Saturday, September 8, 2007

Photo Hunters *Music*

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Video Photography

Video Photography becomes a joy to our young ones. The "Daddy Man" gave the kids an old camera today. They are so entertained. After filming they are watching it on the T.V.
Dash filmed a documentary about his family including the dogs, his sisters bear collection and a battle.

Oh Happy Dog Day!


Thanks to my friend Amritra
We bring this to you.
Visit her and learn about your world.
If it is choppy needing to down load just hit the left pause button and wait until the line fills up under the image. It will be well worth the wait.

Friday, September 7, 2007

School Year Resolutions

To Pass the torch
Is Hosting a new meme, I thought I would conceder my goals. To join in click on the site and join us.


Detox Daughter off Medication if possible, keep a calm home so she can relax.
Keep up work toward the I.E.P. for both of the kids
Continue to pursue the injections for my knee. The shots last 6-9 months!
Eat Less and healthier. consider my body a living sacrifice.
Take much better care of myself.

Catch up around house
Finish extension on the taxes. (this is the first time in 25 years I have ever had to do an extension!)
Finish investment forms,
Sew fall/winter clothing
Practice other talents with creative arts and writing
Decorate for fall
Get rid of give away stuff.
Go through Dash's clothes
Register for the craft show.
Get more Bible time scheduled.
Work on all the odd jobs around the house
Set up a night for the ladies to come here for crafts once or twice a month.

Implement interventions and testings for kids.
Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Manage affairs more efficiently.
Set a Christmas Gift list
Christmas Card list
News letter for cards.
craft nights

Exercise daily and continue weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Plan thanksgiving dinner
Serve a formal Thanksgiving Dinner.
Make crafts and invitations with the kids
General house cleaning and preparations for formal dinner.
Decorate for Christmas
Do the craft show at the church
Adopt a family for Christmas
Craft Nights
Dash's adoption day cake and party
Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Prepare for formal Christmas Dinner.
Christmas Day!
Craft Nights

Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Decorate for Valentines Day
Craft Nights

Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Beloved Birthday!

Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Miss Fiction's adoption day party.
Dash's Birthday party!
Decorate for easter!
Plan Easter Buffet.
Craft Nights
Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off.
Easter Celebration!
Craft Nights

Exercise every morning, work on weight loss goal 1-2 pounds a week off. 8x4x1=32 lb.'s go bye-bye! :) Happy birthday to me!
Craft Nights
Prepare activities for summer
Plan camping trips.

Friday Feast

Christine over at Ate we "There Yet Mom" is hosting Friday Feast

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?
I go without the kids. I meander and look for bargains and get inspired. I often think, pray and just zone out for a while
What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?
I love to celebrate the bounty of the earth. I don't do Halloween, I celebrate Gods Provision.
Have you ever had any bad experiences online?
I was selling on E-bay and found that it was more of an expense than a profit.
Main Course
Name three things that make you happy daily.
My Husbands loving eyes and embrace.
My Children's wonder and wide eyed excitement over life.
Comments on the posts that let me know someone is out there.
What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?
3 year calendar. I get them from Fuller brush/Watkins. I have used them for twenty years. They allow me to have life at my finger tips when my memory might fail to recall a detail or event in recent history (when was the last yearly apt for medical check ups or kids well visits). Pet shot record and general over all record of when, what who and where. I use them each year for the Christmas news letter. To schedule appointments, make note of upcoming bills of projects/goal.

Join in the fun and remember to post it at her sight. Just click on her address and scroll down.
She is also doing some give aways, go check her out!

Grinding the Grain

This is My Mill.
It was past to me from my husbands family. It was once his Mothers but she purchased a more modern unit. this is a grist mill.

Within are two stones one is stationary the other spins (loudly) :).

Under the stones sits a beautiful stainless steal pan. The ground floor is deposited in the pan.

The shoot sits atop the stones and the grain goes in here. Gravity sends it to the stones.
The stones are adjusted from behind for finer/courser grind.

After grinding the spelt I sift it. Note the two sifters the plastic one would make good fodder for the recycle can but the good old fashioned metal one is a must. If you go to an old antique store you just might be able to find someones grandmas sifter. Many folks collect these old kitchen tools for a cute decor. I find then utilitarian as well.

After the grain is sifted the grain remaining in the sifter can be set aside. It is the groats. They can be cooked as cereal or boiled in soups or if a very moist baked meat (meat loaf) they can be added for substance.

