Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please join us for Marriage Monday this coming Monday (Nov. 30, 2009)

Dear Blogging Sister,
Please join us for Marriage Monday this coming Monday (Nov. 30, 2009). This time, we'll be covering the general subject of Men & Christmas. By majority vote, this month's group topic is "He Speaks: A Revealing Interview With My Husband."

Help your Husband Express His Feelings

This month our challenge is to get help your man express his honest feelings about Christmas. I suggest you come up with three to five questions. I've emailed mine to e-Dad, because I know he likes to write his answers down, rather than be questioned verbally. You can try that, or do whatever works best for the two of you.

Here are my interview questions. (You can use these if you want.)

1. Describe your ideal Christmas.
2. How do your think our expectations differ at Christmas?
3. Share your thoughts about exchanging gifts.
4. Some years you're just not into Christmas. Explain why.
5. How do you focus on the deeper meaning of Christ's birth at Christmas?

Let's make it our goal to create some wonderful memories for our husbands this year! I'm excited to find out what pleases e-Dad, and also what troubles him about the holidays. I hope you'll take some time to do the same for your own sweet man.
Bring a Friend
Feel free to copy any part of this announcement and post it on your blog. As always, the more participants we have, the better.
See you at Chrysalis on Monday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

Is your house a home that is full of the presence of the Lord?
"Through wisdom is an house built; and by understanding it is established: And by
knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday *Flight Center

On Monday we had a wonderful field trip to a flight center
I had the thrill of being one of five volunteers that made the trip able to happen
We had four groups we were group four. We were on a rotation. My group got to have lunch first.
My young friend just sat alone.
The other boy in my group had left ill and the others were all girls.
He shared with me that he was embarrassed when I gave him the picture I painted in class last year, it gave me a change to apologize for his discomfort.

 We received our training as the children were being lectured on flight
The teacher of the class is in the gray to the left.
She made this happen.
 This is the class as they were in training
The cock pit seats were so cool
They used them first
 The information and science coverage was awesome!
 I had another child but as the lecture was occurring he did not look right to me.
I asked the child to come to me.
The teacher took him to the nurse just in time for him to repeatedly vomit!
Sweet boy missed out. I gathered him all of the experiment supplies and his flight Manuel and sent it on quickly with the teacher to the nurse.
 Dove did real well
This is so cool!
This is all on a volunteer basis.
This is a flight simulator program they used..
I got to take a turn and landed!

 As the kids who were training for the plane simulator part of my group was doing a study in night vision.
Using a grid system they had to identify the items on the field through the night goggles.
While the other part of my group shifted over and these guys went to the plane
 This fellow was a retired flight instructor as was one of the guardians who came with us a grandpa who was a retired flight instructor.

 We had a odd man out so I got to give it a try.
This is the same boy who I painted the dream catcher for last year.
This child keeps getting placed under my charge year after year.
I pray for him.



 This little girl is named Diamond. She is a real sweet heart.

The project only works if a class has enough adults to assist

So today I got to go do a little shopping.
That is where I have been folks .

Have a wonderful pause to give thanks for all the many many kindnesses God affords you day to day.
Wow, Dash does not HAVE to use hearing aides.
My boy has healed a hearing loss.
God has always given me so many reasons to give thanks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meal Plan Menu

They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry
we're eating very well.
For by the stock of evidence
I shouldn't want to fuss
with home and health and happiness
God's been good to us.

Order is being restored around here some.
I got a sweet hug and a thank you from my beloved "for all the work you do around here" he said.
Well that just fuels my fires, dries up those old damp logs a smoldering.

I hope that all of you who are doing the big meal at your homes ask for help if not offer it freely if your a guest.
We have the privileged of answered prayers in that we are guest twice.

Roasted Garlic Mashed Yucatan Gold Potato
Veggie tray
and if energy prevails...
stuffed creamini mushrooms with sage sausage and Asian bread crumbs.

32 days 
til Christmas!

A busy week end

Hello, I have a moment to breath!
Dash is barley to be seen behind the orange paper.
He took his role VERY seriously.
He was the very end of the dinosaurs tail.
 It was a nice evening, the same day of all the treats stuff, it was the evening the Mother of the boy came and apologized.A very full day it was. That was Thursday.
Friday was full of grocery shopping.
Yesterday was full of garage cleaning and the garden shed.

But this was too funny.
My Mr Mister hung the scroll work up in the kitchen.
Above the sink you can just see one of the corner brackets.
 this was fun...
 His t shirt say Life is Good.
funny man
on Thursday night we had some bread sticks
I drizzled olive oil on the pan and then garlic salt.
The dough was left to rise while did errands and tasks 

 This is miners dinner it was one of the meals I prepared earlier in the week.
The meat was frozen here.
It has chopped root veggie, normally some cabbage but I had none.
Sprinkle some mixed frozen veggies.
By the day after it is thawed and ready to just toss in the oven
 Snug in heavy duty foil, or you can use a pan covered.
When ready place in oven at 350* for an hour and dinner is served.
Clean up a breeze.
We used this when we camped often as well if you make a rock oven under the campfire pit.
 Saturday the garage took to a transformation.

note the stack of papers in the gray file cabinet, they all got filed today.

My husband cut down a tall shelf and made a corner unit for the garden shed.
We reloaded the tool cabinet and the automotive shelve unit.
Doing all your own repair work calls to have the supplies you might need.
We have collected things that we saw good use for over the years and also keep motor oil when it is at a good price and the like.
Now that the tailor is to be garaged we removed the land locked cabinet and shelve to the other side of the garage and reloaded it. All the electric tools have the cords coiled and set in like things on the individual shelve. I just love order. So this task will often fall to me while he does all the heavy lifting and such.
All of the discarded things are now separated into like things to sell or give.
That stack of files on the gray hay-worth are filed
 My neighbor got into the grow and she was out working all day as well.
It was fun to have our garages opened up and talk back and forth across the street while the children and their friends rode bikes and plays in the driveway.
 She gifted the kids with this old set of books.
Dash loved them.
She gave Dove a blue light for her bedroom once I get it finished.

 This will be the new shop and a place for the bikes.
Now all the thing are accessible and the space on the other side of the tailor is for dead storage of wood scraps and those types of things that one only needs seldom.

My neighbor had a motel and sold the land.
She cleared out the hotel and was left with several wall unit a/c heaters.
She has offered us 25% of sells if Steve sells them for her.
He will look into it.
She has a garage full of things to sell and would give Steve a % if he helps her.

An afternoon play date with a new kid to me.
The mother and I sat in the garden, a very lovely single mom.
She left to do errands and I told her to take an extra hour if she used it just for her.

The scarlet runner is running and It is so pretty.

 My new garden shed.
That is the corner unit Steve made for me.
I emptied the shed and then set it up.
The bins are dog, chicken and wild bird foods.
Now I will have all the needed tools of the trade and foods of the earth at my access and easily handled.
 I'll give you a little peak...
I'll post some images on the Bee Bliss blog
 A few flowers 
I laughed so hard when I saw this sign last week.
My other neighbor took me to a little decor store.
I love this.
The kids get $5. a week when we are able to pay it for doing their chores.
It is a family understanding that it is a privileged to get allowance.
We also impart that a workman is worthy of his hire.
That a family is a team too.

So there ya have it.

Here are a few of the layouts I have been creating.
The findings are yet to be attached.
I am coming to visit all of you.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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