Saturday, October 31, 2009

Urgent prayer please

Care'o lyn is in need of support for her grown special needs daughter is in a bad way.
The wisdom is critical for her needs are great to heal her body .Please pray.

Free to be me Florida Christian Bloggers Retreat Part 3

The Friday Morning Song

This is the chorus.

Laughter and morning joy.
The Hospitality of Jeff and Angie.

 Jeff was so kind and made me an egg without milk.
This is just their way if there is a need it is filled.
Everyone is made to feel special and loved.
We had Coffee and juice and pigs in a blanket.
Jeff with his effervescent yet subtle charm...Even gave possum in a can to Joann.
Have you ever seen someone bring such grace and poise to a can of possum.
YES possum, some folk still eat it!
You'll have to go check out her kids reaction on her blog.
Very funny.
This child must of been sitting under the humor tree for she was full of the fruit of it.

It was time to go tend the pea patch.

So after a wonderful time of morning fellowship and friendship we all set off to see to the retreat.
There was table setting and meal preparations, goodies bags to be packed with hankie, pen and many wonderful pamphlets a book and a CD. Too numerous to think off. I enjoyed the color coded M&M's too.
The store was being set up many hands at work.

We then attended the prayer room for our group prayer over the retreat.

While we were in the room praying I began to laugh.

It ws as I saw a thread rising up out of each of us and becoming a great cable. 

The strands were as if they may have been DNA. 


The strength of the corporate prayer was holy and I began to laugh at the beauty of it. 

I shared this with a few but found myself hushed of it with others. 

Those holy things best left holy and care as to it not being trampled.

We left that prayer room and set to start to tasks.
I was left to attend others and as I asked to do so I ran into a little bit of a trigger.
Our dear friend and fellow was setting up a table.
I innocently heard her ask of her babies and for some reason I thought of dolls.
So when I asked to help her she asked me to unload a box of babies. It was a small box covered with a plastic so I did not see what I was reaching into.

It was a box of soft spongy life like fetuses.
I almost lost my cookies.
I simply replied
"I am sorry I can not do this"
and closed the box. She responded "Oh just if you would put some of each color over here in a box please". She commented perhaps I need to have some healing of it and I had to just tune that comment out. Her heart was good but the comment untimely.
I looked down to see them for before I had just felt them.
Just then a pair of beautiful eyes said "here I'll do it".

We must all stop and think of the shoes that others have walked in. We may think and fight with great fervor for our goals and visions. Remember that there are many who we do not know what it is like in their shoes. Walk softly my friends in all of our good causes walk softly.
It is one thing to stop abortion another to heal those who have become trapped in the wake of it.

I fled to the prayer room into Lynn's arms and just wept
really cried my eyes out.
It was safe there with her.
Now I have done a lot of work over the loss of Nathanial my son never born.
It was time to weep.
That I had done very little of.
I belly wept and Lynn was there to hold me.

I held her in her concerns as well.

We were together there for and with each other.
It was beautiful.

I could not go into the shop so I did not do so much shopping.
The very thing I did have eye on sat too near the pro life display.
Later though it was actually given to me by Marsha at the farwell moment.
She is an amazing woman with great passion for the unborn.
I love her deeply.

Later that day a young woman came to me and opened up and poured her heart out.
I was tender to hear her.
I was tender myself.
I do not know if I offered you the support you needed and If I faltered I am so sorry.
I was still reeling a bit.
I had been reminded of how bad it hurt to heal after the wounds of an abortion.
I lost My baby almost 30 years ago and it is still fresh.
He is with the Lord and has forgiven me as has the Lord and I also forgave myself for such a choice at such a desperate time. It still hurts.

When we are so strongly involved in a cause let us always remember that those who were victims of the very thing we are so vigilant over need to be considered lovingly.

Marsha was so very concerned over the exchange and I was able to tell her . She spoke of getting healing well even with healing those scares can run very deep and close to the heart of a woman.

 The ladies made a luncheon and it was lovely.


 We all came back to the Green Frog Cafe after the meeting
 Worship was a pleasure.
 This little fellow was a reminder of the night before when that little frog kissed my cheek and fell to the earth as I jumped back in a start.

To she who has an ear...


Our Turtle Girl and her dear friend
Turtle Dove

The canyons I told you about
I do not remember who but his is what I told you.

This is obsidian in its natural state.

 This was all spoken with love.
Obsidian arrow heads and snowflake obsidian.

I had the privilege of seeing into the souls of a few of my fellows
Some courage taken as well to speak of what I saw.
Most received it as it was given some may not have.
That's alright I know I am a strange bird.
My eyes see the names of folks as they are...
It is like a giving of an Indian name.
Where each were named for who they are.

I fly in a free sky, free to be me was the retreat title and so I just was who I am.

