Saturday, August 4, 2007

well, From my tears to Gods ears.

After my Son was fed and I took care of task I face each morning. I showered. Boy did I shower, it rained so hard in that stall that the walls would hear my belly pull up and pour our a canal of depth it could rival the Panama. I just really let it pour bucket with the gale force of so many stresses blowing through and out of me.

I knew I had to go to the mountains. I knew that what ever the cost I must refresh my soul. I needed to get to feel pleasure, joy and just get to de-stress. I determined to offer beloved the day alone he might just benefit from. However it was his heart to join us. We drove to Prescott in the mountains right away; taking crackers and meat, peanut butter I fed us on the road. I saw myself during the wail at the town square and had untented to follow and walk in the place I was to go. We did so.

When we arrived in Prescott, I walked up to a group of beautiful women (my age) who had driven up from a town called Wickenburg. They were playing drums and percussion instruments. My intent to show my kids the wonder and music. I was invited into the circle, into the community of women to drum with them. My husbands face shown with gratitude and respect for the gift I was being offered and said go. I joined and I found in the beat the rhythm that removed me from all the many things that grab my focus. Hubby said that it was an hour that we played together. I was asked if I were a drummer I said no. During our time I remembered my Taos drum, the one covered with dust, hidden from the children so That it would not be destroyed at their hand. I showed Dove to catch the beat find her rhythm, then being hearing impaired I could not hear the depth of center I asked the woman beside me if it made sound when I hit it she said it did. I could only hear the outer rim of my drum, not the center...
this was my lesson
; Another woman showed me that if I placed my hand in the center of my drum lightly I could hear the other drums speaking to my drum through the vibration. I caught the beat and found rhythm. They kept bass while I played the song. I found center . When My eyes were closed to my kids trusting Daddy man to tend them I was there. Free from focus. At rest. As soon as I opened my eyes it was gone. I stilled myself. A woman said " You will find it"
I rested in the beat of that sweet community of women. It was holy.
My children played in the square and found joy there and my Beloved saw me right where I belonged and it was the best part of his whole day to see me in my element being REAL. Centered
Everything that has been fighting for my gaze, robbing me from my center, was laid down for an hour and a half today. Long enough to get a real taste of the difference..
The things we focus on grow bigger.

It was the vast calm of the beat and the removal of all distractions that afforded me a rest.
I had almost forgotten this place.

We took the children to a creek to wade to the knee and see a dragonfly mating dance with beautiful rust and vibrant orange. We went to an IHOP with smiles adorning the children's faces we splurged a meal wonderfully served by a "cute" (DOVE SAID SO) waiter. He was great! Very well mannered!
We drove home with a Rainbow... Rain...a stresser that was big. Dash decided to use the center fold down arm cup holder as a lake for his water! Once managed sopped up, and amended for, we regrouped. They are in bed now. Beloved liked his day and is refreshed too.
Sorry so ugly in the realness in last post,
but beauty can be found under the most ugly crust. :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

The gift of loneliness

loneliness Thats what I feel tonight.

They say the gift of loneliness is to reach out., but then there is the fear. The gift of fear is wisdom. Wisdom often silences me.
My daughter is pushing back fear tonight. He sweet 10 year old body in her fanciful 4 year old mind. I weep. I weep inside so hard sometimes and the tears just never come out. The dam is so full and the walls feel as if they are going to breach.
How desperately I wish she were not special needs. How hard it is for me to see school approaching. I who always desired to home school her young and can not because I am not able to physically, mentally or emotionally. I stayed the course so long It was just last March I was called (by God ) to terms with it. I admitted I had to let go. Oh how hard that is this week to watch them so young so fragile and so needy go into the lions den. For that is how I see it at times like this, nights like these.
I try so hard to be brave to be still.
I know that I am doing what is right and honorable for their greatest good, but it is so hard to lay down the dream of a "normal" child. Of being a regular mom. How guilty I feel admitting that is so much like taboo . I just weep...
I don't want to have to fight the systems, I don't want to battle with all the problems wrought by the inabilities and ignorance of adults and children alike. I cant bear to see the abused taken upon my naive daughter. My son with the amplifiers and microphone being teased and tormented because he has hearing aides suffers my heart so hard.
I weep.............
I see us so used up and tired. So alone in this hard work. I am so tired.
And then, I breathe deep swallow and wish just for someone to reach out to me and to hold me up. and to console my soul without the guilt of blame or response of ...What do you expect you adopted them .
I expected community. I should not have had expectations though that was so foolish.
I feel like my life is lived with onlookers standing amazed not knowing what to say or do. My whole youth they stood a gazed.
I have to go and stand and teach adults how to help my kids needs get met. They should be there for me and the kids. I am grateful to settle when they are there for the kids.
Its funny sometimes when I am lonely I think someone will give me a referral. and then go on their way . I have a woman each day I see her presence on the comments. She simply says hello and I have been given the water that might sustain this lonely soul a few more hours.
The hours are hard ones right now with Dash facing a scope and surgery, with Dove facing society. With my Husband exhausted by the ten hour days and parenting, Never a moment for us for intimacy. Even if I were to be given a break a night out with him, we have the stress so much that we cant seem to defuse to enjoy each other. I want so badly to just rest in HIM and know that all will turn out well. I know that the battle is on for there lives, beloveds life and my own. We have gotten ourself s tired.
My sister says never get too tired, hungry or lonely.
Well I am lonely as a mother of children who have such a variety of special needs.
How I once in a while have to fight off envy of families around me who have "normal" kids or at least children developing on pace without a lot of medical, psychological and Nero needs. How sweet it must be for your family to never give it another thought that you have to let another stranger into your children's lives. I long for that sometimes. Both of my children need psychologist. How intimidating that is for me, how frightening, and invasive.

