Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life with Commmon Variable Immunoglobbulin Deficiency and Fibromayalgia

Hello to you Laura.

A commenter who has suffered undiagnosed left me several comments yesterday. My doc said that the estimated diagnosis time is now 15 years from onset! I had no way to contact Laura.

Sorry everyone for my lack of posts. It takes all my energy most days to just take care of my little family.

I have been enduring Fibromyalgia pain and lethargy. My numbers are good as far as the IgG. I am holding well. The last two months have had me in a holding pattern. A cellular Rhuomatoligst has confirmed that I do NOT have lupus or RA thank GOD! It is a mystery how the physical pain can grab so hard. A mystery solved in the Fibromyalgia. My nurse told me that a gynecologist she worked with said that fibro is related to endo fibers that free float in the body. At least that is the latest in research. I had several abdominal surgeris over the years ending with a total hysterectomy in 2001.

Well of late with that study it is now proven out that the shoulder impingement's are due to bone spurs. I have surgery on the left shoulder on September 7th. My arm is impinged now with a partial thickness tear along the bursal side of the disal course of the supraspinatus tendon. A common issue in aging and or overuse. My left wrist is in a bad way needing surgery as well. The difficulty in having pain that is greater than what MRI or x ray might indicate is the insulting response of an ignorant P.Assistant. I have  contact with a different hand surgeon but have been on hold until after the test to rule all the other stuff out. My hand is a wound unto itself also in need of surgical repair.

The ortho doc wanted to rule out lupus or RA. It has been over a year now with shoulders in great pains. The surgery should help, but more pain of recovery will be my lot soon. Pain can really effect a soul, this soul.  I do my best to take vitamin B's ,calcium and such.

It was a concern that perhaps the CVID was causing the generalized pain and lethargy. Fibromylagia is actually made worse with lack of sleep. Note that with both shoulders sleep is hard won with the pain. Stress is another main issue with fibro, try pain=poor sleep=stress. A wheel within a wheel. Sitting here to type is like a heavy task physically. Exercise is important, yoga has had to stop due to my shoulder. It is a feeling of being trapped at times. I take a mild muscle relaxer at bed time. That has helped with the flexing and cramping. I am suppose to start a water aerobics program with the arthritis foundation after several weeks of physical therapy training. It is all so very overwhelming. It took 14 weeks to have the two appointments with the Cellular Rhum. doc.

knee shots last thursday and for the next two thrusdays
got to set up the water p.t.
shoulder surgery on 9-7 (it was on the 30th Surgery was postponed by the doc.)
call on the rx for the infusion on 8-25
call my nurse to confirm
call the other surgeon on my wrist to keep them in the loop
Allergy shots 1-2 x wk

Take our bunny to the vet (mites)
Take our dog to the other vet (3 year rabies shot and exam)
Dash has on line school, we are trying to get him into a real good charter school
Dove is in Jr. High, special needs. Got to call her interventionist.

Life is full and days are often like a huge stream through a straw. Pain slowed me way down. Love holds me up.

Please pray for MILove her sister passed away.
her funeral is on the 30th.

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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