 We were at the end of a day.
I had a young one so strong on my heart but nothing left of me so I came home with Connie the pillar. Comfortable and resting in her company I did as she said and just walked in and offered each a place and then just put my Jammie on and went to sleep.
I was spent. Over and over the retreat was to be a time of rest for me.
So even though I did not get to know many as well as I would of loved was for me to rest.

In that evening hour a dear Turtle B came with a gift.
She is so beautiful!
 We have some common ground between us.
She had come with a requested shell.

Dash had asked if I could bring home a conch shell.
I told little Dash Man that I would do my best but to ask Pappa God to provide for it.
Now when Barbara asked me if there was anything she could bring to me (she drove up) I told her of the Dash request.
She quietly came into the room and I so tired barely stirred.

In the mornings light I found this gift she had given me.
Her and her husband let go of this treasure.
Now what a gift!
She was so sweet to give this to us.

I only got to speak a little to her and show her a few things she needed to see.
We hope to get together more and speak often.

It was a very busy day.
When I awoke to see that shell I stood jaw dropped!
I do understand now more why I was so very tired and needed that sleep so bad.
I am recovering two jaw infections and so the awe was just so perfect.
Thank you Turtle B
Barbara for the shells, there were several off the beach she gave too.

Dash was so thrilled and I will be taking the shell to the elementary next week if I am able to serve.
The children will love seeing it I am sure.
Stay tuned for the next installment
It is time I go get ready to make cookies with the kids.
Enjoy your day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dentist is a gift attitude change a blessing. These are the servants provided me...

I will have another half of the first root canal next week as well as the next set of knee injections on Monday.

The tooth today was saved! that is a real God send for the alternative would have exceeded ?$5000.
Ending with another implant.

They were also able to save the crown on the first root canal and the infection is getting large dose of antibiotics flushing through my systm.

I will have to get a build up, post and new crown on the tooth worked on today.So more expese will come shortly.

In all of this Dear Hearts I have a peace and so does my hsband.
There is a man at my husbands work who is awaiting his second kidney transplant. This man has to do tasks each day to stay alive that are just mind numbing. The heart of my man is poured out to this fellow.
Knowing one suffering so hard is a sobering thing.

I have an extra child tonight, the little girl who had betrayed Dove is now back in the picture. I so hope Dove keeps good boundaries. The child is behaviorally improved and even offered up an evening prayer at there supper. They are all happily playing for it is Macootoos birthday (that is my stuffed animal grandson via Dash). They are all singing him happy birthday is stuffed animal voice...oh it is too cute!

They are all three playing sweetly. Another Mother called tonight to introduce herself and will come tomorrow with a little friend of Dash from school. I trust I will be up to entertaining as in a pot of tea and a visit. She seemed very open to my boundaries of her coming with her child.

After resting well all evening the pain is not too bad and my left leg is much better. Right leg is much better too just lagging a bit as far as getting to the other side of discomfort.

Many kindnesses have come my way.

This morning in the car Psalm 90 and 91 prepared me before the procedure. It was so calm for me. They were really amazing the nurse said the dentist had told her of my needs due to the PTSD and I was so well cared for! It was just so perfect! So Even though root canals are not how I might of rather spent the end of the week...
I really know that in all of it favor was given to me and flowed over me and still is.

Thank you for the prayers. I saw the staff touched in the spirit. It is a strange thing for them to have a woman come in two days in a row and be so peaceful and amenable. Now think of it. I was in the specialist within minutes of the findings! They are excellent people! The work is done on one and the other is in process. Do you see it. The money was there (was being  the operative) :) arg! Praises to the God who provides all my needs according to HIS riches in His glory.

I think I am falling out a bit. loving you all.

Second root canal in two days done.

good news the tooth worked on today was able to be saved. The root canal on it is finished.

The root canal done yesterday will get finished next week.

I had a pronounced pease. They all noticed and you know who got talked about with regard to that :)

I will rest a whil.
Thank you for your prayers.
No triggers kids and the date is not having ill effect on me . So I will go rest .

We have been working really hard to save.

Well the $1600. out of pocket today and yesterday is paid in full thank God for his good diligence and provision.

your opinion please

Do you like the new black on white better?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

feeling a little over whelmed

Well being gone to the retreat and coming come jet lagged and in pain I faced Monday Morning with knee injections.
Little has been done by me this week as far as tasks and My husband has had a full load.
Our smoke detectors went off in the night.
Dove was finally asleep and I had slipped out to go to bed myself. Asleep only a few hours before dear little Dash came in frightened. I did not even hear the alarms.
Once the dead batteries problem solved Steve came back to bed. Dove well she was found in her brothers bunk again and all awoke tired.
Now then one root canal later and another in the morning.

