the flu season is over.
Next big sales are just before Christmas, but this week the buying power is at it's height.

My Dear friend had a jewelry catalog party last evening.
I had the pleasure of meeting a few new ladies.
Wonderful women two of them had adoption and/or special needs kids in common.
Trisha did a wonderful gathering and Our Dear Lisa was there the three of us stayed and lingered in the pleasantness of each others company.
When I got home I stayed up late just enjoying the quiet of the late night hours. 

In the middle of the night I had an asthma attack.
I think from exposure to candles both at the play date and last evening.
Sound asleep I awoke coughing unable to breath.
I used the inhaler over and over and then got up and brushed my teeth in the dead of night and used some Listerine too.
It finally eased up.
So I slept until 10 a.m.
Awoke to have to do a breathing treatment first thing to get my chest to open up.
I so love that the beauty of those candles sent nicely unfortunately my lungs just put up such a fuss when I get exposed.

We spent This Saturday here cleaning our garage and the garden shed.
We worked hard and long into the eve from late morning.

Now we have a nice garden shed set up and the garage has become more user friendly.
We were forced to move the camper into the garage where we were assembling a nice little work shop for Steve.
Now it is all redone, with the shelving and metal cabinet with the power tools moved over to the accessible side.
A lot of work.

I made a simple supper and we were watching a second half of the Muppets in Space? or something like that and the CIA type folk were torturing the puppets and that awful feeling hit me.
I got real sick to the soul and my heart began to beat hard.
The PTSD was lighting up! Over a stinking puppet!
No one knows here, I just left the room.
I am too tender to try to tell Steve for the embarrassment factor is no fun and painful.
So tonight I sit feeling rather lonely in it.

He and I had a hard day and tempers flew. Cleaning a garage can do that. :)
We work so differently. I see the plan and walk into the organization to get the maximum efficiency with the least effort and safe. He sees a job and just wants to get it over with so sometimes I leave him feeling like I must think he can do nothing right. My heart and motive misunderstood. That leave me with hurt feelings and him too. It was just too much work for two folks but we got the foundations met and I ordered his power tools for him and got the shed empty.

He made a real nice "L" shape shelving unit and so I assembled a wonderful garden shed for myself.

Two different neighbors came for garden tours.
One who has some seeds from Asia to share and I share the knowledge of our zone with her. She offered up a "have you ever had loofa?" Ha!
Did you know you can eat that stuff when it is very young. She knows how to grow it (an answer to my requests in prayers).

We did a first and let our two kids go to the park a few blocks away on their bikes with two other children. They all stayed togeather with a 30 minute return time and a watch on Dash's wrist.
They returned 15 minutes early just my two. Dove told Dash she wanted to come home because there was someone drinking in the park. He came right home with her and they were so happy to be home. This was a huge step for me. I prayed for them.
As they were a house away I looked up and saw The Lab! he had gotten out of the gate! I did not even see him and he came running up to the kids right when they came toward the house.
The kids came home just as the dog had gotten out just in time to meet him two doors down and call him into the garage.
That is so amazing!
So many little miracles.

Then Dash concerned of the other two boys went around the corner on bikes with Dove and told the boys father who had no car to go get them. Dash concerned went on bike with the Daddy Man to fetch the other two children home for the parent.

All the kids then played in the front as we worked on the garage till dark. I walked the last child to the corner after he had returned. Four kids went together and mine back from the end of the street then this one boy came back. I saw the parent of this other kid eye to eye and he thanked me for chaperoning him home.

My kids did not really like the adventure so much as to yearn for it as they have...but it was good to give them an once of adventure withing the company and firm boundaries of what to do and where to go. Not to go or do anything else and to get here within a short time line. This was a big step in trusting God for me and trusting the kids to do what was right. They really impressed me with the good sense to come home together and stay together.

Well a day.

Day is done.
Good night.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thrusday *life*

join us at Grace Alone
This is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

it brings hope.

When hope is deferred the heart can become sick.

This day I walked and moped floors
I helped another mother who loves God.
Her son threatened my son with a shot gun and said he would blow out his brains.