*at this sentence last night beloved came in to ask me to join him in going to bed. I wobbled up (the stenosis in my back and the arthritis has me very stiff) he reached out his and and I just stood there and sobbed. Now he is more stressed out. Sure seems like I should of just held it all in! I'm angry about that!*

He lovingly held me into the night now He is over tired and awoke to a rage as Dash had left a dog outside and it awoke him. Thats how I got awaken. I got up put the dogs out and went out with Dash (who needed comfort) feeling bad about himself. Then I took Dash for a walk trying to do a good thing and the dogs bugged hubby to no end. There is no wining!!! I am so angry!!!!!!!!!! I just keep sacrificing and pouring myself out to all these grumpy needy dogs kids and man all these souls are just so fleshy. give, me give me and passive aggressive and I am sick of holding it all together!!!!!!!!!!!. I hate the grumpiest in my house HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate this stress. This damn stress!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am made at it!!!!!!!!!!!! I am angry at the thief that robs us of our peace. Our health and the promises of our future and of our children's futures. Now hubby feels bad about himself and need me to comfort him. I just want to stop the stress i just want it to back off. I want to be able to be at ease and enjoy my children and marriage and home.

Hubby suggested to list all the players in the kids intervention and whittle it down(good suggestion). Funny! soon as it gets whittled down more will be added in another week. Nobody gets it! It is not that easily to keep the player number down.
I can just hear the torment of the judgmental voices saying "well, it was your choice..." Yes it was hardened ones, but I could use a little condolence and kindness as much as you. Life is hard.

If I ever have my feeling it ruins everything for hubby!!!!!!!!!!! It is not fair! NO life is not fair and I am ranting! I should be able to be week sometimes but I am the mast. I know he is the head but I am the mast. This gale is getting old and I need some calm waters!

Angry that it is so hard! Afraid that I just can not do a good enough job, that my kids will hate me or us when they grow up. That is all I hear about these days from so many corners. Ashamed of not doing this the way I envisioned, hoped , desired. Guilty for all the falls and failure's and troubles I bring into the mix with my health. I can not say anything because it rocks the boat for my husband and the water level is already so high on the edge of the boat sides.

Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself, NO I am just feeling! I could sure use a little encouragement! I have a long haul It is not like I can just quit here, but all around me are people who need and get my encouragement every day all around me family , friend, strangers. I am afraid I am getting "dry bones walking syndrome". Where I am just poured out!

Yes i am real, sorry so ugly. I'm done ranting.

Carnaval of family life.

Photo taken at Easter.