These grains were given to me by Michelle from Life in the midst of writing, She took a trip to Montana and got them right at the growers little store. Fresh! I have had them in the deep freezer until I was set to grind. I grind as I use the floors and keep my whole grains in a frozen state to keep away pests and such.
Turn these grains into....

Floor. (left to right) Spelt flour,whole grain and spelt groats, oat flour, rye floor and Millet flour
This is a book I purchased years ago when I began to take an interest into varied grains for my family.
Try a new grain. Now sometimes they need to be used in special ways because they may not have a high enough gluten content to be used alone for breads so do a little research and try something new. If you have questions you are free to ask. I'll help you if I can.:)

My beloved

I want to send a great big hug out there to you.
I know how hard you have been working honey.
I see the hours add up in your long days
I am so honored by your patient gentle kindness as the chores pill up each day.
I want so badly to dive in and put them all away.
If I could I would have it where you would come home
to a palace clean and a dinner exquisite prepared.
Laundry all washed, ironed and put away.
With all clutter that annoys us in the proper place.
Oh what I want to present to you in this my frame.
All of fifty pounds removed. To be as gorgeous as before.
Legs freshly shaved and hair washed and adorned.
Hands and feet manicured like they once were.

You enter to see me next to pains door with my face all worn from the long day
Children are happy and tackle you before I can get near to you.
I am just a ball of "can't take this anymore"
I long to dance before you once more with the glee and delight that you again have entered or door.
I know that this will pass and again I'll return to my common expression of peace like before.
You , you have been too gentle so kind at evening time when tired and worn you ask me if you can get a glass of water for me.
A servant , a servant you are and have always been
Giving and giving and this is the life you are living.
I know it is a gift with no expectation of anything more.
I give you the sunshine the children's glee.
I give you the true heart within me the one who celebrates you all the more.
I give you a wifes heart. A woman you adore. A promise that I am not to sure I can keep, one to lose this weight and regain my strength. A focus that is a big o' challenge.
I fear the discipline like a little child that throws a fit.
Yet I hold on to those old jeans hoping someday they might magically fit.
When I can I'll get those shots for this old knee and maybe perhaps it will help me get free to walk and to roam all this sedentary lifestyle gone.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mother and Daughter Blog Carnival

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Having a dayghter is the best!
Wow! A spectacular joy, my little girl!
Whirling and twirling
Skating in socks.
Horses and flowers on a bedroom wall.
Stars on her ceiling, clouds white and blue.
Stuffed animal families of make believe.
Sweet Street cities.

Oh wonder! My darling Dear.
The world her oyster, joy her pearl.
Dresses at Easter and pumpkins in fall.
Washing her hair
The glory of youth in her heart strings.
The wonder of life the lyrics she sings.
The sweet response to her name when I call.

This actress of mine.
New characters to meet in her mind.
Bracelets, lip gloss, powders, perfume.
The look in her Fathers eyes.
The mellow dramatics we see when she cries.
Then those sweet coy little smiles
tears wiped from her eyes.

Ah, It is a marvelous thing to behold.
All those sweet secrets to be told.
Pink party favors.
Fairy tale wands.
giggles and laughter
Story book pages unfold

Sewing and cooking
lessons on how to forgive
opportunities to gain
chances to give.
All rolled into the joy
as I teach her how to live.

4 hours sleep! How you say ah. *Pearls*

Now that I have rested I will share something beautiful with you. A pearl in the midst of this stormy sea. At times when the tide is rising high it is tempting oh so tempting to go to the rock and just wail out "Why Me?"
I came close.
Two days ago when in the dentist chair awaiting the injections. There in the sky before me was a hawk. Unusual in that I was looking over a city neighborhood. I heard My Master call to me to come away with him into the updrafts that he and that hawk were enjoying. I did so. Everything melted away while I was there. It was soon that he flew out of sight. I heard "stay with ME" pull me to him focused on the clear blue sky I endured the scraping of the bone. Remember the nerve block had not been successful at that point. I kept going away with HIM.
There in that storming time of mass endurance He came for me holding me with him within the beauty of a hawk that He himself had created that day just for me.

