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What is a positive tradition, or godly character trait that you learned from your extended family that you hope to pass down to your own family?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Home made corn chips

I found these corn tortillas on special for 4 for $5.
So I made up some of my famous homemade corn chips for the holiday weekend.

line your counter with paper bags then accordion fold several layers of paper towel. Made sure your toweling has no coloring in it. I use only white.

I found the oil on a lead in special and got two of them when I did.
Real Sea Salt with iodine is a nutritional source.

We love the chips when they are "burn'ies" not really burnt but extra browned. They become very nutty when they are cooked this way.
Be sure that they cool well before you put them in the tin.
I had two pans running and the cook time was less then a minute in the hot oil. Then drain, salt when you first put them on the paper toweling.

Now I made the two packages and filled the chips tin.
Normally for the reduced "Costco" priced of around $8 for the two big family bags that fill the tin loosely. I was able to make the home made chips that really fill the tin up tightly. Oh the flavor! These are so crisp and fresh. Lots of salt too.

for...One hour of my time and...
1.25 tortillas
1.25 tortillas
2.50 canola oil
0.50 sea salt
total $5.50

Aloha Friday

I had the kids take out the recycle trash from the loading up of the garage fridge.
A few minutes later Dove came in and began gathering things.
In she came with...Her robot "Sponge bot".
They then spent and hour making robots together out of the recycle trash boxes and packing/duct tapes. They were helping each other out and working together.

With summer here for most of us.
What are you doing during the day with your kids?

We had some corn and so I asked the kids if they would like to husk it. They were thrilled! They had a lot of fun doing this simple thing. They each put their own cob in the water. Dove ate hers but Dash's loose tooth spoiled it for him. The corn was wonderful. It was lunch. That they made them self. It is fun to give them opportunity to do simple things as if they were extravagant..

Very yummy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finding Courage Through Sharing Blog Carnival

"In the Life of a child"
Join us in this enlightening prompt.
Tell Me What You Wish Others Understood…
Having two adopted special need kids it would have been wonderful if others understood how hard it was to face those needs with courage. I remember many who minimized the needs at the very time I was dealing with accepting the challenges I had. I had to grieve the needs of the kids in their infancy and do all I could to intervene. Some folks would act as though I was making a bigger deal out of their special needs than was warranted. This was so confusing and hurtful at times. I was being the advocate they desperately needed and my advocacy was questioned and at times it felt very undermining. It was a role I had been given to educate. So as a new mother you have a role to be an advocate and to educate the population at large. It is a time of pouring out that is just draining. It was the best when someone just offered words of encouragement. Even when others supported the duties of normal motherhood (sharing a dish or helping with a chore). You would be amazed at the hours of Paper Work I have completed. Your kids sick and You get stuck doing what feels like you SAT"s. The Stress is so taxing that your exhausted. Then you get the "well meaning" :) folks who ask if..."you knew they were that sick when you choose to adopt?" because if you did (the inference is) that "it is your own fault! you brought it on yourself"...Folks are full of ignorant misjudgments. I have heard this even for the birth children born with special needs . That it is some how the "fault" of someone or something... It is human nature to do this but when you are the target of such ignorance it can compound the pain of parenting those special needs children that need everything you can give them to over come. It is a real drain to have to be an educator of the public at such a time. That is the call however of a parent who has special needs kids.
My son may have Ushers, he is hearing impaired and had to have a surgery to fix a deformity of the throat. His ear canals are deformed. He is adopted from Russia. So we deal with the ignorant insensitive medical folks too.
"was he from any where near Chernobyl?" See what I mean. I hurts! It startles and it calls on everything as a Mother to hold the roots of the oak we must be fast beside the stream of life. For me the river I draw from is one of faith in a loving God who is constantly questioned by the mis-informed who long to blame ...To blame God. God did not do this to these adorable children of mine. The sin of man kind did. But God is turning it around.
If my son goes blind, deaf it is not that God does not love him. It will be that God will turn it around and teach the ignorant Love. You see Love is what all this is about. Ignorance is just a lack of understanding about that Love.
My son stayed alive in horrid conditions for his first 10 months of his life. He was taught because of those conditions to be angry and to feel guilt for his needs. Many a time in Russia they asked if we "really wanted him?" They kept asking this because many Americans only wanted the "perfect baby". Fuey! there is no perfection except that every baby is perfectly deserving of love! My Son was on the "throw away" side of the orphanage with the babies who were clef lip or downs syndrome children. Those children were not adopted because folks all want to avoid suffering and hardship.
Little Dove was bald and had such a severe respiratory infection that she almost died before I could get her back to the states. She could not move at 8 months and was developmentally disabled in two of the three categories. I invested 22 months of all three therapy's driving 13 miles one way three times a week and working for several hours daily. This is my Daughter my child. Now at 10 years old she is doing so well. She had a severe anxiety problem due to sensory integration disorder she would just scream at night and panic because she would just free float when she laid down. I cried so hard to see that child suffer so badly. It took several years and many lessons and great education in the disciplines. She is now off all medications and is doing well. It was so hard! I have never done anything so meaningful or great in my life! I see now the fruit of that labor of so many years. I have had 1 easy year now with her. She is the joy of my life!
I wish others understood that this great sacrifice is not without reward. We love and we are love. One thing that is not often considered is the physical and emotional price we pay as parents. These hardships age us and the stress is hard on us. It is a part of the cost. If others could love us in ways that reduce extraneous stress it could go a long way in supporting our role as main care givers.
I have gained so much more than I have given and that says a lot!
NO! I do not regret this experience! It really hurts when people ask this. I hope that folks will learn that every story is a part of a grand epic. That it is the greater epic that matters. That grand epic would be forever altered if each little story each life was not lived to the top. Each life effects the epic.
Suffering instills the ability to have compassion. It is in suffering that we see Love empowered through the gain of understanding. Understanding is the beginning of knowledge. If knowledge be gained then it is given to man to walk wisely.
Wisdom=Love=God = Intimacy with God= If into-me-i-see than I can see into-you more clearly. Then I will better know how you need to be loved.

