Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stroking her hair

I just got my sweet Little dove off to dream land. She is better some tonight. We took them to go see the movie WALL-E . The Boys dropped us off at the curb and then picked us up at the curb after they went to get the car. Dove got down a little pears baby food and pain medication.
I stroked her hair and laid quietly beside her. The boys had to make a run to go get dog food. They are bonding together this weekend. Daddy Man is so awesome with our son.
Dove is asleep on the sofa. Beloved wants me in bed tonight. I have been fighting a migraine for two days with the stress factor and weather. He does not like me missing sleep for it tends to hit me hard with the migraines. I just hate to leave Dove out on the sofa without her mom. She is clinging to my hand and gowning. Her tummy hurts a lot. I hope it is better tomorrow. Her tummy is bothering her more than her mouth pain. I stopped the big pain med and just did Tylenol. she still feels nausea due to the sensory integration stuff. I just wish I could take it away from her.

Dash asked if he could stay up a bit to help with his sister..."not because I don't want to obey and go to sleep, but because she is my best friend and I love her. I want to help you guys to take care of her"...


Good Morning

Thank you all for your kindness
Dove was able to stop the cycle of vomiting around 9 p.m.
She slept at last all through the night. Willy the Lab awoke her at 8a.m. checking to see if see was alright. Labs are real nurse maids.
I was right there on the sofa beside her so her woke me too. I got up fed the dogs and cleaned the kitchen up. .After sitting quietly on the porch My Beloved came out only to be interrupted by Dash a moment later. Dash is feeling pretty insecure and wanting loads of attention. I think I'll call him "Johnny" today for "Johnny on the spot"!Seeing his sissy so , is leaving him VERY insecure. Some days the sponge just feels rung dry and needs to just sup up all I can from the source so I don't harden:) ha ha
Poor Daddy man went to cook an egg for Dash and dropped one between the counter and the stove! Oh that dear man. He was making Dash some eggs so I could sit here a moment and zone out. Well now it is clean between behind and aside the stove. :)
Dash pouts because he was told No to gater aide by his Daddy. Sissy is having some for her tummy and the electrolites. We call it (sarcatically) "upsetting the child gods...lowercase)
Most parents do everything not to upset them. When I'm sleep deprived I really appriciate why :)
Daddy Man is in the living room with Dove giving me a rest. Dash is here jabbering beside me. he is off to his room. Very busy little guy.
She is holding down the food and pain medication so far. . Oh I need sleep.

The kids had their dental cleaning the day before yesterday(scheduled 6 months ago) We got a hard hit. Dash needs $400+ because he has to be put to sleep at the tune of $300. that is due to the sensory stuff he fights when he is all the way out! So on the 30th I get to do this again. Then on the last week of August I have my implant. Boy this is the year of the dentist, oral surgon and orthidontics.
Glad that I believe that God is our provision!
Dove had no cavities! Ya!
I am so tired I am falling asleep I think I'll stop fighting it and fo try to get a lttle nap.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dove is finally asleep

My sweet baby and family and I all are grateful for your thoughtful prayers.
Dove Vomited all day.
Her sensory integration problems hit hard and would not allow her rest from the vomiting.
The doctor could not make sense of her throwing up so much.
I can.
I know how this baby gets so car sick and can not stop it. I understand this baby how her sweet little body just can not get a center of balance. I gave her a suppository and alas it stopped.
She is going to be dry and thirsty.
I will stay up all night with her. They used up the whole IV bag so I know she has a little fluid in her. Tomorrow I trust the cycle of vomiting will have broken.
I feel asleep with her for two hours and she is still sleeping now.
The teeth are astonishing! They are so huge (adult) coming out of my sweet little Doves mouth Wow! I was so stunned over it! I will try to snap a shot later. Lights are low and house is still right now.
Thank you all for your kind comments your support is a loving embrace for me.

Dove is out of and done with surgery

Dove had her surgery and all went well.
The surgeon was great!
He met all of her special needs with loving kindness.
We are so blessed!
He spent an hour getting her ready very calm slow paced. We were allowed (thought he does not allow parents ) to stay with her in the procedure room until she was completely asleep!.
The extractions took all of 5 minutes. She had a hard time waking up because she fought the anesthesia so hard she had a lot of drug in. She is home now doing well.