Today this sea a tossing with such agony and intensity again a pearl. I held my Bible and asked Him for help and comfort. I opened it up and looked down to...Present you body a living sacrifice wholly worthy and acceptable. I Ask Him to show me how.
As I sat here enduring to the 19th hour ,sleep deprived pain exhausted it became clear to me. I know this of old that I had been given a ministry to the Medical Profession. I remembered who I am. I began to turn my eye to intercession for the Doctor, his office staff and their offices. Those other patients in the building. Mainly the doctor.
After all was done, he sat down on a folding chair and said that he was about ready to cry. It hurt him to cause others such pain. He shared how sorry he was that it was hurting so bad. He and his assistant both came and sat down and rested a few moments. I offered them kindness, gratitude and love. They offered me counsel and support. We were in unity no animosity no offense no hostility. Only peace.
It is not all about us folks.
So rarely has it ever been for me. We are rich through the pearl. For me, in friction accomplished in the death (of the oyster)I lived,The Pearl it gives such perfect beauty to capture our focus.

Home from the dentist

The bone is healing well. Ya! It showed good improvement for two days. However there is an ulcer on the back side of the socket extending to the fold in my jaw.
Here is a new idea, Maalox (I got vanilla cream) and benadryl (I got dye free)rinse (don't swallow). It did really help for a few moments. I have a stronger pain medication. I can only takd half of it though so I am able to pick my kids up.
So... I'm not dieing and my jaw is not broken. Though I considered praying to die in the night :)
This is the worse case in his 20 years (thanks for sharing{;).Man I hear that a lot in my lifetime! The guy really is doing well by me and I am so fortunate, I told him I felt that way.
I realized that I needed to pray for the office staff. I see that I need to think about his (the dentists heart too) He was about ready to cry because he was hurting me so badly when he re-packed the socket. So I'll pray for him and his staff. Ride this through and trust God and the dentist that this will get better on day. I'm at day 7. I suppose in the greater story that is a flash in time.
Sorry to dampen the parade of my blog. :)
You all find lots of beauty in your day now.
I'm in His hands I know this too will pass.
Do not use clove oil, I do not know if it caused the skin problem but dont risk it!

Thankful Thursday

My Dear Friends.
It is now one week later and I am still Thankful for pain Medication. I have a rare development with a dry socket that had to be bone scraped. I am in so much pain I sit here after THREE pain pins with no relief. Or if there is I'm thankful I'm not feeling the full effect of the pain.
I am thankful that I can endure this.
I am thankful for the presence of my Loving Abba Father God to comfort me in these late sleepless hours.
I am thankful that I am a at home Mom so that I do not have to be employed and experiencing this.
I am thankful for a loving husband.
I am thankful for little kids wishes and prayers that Mom feels better soon (they miss me)
I am thinking of going to an urgent care in the morning I wonder if he broke my jaw?
Thankful... for insurance.
enough to do a co-pay
Thankful for skills, talents bread for lunches to make for them tomorrow.
Good dogs.
I am thankful for the beauty of my diamond ring my beloved gave me for our 25th anniversary it feels good to look at the beauty and to think about how he sacrificed and gave me such a beautiful gift. I had never had a diamond before. Its like looking into infinity.
I am thankful. My heart does overflow with all the goodness around me.
I don't know if I can endure but I do know the one who can cause me to be able too. I am thankful that in suffering my character can be matured to stop eating so much candy and take better care of myself. To stop ignoring and denying my physical needs.
I think in all things there are gifts to gain. I am thankful that I have this perspective right now.
I am thankful to think of the prayers that you are perhaps lifting up on my behalf.
Gratefully yours

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The face behind the blog. Meme

Married one year 1983 gown is snug because I was fed. :)

Camping trip 1984. I don't hunt the gun was for protection. We were in the wilderness. Hubby probably was going off to do his business.

Biking trip 1984. I was raised on two wheel motorcycles. Bet you didn't know that.

Our "race car" dun buggy the first one we owned taken in 1984.
In my Glory Days :) Before the kids we had a lot of fun this way. Due to funds being tight we have had to let go of these things. It is too bad we had so much fun. I would love to do these things with the kids.

Taken this year.

Cory from "Living and Loving Every Minute" posted a new meme

The Rules, to quote Wolfgang:
The usual rules apply. Post a short article and include your photograph (or more if you want). If you already have a picture online somewhere, then get creative with a new one.Blog Title:

Name of Blog: A Life Uncommon

A place to live life with the affiliation of others who share their lives and their lessons. A place to think on the things that I have experienced,witnessed and heard and seen. That We all might focus on the marvelous and the seemingly mundane becomes appreciated.