10 a.m. here. I watched a movie with Dash. An old ,very old, Bat man / Super Man. We love very old videos because they are (for the most part) of better character. We don't have cable and the kids only use channel 8 for (the most part). Very old videos are very cheep too. You can often get them new for $1-$2.
Well I watched about 2/3 of it cuddled with Dash, he went and got my bed pillows and then one for himself . I was sorta cold and without even having to ask he went to his room retuning to cover me up. He is such his fathers son.
I fell asleep from 7:30 until 9:30 a.m., the movie must of ended because when I awoke the T.V. was off. My Daughter calling "Clifford, Clifford" They were looking for a stuffed toy! How children believe that the toy will hear and answer them is just magical. However when your being awaken by it it takes a moment to find it's charm. It can be rather annoying. They are now practicing whistling. I brewed a cup of coffee. Today will be a day of tasks, with an afternoon play date in the mix. My tasks are essential, I have at times forgotten the value of all that I accomplish. I imagine, I as a Mother, am not alone in that thought. We are vital!
How very tired I was, now more rested from my first nap since the ancient days of well, months ago (I am guessing) . I have a real heart of compassions for the Mothers of infants who are so often sleepless. I have a "Night Dove", and a "Dawn Dash". Well Dash actually let my beloved and I get that last half hour of sleep today (first time all week).
We were set to sleep last night and when Beloved left his shower to come for me he discovered a "bomb" on the bedroom floor (the kind with a runny trail) you know the kind that when your all out of the diapering stage and the puppy is a dog, "bomb". Well my kindness actually blew up in my face (the chicken broth did not agree with his constitution)! Or carpet as it happens. You know the ONLY carpet left in the whole house. The carpet right next to where two very tired souls will have to sleep (smelling it!). Well the dogs belong down on all fours not us, usually Hubby does the task, but with great mercy I accomplished it while he went out into the garage to fetch the shampooer. So tasks accomplished, hands washed we just wobbled with fatigue (the smell may of had a little to do with it too) :). We spoke late to cover days events with the kids interventions. I had to introduce him to all the new players. The day was so done. We were so tired that the touch of our toes became our kiss goodnight. We touch toes a lot these days.
The kids really do care about us parents. When worn so thin they can sometimes seam like the enemy. They are not. The lack of my own self care has been my greatest foe.
We took the kids to Costco and I got the end of the shopping for the next several months. I am so glad.
We have I.E.P.'s to do on both of them. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this it is Individual Education Plan. Special Needs children have to have these in place to qualify and (hopefully receive) the special kinds of help the need. "Daddy Man" and I have exhausted our private sources($) almost, so we will begin to gain more federal/state assistance from the public school arena. We have paid taxes all of our lives and have done (almost) all that we have been able too do. It is humbling and with great gratitude too that we have some help. However it is said that the public school systems have the employees who are low end of the professions skills. I cant just dwell on that though. I have watched those whose hearts are bigger than their wage in all circles with the years I have intervened in the lives of my children and all those I Mothered during the years I served the community on behalf of other at risk kids.
This is a real life, uncommon perhaps but real. I could just cry. I know that I am walking into a battle that I alone have to wage, to accomplish the needs of these two wonderful little human beings. I know that every child deserves what I am about to go though and few will get it . Motherhood is HARD work. It is my choice and calling to do so. I am afraid of all of the arrows that intend to defray me from my just cause. I am overwhelmed by the thought of what I must accomplish on this front alone. As I also have a role here that is very demanding of my other skills. Saddened that two children must wage war against all the turbulence ahead. I am honored to have the privilege to both attend to task and equip them for the tasks ahead.
I hear the laughter from the other room and I weep, I know that it will be that laughter, that very laughter, that will pull from me those things required of me in the weeks, months and years ahead.
This day I will try to remember to befriend the foe of self neglect, so that I have all of my resources to maintain my charge and solemn duty.
I am in the real school now :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday Feist

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you?

It depends on my situation I am exceedingly kind, but I am hearing impaired and I think that I often come off as impolite because I interrupt. It is hard for me to hear the cadence of spoken conversation. My heart is a 10 however my actions at times may not live up to that maybe a 8.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

The comments of my children. I was watching the kids splash in the puddles and they were playing 'bears on a salmon hunt" in the puddles on all fours. "I think I got Him"(said he)..."No not like that they use their paws in a swooping motion..Like this..."Said she

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Tweety Bird, I love his sweet nature yet he just won't put up with being bullied buy the cat.

Main Course
Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had.

Without having memory of those years of my life, The funniest teacher for me is nature. I love seeing the mistakes and mishaps in the animal kingdom.

Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that

...I am a friend of God and that he truly cares about me.

Wordless Wedensday (a day late)

Day of (or at least morning of) Rest.