It is in the suffering of my own youth that I was empowered to be able to love my sweet children through the journey of suffering into the life that they now thrive in. Do I wish that they did not suffer, well yes in some ways sure I do. I must trust that they will gain and develop character that this world so desperately needs more of. Do not just feel sorry for those of us who are so challenged. Rejoice with us as well for we are given a great gift in this that we can offer a gift to this world that it so desperately needs, We know something few know how to offer.
That is the very thing we could sure use more of from others :)

Thankful Thursday

Thankfully I am able to stay home with my children. Yesterday I stayed beside Dash as he was a sick little fellow. . He had vomited on Tuesday afternoon. He had a hard night on Tuesday and then Wednesday he just got the trial of the year with the sick tummy "all day". He was a great little patient. Very sweet and agreeable and not grumpy. He is so sweet. I held the little fellow all day! How Thankful I am to heal his heart. You see, Dash feels inappropriate guilt to be held and loved on. His experience in the orphanage the first 10 months still effects him in little ways only parents would see. Daddy man and I are so glad to just be able to be here for him. I just held him, it was so good for him. I held his little head in my hand as we watched movies and I held the cup as he sipped Sprite to re hydrate. He just soaked it up too. His calm is marked with a grateful peace emanating from him. It was a lovely day even though he was sick. It is such an honor and a privilege to be here for him.
His Teacher called to check on him and we spoke. She touched my heart with what she said to me. She said..."that even though she will no longer be Dash's teacher that she hopes that I would honor her with calling her my friend. She said that she always has enjoyed every conversation and that she always wants to be counted as my friend. " ...How touching and humbling to be thought of so sweetly and highly.
We spoke of dash and I told her what a sweet heart he is...she said" not only is Dash sweet but he is dynamic, popular and very intelligent. " She said that "rarely if ever will you find a child who has all three things going for them." she said "he is a very special boy"!
I agree. :)
When My Beloved came home he embraced me so wonderfully kissing my neck telling me how very much he delights in me. I felt like I was floating on a cloud in his arms.
I was not able to go to Doves play last night.
However it was the play that her teacher and class and I put on for the nursing home last week. Daddy man went with her and they had their special time together. Mr Uncommon stood up for another Mother who was being attacked verbally by a woman. Hubby told the raging Mother that it was no way to behave in front of the children. I was so proud of him for defending the woman and guarding the children. He spoke up!
Dove is very proud of the chain necklace I made for her and her friend are all begging one now.

This is her tri-fold on Giant Otters. It looked very nice.

Dove is in the green. Daddy man was able to capture a audio of it. I am not sure how to impart it into the post.

