Saturday, October 16, 2010

elbows,toes then a foot. Moments later sirins police and the coronor...

What a strange strange day I have had...
We had a child sleep over last night. Call her Lena...well all the children went to the football field and played as Steve and I walked the track around them. They played soccer with abandon until we took all three of them for ice cream. Dove with her Special needs feels nothing...she was walking toward us to leave and sat on the grass..."honey she's hurt" say I. "no she just does not want to leave" the daddy man replies. "no, my antenna is up, shes hurt" I repeated.
We walk to her and she has busted open both of her big toe nails, BLEEDING! She did not even know it until the fun was over. She has the sensory integration stuff. Her neurons just do not process pain normally. She knew something was wrong with her toes but it just did not register. She gets up and walks to the car "oh I'm alright" she said. Steve said "no honey your not alright your toes are hurt.
She was not even phased!

This the next day now...While the kids were riding a neighborhood boy stops by and Dash said "mom He's hurt his arm". This the child call him Gary is the kid that plays with ours regularly. So I give him first aid on a half dollar size road rash on his elbow.

Steve and I are sitting on the front porch, as our windshield is being replaced (it was damaged) no big deal. We were however outside. Kids riding bikes helmets on. Then a screaming Lena (call her) is major red in the face as Steve and I are trying to understand what happened. Her and Dove got on a bike tandem (the grand mother had just told Lena not to do so before she came here the night before). Lena's foot got caught in the front tire spokes. BARE FOOT! She tore all of the flesh off of the big toe and the next two toes from tip under to the pad of foot. Just skinned it almost to bone. First aid being done and the child trying to get a parent to come. After a half hour to 45min. The mother comes at the same time the grandpa pulls up. The Mother a VERY stressed out single mom. She had to leave work where it is so strict that points are given against them. The Grandpa lovingly walks up to pick Lina up and carry her to his truck. Steve took the child as the elder had no business carrying her. The Mother walks up NO JOKE yells at the child "I had  1 & 1/2 taken against me!" The grandpa said "STOP!" to her.
Steve carries Lena over to the grandpa's truck and they are off to the hospital.

Emergency Sign

Now meanwhile Dove is hiding up in the attic! We found her then in the computer room all red faced not willing to accept any words or comfort "I'm fine"!
So I told Steve we have to shut her off so she will feel her feelings. Get ready for a battle. Even if shes gets angry she will at least feel and stop stuffing it. She gave us a little grief. Then we feed her. Mean while I did some first aide on those toes of hers.

Now all this time Dash is down at Garry's house. I get him home and feed him and then let him return.
Before he leaves he said "be careful mom"


All of this in oh 45 minutes time or so. Then while moments later sitting at my vanity gromming I hear an ambulance. Strange feeling came over me like it was an old ice cream truck and I listened and gradually it came closer and closer. I flew up and out the door yelling for Steve to come fast! The police two cares come after the fire engine, then two ambulance. I am walking as fast as possible now.
Neighbors came out and ask of me and I just said "my boys down there".
I round the corner and knowing that Garry's Grandparents lived near by not sure what house was theirs I ring the bell at Garry's house and asked. Indeed it was at Garry's Mothers', Mothers that the emergency was happening. Garry's mom comes out and I asked if she wanted me to say with her she asked me too. We walked together and entered to find that Garry's Grandpa was Dead!

They will have to deal with this within the next few hours

I stayed as Steve took Garry and our kids back to our house. Steve overheard the paramedics say they were trying to revive him. So Steve explained to asking children what that meant. Meanwhile I am there at the home of the grandparents praying over all the folks at tasks. Just standing there praying. The police man recognized me from when they arrested the man who had robbed a neighbors house. Same officer. So he and I speak and I tell him of how much I have personally prayed for him as well. After our interactions of past I have often thought of the officers and prayed for the safety. So all this is going on and once I get a parent to tell Gary I could then leave. For I knew not to return home to inquisitive kids. We will keep Gary a day or two. Gary is a Special Needs kid. He is ADHD BIG TIME! I think the child also may have mild autism.

The children are playing I am stunned and sorta standing on holy ground. The way I was drawn and called into the events of the last 6 hours amaze me. We are still awaiting news on Lena's foot. That poor child just begged "I want my mom" and when the mom got here not an ounce of empathy or tenderness. I held that baby's face in her grandpas truck and told her she did nothing wrong. That her mom is just stressed out. That she is worthy so to speak of all the love and kindness. I told her I loved her and they were off. She is still at hospital 5 hours later now.

So PLEASE pray for 
Garry's grandma and the family at large (Garry's mom as she is helping her now widowed mother)
Pray for Garry for as the evening sets in so might the reality that his grandpa just died. He is numb right now like it is just a normal play day. 
I need wisdom! Steve and I both.
Please pray for Lena, her mother that she might be able to overcome at work the penalties and that her job not be in jeopardy. She had only and hour of shift left but no guardianship to the grandparents and I had no way to get the child to and urgent care because of lack of insurance information. Or parental permission for that matter.
Pray for Dove she is also wrecked and is disassociating and not congruent to emote. She is being very kind to Garry (a child she does not particularly like). We may have this boy here for two days.
MERCY for all.
Thank you
No this is not a fictional story

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

So were driving home from an adventuresome morning. We had picked up Dash. The chatter began. Whenever these two are apart for a while the absence has a way of making them even fonder of each other.