I have to go to the city this afternoon. I am going off to catch some time with the kids

Lets do the Math

30 pounds of chicken
26 pounds whole chicken @ $.57 pd. 14.82
4 bounds breasts @ $177 pd. 7.08 = $21.90

thighs 15 x 2.00 = 30.00
chicken tenders 5x 6.99 = 34.95
1 pd gizzards,hearts,livers = 3.99
Soup stack pt3.99x4=gal.x3 = 47.88
(3.99x4qt.=15.96x3 gallons)
stew meat x 4 pd. @ 5.00pd = 20.00 ========= $152.83

meat value $152.83
less 2 pounds of fat and yuk 2 pound of bone $.57x 4= 2.28 ====$150.55

$150.55 worth of meat for $21.90

Value in my time.....
$150 divided by 2 and a half hours work=====$60.22 per hour wage for my family in savings if I had purchased this pre- cut and packaged. The benefits of working for my family are priceless. We have medical through Hubby's employment. That makes it possible . Both partners have a role.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good night , I'll add comentary tomarrow.

Cuting up chickens, 29 pounds of chicken cut and put up.

Beloved blessed me by doing the photos of last night project. I hope this helps any of you who desire the knowledge of how to piece a bird. This work must be done quickly the birds must be kept cold. I had all cut meat in the deep freeze in one hour.
Chickens, .57 a pound for whole fryers (get the larges ones this is the est bargan for the money less bone/fat per pound, and the tenders are bigger(see chicken tenders below) and $1.77 clean breasts (I leave these whole they are "young" or smaller.)
Prepare all surfaces. I used paper bags (recycle) then I line cookie sheets with plastic wrap so they are ready. A VERY sharp knife the best you can afford. If at yard sale look for hardened steal. They will sharpen well.
The breasts first just lay them out not touching. We are going to flash freeze here then bag them in a large zip lock baggies and we will just pull out what we need as we need them. Cover them with plastic. Now when you pull the plastic do it over the item to be covered (don't tear it yet) pull more than you need, let it float in the air into place. I say this after seeing hubby battle over the tear and place method where he trys to grad the wrap with two hands. I have one hand on box one hand on wrap.
When removing your birds lift them out so the moistur stays in the bottom of the bags. This keeps contagions down and mess at a minimum.
I cut wing off then thight at the joint, cut through meat thend bend back to reveil joint it will crack that is the open to cut through.
By slicing close to the ribs the thigh has a lot of meat remaining
Bend back for crack and cut through.

Same for knee, cut through meat all around bend it back for crack cut through
I cut wing tip and toss in stock pots. This pot all the carcass from the backed chiken and all the broth and roasted garlic and onion.
Using Gravity as your third hand. Sorta like God giving you an invisible hand :) Hold bird on end slice through the hollow and as below pull open a little slice down

Here will be your crack to slice you sill be cutting through the rib bones and its all good. Just a little yucky, watch the under left (back) side for neck. slice though joints and clear remaining flesh.

Now from the back cut the meat through and through.

I am now cutting back in half Use pressure he not a slice but a hard press through. Now the worse part is to PUSH don't pull your thumb in an upward motion to remove the blood clots and the two little glands trim with a small knife. Don't put that in your pot YUK, De-fat using your invisible gravity hand lift up on the back with the fat, with a sharp knife slice pulling your blade toward you. It is to keep your stock clear.

Skin your breast using gravity again This will keep your meat free from damage too.

Slice drawing blade toward you. one side and turn it around then the other. As close as you can but don't worry about meat left on the bone this and the back pieces are easily cleaned of all meat after they boil in the stock pot. This is the best soup meat. The back accually has a lot of flavor.

Now each of these large breast will have one small loose tender on the back It comes right off then make three long slices ...chicken tenders. Cover with plastic. These are to be flash frozen right away. They then will be removed and placed into large sip lock baggies.

Stock pots, right all the wing tips, breasts bones, backs and bay leaves several. Left the Roasted Garlic onion batch. All will boil for a few hours here. The right has already boiled for the hour I have been cutting. It was also backed bird. The bird was sliced for supper and the carcass boiled. For soup I will de-bone all this tomorrow or Friday for soup. I removed all meat/bone to be picked tomorrow. I will chill all of this (BELOVED DID IT FOR ME WHILE I SHOWERED) A steal bowl was inserted (floated) in the large pot as it rested in the large sink in cool water. Then he filed the bowl with ice . and stirred the pot.
Here are 2 cups of hearts, livers and gizzards. To it was added 2 cups water. I give this to the dogs after It cools. They always are at attention when they see me with a whole bird. So funny to watch them but they do get a little pesky. My momma would have a fit for this makes the best gravy! I might hold the hearts and livers back, but I just never liked the idea a whole lot. Seams like your eating dirty filters ya know.
Here in a bag is about 2 pounds of skin, fat and the back bone yuk. That is such little waste. Now it is contained in this bag, mess minimized when all done I add three paper towel to spong up the liquid and in the trash it goes.
Trash mess contained and removed post haste by beloved as soon as he walked by (good GUY) .

