Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday my gentle Dove

Dove was celebrated today
Not her actual birthday but as close as we could accomplish it and keep up with all the weekend events...
We four went to a morning movie (gotta love those matinee prices)
It was so fun!
Ice Age 3

Afterward we went for an errand to Target we had a half an hour to use up and napkins to get. She noticed the fourth of July napkins and I wanted to get her napkins that were special. They had run out of them so I got some blue napkins

Mc Donald's was next stop where we met up with Her Aunt (my sister) and the Grand Parents for a lunch. We were also thrilled to have my BILove join us after he had helped a friend fix a head light on a motorcycle. It was nice to all be together.

Steve and I dashed back to the house and the kids were in tow of the Elders.
So we made a few mad dash last efforts and wrapped the gifts.

She really enjoyed herself as well as all of us I believe.

gentle and thrilled with her cake

She was so happy with Dash's present and that just made him so happy.
We got a DVD of a Jonas Brother Concert and after the party we all sat together and watched it.
It was pretty good. The music was alright of course I grew on on rock and roll.

Dove received a purse from the Folks

A framed photo print of "Nick"

Auntie gave her a pillow that she was so very thrilled to have.
Auntie even concidered the Dash Man and gave him a Lego building toy to make. He had it finished and about 15 minutes he just sucks that sort of thing up like a sponge.
I thought that was so sweet of her to do.

Now the folks awaited the last moment and last gift and gave her a comforter.
This a VERY generous gift.
She was in Jonas heaven!
Oh these pre-teen years are so cute!

We all were still full of our lunch so cake and well wishes
She wanted the face of Nick

I let her light the candles as a right of passage
Now look at the agony!
Oh mom don't cut him...
It was then that it was pointed out that I forgot the 'e' on you're opps...

She did not eat her cake!
It was just too upsetting for her...

After all was done and the guest departed we all sat together to watch the concert.

Half way through I fell asleep on the sofa only to awake as it was ending.
The fun had caught up with me...

So now I will rest this evening out.

I posted a tutorial photo post on a
Place To Create.

Home made fondant, it will get words another day...

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Cake for Doves 12 th birthday

Stuffed animals Bear and Mckutoo are in the back seat having a conversation today.
Speaking of meeting a new friend...
Mckutto (Dash) said to Bear (Dove)...

"did you sniff their butts?"
all but correction came as I was going to tell Mcktuuo not to talk that way (yes parenting does involve teaching stuffed animals the character traits...after all they are my "grand kids") and then bear replied

" no were not those kind of folks we just shook hands"

I laughed so hard so hard for some sick reason that tickled me funny bone! Hope it gives you a smile too.

Long day today...all full of good news

We left home at 9:30
Attended a 10 :a.m. apointment at the dermotoligst for my skin had been 6 years and so I had three things of concern to discuss.., all binign!

He removed a mole on my back and froze what is a benign fibroid scare (from a cast 20 yrs ago)
Do not scratch! :) It is blisterd and sore.

We went to the post office and set to post several items. Denise OK the fabric is in route.

We then went to a huge for us splurge at IHOP (international house of pancakes resteraunt. This a place the children always say "I hop" then I say "I skip" then the other kid "I jump!" So we play that and never except one time aover a year ogo do we actually go to one. Today well It was just the right thing to do and I had to walk into that.
It was a real intamate light hearted conversation we had. Best in a long time!
Many neat things but girls I am just to tired and it is so late...

Then we went to the pet store for the dog food that I got half off!!!!!!
We stayed a long time for we were killing time and had several adventures ...later time I'll tell

So then we went to a Target and had a few more generous (God is so amazing!) adventures. Today I had to go down to my skivies and they were a bit worn. Told God of how embarassed I was ...a new br* and 6 sivies (my step dad was in the murchant marines) For $8! It was just two days ago I told him I felt that way about my br*. It was my size and a beautifyl green 3 of the unders were the matching set $1 a pair! lace too. It felt like I was pretty to think of having them...

On then to the Pediatrician...and the shots X 3 for Dove who was rather worked up over it.
Another adventure and one mom who DID IT and Dove DID IT! We are done YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then home to the new shoes $5.45 !!!!!!!!!.............$22.! shoes for Dash HIS SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!

This means learning to tie then
He has a special needs when it comes to fine motor. For him to be ready and want to learn to tie! Oh kids this is big time!

YOu know sissy is gettting older
Maybe I should learn to tie?

Sweet baby he tried real hard and was very proud of his good attitude.
He did not give up.

he is determined!