I got the call form a dear friend whose son overheard the report and called me.
Dash had chosen a higher road.
Trying to avoid any further strife.
Trying to also understand I think a different way to keep himself safe.
When his teacher asked of it she began..."I know your mother has raised you to speak truth...give me a yes or no answer if this...happened" regards to the confirmed statement Dash said.
"I can't remember"
He did remember.
I lashed out at the principle that I did not hear this from him.
I later apologized and owned that momma bear reaction.

Tonight Dash had his play.
I saw both children s mothers.

There was no strife.
That boys mom came to me to apologize, and to my friend.
Explaining her sons poor behavior and lack of skill at dealing with his frustrations that lead to such drastic words.

There was peace.
With His teacher there is peace and a better understanding of things.
With the principle there is peace.
With my friend I trust there is peace.

On another note.
We got a citation in the mail from the city.
We have to remove our trailer from our driveway for it is a city code violation
We were not aware of the violation and the letter dated 11-10 was giving us until the 11-17 date to comply.
Note this is over due 
I just opened the letter today.
the first day I could walk and work and tend to the tasks.
The driveway swept clear the garage cleared and Steve came home early to back it in.
He has lost the shop we were setting up for him in large part.
There is peace.
It was troubling him to see it in the drive and even though it caused a loss of work time and a possible fine to come...there is peace.
The front is so pretty all swept.

The trailer is in the garage within inches of fit for the tools have been moved.

My son was in his play.
The kitchen is mopped
Dishes caught up with an empty dishwasher
The paper work is in better stead with a 8 inch stack to be filed of work accomplished.
Chickens watered.
I am back.
Speaking of back it really hurts but the joy of all of the peace and accomplishment is a prize worth the cost.

My daughter is at peace asleep
My husband at peace.
Saddened by the layoffs of 4 men this week in his department alone.
there is peace.

I have a wonderful Thanksgiving at his folks...the stress of the day is gone and there is peace.
It has become doable.

Then a call came in from a niece my brother's child
We have a second Thanksgiving we have been welcomed into.
There is peace.

Thanksgiving was this year a real challenge to wrap my brain around knowing physically I would be really pushing it.
The trial that I was to testify in was postponed until 12-17
I was able to take care of our home and the trailer, garage, meal, play, mop and do a lot of paperwork.

My son will no longer have over his head that he could have Ushers Syndrome.
I now longer have to fear that he may go deaf or blind.
I have carried this for 8 years.
there is peace, shock a bit yet it is still sinking in.

my son will not go deaf or blind with ushers
God has actually done the impossible in mans eyes.
His hearing has all but been restored.
Without the finacial coverage I was stressed for his medical care.
There is now peace.
There is peace.

All those threats that come upon us are set to rob that peace.

a thousand may fall at my right hand and ten thousand at my right hand
and it shall not come nigh
for I have made my God even the most high my dwelling place
He has covered me with His wing
He has set His angles charge over me
Over mine
I have set my ove upon him and I am so amazed at how very much He enjoys my love.

He enjoys me
loving Him.

my daughter is sleeping
my husband has peace
my son does not have to ware hearing aides unless he wants to
my chickens give 3 eggs a day (Dash eats 3 eggs a day)
The garden is thriving
My children are thriving.
 I can walk again and continue to improve in that ability.
My dentist deferred payment until 1-5-10
The dogs are peaceful and happy
The front door is secure
We have all our needs met.
no illness under my roof

I will declare with praise what GOD HAS DONE
No weapon formed against me.
I have endured for the night
now it is morning
morning joy has come to me wrapped in her garment of peace

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good news Dash's hearing has improved!

In an amazing turn of events...
We went to ASU to take part in a study that is underway for children with hearing aides to better filter the back ground noise.
The woman was awesome. Dash earned $30 to participate in a 2 hour length of tests.
he is now an official employee for a two hour day :)

the news
She performed a hearing test....

DASH's hearing has improved and even though he does have hearing loss he no loner really needs hearing aides!!!!!!!!
They may use a type of head phone if needed.

HE DOES NOT NEED HEARING AIDES ANYMORE! unless he chooses to use them.