My Poor dear husband rammed into the wheel barrow in the dark and really hurt his leg bad. This after he did the dishes after a 12 hour day.

He is so sweet to me. My left leg is back pretty well yet the right on is a bother of discomfort as of yet. I think just to to it getting pushed so hard on the trip without the synvisc to protect the joint.

Through all of this there is a peace and compassion in the house.
It is sweet.
I just gotta be still and know God is God.

Please pray that there is enough of the tooth that we can save it...
That the tissue on this root canal today will soften so as to be able to avoid an incision and further surgery.
Please pray the infection clear rapidly.

Ya see I think I know everything will work out alright.. Somehow in my weakness it is just a comfort to me to be held in your prayers. I am sorta sad for myself I got to walk all this out.

God did remind me that He gave me a ministry to the medical community...So he will cover those costs.

So please pray for the staff there at that office that Gods work be done and that I might serve Him with courage.
Thank you

I think there is just a bit much...YA THINK?!
I do understand that He will/is making me able to do all things through His strength.
Just gotta not feel sorry for myself .
I am so blessed.
We have been saving so hard and working so hard to cut our costs.
The money was in savings to cover this work.
Sad to see it go.

Thankful Thrusday *change


On a cold fall morning the children in the car with me cozy and happy.
They took off when it was time to do so and I was off to go get my teeth cleaned

Now I did not know I had an appointment today until I received a call reminding me so.
Do diligently I attend to spend a good hour listening to the heart of the dental hygienist who is in ever woe over a special needs friend a woman in her 40's who has no one and is really being taken advantage of in the world. She cleans my teeth and talks and is listened too. She was so sweet she came to me after the visit and asked a hug thanking me for listening and offering some supportive suggestions.

She whispers to me to think more highly of myself than I do that she really is inspired by me.

Now my friends this morsel of meat helped my wherry bones at that very moment.
I was just told that I have to have two root canal re treatments . One has an abscess (this explains the lethargy) and the other is rotting out under the crown and is a ticking time bomb.

The appointment was made and you know what the specialist could see me in 45 minutes!
After the estimates for the two new crowns I was to be out of pocket $850 at the dentist.

I arrived at the orthodontist within a few moments still spinning in a cloud of just being in His hands. The sweet receptionist was kind and then I heard it. YA ALL' Yes! she was from the south now just two months hence. It delighted me to hear her. With the kids in school I was set to have the consult and mentioning kids she opened up about a special needs grown brother she has back home. We hit common ground and mutual respect in an instant.

I went in to the consult and liked the fellow right off. Very professional. HE understood PTSD and was thoughtful and respectful as well.
Within 15 minutes I was being prepared for the first of two root canals.
Yea I will last a few more moments here and I must let the sofa catch me before I fall.
Rejoice with me he was able to save one of the crowns. There is a complication however that might call for a surgery to do the repair from an incision.


Tomorrow at 9am the next root canal redo. It is a risk that if the tooth is too far gone under the crown again I may be facing another tooth pulled and eventual implant procedure.
As it stands $600. out of pocket today and other $1080. tomorrow.

That is if nothing farther is indicated.

Thankfully I did not have any time to be concerned.

The Dentist smiled when I told him I just pray for them and that helps me take my mind off of what your doing to me. It was a true expression of Joy and humility.

This is so GOD.

Monday another set of injections on my knees is to be done. I have had to rest all week from the last one and the trip. Pray for Steve.
I am sorta out of commission another day or two and then again Monday.

Thankfully never alone.

The best thing was
When I called my sweet lovin man to tell him as I sat there awaiting the consult
His words to me

"Oh Hun I am so sorry you have to go through all this"

I had not even given myself any thought for all I was thinking was oh $$$$$

Please help Steve be alright.

The shots are wearing off and I am going to go lay down.
Ya know it all happend so fast I did not even have a chance to have any concern.

God...His ways are so much higher.
ya know that if I would not of had that check up today these things may have exploded into much more serious issues in only a few days time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free to be me Florida Christian Bloggers Retreat part 2

Good Day

Speaking of Good Days
My trip to Florida was full of them.
The nights...well this was the first evening.

After  we all gathered for a wonderful visit at Angie's home

we all went out to lunch.
It was a real nice easy visit and just getting aquainted time.
Those who were flying in all were together and it was time for a good rest.

My shelter was nestled in the midst of many and I was alone.
After my nap I had a little visitor in my room.
When I asked him to show himself a little mouse stopped in his tracks and looked up at me.
I ofered him an escape out the door but he choose to scurry off into the other part of the house.
I told my host who was concerned that I was alone in the home to be assured that I was not.
Telling them of "Henry" (the name the mouse was coined).