This is a thankful Thursday Morning .
Our weather is now 70* It dropped 30* or more. It was 108* just two days ago!
Dash and I were rock searching and he found a perfect humming bird this morning.
Now if you know me you will appreciate the significance here. God has often spoken to me in hard times through the humble humming bird

This is sitting on Dash's pillow.
He said" it looks like it is flying in the sky for our sky is white like this, this morning"... We have clouds today with promise of rain over the next couple of days.
Dash has to miss the last day of school. Dove is off to school. I walked her down to the bus stop. She is going to watch "Pippy Long Stocking" today at school. Dash was a bit sad about the missing of the last day of school, but I must say he is really being a good sport about it. His teacher said that there is a few viruses going around and suggested he stayed home and away from the risk with his system being compromised.
This morning his lips are a little blue.
I am so glad he stayed home. He is watching Sponge Bob right now and he is softly singing. He is still weak though. Happy enough but weak. What a sweet little patient. He keeps looking up at me and sharing a song and a smile. What a gift this son is to me.
Tomorrow I will have both children home for summer school break.
My little girl is growing up so fast!
She will be in forth grade next year. She has grown up so much emotionally. I still can see the vulnerability but I think that by holding her back this year she will be in such a better standing. The maturity is now developing so I think she will be better able to keep herself safe. She has established her character and it is a strong foundation I am not afraid for her. I think that she will do well now. This is such a huge healing for her. I am so grateful it is so wonderful when we get to see our kids thrive.

She is gaining height so fast!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Not as easy as you might think. Now copy, forward, or post this and change the answers to yours and pass it on. It’s really hard to only use one word answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? …………..purse

2. Your significant other?………………….. office

3. Your hair? …………………………………….. pretty

4. Your mother? ……………………………….. dust

5. Your father?…………………………………….. unknown

6. Your favorite thing?……………………….. Love

7. Your dream last night?………………….. intercession

8. Your favorite drink? ……………………….. tea

9. Your dream/goal?………………………….. debtless

10. The room you’re in?……………………..occupied

11. Your ex?……………………………………….. n/a

12. Your fear?……………………………………..failing

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?…….. settled

14. Where were you last night?………….. home

15. What you’re not?………………………….. bitter

16. Muffins?……………………………………….. bran

17. One of your wish list items?………….. home

18. Where you grew up?…………………….. Meadows

19. The last thing you did?………………….. Mothered

20. What are you wearing?………………….. skirt

21. Your TV?……………………………………….. silent

22. Your pets?…………………………………….. shed

23. Your computer? …………………………….. nice

24. Your life?……………………………………….. family

25. Your mood?………………………………….. copostetic

26. Missing someone?……………………….. self

27. Your car?……………………………………….. His

28. Something you’re not wearing?…….. necklace

29. Favorite Store?……………………………….. Organic

30. Your summer?……………………………….. loud

31. Like(love) someone?…………………………….. forever

32. Your favorite color?……………………….. changes

33. Last time you laughed?……………….. today

34. Last time you cried?……………………….. yesterday

35. Who will re-post this?…………………….. someone

Tackle It Tuesday

I was up at 6a.m. got the hubby lunch and breakfast (whole wheat toast with butter and a pealed navel orange in a recycled to go food box) for the road( it protects and the kids played until it was time to eat and then off to school. It is nice here in the early morning.
I cut up a nice big melon for the Ladies Bible Study social.
I drove around for a few moments looking at the houses we will be going to tonight. I made a pro/con list for each house. It is funny the things that are more important.
Then I went to the church and joined the others there.
We had a nice time and just after prayer time we were going to begin a study video.
I got a call on the cell phone.
I had to rush home clean up the house making all beds and sweeping floors and just overall detail so that the house could be shown.
I had all the lights on, the ceiling fans running and the incense was lit.The job got done 15 minutes after they were due...but They never came!

So I sat outside in 102* heat at the neighbors back yard with the dogs. For 30 minutes.
Then I came home and melted for two hours.
I turned all the lights off and shut down the shades and blinds.
I turn the house off at 1p.m. so that we save on utilities.
Tonight we go to look at 4 houses that are for sale.

Hay the house is clean...:)

I met the kids as they got off the bus with a snack and a cool drink.
My children are cooling off watching afternoon T.V. and resting.
It is so hot for kids here at school. This is a hard time of year for kids to play or be outside.
Dash has a tummy ache. He turned down a root beer and chip snack. I think he got overheated today.