It means Dawn=Lady, Etta=Lady of the home

Country: USA.

Originally from: Washington State

Occupation: I have been a Bank Teller, Gas Station Attendant, Elderly Care Provider, Insurance Agent, Extended Care Provider for Elementary Children.
By and far my hearts desire fulfilled I am a Full Time Wife, homemaker, and Mother

Email: Should be listed in my profile

Birthday: In May

Favorite Colors: Blue and purple

Favorite Drink: I love pineapple juice, green tea, good coffee, Reverse Osmosis Water

Favorite Fruit: Rainer Cherries

Favorite Desert: It varies, anything non dairy and real I don't like fake (processed) foods.

Hobbies: Anything art, Sewing, beading, scrap booking, painting, writing, cooking, creating.

Some of the blogs I know that have posted pictures of me: Pretty sure NONE.

Next, include the link to the others who have displayed their pix, or even include their pix in your post, adding a reference to it.
That is too much work...but I'll add a few. :)

Corey wrote:Now I'd like to ask anyone else who is in the mood to go ahead and participate. I know many people like to stay anonymous, so I don't want to force anyone out. :)
I agree.

Update on Denise from Shorty bears Place

I just spoke to Denise's (from Shorty Bears place) husband Eddie, Denise was placed into the hospital. They were not able to do her procedure yesterday . She tested with a blood sugar level over 600. They have her now inpatient. Eddie asks for prayer. Please also pray for him. His employer is not understanding and will not give him time off to be with her. He just got off work returned my call and will be off to go be with her. He has not spoken to her since yesterday. This is a terrible thing not to be able to be his mate. Just think how hard it must be for her.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wordless Wedensday, HEAVY

1999 Little Dove helped Daddy.

Mother of Many.

Momma Bloga Writing Contest
The theme for the September Group Writing Project is “What is motherhood?” We’re writing about how we define motherhood. Feel free to go in any direction that appeals to you. Even if you don’t choose to participate, you can encourage others to participate!

Mother of Many
Will you adopt me?...was the recent comment of one who had already grown within our hearts.

What is Motherhood to me?
Oh Mother of Many Am I.

And if one day I see all their faces I would spin and dance with glee. Hundreds before me, young and old. All of my life I have surrounded myself with a chosen family. I am blessed with my own family true. My Sisters and Brothers and nieces and nephews. My own children... two.They are now saplings around me as once I watered there tender seeds.
Friends are the family one finds along the way.
So many many faces flash in my minds eye.
Oh Mother of many, who as a child herself, tended the gas station store years and years before. I saw children , sometimes slipping them a candy and a smile of course. I loved the children peering from the back seat windows. They would smile and wave excited to see if a candy would be theirs for the day. Little finger waves, gleeful, then a nod of good day as the car would pull away. Years ago now so many have passed by my way.
Oh Mother of many, the children, while I was in school, seventh grade duty in the reading room. Never shaming those who could not read from my kindness they seamed to feed. Then those in the special ed department, the young man who typed with his toes. He walked up to me that last day to say good bye. I will always remember how hard each step for him as he tried.
Oh Mother of many throughout high school all the varied click members would come to me there on the greens and open their hearts and pour out their dreams. Often I was their only confidant and I would weep with them there and pretend we had no more care.

You Are a Blue Crayon

Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.

You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.

On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.

However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.

Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.