Cover and freeze. (just a few)

Bleach your counter tops well. Not cross sontamination. This is VERY important with chicken.
Bag all the bags into one

4:55 I'm home!

Wow I sure am a hamster on a wheel!
Showered I left the house at 10:10, drove to N City 23 miles one way. Arrived 5 minutes before appointment. I filled out the re-eval. paper work for two kids and 35 minuets later we left Dove with her Therapist and Dash and I drove across the street and through the parking lot to the Pet smart. Got a 30. bag of food for 26. then I had a coupon for $ off a treat got the biscuits too. Dash likes to see the dogs and so he did. We arrived back at 11:50 spoke to the therapst and she shared some concerns we both see them. She said she would talk to the Phyc. at lunch and she had left him a note.
I left took the kids to "Blimpie" got them the kids meal and had a nice salad. The man who owns it had not seen us for three months so he was delightful in his greeting.
We left and I took the kids to a Fry's Marketplace where last night I saw that they had Barbie dolls on reduced sale (she has had her mind set two days now) . Dove got to spend the allowance that was burning a whole in her pocket and I matched them the difference. We got her Barbie and Dash a Bat Man doll. I grabbed the parsnips and extra carrots I forgot last night. I'm making chicken stock and then soup tomorrow. Dove LOVES my chicken soup she wished she could swim in it!

I then had to go tinkle so bad I thought I wouldn't make it. As tacky as it was I knew the place I go to yearly and for many years and for may test before many surgeries for the endomietriosis and the double mastectomy scare. I walked in and just walked back to the rest room, we all relieved our poor suffering selfs and then with a false moxie I just walked straight out. Terrible, but necessary and I think they have earned so much over the years off of me, that I have more than earned the right. However the others in the waiting room may not know that and I felt kinda a poor character show. Oh Well.
Then we drove over to the apothecary shop and got my Hormones, they refunded me the seven pills that were expired! Get this I got a 90 day Rx. and the last 15 of them were expired as of 7-10-07. No wonder My hot flashes have been so bad. This aught to help with the strss response too.
Those secured we headed back to the doc center.
1:48 appointment at 2p.m.
We went in for the appointment and both kids weighed and examined and then we all went to his office. The kids play in the back off the small room with the toys and the books. The first to be covered was Dove. He(we) talked it over, we think that after she is in school a few weeks to try again to stop the Prozac slowly. I has been 6 months since w tried before. We will try again watching for the symtems to show next course I would so love to have success in getting her off without the panic disorder flaring up. She is in need of some phycological support with her Cognitive Social Disorder. He thinks that will help her. So I need to see if our Insurance covers mental health for her (and for Dash too). She will have her visual tracking observed on Tuesday next. She will have Occupational therapy every week then possibly alternating with Dash to every other. That way the each will only miss two mornings a month of vocational (school)

Now with Dash the hopital will cover three sessions and then I need to find out the procedure if the hospital does a pre-surgery help so the thing is not a mystery causing him stress/fear. With Dash having the physical special needs too. I need to get him and Dove supported while we get the IEP for school established. I have a referral for the woman who does this and only this for all the n. city clinic. Both kids receive intervention there.
I know im forgetting some details but I think the picture is painted. Special Parents need wisdom when they are surrounded with such special kids! ;)

Supper was cooked this morning I just need to slice and heat up a can or two of vegies. I'm tired. That laundry to fold will just have to hush! :)
O. K. so now I have sat still for 30 minutes. Soon beloved walks in hungry. Better be ready to welcome him in we were both so very tired this morning before the day even began. Back at you later.
Dmbraced in HIS arms of love
Hungry and ready to be fed. Oh wait I have to do that... Hay!

Good Morning!