So in the back seat sits
Dash, in the passenger beside me Dove (yes we have the air bag turned off ) the stuffed animals are having a conversation. Doves 'bear' has a voice change. 
"I wonder why my voice changed? maybe it is puberty" Said Bear
Mookutu (Dash's critter) responds "no, most men do not go to puberty until they're 40"

I laughed so hard my eyes watered all the way home. Now we have all know some men well into the 40's who would lead us to believe they have yet to finish puberty.

The things children say...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Children and the arts

We have had so much fun this week!
We had art time last evening and this morning. See the kids works  to see kids art click here
Earlier this week my sweet efforts took shape. This was the vision I have had for a year or two. It took a year to remove the rock and dig the arbor garden, fill it and plant the annuals this week. Next week the perennials go in.
 It was a cool morning here and feeling a little punky from a cold a blanket was called for. 
Fall has finally come to my realm. At least for two hours in the morning and then two evening hours at best. This morning however the children asleep refuge was taken here with my life manual.

 Now if the view behind me had it's way my respite would of been disturbed. 
But I held fast.

 Rest is the call of the day. The morning began in the book of Daniel chapter 10. It is a wonderful thing to follow the instinct of my soul. It lead me right where I need to be. To remind me of the hand of love that is upon me.

 The view from my little thrown was really improved from this time last year. The lawn is setting for winter with the rye thrown. This new tip of early toss of seed really helps. I did not want to have dog in dung in house. Manure is the normal way we do it here to cover the seed for warmth. Tossing seed while the Bermuda grass is yet green is suppose to limit the shock of cold on the seedlings.
The same day the patio got a good hosing off. Now if only that grass in the stone boarder was replace with a drainage pipe under grass it would really look great. Too much work for this old gal. Have to pull the hubby into that. Or get rich and hire it done HA. Same under the clothes line, however that needs to get done first I think. It is a real ankle biter when I hang out the laundry. I love to hang out the laundry in my bare feet. Don't know why but it just feels natural. Like I were up in the forest. The forest in in my imagination. See the pine trees and smell the breeze.

The kids are playing and I am resting the bones to go back at it on the morrow I hope. The antibiotics are working the wonders. The chest pressure is receding thank the Lord. Hay I made it four months. This was pretty minor too from what history has told.
Please pray for the nation those who morn and toss, turn into despair for the wages lost. Those who suffer the hardships that follow the desperation of a nation.
I sit here blessed, prosperous. Abundant in life with the love of my little family. Favor of my God, and the kindness of friendships forged.
Be blessed ya all. Be blesses and see it. See it all that is done for you. That goes before you. We will go on in our days knowing it will not befall us to be without that love forging a way through the darkness into the light of day.

A sky full of vultures

The tiny dust looking specks are another 20 of them in the distance

These are low flying vultures we saw in the parking lot at the mall.

The group doubled in size and then glided off there had to be a good 50 of them in all
It is so hard to see the ones higher up. When we first looked up to see these guys I could see their feet they were so low. I could smell the meat at the fast food joint. Smelled bad like burger on the first minute of cooking.
Some one messed up a setting somewhere or blogger did not sure but the images will not enlarge as they normally do.

Just breath

I think I want to speak.
To voice my mind
those thoughts that are left behind me
over the shoulder my gaze recalls
the ways of so long ago
for beyond the quagmire that grasps to pull me down

There was a day not so terribly long ago when voice called to voice
there were no echos
not alone in cavern dark but opened to the caves white light
came I to sit a while and watch the sun to rise

It is in those long ago's those times of silent voice
Moments of pure ecstasy when even saying the word was holy
Oh to live where there be no double meaning
no perversion of word or deed
when minds are sharp and thoughts run deep when left alone a while

life in memory is only in partial form
for the lessons shall not leave me
yet fresh as day the light does rise
lift chin to heavens gate

I see him there where all else is unseen
Not bound by the sight of any other
I see him there the air I breath
This is the air I breath, this is the air I breath
Holy Spirit living in me

I will always love you, I'll always love you
this IS the air I breath.

would be to loose breadth, to gasp for it
congestion so tight as to withhold
unable to inhale him
choked by it every moment when sin abound
caught in that witnessed
the breadth knocked out of ya.

a tool to breath for us
no effort just ease a complacent lulling of action into dependency
Man has forgotten how to breath.
mask after mask secured to wrinkled face
rode hard and put away wet
how easily how soon we forget
there is nothing more natural
nothing so instinctual

