Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fixing up the back yard

Wow that was a hot and busy morning.
I went over to Denise Samaritan woman and took a charming visit of her yard and all she had created during her blog vacation.
Mercy did she inspire me... Denise now my husband just might want to strangle you hahaha.

I love the meaning of flowers.
During the Victorian times the meaning of the flower you sent spoke loudly of the message you intended. It is just one of the little sociology interest of mine. People do things for a reason or many reasons. I love to understand these thing. Culture even in history that distant can even effect us to this day.

Now as for aloe it is a flower with the meaning of mourning.

Well by the look of this back yard....
It is in mourning alright :)
Time to move it!

Recently I lost my nephew so in honor of him I send this off to the helpful people corner of the yard.
He was such a helpful young man.
I think There will be some ivy grown under the tree one day.
Perhaps some zinnia and sweet pea too.
I may just move the iris over under this tree too.

Coming back through the gate...
Bren and Denise both have recently put op some trellis...
We no longer need to two recycle bins so I will have the smaller on returned. It is free to have an extra recycle bin here. Now we are growing so much more we are having so much less to recycle.
With just the two big cans they really might work well to build that trellis to surround them.
Then grow a climbing cabbage rose on it facing the chairs perhaps.

He's the man!
Oh my but he is mine nananan.
I am sure in love with this guy head over heals.

After we removed the liner that still had a good gallon of concentrated high fuctose sryup in it.

He edged for me and then we did the work it entailed to put it in place.
Unfortunately he had to go in and help the kids.
They had dropped a 48 oz! glass jar of pickles!!!!!!
He was helping them clean up.
I went to the door to remind him I could not leave the garden unattended.
I was so hot and thirsty!!!!!!!
Then when I stuck my head in the door....

Well eventually we both got the tasks accomplishe.
We did a lot of work in the garden
I will post over at BEE BLISS GARDENS.
Pictures at words later.

Family is awaiting me.
Time to go see the grandparents then get right back her to watch
The old movie

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Evening Feng Shui the finance center

Well Toninght I end the day with great satisfaction in a job well done.
Done yet in part but I have a focus and a goal that is clear and exciting.

The records file staging is to the right on the shelving unit.
One of the childrens clip board that is a case now hold outstanding tasks to do with finance.
The coupons and the weekly adds are there as well.
So much busy work to do as well with updating the master phone list and all.
Inch by inch.
It is so nice now.
By going through the desk all the correspondence cards are organized and set the same way with the envelopes and such.
I was able to toss out many things that had just accumulated over time.
It is well ordered now.
I had been neglecting this very important area of our home.
Can you emagine, not making the finance a great matter of order and importance.
I stand as well as it stands corrected.
The calender is hidden on purpose and the shelves have a lot more work to do on them yet.

Steve's boss asked him for a resume today.
He thinks he is going to accept the offer.
Amazing timing.

The cook books were ordered and the education and kids stuff removed into their area in the living room. I still see things I want to tweak.
The bird is sitting on some very very old cook books.
Click to enlarge
This fabric is a favorite of mine. It has been here some long while.
The valences will be made out of it.
Steve put up the hardware for me tonight.

The salt box just has to go??
or maybe the breads print up to the left and the salt box over to the right where the bread print is.
I just found that wonderful print in a cooking magazine.
I love the calender not being here.
The little pile of papers on the top of the mill are gone too.
It just feels much better.

Check out that addorable print via a torn page :)

The blue heart has been in our bathroom for so many years.
Every morning his sandwiches are made here.
I thought it appropriate.
Thoughts of what the thing is saying and the place it better belongs is on my mind with this.

My $2 place mats the cloth napkins are in the laundry.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interior Decorating this week

Hello, This week has past so quickly!
It is Friday!
Now wait a minute how did that happen?

After packing this place up to sell and now moving back in I needed a little inspiration.
Feng Shui for decor...not religion :)

So the theory is
When you walk in the door the area should have water and depth.
It should not be crowded or cluttered.
Blue and black are the best choices of color.
Click to enlarge.
Just to the left of the entry is the center and it has sunflowers and a little table with the things that are all about who I am.
The center back of the house should have red tones and black to balance it.
It is a place of ones interests and achievements.
Our little family loves rock collecting and spelunking (caves)

Before kids our date would often find us at the mall in the nature store drooling over specimens of stones and crystals.

The bottom center is a core sample Steve and I found years ago in the desert when we were on a hike.

I moved the phone that was by the front door to here and it is much nicer to grab it when I have to run in from the garden.
The stones on the table are mostly purchased except those on the black rack.
There is note paper and sharpened little pencils in the drawer.