The Dogs got over heated too.
They are both just balls of fur in a big heap on the cool floor. I was finishing this post I heard a funny noise. It was Dash vomiting up his tummy full.
I could not get to him because the pool was blocking the way.
Becca grabbed towels as did I and I used them to walk on.
My sweet boy this is only the third time in his seven years of throwing up.

The washer in running on hot with the towels. it is mopped and the walls are scrubbed...
He has a hard lesson he ate Pizza!
My allergic to MILK kid decided to eat PIZZA!
Well he heaved again and now has fallen asleep,
so I guess the evening of looking at properties will have to change course.

Poor kid.
Hard lesson to do what you know you should not do.
Ah... Motherhood:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


It has gotten very hot here over 100* this week so we use a lot of cooler preparation tips and eat lighter and fresh as apposed to cooked veggies.

I try to cook all things before 1 P.M. it is the time of use plan that saves a lot on utilities and keeps the house cooler in the heat of the day. Rice and such will be cooked and them heated on plate in micro wave at time of service.

Monday: Chicken Tenders Cooked in rice pilaf of basmati rice and wild rice using chicken broth and herbs de' province, fresh cucumber slices

Tuesday: Organic (frozen) Blueberry Pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs with apple slices, and grape tomatoes for the eggs.

Wednesday: Salmon (pan seared), fresh orange slices , rice (sushi) and melon slices.

Thursday: Roasted beef rib roast studded with garlic, carrots celery , onion and potatoes (sweets).

Friday: Popcorn Chicken, Carrot sticks and bell peppers of red orange and yellow raw.

Saturday: Mexican day of Turkey Enchiladas in tomatillo sauce, Tacos and burritos...tomatoes, lettuces, cheese re-fried pintos and cheddar cheese.

Sunday: Guest will be served a fresh Tarragon Elbow Pasta (imitation) crab salad with bell peppers and celery hard boiled egg and such. With a fresh fruit.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday to Sunday Smiles

Wow! Four Days of fun, Fun, Fun! Thursday... offered an after school storm. I called Dove away from the T.V. and told her she just MUST come outside. She brought out her snack and sat on the porch, while I did dog duty duty :)

We were rained on this the first storm in over 80 days! It was so wonderful!

Dash Hawk had to show me his new stunt. That kid is doing push-ups over the expanse of the fort.

Dove amazed me with her beauty! She is just finishing her snack of "Cheeto's". Oh I just LOVE this image. It so captivates me.
We all then went for a walk around the block in the breeze and rain. We came across two brothers who ride the bus with my kids. They live on a back cul-da-sac. So I went back with the kids and got their bikes and went back to the cul-da-sac to let them play together. There was no parent around so I just sat on a bench in a yard and watched the kids. Good thing too for at one point a car came around the corner and I was able to signal them. Dove called her brother a "Jerk" so I quietly told them it was time to leave. When we got to the house I explained to Dove that name calling is not acceptable and that is why we left. That if she can not treat her brother with decency then she will not be aloud to play with others.

I get "LOST" on Thursday evenings. Daddy Man gives me the night off and I watch my favorite shows. They shoed some of the rescue on Lost and It was a great show.
We had an invitation to swim on Saturday and when I told the agent who is selling our home she set up an open house. Well the house was a mess! I had Friday and Saturday to clean it., but on
Friday... I had to meet Dove at her school at 8:30 to chaperon a community service field trip to a nursing home. When I arrived thy were having a flag raising and a band performance. The music teacher played taps. It was beautiful! They spoke of Memorial day and the service of those who gave and fought for our country.

I had a lost Kinder gardener in my tow and the teacher saw us and came for him and thanked me for helping the tot.

At the end of The event Three names were spoken and I could not make out what was said. Out of over 600+ kids our Little Dove was one of those three names.

Because I happened :)
to be there with camera I was able to capture the event.

