Friday, March 18, 2011

friday funnies

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"Dash did you throw those old shoes away like I asked?"
 I guess I should have rephrased that
 "I promise I won't ware them to school"
He was saving them in the tree. Oh yes he has real nice ones to use.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Snakes driven out 'twas Joy taking Ground

In religious lore the snake (or serpent) represented evil, godlessness and the devil's will (e.g., offering the apple to Adam). St. Patrick has been heralded as devoting his life to converting the pagans (or godless) to Christians. Thus, driving away evil. Symbolically this is shown as Patrick driving the "snakes" out of Ireland.

Some people say that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland by leading them into the water, which is why Ireland has no snakes.

Oh the joy of this day was priceless. Ever have one of those days when it is that no snakes in the grass are snapping at your heals. Where Godliness is over all the evil in the land. It was such a day here today. Slept in until 11a.m. I did!
We are on spring break here and have been all week. Dash came to me asking if they could make their own pizza and go swimming. Spending some time on line to find that non indoor pools were available the plans changed. During shower a thought occurred it would be less to take them to the favored Subway instead. Then to the mall thought I to the picture show. We did so stopping of at a Walgreen ($1) to buy some candy for to bring. Much wiser purchase than at the cinema ($3.50) same box.  Once there the prescription for Doves daily meds was acquired for only $3! a $20 script. Delighted I was.
Dove had a grave insult that she smelled so...really hurt the child. There on the clearance was the entire line of a citrus body wash, lotion and such. A good $20+ all for $4! just what she needed and it did not lite up my asthma either. A bra the only one her size $4.99! lotion I need for mine be all empty half off. All in all a good size purchase. With a $20 cash back to go to the dollar movie it totaled $86.90 well just yesterday I kid you not a check came into the budget from our Costco refund for yes...$86.90!!
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We delightfully went on to the mall and had a nice lunch after purchasing tickets in advance. (we watch the Narnia movie voyage of the dawn treader )I actually bought a iced caramel coffee! yes I did. Oh what a delight when it is an infrequent thing. Makes life much sweeter when so. With the popcorn and drinks for the kids came to the exact amount, $20!
Then returning to the shop that a anniversary gift was awaiting the amount of it came some 50% off unexpectedly! One of those days when the clerk was shining right back at me. The kids said Mom he liked you, he really liked you. Not in a sexual way...they said his eyes lit up when you asked him how his day was.
The clerk had come in when the owners fell ill, to cover them. We had a very long wait, patiently asked a bid and then to return. He had been so busy he felt sorry of it. He then went to check on a bid for the item and not only did he have for more in stock but they for some strange reason (ha!) were 50% off! The engraving the same. We came out some $30 ahead. It turned out beautiful!
This day my children had so much laughter as did I. We were so full of levity and light hearts. It felt so good.

We have had so many a hard weeks, days a good month of hard emotional hits. We even visited a pet store. It was really hard for a few second missing my Rena the feelings flowed and touched me in passing the peace and delight of the kids faces found me refreshed. Grieving was tender and timeless. We all three enjoyed the life in all of the pups. Learned lived loved. Smiled into each others eyes and hearts. Laughed at each others good humor.
Refreshed I find my soul. My infusion of Saturday finally refreshing my body, it took a bit longer to do so this month. When so worn out it is harder to rebound. Yet rebound I did.

Those ol' snakes to the water...

Sunday is our 29th wedding anniversary. A dear friend will come here to have our kids play with one of hers and to give us leave for a date.

Some moments of my week
 Found enough energy to clean the coop, left the poop to be carried for another to the compost.
 Harvest the parsley before bolt
It is now in the 80*'s now

 Drinking water before the infusion on Saturday. 
Resting in the garden. Lasted only an hour before I had to quit and go in to rest.
What a fine hour it was
 Ruby helped me to get the critters out of some compost so I could get it to the freshly sprouted sunflowers.
(still sitting on the porch) gotta get help to carry it yet

 fennel and parsley
 They are vying for a cool slice of earth they were so peaceful just hat to sit and watch them awhile

 My child of heart and a child placed in our home and hearts. Dress up time.
 Vanilla set to mull. Vodka is a good 2-3 years old just use it for this purpose. The dark jar was to rest a good year before it was set to use. The flavor of the vanilla is amazing in recipe. Nothing like the fake store bought, or even like the expensive brandy type.
This is a dress that Dove asked for and chose the fabric. I have been working on it since the third of March. Had the quilt for Dash to finish first. Slow but steady little at a time. Has the zipper to go yet and the straps to set. She is thrilled. It is actually purple looks more blue in this image.

Enjoy the gift of the evil replaced with good. Love covers all. Loving enough to overcome and allow truth to rule our hearts, minds and spirits. Even if it so difficult to do so. There are so many that my heart loves and treasures even with our minds in the mix, misunderstanding and hardships or feelings. Love is truth.

Monday, March 14, 2011

that child does not have ushers!