These are some books of interest.
Following the red on that center back wall theory the garden corner by the back door was changed up.

This is the center of the house with a little table with things that are about who I am.
I offered to do this for Steve but he declined?
His would be a lot of history and Civil War, machining and nature.
I still might get a little thing set up all about who he is.
Maybe I can do something for the kids?

The far right front of the home is all about travel and helpful people.
So a beginning with that left this here.

So I removed the phone from the master bedroom and placed it here on the landing just outside the master bedroom door.

The far back right side of the home is the corner signifying love.
So I cleared the space just outside our bedroom windows and set up a nice little tea spot for he and I. The kids and I in the morning.
If it were not for ants on that sidewalk we would be set.
I set poison something I really hate to do. Yes hate...I do not use that word loosly.
At this point it is them or me.
They will loose this is now MY turf!
They were in those bails of tomato plants and they are pretty upset to loose the resorce.
{poor things}
The plan is to plant roses and some other things like tulips and a pomegranate tree just to the left in the image (at the corner).
It is shaded in the morning and in the late evening as well.

The center of the homes right side is the creative area.
The patio has been cleared to open it up for the kids.
Now they will have a shaded play place.
When I was out last night I got some side walk chalk.

Dash was out here at 7 am this morning yep it worked!

Now here is a little trick.
Mirror eye height on the refrigerator.

Needed after treating the kids to a baked cake decorating event.
It had the joy of eating it at the end of the play time.

Dove wanted chocolate frosting (note how light she wanted it) and Dash vanilla.
Yes , I know ...
It was really no bother.
Same cake mix just used two baking pans.

These little master pieces did not even make it unscathed for two minutes!
We had some Spanish rice supper on the dining table.
Leave it to Beaver
style (an old 1950's TV show).
Dove wanted to do that so I set a table cloth and place mats.
It was a bit unnerving because Dash is troubled with fine motor and man the mess!

So by the end of dinner and the earlier realization that I had not left my front door in
4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With two wonderful full of sugar and energy kids!

So I went out last night to Wal-Mart and did a little shopping.
$50. grocery budget got out the door with $47. felt good about it too.
After the wall boarder in the foyer, the other roll was returned.
The gift card afforded me a nice litte spree.
I got 4 Blue place mats and napkins for $2!
The kitchen is being stripped of yellow due to the understanding that it is color of increased appitite. So lets see, perhaps the blue will lend a better quality of dietary respect.

I'll show you it later!
Gotta run.
My Sisrer needs me.

Camping on the Rim Arizona part two

Good Morning

Day Two
I was just sitting Dove down to scold her for Manipulating her brother into getting into trouble...
When a hummingbird came right up to us sitting face to face it came right up to our faces.
We just looked at each other and then It left.
We just looked at each other...
Then I said well I guess I do not need to say anything else...
"I understand Momma" she said.
She did not act up again all weekend.
The hummingbird then flew over to Steve and all but lit on the top of his head. He said he felt the breeze of it's little wings on his head.

One of our little darlings did not make it here in the night.
No Biggy it happens to everyone...
This is the tour of the camper when it is in action.
Shower and cameoed has a privacy curtain.
A little pocket hanger holds all toiletry's

Kids side and dining room.
There is a gas heater under the right side bench

Inside Kitchen
There is a drawer and a refrigerator cooled by gas
It has a hot water heater as well.

our side and built in dresser

activities after dark

Outside Kitchen
A Gas stove hooks up to the outside
There is an awning overhead

Note the footstool a real knee saver.

The kids climb the tree just outside the kitchen window.
Several times having to be stopped from climbing a bit too high, like 15 ft!

Blueberry griddle cakes, butter and syrup
milk for the and coffee for us.

As I did the clean up the kids played in the meadow.

They had the binoculars, it was too cute!
This is the perfect moment!

We all went for a hike down the meadow. It extended a couple of miles we were at the far end of it in a bit of an alcove.

The tree O death!
The kids and the Daddy man hiked it the day before...

The wild grasses and flowers were so pretty

There was a creek down the center of the meadow.

The family except me climbed up a hill.
My knee was already a bit unhappy.
Talk about a mood spoiler!
I get so upset that my knee will not let me do what I want to do!

Heading back to camp, it is just so beautiful!
I was sitting at camp and looked up the hill and saw a bright flash of red...
Courteous I sent Steve to investigate it.
It was not there the day before.

This sweet child NEVER STOPS!!!!!!!!!!

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