This is so uncommon, only normally in cases where the hearing is long term rising and falling into deafness. She does not see that in this pattern.
It is actually improved.
God is even healing my boys hearing loss.
I was so stunned at the university.
We have lost all benefits from the children s clinic due to the federal funding but now...he will not even need it anyway. I still need to test yearly. At this time he does not need hearing aids. He is hearing fine. He has marked loss in a high rang as if he was exposed to a load noise she said. But the other ranges have come to within a normal mark. I am amazed.

hope came

Word Filled Wednesday

Keep Reaching Higher

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Thankful heart

Grandparents day

That's Dash I am holding first sight with the sweater on.
 This is first sight of Dove, I had a different sweater on.

The kids had a blast with their grandparents today.
MILove sent this image.
They are so beautiful!

Tackle it Tuesday

Good Morning

I awoke with a bad head ache only to realize that I have forgotten to take my medications for two days.

The weekly lunch drinks are made.
This is Steve's favorite.
This is a real money saver.
I use the O>J> jugs, this is not only a good brand not from concentrate orange juice is best, but the jugs are really nice to reuse.
When you buy beverages that have been made commercially from consentrate you never really know what you buy.
The tankers that hold the liquides often are not cleaned well and contaminants enter your food sorce.
You pay for water, and that water can also be a bit questionable.
Perinoid not the reports of apple juice tankers being same tankers that supply toxic liquides were a big story in the day.
Kids were poisoned. It was all hushed after the big scandle.
This was in the late 80's early 90's. Although one would hope regulations improve...well it is just a good idea not to use concentrated liquids from the commercial sector if possible.
Get the powder mix and recycle the containers.
it is around .25 a drink and not the $1.20

My big tackle is a 90 minute dentist apointment where I have to have extensive build up and the prep work done for a crown on a back molar.

That my big job for the day.


I consider myself very fortunate to get to save the tooth.
Every tooth in a mans head is a jewel.

The children have Grandparents day at the Elementary school.
The folks will take them to Mc Donald's for Lunch today.

A hot shower and a good rest.

The garden will need a drink too.
The chickens and Dogs need feed.
It was only 38 degrees here this morning
That is VERY cold for a desert dweller.

Dove wore the very sweater that I had on the first time I held her in the orphanage in Russia today.
What a full circle of time.
She will get new bands on her braces at the end of the day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Meal Plan Menu

 Good Morning

The week is off to a start.
In a few hours ramping up to full speed ahead!

so with this pot of tea Mr Earl Grey and I will do the morning post fore all those tasks begin.
It is good to start a day this way.

My menu reflects the schedule of this full week.
I will set to all the tasks I can attend this mornig.
budget entry for balance tonight
Laundry garden water and car
kitchen and dishes
enchiladas for supper tonight
perhaps some menu work for the Thanksgiving meal.
My MILove has welcomed us to her home. We will have a sweet simple celebration of thanks.
Steve and I have prayed and we were trying to figure out how I could pull it off this year.
I have to testify at a trial that I was a witness on Thursday and do not know how long it will be that I have to do so . I am the main witness.
Every day this week is a full schedule with the exception of Friday unless the trial is still going.
We were praying what to do if we were to budget going out to supper with the grandparents and his brother or if I might be able to get a magazine to lead me brain dead through a do ahead meal preparation.

We received the very kind very generous offer to sup at their table with some reservation for this is a lot for my MILove to do even if I help a lot.
We are at grand-parenting age ourselves.
This is for many that time to slow down.
Slow down....?
I have often told folks we had our retirement first.
Steve told me that it is so strange ...going to work is the easiest part of his day it is like going to rest. Being home is where all the work is.
I so empathize, but he has been pulling a lot of my load while I get through the knee stuff.

The EMDR therapy for the PTSD will begin again today. OH!
Good thing that I can do all things through...
This is a collage assignment to have images that calm and sooth me while we bring up and address the memories that will then have the EDMR technique applied. The images are to support me if the memories are too much.
So boy howdy!
What I understand is that this is some kick ya in the pants hard type of process .
Hard but VERY freeing.
So I pay the effort to gain the greater good.
A little sadness fills me to think of the hard work I have ahead of me here.
I love my collage however and the images do bring me joy.