Well Kids here is what I started at 7:30 p.m. and just finished at 10 p.m.

with a good attitude

Meet Nick Jonas of the
It is a band that the pre teens like.
Good Character portrail
she has a crush

Yellow cake with light chocolate butter cream under white home made fondent

A day!
I'll do a tutorial later.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom and Daughter time

Dear Mrs Annette
thank you so much for the gift card I spent it on a big book all about the jonas brothers and I bot some candy and I got a bakugan and I got a lip on Dr. Peper so thank you for the gift card and I had fun time with my mom.


Morning Baking and Parenting

Good Morning!
Wow it is now 10:30 time to rest a moment and catch my breadth before the next big round of a board game and an oven switch.

As you may well be aware of my self restricted electric use before 1: P.M.
Today was the big bake day for the week.
Many things to prepare...
All the meat was grilled last night now for the carbs.
Morning loaf and Steve's breakfast cookies.
That is the flax on the top of the green measuring cup

Well I creamed the butter and sugar well while I was kneading the dough for the daily loaf
This loaf would have served me well to have prepared last night alas my darling had Corn chips and salsa in his lunch for the day...He and I agreed that the idea of baking was just out of the question. Grilling last night just took all the energy and spent it fast. Think a grill...115*?+ two large London broils, 6 chicken thighs and two big dogs wanting back outside...imagine the dogs wanting OUTSIDE for a change:)

Dough on the rise and cookies on the tray.
This cookie method will set you ahead at the oven.
Prep first then at the oven it will be a quick job of get that oven off asap!

Lesson here
At this point the little guy needed my time and so ....
Monopoly again :) it was a lot of good eye contact.
Fun little soul...he had a "slow motion pass the dice to mom" it was sweet...
However I won and he had a real issue over it...
lets say a fit!
After "thank God" a bit of patient (see the thankful Thursday post) understanding
and correction...the fit was over the fact that the game was over too soon.
He had chosen the Monopoly game so that the time with me would not end!
WOW what a little smart guy...

So alas while the fit commenced I got the cooling racks out for the cookies and got them in the oven. Punched down the loaf and set it to second rise.

So Dash said...
"Mom don't you want to give it a blanket"?

So well the cookies bake the bread was tucked into the vent of the stove heat.
Make use of what you have.
My eye aways sees life this way.
Even as a kid my eye would make the pleasure of waisting nothing and taking full all of what everything had to offer.

So too is my heart in parenting. The greatest regret for me is the failure to do so due to stress and exhaustion. These first few years of parenting have been very demanding ones for me and I wish I were better equipped, I know I have done the best I was able to do for the most part I just wish I would have been calmer and less frustrated and gotten angry less.

All I can do is effort to improve and rest at night as to be better equipped with patience.
So as he calmed and a peace was gifted to us as understanding was gained I suggested another game. Asked him to set it up because "I enjoy being with you, especially when your a good sport. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me that did not want to stop being together".

So happily he stomped around in his daddy's boots
Now Dove was yet asleep
that darling she is growing SO FAST!
I think it wise to let her rest well...she feels so much better too.
It is a good thing to give her body time to grow and time to renew her strength.
Think of it those bones and flesh knitting and forming mass...inches up and arms out.

keeping Dash quiet means constant attention while she sleeps or she won't get to sleep for he will do everything he is able to have one of us attending him constantly.
I am doing my best to address the security phase I think it is the root of it.
He feels safe with attention.
It also helps him feel affiliated so I am using a lot of you belong language and statements to affirm him. Takes so focus to understanding as not to re-act to it in frustration.

He is growing into his Daddy's shoes in so many ways.

So deep breadth and game number two...
Now by this time Dove is with us wanting to rest and watch qubo kids TV that is really pretty quality better than channel 8 (public) and it is MUCH better than the paid TV of the Disney channel. So I allow it so she can be alone a few moments....oh oh oh how I do understand her needing a few alone moments in the morning...:)

these are mine.

Nick Jonas Birthday Cake
Heart shape chosen by dove and the sugar/flower dusted the olive oiled pan.
Used my hands to oil then rub the olive oil right into your hands...Good stuff.
Hands soft and nothing waisted :)

So Dove supplied me with the image lets see me pull this one off for Saturday.
Dove 12 years old!

Cake out of the oven Daily Loaf of Bread right in...
also the butternut squash in...
baked in the little water in the bottom

Steaming oven for the soft rise of the bread.
Makes a nice slicing loaf..

Nothing w......that's right!

I needed to set boundary with Dash for some me time...