At my house we had a play room though barren my womb, it was filled always with children from all around. Coloring books and crayons were a staple at Aunt Donetta's house. Kids on the street were brought there by friends. Parents often, not even caring where they were.
Oh Mother of many I was and have always been.
Dear sweet Heather flew far too soon from a 140 foot cliff. She was a hard one to loose from down the street, three doors yet, so far. Your kittens and laughter still ring in my ear how you had only days before accepted Jesus on my living room floor.
All the neighborhood children began to leave, some moved away. I remember the day I was given two dozen rosed by the little boy down the street . His father had been given them and he wanted them to go to me. Oh the trees that we planted at the front door. The boys digging with the shovel so a Lady could rest. The children would come and tell me their stories and just sit and stare. As I pulled of dried petals and dead headed the roses.
As an extended care provider at the private Christian school. I'll always remember the little boy who at 9 years old and 75 pounds would mess his pants daily until the day I wept, compassion stunned him and ever day after he would say "Teacher! Teacher, I didn't mess my pants!" I would praise his kind nature and thank him too. Although he was retarded, no one had ever expected that he was able to offer anything more.
Oh Mother of many the women would come and sit and spill sorrows of all they had known. Saying never before was there a safe place to tell. I held them and loved them. Two have gone on before to short their lives were.
My children have often been only for a day, week, months or a few years. They reached into my heart and took away all the barren years.
Oh mother of many,who is it all for?
All the glee and the loss and the struggles in life. So many sisters in Christ who have needed the care of a Mother, without children of my own. Non were ever belonging to me and then 16 years later the prophecy came true.
Now mother of many has just but her two. Without knowing how many were mothered before. These two I have charge of. Unlike the so many before to lift up and carry through life's troubled door. A good foundation and a stable home, a refuge to last past night fall.
I am a Mother of many who could ever want more than the privilege to give all to another hearts store. I watch as they each one grows and matures . Little baby buggies, toddling into youth. All of my many children who I taught in the Sunday School Rooms, holding them telling them that God is Love, God loves you and I love you.
I remember the little Navajo boy who would not look me in the eye, only to learn that Elders and those who are respected were to be honored with a bowed brow and this it was so . What lessons they have all taught to me. I have grown.
Young men now and young women raised up around me with children of their own. I , I have my two... I waited a lifetime for this honor to come. How privileged a role is Motherhood honored. We have a great high calling to be a living testimony of love.
Now my children never have to go home. I know that their nights are safe and they have their needs met. The joys of each moment is all I could ever desire. It is in many tasks but rather in the relationships with my Son an Daughter that Motherhood is realized. I have the role Mother it is an office if highest responsibility. It is the joy of a lifetime!. If I succeed then they will become independent lovers of God who can shake the world with compassion, wit and Wisdom.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
So far I have been able to tackle a bottle of pain pills and my Pillow.
It is now 12:30 I have a 1 o clock appointment with the dentist for another Packing of the dry socket, and hopefully another nerve block. The pain is so sever that I just feel as if I faint if I bend over. I am shaking. I am going to go get some help now.

I had hoped to grind grain this morning and grocery shop, perhaps when I return numb and happy :)
Post script.
Oh boy to I have one that will not be topped!
I went to the dentist a half an hour early oops. Sat in the lobby a mom and her kid came in I sat up straight and put on a better face (no easy task).
They called me back only to pull the other dentist who did the extraction over from the other office. He then told me how rare this complication was.
He proceeded to give me a nerve block (that would not take hold) and and three other injections into the area. He told me my bone is exposed and that he has to scrape it and clean off all the goo from it. He has to make it bleed to form a clot! He thought I was wise to choose the injections.
Folks after all those shots he scraped that bone and I just curled up and wimpered like a dieing dog. He then rinsed it with a strong stream of saline solution that cause my eyes to to over turn the flood gates. I just had enough!, but he was not finished yet! He then packed it while I wondered if that pup was gonna make it to the end.
I drove myself home. and I sit now having to go get my kids.

If any body can top that tackle my porcelain crown is off to ya!

Kids are home and the shots finally blocked the pain ya!

Good Mornig Mother I made your breakfast for you.

Dash greeted me with this wonderful set table (at 6:30 ). It was just perfect. He even used care as to find a soft cereal so it wound not hurt my mouth. I am so blessed. My son is thoughtful and I am just so grateful to have him. We had a game and a nice visit in the hammock. He showed me his library book. It had 17th century realism for the illustrations. This kid is something else. I am so happy to see him love art so much.
Beloved awoke to me gasping in pain around 1a.m. this morning that sweet heart drove to the pharmacy to get my third refill for pain. This dry socket it a challenge to say it mildly.
I held Miss Fiction while she enjoyed her morning show before school. She really did fall into the tub last night. That must of been a sight! They were off to a good start. I dropped them off at school.
I have a dentist appointment at 1 pm . I need to take another pain pill and rest. I might try to get in sooner if I can.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Another good friend, Amy, has tagged me for a fun new meme...well, new to me anyway.

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.

4. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

M married at 20 I waited 16 years for my first (daughter) child and 20 years for my Son.
Art is in my blood, I am all over anything creative. One of my favorite things is to visit little shops that have hand crafted items. I feel alive in them. It is like a room full of friends expressing their inner most ideas.
rice is one of my favorite grains. I do not eat wheat unless in a position where I am unable to avoid it. Wheat does not like me. I grind a type of wheat called Spelt that I like or at least it likes me.
I can not eat ice cream. I am allergic to milk and any thing made of it. Now though they have wonderful soy ice cream and Rice dream that is very good.
Enjoying life is very essential to me . I treasure every moment and do not lay down to trial if I can help it. I fought to hard for this life. I am tenacious that way.