 I look to the hill from whence comes my peace.

So Dove and Dash set the "grandchildren" up for a day of school in their absence.
Tree frog is teaching and when one of the "kids" complained of the lesson "teachers" retort was
"Don't argue with me I don't make the rules I just have to enforce them"
I was walking by the room at that and laughed a good hardy out loud laugh.
Hit me so funny.
I was told that if I have to "dismiss" class to work on the please keep all the students together.
I love my kids they are so sweet.
I explained to Dash over the weekend a little bit about his sister.
I asked him if he ever sorta felt more like her big brother sometimes.
He does often.
So I carefully explained that his sister like everyone has special needs that make then able to do things. Strengths and weaknesses.
We all defer to the weaker among us out of kindness and compassion.
I told him of how when a kid is like 5 or 6 the learn to tell the difference between pretend and real.
Then I told him Dove did not grow there.
His eyes got big and soft.
"mom will she ever grow up there?"
"I do not know, but she might not."

O.K. I going to cry here telling you this.

Every sense that day my son has been gentle and kind, much much more patient with her.
He is more playful with her, and is less annoyed by her antics.
My son is amazing!
He welcomed her into his bedroom to share the space so she will feel more safe at night.
He let go of his private room to help his sister. He knows that this is not required of him nor expected.
This he has done of his own ambition and expressed his free will and willingness and understands that it is his offer. We DID NOT  ask it of him.

Last night Dove asked to watch "my big fat Greek wedding"
She came to me at bed time...
mom I will not feel scared, that movie makes me think of my wedding day and feel happy.
I'll sleep good tonight"
She slept through the night and they both awoke at 5 a.m.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A security screen door

 before my lovely front door with my favored black wrought iron scroll work I so love.
When I was in JR high school I actually worked in the welding shop.
Something new you may not of known.
I was the only girl in metal shop.
Steve set to task and we enjoyed working together.
 Day's end here
This day began with a mission to find a door that we could feel not only safe with but that would complement the house on our budget.
I searched on Craig s list and then on line at Lowell.
On line I saw this door and really loved it.

I called a local store who told me that no longer stock this door.

However they have two of them in stock in the clearance section.
Then Jason the salesman had me wait to go and check the door to see if they might have one in good shape, He did!

A door installed would begin around $800 not including hardware of the knobs or dead bolts.

On clearance they were just recently reduced again down to $201.!
With the dead bolt and door knob, and the other supplies out the door around $260? ish.

We have to order a new threshold riser if we choose too.

Is that an amazing match!
I am so happy with it.
I have wanted this for years. Now I have more control over those annoying people who try so hard to get a hand in our pockets. It is so nice I could even leave the door open for fresh air now.
We placed the handle away from the window glass.
Now we have a secure front door.

Thanks be to God for such a perfect provision.

Hope you all had a greet week end.

I spent the night teaching Dove to comfort herself and to renew her mind by singing old 1800's hymns.
I told her when I could not sleep through all those hard years when I had a hard time with things in my mind this is how I would get to the other side so I could sleep.
YES she slept until at least 2 a.m. or so and then I slept beside her until morning.
Inch by inch. I conditioned her hair tonight and let her pretend to shave her legs with me.
I love having a daughter.

spiritual Sunday

On escort home as forgotten in the blue jeans pocket was the debit card.
Come to the corner to turn on my street he escorted me on to home Keeping my eye to the sky he pleased me. So strange a sight in our neighborhood. He has come visited on the neighbors crested of roof.
Reminding me eyes up to the beauty all around.

A good talk with a friend.

Mr Thrasher came to the garden to talk.
Speaking his chatter chatter click click and I expressed my reply.
Said he to me a twardel and a melodic tweet.
I replied in kind.
We knew not the thoughts of one another,
understood not the language yet we found a way to say
What we needed to say as we greeted one another.

Nothing is really what it seams.
For all around us are those ambassadors of peace and pleasure.
Calling up our eyes .
The beauty all around.
HIS presence can be found .

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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