A few moments ago he came up to me and embraced me...I stood there and could just feel the flow of healing into him. I could just feel it.
He did not pull away he stood there a few moments and then without pulling away he said
"you can let go now"...
I let go of him , not the other way around.
He let me let go...
I hope somebody else can see it.


when your baking day uses eggs
fill a bowl with water and rub the inside of the shell clean
dry and grind in a food grinder or roll with a rolling pin once bagged into a plastic bag.

Now add this to the soil of your tomato plants or give to your chickens for strong egg shells.

Well It is 11:30
Time to draw the heart of a little boy into a game of

OH! that boy is a challenge!
He will not stop getting into my face and interrupting me every 5 minutes it is very hard. Deep breadth.
I was almost done and he just kept interjecting and I got frustrated.
I set boundary calmly repeated several times...

Now he is so jealous of Doves birthday
I was proud of him coming to me with words to say so...
The fact that neither one of us is giving him our full attention right now and here I go almost losing it with him again.
Please pray for me I am trying to meet his needs and to teach him how to not have to have constant attention and to deal with those hard feelings of character growth.
Character is a very hard thing to grow into.

deep breadth!
God is making and will make me able to be patient and TEACH not re-act!
The best career so challenging with the greatest of benefits
I love this job!
Just really want to do well at it.
Thinking I was making progress when Dash suggested with kindness
"mom why don't you go rest It's ok"
This after Dove came to my defence and said mom you need to rest if we are going swimming at 1p.m.....
Father help me
I will go nap a few minutes and then suit up.
Shut the house off and go play with the children an hour or so in the sun
I at least the water is wet...
the pools have become like a warm bath here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

It is the quiet hour when days recalled remind of the simple moments of my life
those days when shoulders were loose and relaxed.
Yet those days gone by were still fraught with trials that I made it through.
Looking back to see all that was missed as the stress removed the beauty of moments now gone.
How fortunate a glance back
I wonder now of all the things robbed from me of all of them this the most priceless...
simple moments without fear
Moments when distractions stole those things dear.
Following images of old this seams to be the story told.
and what of the trials...I am yet alive.

Wished when they were near I would of not bought into the fear.
Humbling to the truth be told
when into stress I caved and did fold.
Yet now when I see
When reflect a awhile

He is yet in control
I alive
I have my mind another day equipped with the wisdom of when and how to pray .
How can I then say of anything do I give fear.
I know my Creator is standing near
wishing wanting to remove every tear.
Wishing wanting to erase the effects on those I love most .
For this I am grateful reflective and true
I wish I could now my children take them all from you.
But human am I , and feeble like wobbling bones dance.
Dance I of reflections, many regrets.

Sorrow of time lost to those tensions strangled then in the grip of the stress.
Release me yet again I beg to trust assuredly .
To mend my fences and restore the breach
bind tight the bonds of every cord
do not regret yet another day or anything else that you might say...

reflections freed of the sad yesterday...

reflections released me
of this I pray.


When doing our Esteem Builders
Question was ...

During the winter I ...
Dash answered..."will walk on water like Peter!"

Thank you Annette

Some days it is so hot that a simple trip to the post is well not fun...
So When Annette asked me of the arrival of a card of kind words and a gift card of monetary value for dove I was really touched. I thought I might share my response and what Dove had to say too.

I'll put my shoes on and go check the mail box on the corner.
It is here I got back to Dove in bed...curious she over looked it sitting there on the table at first...then I told her I am Mrs. U., you are Miss U. then she got it and jumped up and down so excited! She asked if she could write to you...

she writes

thank you so much I love it so much I will tell you what I will get with it

Thank you for bringing such excitement and joy to my sweet daughter.
She is squealing with glee!

I hope your hand is doing alright tonight and not throbbing.
So sorry to hear about hand

Thank you sweetie!
How fun that was for me just now to see her so very happy and giddy.
She wants to go to the store tomorrow. She came back and asked pensively....I don't want to spend it on Boccogan mom is that alright? (that is the popular toy at the house right now) I said to her that it is her money to spend as she wishes.


Yes it is yours....

*GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *
to cute!

my heart is full from that sweet innocent beauty I just witnessed.
Loving you with a grateful heart!
your friend

Menu Plan Monday

A couple of days late
The importance of a menu for me makes it a wonderful tool

This week I will be piggy backing the meats
Yesterday after thawing the large 5lb pkg of chicken thighs
Half were set aside to marinate for tomorrow
The other was made into fried chicken instead of the chicken and rice
We had biscuits and gravy as well for I had a container of plain soy milk to use up.
The potatoes were mashed.