9:30 a.m. this is the chicken I'll go shower and it will be ready to cool when I get out . I have to leave at 10:15 for the N. City. This will be nice to look forward too. See the roasted garlic. Man I wish you could smell it
I love casaba melons you have to try them sometime, it is the one on the left. I only buy seeded watermelons I do not like the so called seedless all you get is a bunch of pips. The other melons are air loom cantaloupe
ot the fruit washed and put up for the refer

The gizzards, heart and liver boiled were given to will and Rena over their food. I don't think Willy even tasted it. See the garlic , When it is on special and of real good quality, I peal it and pack it into jars covering it with the olive oil I got on a 2 for one lead in last month. It keeps this way several months and ages so wonderfully. The chicken is stuffed with a white onion this gives flavor and also keeps the bird moist. I roast at 300 convection 350 conventional for 2 hours uncover and roast for another half hour to brown. I drizzeled the bird lightly with the infused olive oil. for 2 hours

Let your eggs come to room temp covered in luke warm water. Then boil . I use a was china marker when they are still hot it just slips on with no effort H>B> is for hard boiled then we know whats what when they are in the refer.

Wow! I went out yesterday twice, last night arriving home just before 9 p.m. and brought in my food stuffs from a fr, Ha Psalm91. It was hard to wake up this morning. I have a full day. Gotta go to the N. City for the kids therapy and they both have psych. visits today too.

Yesterday with the lead ins I spent $150 at Safeway and had walked away with $89. free.
Then once the kids were being put to bed by The Daddy Man I went to Frys, I spent 280. and walked away with $99. Free, and another $100. easy from clearance health foods example Granola reg.5. was $2.50 and so on these don't show up on a receipt the same way

$280.=$430 for over $789. That is without coupons. During the School year I'll be able to do better than that, with more time an energy to expend. This can be done it is some work but well worth it! No more gas for that than the one time shop.
$800.worth of grocery and supplies, that is a four month meat (chickens .57lb I will cut them down and boil the carcasses to make chicken broth (pure no preservative, It can be frozen in ice cube trays and added to recopies as needed. All that frozen ice keeps the out side freezer isolated too. after I cut them down into pieces. I lay the cut leg, breast, thigh and flash freeze them on cookie sheets wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn. Then I put them in large zip locks and just grab the amount I need. This is now done by your grocer at 5.99 pound. Now remember I got it for.57 lb It will take me an hours work. . I have one baking now with a white onion stuffed in it and lots of my put up garlic in olive oil in the roaster along with it. I also got boned breasts for $ 1.77 (regularly 5.99) it was another lead in , so I'll lay those out on a lined cookie sheet flash freeze and there I am set.

I wont have to shop now for a long time months except for produce from the field and vine.

I'll use the fruit and vegetables from the field first, then the vine,then the tree then the root.

I'll use the Staples similarly, Yet with a large deep freeze my grains (whole grains to grind, hot cereals, potato flakes for soups, dried fruits, are secure 3-6 months.
Yogurts for Dove at 20/$10. are in the outside freezer, she loves them like that and they last a long time. Her candy :) Candy is also cheep at a grocery when on special. So opposed to the junk machine at the hospital I got a few small items as treats. God is so generous to me I prayed for good eggs at a good price. I use free range eggs. Well the managers special was on both white and brown (our preferred). I got them reg. 3.50 for 2.29 and 1.49 per doz. So Dash is in paradise. With his palate eggs are his perfect protein. Weight is so hard to keep on him. So 8 dozen good eggs and 2 for 1 of 18ct flat white eggs they are good for some strong flavored backed goods. I use the free range for hard boiled and scrammbled they have the best flavor.

I have enjoyed a Science video with the kids and posted now I must refer the eggs turn off the oven and let the bird us the heat in there to finish up. I gotta run! I need a shower.
See you
Celebrate the day!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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  • The North American Indians have a more eloquent word for ‘friend’ than we do in English. In their language, the word for friend literally means, “the one who carries my sorrows on his back.”
  • Return with Honor
  • The sage anticipates things that are difficult while they are easy, and does things that would become great while they are small. All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small. Therefore the sage, while he never does what is great, is able on that account to accomplish the greatest things."
  • “Live so that when your children hear these words they think of you… Fairness Caring Integrity Honesty Love Trust.”
  • "O Lord help my words to be gracious and tender today, for tomarrow I may have to eat them."
  • "No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes"

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e patterns My sister told me of this site

Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

Thank You Ross

Getting to know Me

What warm hearts you all offer

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown me with every Award. I am embraced. You Are a blessing.

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Annette they are beautiful
Thank You Annette
Autism Awareness