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At home with Special Needs

I wish you were a butterfly on the wall. You would flit back and forth dancing merrily as the laughter and silliness abound. Daddy Man gave the gift of character voice to our children. Throughout the last several days there have been so many voices in our home coming from those two little souls.
Oh the simply joy you would hear as Dove merrily speaks up for one stuffed critter at a time. Dash pipes in and the game is on. They so love to play like this together. So gentle with each other. Each one directing a while than swapping out to be in line to follow the others lead.
It is indeed a wonderland as I sit here and take all of it in I wonder how can it be so wonderful here. Both with high esteem and flying into the dance of play with such abandon. Each critter expressing some idea or thought that they are trying to work through. They use the critters to tell of the heart and minds thoughts. I can hear it in the play. They reenact all that they see and hear and know. Especially those things they do not understand.
At home with my children is a paradise. Where special needs have no meaning only beauty and innocence. There is no self conscientious face to the ground. No intimidation from the effect of peers that are so much more ...well hardened. She sees them. She does not like what she sees and is so trying to see within herself who she wants to be. It is a challenge not to squish that under a arm of religion yet limited it from a wing of relationship to all that is good,honest, trustworthy, honorable and so on.

Oh but at home with her it is a paradise where a 13 year old and a 9 year old play together as best friends. Having tea parties and birthday parties with the stuffed critter. There is a huge banner in the hall for Dash's best bud Macutoo it is his birthday at the end of the month. They are all planning a surprise party for him. Yesterday they met two new friends. Stripes and Oasis we adopted them from the mall. Everyone is getting to know each other.

This is a week of my daughter being full of innocence, rested in face and delighting in her brothers friendship. This time at home with my Special Needs daughter.

Next week she will return to the wide world and hone her tooth on the bones that life will send her, and I will pray. Each day she and her brother will mature to the ability that God affords them and I will pray. Each day they will risk being true to self at the risk of rejection, and I will pray for them and teach them all I know and all I can learn to help them.
There is not enough knowledge however. I will pray

Planting the Annuls and the crops with seeds outside

With the children home and the annuls needing to be planted the day has been a wonderful mix of education about the specific flowers planted and the side yard freed of 2 large wagons of dirt to the front yard. Hosing off of the stepping stones that have now been unearthed to provide a real nice romantic sitting spot over near our master bedroom. One day it will be in view of the Master bedroom arbor. Hard work!
The children and I had a wonderful day together. We went to the dollar movies and the mall. We really had a nice time together. As we left the mall the most amazing thin...
20+ vultures were circling over head in the parking lot. Then we pulled over and took a camera to capture them. Then Dove took video. All of the sudden another 10-15 joined them. Moments later there must of been 50 of them NO JOKE! they were gliding away slowly off to the south east. I have never witnessed anything like it.
It may have been a fast food joint drawing them. Wow it was amazing to witness. Now mind you each bird has probably a 6 ft wing span. We could see their feet!

these are perennials but will get planted as the moon turns time

 The soil got dug up and moved to the front for the new bed. It cleared the way  for the sitting spot. The rockers there now will give a wonderful place to sit in the evening and enjoy the flowers. Lots of physical work.
This fellow was withing a few feet of me. He went for the crickets that came out from under a pot I had moved

We are all home and tonight I am ill for the first time in four months. Sore throat and chest cough. ARG! Up with a cough every time I lay down. So here I am happy and content. Looking forward to the cough syrup doing it's job so I can sleep.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Introducing, Our New Plan!

Menu Plan Monday

yum! Vanilla bean in the sugar jar.
We are implementing a new method that is based on four lists.
 Not limited to, but a every day thing. Many other foods as well.
Every day we will eat
Carrots (raw baby carrots are very sweet the kids love them.)
green leafy vegetable (this week Kale fine chop in the rice, savoy .)
whole grain (bread, cookies,waffles we do not really like store bought cereals)
fruit (soft fruits eat them first oranges toward weeks end)
Green tea (we will work on getting one we like)
Three times a week we will eat
oily fish (this week salmon, sword fish and some shrimp. I also eat tuna and sardines)
Sweet potato (we love them, we also have three types of winter squash)
avocado ($$)
yogurt  ( I'll start making my own again)
broccoli (raw of course :)

only 1 time per week
red meat (other days chicken, beans,fish)
pasta (Steve hates pasta, kids love it)
desert (fruits are a wonderful center here, also healthy ones the kids do not need to know)
(alcohol) we don't drink so not an issue for us

zero times per week
fast food
soda (exception Club Soda)
diet anything
canned soups

Eating breakfast EVERY DAY!

To accomplish the goal when shopping the one time a day foods were considered. 4 (four of us) x7 portions of fruits were sure to be available. Like wise and so on I shopped. When returning home the menu was set by what might expire first. Each every day item set on board, then the three times a week and so on. So far it is a far better method. We also have reduced our meat to a 1/4 pound portion per person. We are filling up on the veggies, nuts and fruits. The meat is like an accent to the meal rather than the center of it. Now the other ingredients fill in. My rice and such. It is working wonderfully!

The produce was tended as per good habits for keeping things fresh.

The kids are not fussing so much either for the veggies are mostly served in a raw or lightly cooked way as normal. Just more of them. Nuts are added. Walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, pecans, peanuts YUM! These are all in a container available at a moments notice in the refrigerator.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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