The others were all up in the house that the leaders were all staying in.
It was perfect!
For as per Angie's nurturing instructions, I took a nap.
After I unpacked and showered it was time for the next surprise of the day.

I had the privilege of  joining the leadership team at a wonderful estate for a supper.
The supper was served by the youth of a local congregation at the home of the sweetest hostess.

It was the best company and a wonderful meal.
It was the conversations that were more than just the icing on the cake.

Now sitting across from me was the most beautiful, graceful, poised woman.
This raging beauty began to express that she had a great distaste for frogs and lizards.
Well those of you who know me can just see it coming :)

So others laughed that just the afternoon at my nap I had a little visitor in my room.

This woman of the South with here delightful tone began to tell us all of her experience, with such, just recently.

She told of of these traps that the critter runs across. As it is terribly stuck in his tracks. 
Well being a woman of some level of compassion she could not stand to just look at this predicament her nemesis had gotten itself into.

So Like any well meaning demure woman might do

She pulled out her 357 Magnum and emptied the clip into this now vanished little critter and put it clean out of it's misery.
Henry ought to be grateful I am from out West

Oh I laughed so hard for the summation of her tail totally caught me off guard.

The tables were set so lovingly

Now as we sat around this table tails of critter retaliations continued...

Next to me sat a wonderful woman who was so short a stranger that we were just close as could be.
Of course this hospitality of those Southern women was just that way.

Began she a tail of the SKUNK.

Well now Connie is a column of support a pillar of sorts
Like those stalagmites and stalactites that merge overtime deep within the caverns of the earth.

Connie began...
She was visiting in the city and a skunk was troubling the house.
It had sprayed the foundation and it was obvious that something just had to be done.
So Miss Connie went outside and formally addressed said skunk...
"now in the name of JESUS you die!"

Well she was witnessed by a daughter and grandchildren doing so.

Some time later a child was out in the yard crying.
A neighbor child thought to have found a pet cat on the lawn in distress...

Well they went out to tend to the girl and there before them

feet in the air on it's back
the dead skunk!

Out of the laughter came feed bellies.
The supper was so wonderful and sweetly served us by such kind youthful hands.

We all choose boas and the fun was at hand.
Now at one point our hostess there to the left spoke up about the little frogs before mentioned.
She the lamb so woolly that a blanket could of been knitted to cover this crowd with the kindness she grew.

We all quickly attended the wall at her anouncment that said frog was on the wall.

I went over to him and said hello
Flanked on each side by my camera totting fellow bloggers.
I said "hello, now aren't you just the cutest thing" he turned his head and it was noticed by those around me that he was listening to me.
Just at that moment as I praised this little fellow. 
He jumped right on my cheek and those women armed with the shutters so fast caught his little self in mid flight.

We all just rolled.
Only me.
I love that I have this thing with the critters.
It was so wonderful that they got to know me a little better that this is just who I am.
Now at one point desert and a nice time of fellowship wrapped up the evenings beauty.
We all returned to our little paradise

and soon I was off to sleep .
This a full nights rest for me.
I alone in that little house.
All the others stayed up so late and felt it.
For me it indeed was meant to be a time of rest.
Sunrise the next morn and a trip to Angie's for a wonderful
start to the day.
We had a retreat to attend too.

We all drove over to the other church and began the set up.
Now ya know Angie saw to it I did very little.
She was determined I took it easy.
So I respected that.
Florida sunrise gives pause to this story.

It was the dawn of a wonderful new day.

to be continued...

Breakfast for my son

"Mom will you make me eggs please?"

"Sure honey"...

"Oh, I'll go check for eggs mom."

A few moments later "mom I need your help there are four eggs."

I hand him a basket and tell him "here you go sweet heart, watch out for the dogs so they do not knock them out of your hand"

A moment later..."mom can you please come to help me the hens are all upstairs and that sorta scares me mom"

So I go and get the eggs, Pearl is sitting on one that she has rolled back under and the kids tell me she pecks at us. I pet Pearl and lift the egg and tell her thank you. She pecks me and we all go in.

Dash has his four eggs fresh from the  hens, and all of the cherry tomatoes that were harvested yesterday with the fresh basil flowers.

"Mom in Russia do you think that they ever get to have organic Ketchup?"

"No son, I think that we sorta live like czars to them"

"yep, mom we are like czars aren't we?" 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Please pray for the children

This is a sticky post
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To many innocence and naive entertainment.
As the day is nearing I felt compelled to re post my testimony of what Hollows eve means to me.
Please pray for family's that are in the sights of the cults who practice all hollows.

Call to prayer

Please pray for Annette
Her brother passed away unexpectedly last night.

visit her here with encouragement if you please

The ledgend of the three trees for Lisa see all three parts


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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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Thank you Michelle

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