Later this afternoon I will char broil the two London broils and set one aside for the end of the week. I may then broil the chicken for the grill will be hot...if I have energy left to do so.
can you say 115+
In front of a grill
Me tired!
but the meat for the week is cooked!

Re heating in the summer can save a fortune!
Cooking it all once as much as possible and then setting aside the things to be reheated at meal time.
Helps me a lot.

No Surgery for my son

We had our visit down at the St Joesph Chilren's Clinic this morning.
We have been doing our best to keep a NO OVERTIME month as to re qualify

It has become a mute point
Our state had a 30 million $$$$$$ budget cut

Children's Rehab has lost it's grant and we no longer have a chance to get any coverage here.
We would be billed at a medicare rate after our Insurance pays...
It will be as it is a 100% out of pocket now.

We do have private Insurance.
These souls who have nothing else will really hurt.

The hearing clinic told me to consider the hearing aids ours.
We will now be 100% responsible to do the repairs
or to do the molds
The wonderful woman whose heart exceeds her in kindness set me up with some referrals here in my city so I will not have to go to the clinic anymore.
The doctor will see Dash in his private office.
This will help save the services for some of the other families who are of a hurt with NO insurance. But if an item or survice gets too expensive we can go there and use the insurance and the medicare will help cover some of the co-pay. All in all we doing well and are sitting just fine.

Dash's endocrinologist is no longer serving at the clinic so we will seek him out private practice or just use the clinic and pay for the overage. I set and appointment for October (the soonest he can be checked) he needs a blood draw to see if his thyroid levels are alright.

big bowl of spaghetti and sauce!
He ate more shortly after
a Popsicle
He eats like a horse runs like a cheetah all day and never gains a bit. Intuition said check it. He is treated at the clinic under that diagnostic so it is covered.

Well now if the overtime comes available we can go ahead and do it without worry of the loss of qualifying for renewal of benefits. It was wonderful while we had CRS to help we were very fortunate and we still are.

Too cute...He and I are in a game of Monopoly...He has me an Indian and he is a soldier. The car comes if you go to jail and drives you sweet to see his little hands drive the car across the monopoly game board.

I found myself reading the adoption decrees today while searching for Dove shot records. I am so blessed Somehow I thought Dove had a Biological sibling but the other two before her were aborted. How am I going to tell her that? I wanted her and Dash I want them and they so belong to us...I love my children so much.
The records spoke of both of the adoptions of children too ill to wait transport and twice I was given the favor of getting them back to the states in a hurry...non too fast!

Now health has over taken them and they are happy and well thriving and loved so very much.
I have kept my word to the judges.
I love these two so much and it is so wonderful that they have health.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Talent and humility the wonder of it

Lawrence Beamans

Keven Skinner

Barbara Padillas


When you done with a video hit back space twice.

Tackle it Tuesday

A big part of
My tackle is over here at A Place to Create

Pot scrubbers for the next few months

Monday, July 13, 2009

Prioitizing my Place to Create

Good Evening
Well here it is 8:30 in the evening and I think I will stop for a while

This job of unpacking and sorting the last of the misc items
has been a thorn in my floor
Today it was time for what I wanted
that was a clear floor!

Here in my rocker a collection of sewing jobs and stuff...
It got piled up over the winter
and this spring with all the ideas yet to be created
it is the dead of summer
time to sew

I ran out of the pot scrubbers I made two dozen months back
time to get a big batch together.
I use these for dishes and then retire the used ones to the pet dishes

Fun minding a blanket when it is in excess of 110*
I really want my rocker back

This is a little thing I have wanted to do.
The handles of the table top messed up my design
I still like it.

I put my favorite print back up.
I have always just loved that painting

It is back!

Many jobs ahead and several posts for
"the Place To Create Blog"

As I was looking at this...I have an idea of switching the cookbooks with the pink boxes.
the boxes would be easier to get into .
They hold many parts and items used in arts and crafts and sewing.
I could turn that wall unit into the center for the things I need to keep
This place running
Steve and I can sit together and review the goal/mission/budget now.
He can be comfortable and visit with me while I cook.
I am looking forward to some things to reduce the clutter of the shelves or at least disguise it.
A blouse cut out
for me...

I have to get some ink and I will have my copier/printer back.

Jobs in the Que

This has already improved.
Lots of mending and creating and organizing.
The fabrics were consolidated
I'll have to do a post.

It has just been so long that it has been put off.
Tired lady tonight sorta soft spoken.
Be blessed

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• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
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• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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Thank you Michelle

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