Little Dove has Surgery this mornig

Please remember my Daughter and my family in your payers this morning and this weekend.
I will treasure them as fine jewels of loving kindness.

I just gave her a Valium (relaxing drug) to calm her nerves. She is doing pretty well watching a movie with her bother. I am in for a long full weekend so I will try to check my e-mails as I am able. Daddy Man took the day off to be with us.

A good friend will be keeping Dash, She and I just spoke and she and the boys are going to the movie.
Got to go now
Be Embraced

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.
Helen Keller
US blind & deaf educator (1880 - 1968)

My sweet daughter has surgery tomorrow to remove two teeth so that her orthodontic work can continue. Sweet Little dove had a pretty tough time meeting the surgeon. She was so afraid. She had told me that she did not want the other surgeon because he had hurt her leg. So I worked it out to find another to replace him. After the interview as I was tending to the financial she admitted she had told a lie because she was afraid. Poor thing...I told her I forgave her. That it needed to be addressed so that folks did not think ill him. I explained that I too was very afraid before I have surgery, that I understood. I told her that we would be staying with this second surgeon and not switching again. That I felt good with this one. She later agreed.
It is so hard to think of her suffering. I will hold her as long as I am able before surery. She is gratefully comforted in that.
I had to give her a valarian root capsule last night tonight I have a valume for her and for in the morning to help her sleep. We filled the pain medication as well so we will have it on hand. It is going to be a full weekend. I should think of meals to do ahead today...
I will have her call the office of the first surgeon to clear it up. Sweet kid that will be a bit hard for her but I think it will build a good character (I'll be very gentle)
I am so thankful to be here to help her learn such vital life lessons. To comfort and support her.
I took them to the grocery yesterday to tend to acquiring soft foods for the weekend for her.
As we were leaving the store she put her hand on my arm looked up to my eyes ...I paused and smiled at her...then, She softly and sweetly said..."thank you mother for taking such good care of me and getting all my needs for my surgery"...
Oh a moment in time marked and felt deeply.
Thankful am I, and she is so very grateful in her character.

Yesterday I had the children join me to watch an Ophra show that had a family in financial crisis due to greed, broken hearts, indifference and neglect. The children are growing in appriciation for finicanial disapline. Beloved and I think it is important to teach these things in an age appropriate way. Thankful am I that they get it.
They were sad to see that the mom in the story indulged to the neglect of the health care for the kids. The Dad in the story neglected his role as head of the home and turned an indifferent eye and then just targeted the wife with it. Both were culpable and my kids saw it. Too cool! They said they see that if they got everything they wanted that we would be doing them a disservice. How cool is that!
Dash gave the example..."mom, he would be like if you bought me a toy and I played with it for an hour and then just tossed it aside...that would be disrespectful to all the hard work Dad went through to earn it.."...I then asked what they thought we felt when we walked by their rooms to see things scattered all over the floor"...
Dash and Dove both looked thoughtful and said..."disrespected!" and both came to me and embraced me lovingly, smiled and said..."wow" we never really thought about it that way.

I want it to go so well for them in their lives. I desire that they prosper and thrive. I teach these things without inappropriate guilt. For guilt manipulation does little to instill strong character just makes a person week to the responsibility and a prisoner to shame. May it never be the motivator unless it is appropriate shame that calls for a change in behavior.
I gratefully teach tankful to see freedom grow within the kids to choose wisely. They are such amazing little vessels to be filled. I really Love them so much. I want to clear the road of their life from traps so readily set before them.
It is suppose to be a stormy rainy weekend here. It will be a movie weekend. How very wonderful that I get to hold this sweet child for days. I will be able to comfort her. Dash will need attention too. Daddy Man will be here too. He has thoughts of working Saturday to help with the budget.
Full day ahead.
For the Lord knows all these things I have need of.
This is his sweet child I get the privileged of raising. As you know we do not own them :) He know what she has need of.
Surgery cost out of pocket 100% has been covered!
Grocery is covered.
It is even going to rain and that makes for a calm relaxing sick day too.
Dove is my concern, she is 75 pounds on my lap with spinal sniosis it can be VERY physically painful for me holding her. If she fights me it really hurts. So My desire is for her to be able to be calm the morning of surgery as I hold her whilde they do the IV and such.