So now to tag others...

Michelle for "Life in the midst of writing"

Amy from "the knightly news"




Well Amy I'll work on this tomorrow, My beloved awaits me right now.

Please pray for Denise she has a procedure on her heart tomorrow. Thank you.

Denise over at "Shorty Bears"

Daddy Man's Hair Cut

Little Miss Fiction wanted to help me cut Her Daddy's Hair tonight

Oh so serious. Our shaver was malfunctioning so good Ol' sport Dad took to a buzz job. He is a very good sport. I think it is sorta sexy like that guy from the old E.R. series.

She was so intense. We were just tickled how grown up she felt. She has been wanting to help me out in every way today.

I overheard Dash in the tub and Miss Fictions voice in the bathroom. She had fallen clothes and all into the tub, they were laughing. So I being THE MOTHER had to correct them, while Dad and I just shook our heads later thinking how funny that must have been. Still we found it a little far fetched to believe.

Dash made a bar graph (Yes he is 6 yrs old!) to discover how good dinner was the categories were smell while cooking, how it looked (presentation) and taste. Well I got rave reviews. He thinks it is too cool to graph something out. So much power in math. I tell them it is a language of it's own. Few can speak it and fewer understand it. So if he learns it he will have a lot of ability few others have. He has a mind for higher education. His IQ was tested and they stopped at a 6th grade level because he was annoyed with them, he was 5 at the time.

The house has hushed Daddy Man is reading to them for the next 45 minutes or so. This is a magical hour for me. I get tender good night kisses while listening to the wonderfully animated voice of such characters as old men and young boys. I hear children giggle and add their own animated responses to the narrator. Lately he has been reading several of the old Hardy Boys mysteries. I found 30 of them at a thrift store for 50-75 cents each a while back. Both our kids have an extended vocabulary.
I loved homeschooling and still do school them. I just let them go to school for the vocational stuff. Beloved and I teach a lot of character, science, natural history, global understanding, social understand, cultural understanding too. I love to understand WHY people are who they are. I enjoy passing this on to the kids. Beloved and I both like History SO much!
We have some very strong feelings about knowing ones own history, HIStoy (Bible Knowledge), World History and our favorite I think is Early American History even before the colonial period. We are a very patriotic Family.
Does any one out there enjoy History?
I'm going to close now . The history Detective is going to come onto our local P.B.S. channel. We don't buy cable so this is our favorite show to enjoy together.

Beading Break from the blog :)

After being inspired by Jaye over at "Just a Mom"
You have got to see what she has been creating this weekend! Amazingly beautiful! She saved this from a thrift store!
So...While listening to the sound track from "Cold Mountain"...
Today is our day of rest and reflection. We always try to remember to keep a day of rest and rejuvenation. It can be hard while raising a family but we want to live an example of the good principles set out in our guide book.

One way that I rejuvenate my spirit is to create something. So today I chose to bead.
I had a special order last time I was at the clinic with Dash. I laid out all the black beads I had and came up with this.
I have a third hand in the vice. Most folks need some kind of vice or another ;)
When I make lanyards I often use elastic cording for the safety of the person wearing it. This lanyard will be exposed to Special Needs Kids, I want it to be very strong. Gluing the knot is a very important step.

I use a lay out board to set the pattern and measure the length. I chose a progressive (size of beads) due to the client not wanting a rosary looking lanyard. Her husband was kidding her about the other one. She said..." I am Catholic but I don't want it to look like it". So I avoided a counted pattern. She wanted a neutral clear and black and told me to use my skills to create what I saw in my minds eye.

The center piece is a button I thought beautiful for the project. It reminded me of her. I used Silver lined clear glass spacers. Jet black vintage glass ellipticals in progressive sizes.

The clip is used for an I.D. badge.

I think the butterfly is so sweet. Hubby said it looks much more like a piece of jewelery.

When I finished it I got on a roll. I wanted to handle some color. It makes me feel good inside. I LOVE color and use seasonal color pallet for my designs. This keeps clashing away and all the pieces flow automatically into the metal group. Summer/Winter into the silvers. Fall/Spring into the golds. Copper is a fun thing to play with. It can go many ways.