Friday with the favor of the ages I was able to get Dash into the best of the best! Monday appointment just two days wait. That in itself a miracle.

With the morning full of cookies and kids we were late for our appointment. I looked up at the clock at 3 that was the time we were set to be there. I gave the neighbor kid the bums rush and hit for the truck with the home phone in hand notifying them we were late and asking for favor. We were given few minutes of travel. We parked and with a limp we dashed up in the elevator and in the door within the time allowed us barley.

We were grateful and patient for our visit. Dash had dilation waited a half hour only to find the drops did not take. He had to be dropped again and another 30 minute wait. This master of pediatric special cases took one look at the test, looked into my boys eyes and just stated so matter a fact the wonderful news we are relieved to hear.

"this kid does not need glasses, and you can just forget about Ushers his retina's are just fine. This child does not have ushers!"

I told the lady at the desk when she bid us a good evening...I told her we will be dancing in joy tonight!

The urgent care doc let us down twice in it, the St Joe's clinic had us watching this boy now some 7 years. He is free of it. I once felt that way when his hearing was restored two years back. NOW we know. This is off of his head and our shoulders once and for all!

The most touching was when for the first time Dash asked what it was and I told him the whole of it. I told him of our concern over this all these years. I explained the relief. He reached to me at bed time to tell me thank you. The drops hurt he said but then he thanked me for taking him to the eye doctor today.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Day will dawn

Gaining strength this evening. Went to visit my sister and her daughter,  daughter in law was there. Each had a baby (my great nephews). The dil had her other two kids near age as my two. Had a busy visit helping with the babies a little. Took some art stuff to keep the kids occupied. Gotta love art for that.
Had to take off in a hurry for my strength just crashed. Came right home and slept an hour or so.

This morning I just could not get my temperature over 96.2. I just felt awful! After soaking in a HOT shower letting the water flow under my armpits till it ran out it came up to 98.2. This has become a real issue of late. While Dove was ill week or so ago, I awoke with a 95.* temp just shaking.  I have always run cool, never a fever even if I were sick. My normal temp has always been 97*, 98 would be high for me.
Any one else ever has this oddity?

I was able to tend to a few dishes this evening. My chest tore a bit under the port when she removed the needle. It has really been painful. Not her fault. The port has ends that are made so that the tissue will grow to it. To hold it in time in place. It will take a few months to do so. Until then that little silicone disk within the port really snugs the needle. It will get better over time.

This last month was really is to a new term, new month of fresh strength (infusion). May it be calmer.

Well my mind is empty :)
Happy Monday. My kids have Spring Break this next week. I am so happy to have a few days time together.
My Lab is really grieving the loss of my Golden. Her name was Rena, it means Queen in Spanish. She was a rescue Golden Retriever. A good friend. We are grieving her absence. So is my Lab. I do not give the dogs names on blog. I think it wise to keep them nameless here. As I do the children.

PS Doves foot was fine by morning thanks for your thoughtful prayers.

My strength and my song

Steve, I and the kids are watching the series of 'Roots'. Tough stuff but we feel strongly that our children understand history. We raise the kids to understand. Steve wanted to show them it. As long as we pause and help them understand I'm good with it.
History is so important.
Now take scripture a snap shot of many many generations back. Helps with mercy if we are able to understand the why of who and how. It is an endless song sung through out the echos of time.

The song, that is my heart, knew many things in life. It has made me who, how and why I am. We as a unified couple have a song. It is our history. None other could have written the lyrics. If another mate were met the song would have not been woven and strung the same way. Perhaps better or prettier yet then the beauty of Steve and I, our song, would not have been written. So it is with history. It is our story and non other. Our song alone.  The response or hope for a legacy based in expectations will never be met . Expectation placed on or longed for by another is a false history. A story of discontentment and resentment. Generation after generation parents want the very best for their children. We hope that they will marry well whatever that might be defined within the mind to mean. We hope that they will bring us honor. It is our great privilege to give them the honor. To take away our expectations of who we want them to become, what we want for their lives. Most always it is our desire that they have better than we have had. That often can look totally different than what we might think. Gods ways are better, most always differ. Free choice has left generations a mystery and expectations into disappointments.

We are married 29 years next week...we would never have re-written our song other than the loss of health. We are so good for each other. Strange to know that I am so good for him as he is for me. Without me his song our song never would of been sung. Who is to ever say whether another song could have bettered his or my life. We both strongly believe it would have been to our determent as individuals. Often the history of mine that precedes me has left me to thinking. Thoughts that Steve would have been better to have met the expectations or desires of a perfect life...a woman of breeding, of education and high rank. It must have been a great disappointment to his parents to see the hard road he has walked along side of and because of me. Because of me.
I wonder what if my kids met and married a wounded would I handle the disappointment? Best left I think the future as a history unmet without expectations. Only hopes for the things that are the very best in Gods eyes. His song for them...
As history carries each moment.

Thanks for your prayers

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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