Dash and I are both being effected with this bad air. He is having a breathing treatment right now.
Oh life! :)

I am so appricitive of all of your thoughtful loving kindness of prayers.
Thank you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wendsday (Momma's old kitchen towel)

circa 1950's

Debt free goals! Dave Ramsey Inspired

Awe and Wonder.

As you know we have a desire to be completely debt free. To have an emergency fund. To have our retirement deduction increased, and in order. A savings fund for 3-6 months worth of expenses.
We were able to save a little for college back when the kids were very little.
With so many medical issues we had to stop the college fund a long time ago , but we left it alone. We hope to soon reinstate it.

We cashed three 30 year old US Savings bonds and were able to have an emergency savings fund.

We received our tax refund back. It appears I made an error in the return and upon their correction we received more than we thought we would!
Imagine that!!!
With it we will be able to pay off 2/3 of Doves braces
all of her surgery (that will be coming out of pocket).
Regarding her new surgeon that we met yesterday. He waved the charge for the nitrite oxide (laughing gas) and is not charging me for some numbing spray I requested for her injection site. Her sergery is this Friday, I have to get many things prepared for the weekend of care needs she may have.

Now we also received our tax incentive check.
This will pay for my $1000. toward my implant surgery in August and even allow for the $300. so I can be put to sleep for the procedure.
(our insurance does not cover the anesthesia).

It will also pay off Beloveds new crown. Now that is another thing to have joy over. The insurance told us (after the fact) that his crown would not be covered because it was porcelain. Well the dentist fixed the issue we owe nothing to him, and on top of it they sent out a refund of $27. to us!!!

Beloved's parents took out a small life insurance policy on him when he was an infant. We researched it and....are cashing it out.
We will be able to get Two years of life Insurance on my Husband! We have set in motion to cash it out!
I have a small policy on me that I keep up yearly.

P.S. Do not depend on your employers life insurance for the new laws make it very easy for them to refuse your benefits (if you sue, the law only allows you to collect the premiums that you paid).
With a little left over that we may be able to drive over to California for a beach trip? We have to really pray about doing that.
We have not had a family holiday in 5? years.

We are going to sell our camp trailer and that will give us 3 months worth of expenses in savings and enough to give as well.

Save some
Pay off all
Give some
Spend some
I am amazed at the speed that this is happening!
We are so thrilled to see that we may even get a rest.
I do not know if we will go to California or not. With asthma I think of the fires and bad air.
Wow! I think giving the children and Us holiday would be so good for our souls.

Well I better get back to work. I have jewelry to create and kids school clothing to sew.
Supper to consider as well! I have to also shop for Dove some soft foods.

I just had to tell all of you of the wonderful way I see God providing for us!
I awoke at 3:34 then again at 3:33 I do not know how that occurred but I came in and got into the word and had time with Abba. When that happens it really wakes me up fast to know HE is their waiting to be with me.
He took me to James 1:3 Endurance. :)

Works for Me Wedensday,


Over at rocks in my dryer join us for Works for me

Bar Keepers Friend

after dishes when the sink is wet I sprinkle it all over lightly and let it set until the dust settles
(I don't want to breath it in, I have asthma)

It works itself a bit just sitting there. Then I give a good once over scrub with my homemade scrubber. Let it set a moment and rinse.

This product is so awesome!
It works with very little "elbow grease" ,
That's what my Momma used to call it :)

Look what it does for a sink! Now I use this sink a lot. With all the home cooking I do.
Unlike "comet" My hands are not burned by it.
It works wonders on tile too.

I am not being paid for my opinion.
Just love the product!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Oh what a nice day.
I set hubby up a lunch and fed the kids and I.
I marinated some chicken in orange juice, rosemary that dash picked (I had him come in and grind it) , dried onion, garlic salt (it is what helps in the mortar and pestle to make the grind fine. I will broil it this evening.
After many phone calls from other Realtors wanting to re-list our house, I was humored at one point and a Realtor said "How nice it is to speak with a smiling voice"...
Even cold callers need a kind word.
I got good news that Beloved porcelain crown was covered and that we were getting a $27. refund.
we were concerned that it might be a $400. out go. We were covered! ya!
I was able to write a $2000. check toward Doves braces (that is about 2/3's of the debt) YA! and we will need to cover the surgery out of pocket. I think I will have saved enough to cover the cost of the extractions and anesthesia.
We go to Doves surgeon today for the pre operative visit.
I have these dishes to finish up.