This lay out was so healing in the range I chose. Sky Blue and Light Lemon Yellow were colors used. I was in an imperfect, ha!, mood ;} today so the smaller beads were used randomly.
I ware mostly all summer range medium value (depth of color) The real pastels are to soft for me and they disappear into my olive skin tones.

I used a floating Stirling Silver finding to attach the clasps and the sun medallion.

Dangling earrings are my choice in this design.

I might just keep this set for myself. I need another necklace set like a gravel pit needs a stone, but they are just so pretty to look at. I liken it to playing in a candy store. Only less fattening and easier on the teeth :)

Miss Fiction received a bracelet. The findings were so cute. She likes Non-Disney Princesses.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Smiles

Willy Wonka found under Dash's fort. That wonderful instinct to den. The princess sat upon her throne.

Miss Fiction entered my room this morning with a china cup and saucer filled with brewed tea. "Good Morning Momma" she chimed as she set the tray upon my lap. She smiled and they both dance happily away. What a smile to awaken too.
I hope you all find wonderful moments in your day today to SMILE. Look for the beauty in the simple pleasures. :)

Dear Readers what would you like to see me post about?

pet care
things of the spirit
shared knowledge of some topic
or any other things you desire? (within discretion of course)

I want to get distracted from my tooth and I need your ideas.
Your thoughts matter. I don't want to be boring you. A lot of blogs do give aways but that would consume to much of me right now and it is not much my style. What do you look for when you come to visit. Is there something I offer you that you think of.

Dancing in the streets!

I did a little research...Oil of clove! Yes I had some and ... I put two drops on the packing in the socket and after it absorbed the pain went from a 10 down to a 4-5 Yep pee~!

I Seized The Day!

This Quilt is for a baby of a vetern.


Gwedo ( I dont know where he got this name but it is so cool when he says it) ,and Baba Fet. Mr fet is in the other room. Or course they are fit for battle with their warrior dog.

These are the princesses. Miss Fiction used perma markers to color them.

The kids are playing fort. They need Names and passports to enter each others forts. The princesses each have a throne and the battle druids each have their position as well. They are cooperation so sweetly helping to create extensions to the forts with the dining room chairs. They have furnished them like nomadic tents, with pillows and blankets.

Beloved went over tho a friend house to pray with him. He was asked to come.
We had great fun this morning! I pushed through and we all got in the car. We headed to a "Bass Pro Shop". It was like an amusement park. We had so much fun! The family had been there before without me.
Miss Fiction and I talked with the large bass, trout and cat fish in the massive aquarium. I showed her how to woo them with her spirit. She got it! She too was able to draw them to her. I am a fish whisperer as well as other creatures. I have always had the gift. It is like living inside oneself calm quiet and just being with the creature. They have intelligence and can sense your spirit and know your intent. She was able to achieve a call to four different fish who came to her from across the aquarium. I had one in my call and handed him over to her and she experienced it. It was so HOLY and FUN!
We played boating with the several display boats that even have a dock to walk on. Wow, ducks hanging from the ceiling and taxidermy everywhere. I don't rather like taxidermy so much but the creature were passed so I just looked to the beauty. I was able to watch God provide a bear (it was the last one without a price tag and she let us have it for $10. we both felt a good fair deal) for Miss Fiction, and a pop cork gun for Dash Hawk. We got a little fudge too for later.
We went to a cracker barrel and we given two caramel apples (for later) splurged on supper. The kids had a root bear in a bottle. They were so impressed. We each took turns with a kid and each a game. The kids had a great time independent with each parent taking turns. Each person had there favorite meal it was so fun! Fun, fun, fun ,I had fun! We felt like we had gone on a vacation. We had so much fun. We enjoyed each other so much. I just pressed through.
Now I rest as they play fort and I'll enjoy the show of imagination. I took a pain med and am working on keeping my focus off the terrible pain and on those fish coming to us. It was so cool!
What a wonderful day so far. Beloved will come home later. Then I'll probobly sleep a while. I fell asleep for an instant when we first got home but unknowingly Hubby come into the room full voice, and I need to wrap the quilt I had made for the baby that came a while back. A long while back the kids going to out grow it soon!
The kids and the Daddy Man went to the grandparents I have a quiet house. Ice and pain medication who could ask for anything more, Ha!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

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Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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