For lunch Dash and I made
egg salad...

8 eggs diced
2 tbs Mao
1 tbs mustard
2 tea dill relish
dash paprika

Let your kid stir and they will find joy in eating what they make.
Dove has it on crackers and Dash just in a bowl.
I like it with rye crisps.

This the way I taught the kids to eat healthy.
Let them find their place in it.

The Studio is still coming together, I am humbled that I get to stay here. I have such an amazing studio. I want to learn more about selling my work and helping out my family in this way.

I attended a fellowship last night of four of us ladies getting together from my church and beading together. I had a wonderful time. The hostess gave a soldering demonstration with silver. I made a necklace and bracelet with earrings set aside to finish up.

I am going to design a nice wall above the Phaff to be utilitarian and decritive both.

I was amazed to see that the serger and the embroidery machines fit without even an eighth of an inch to spare.

After a fun *Three* games of Candy Land I served up some "nerds" Candie and soy ice cream. We had a lot of good laughs and fun together.

After the cones we played "Armor of God togeather".
Laughing and having a good time.
Tackle that!
I am so enjoying the kids home this summer.
They are watching the "Pink Panther" now and I am fading a bit. Tired and so peaceful. These kids are so cool!
Dash got a "battle" card on the game and lost his "Breastplate of righteousness" because he...did not help his mother in with the groceries...His eyes watered up and he declared! That is not the truth I always help my mom with the groceries. It was so precious. We exchanged high fives and went on ..., but how dear that even in a game he stood up for the "right things" he chooses to do. I was touched.
They played well with great sportsmanship.
What a fun tackle. Time with our children is often over looked as a tackle soon school will start again. I am so glad that we got to exercise sportsmanship and character and good hardy laughs.
This motherhood gig is awesome!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Marriage Monday

1st Monday Every Month at Chrysalis
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"Hun, He said...I don't know if I have ever really felt that joy that the Pastor spoke about."

I gave pause to thought...Then replied I that "Joy as I see it is a different sort of thing than most may expect it to be or think of it as. To me I have come to think of it and equate it more to the abundant fruits of strength"
The strength to endure to withstand and uphold a banner of purpose and character (with a "Dear God please help me!"). It is that exuberant thrill that comes after the storm of each trial. Beloved and I have had many a trial, many a challenge a test as it were. This most recent challenge to sell out the estate. To become debt free to be willing to let go. Only now being able, to more deeply regain and receive what possessions and luxuries
we do have. The opportunity to support the union by walking into the goal...counting all loss, but to see my husband free. Yet freedom comes in so many different ways. It is for freedom sake that I packed this home and opened it for weeks to strangers on end. It was for freedom sake that I was more than willing to receive a house that even the Realtor was stunned that I would consider.

I am my beloveds and he is mine. The banner we hold over each other is love.
It is that love that will empower me to work toward the debt free goal even though we are not selling out. It will be a long term goal that will take all the support I can give to my mate. He has a dream and a desire and it is one to travel. It is that we are one. That it is a dream I share with him. It is my hope to get employment in the fall. A thing I thought I would Never want to acquire. It is in all things working together to accomplish a goal. It will take me to a newer level of strength to learn more about selling and merchandising my jewelry.
The Joy , the joy is the strength that I am witness too. It was with great Joy (strength) that I packed and let go of this home with an open hand. It will be in joy that I return. Returning into this home will take great strength. Box after box and it will be a Joy (strength) of character to let go of those things that are of no purpose here anymore.
The Lord gives me strength.
It is the Joy of the Lord that is my strength. Being like Him (as I am able) strengthens me and the victory of exercising that strength bring floods of joy as a benefit to the prudent.

May we all find great Joy (God given STRENGTH) as we live our lives with character and dignity. Setting our eyes to the prize and not to the struggle. For if not for struggle we would all be weak saplings snapped in the storm.
Trees of righteousness firmly planted , strengthened as the wind blows our forms into twisted weathered beauty.
Above all... guarding our hearts that we not loose our gaze upon the greater prize of it all...

The Joy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Unpacking my beads and sewing supplies

I will post tomorrow.
Good night

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,'
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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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