She received a"Scholastic Citizenship" award. Dove won a Scholastic Citizen ship award. Only 3 out of 600+ students. We are so happy for her and proud of her good choices. I told her it was about who she is and not just what she has done. She was just shining. She received an award and a water bottle and pencil. With a certificate for a free kids meal also. She went off to class as I purchased year books and signed in the volunteer book and got my badge. I was off to Doves class room to assist.
I wish I would have taken pictures with the camera but I was very consumed with 23 kids. The teacher and I loaded up the backgrounds and the costumes onto the school bus then the children. We had the whole bus. We were off to the nursing home. It was a care unit for Alzheimer's patients. A very nice facility. We unloaded the props and costumes and the teacher followed with the students. They performed the play to an audience of 30 or so patients and three or so attendants. Then the kids sang songs the teacher and I were flying by the seat of our pants. Then I collected the costumes while the teacher and the children spoke about the lessons they were learning. We then had each child give each Lady a flower. It was so sweet! The children were attended with my hand gently on the back while speaking too the individual patients, some of whom were not "home" so to speak". I supported the children as to not have them be afraid. It was a real treasured time. Sorry no pictures I was just so hands on I had no time to take an image. We got on the bus and headed back to a familiar park. The one by our house. We met up with 30 other students and all of them had a lunch and a two hour play time. We arrived a half hour early but tyhe time was right to leave the nursing home.

This little black haird boys Mother lives near that house I like.

Dove loves to climb trees all children are so fond of trees.

We had 7-9 adults and over 50 kids.

The Mother in the image invited us over to play and swim. It was a nice invitation. So I will keep in touch with her over the summer. I told her the story of the car accident and about my memory challenges as to not be offended and to just remind me of who she is when she calls. She appreciated the miracle of the accident. I was hit by a kid doing 120 and I lived a little dimmed in the memory stuff but no one died because he hit my car, that was three years ago Christmas. So Daddy man got a Movie for Dove for her achievement. "Indiana Jones and the last crusade." We had a family movie night and went to bed early. For Saturday morning we had a house to clean!
Saturday...6 am Dash gave the wake up call...O.K. everybody we got to clean this house. Open House was to be at 9 A.M. We worked our brains out! We took the dogs with us this time for my neighbor was having a party at her house. She had a yard full of farm animals that she had rented. The kids and I went to take a peak at them just before we left. Too cute. Farm animals for rent? We arrived at my Dear Old Friends house by 10:30. Hot tired and ready to just pass out! We had mopped every floor and shined every surface! We were out of there just in time.

My Sweet friend had been raised with dogs and has a deep knowledge of them. We watched the establishment of alpha and then we were able to relax. Guess who was alpha out of four dogs?...Willy! Well all was relaxed and we went for a swim. The dogs joined us.
Please pray for my friend Jewels she has two new dental implants that are infected.

Willy had his first swim! He loved it! Rena was not to inclined she got into the first step.

Dove and Willy had a swim together. She is a strong swimmer. We kept the dogs to two at a time due to newly established alpha and all. We did not want to stress Willy out being a new swimmer and all.

Dash stays in the small pool he is not swimming yet. We had a near drowning with him and Dove in this pool a year or so ago. So he just stays in the shallow.

Willy worked hard. He slept hard all afternoon too. We all had a nice lunch of bread and meat and strawberries. Then we all came home after the Open House was over. We were home a short while and I showered. Then we were off... We went to the picture show... "Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian" It was wonderful! We all had Chinese food at Panda. It was a good Movie and the children were very aware of when it deviated from the novel. Steve has read all seven of the novels to them and he just reread the prince Caspian recently to refresh them. We splurged and took them out to Panda Chinese food. (it has gone down hill) . It was very nice to have some family time We came home and I went to bed early. I slept for 13 hours! Wow rested for the first time in a long while. Our day was very full yesterday and when we came home I laid on the bed at 6p.m. Did not get up till 9pm and then just to take my medication. I went right back and laid down until 7:30 this morning! I felt happy this morning really happy. Rested for the first time in so long. I have had insomnia from my medication for a while. I have so little time to blog right now. Forgive me I just must compress my efforts. I am so looking forward to the future and what it is God has in store for us. It is so hard to stay in this day and not long to be moved and sold. This day is so important though well never get it back again.:) I hope that you milk this day for all it is worth. Get every drop of joy out of it. I am so hoping to sell this house soon. I really would like to be settled before long. So that the children can build community before the school year begins. Beauty for ashes. Oil of joy for morning The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. That we might be trees of righteousness the planting for the Lord. As a dear pantith for the waters so my soul longs after thee. You alone are my hearts desire so I long to Worship Him.
Lego Sunday... We arose to a day of "Family time" We felt the need to rest. We had to return to our host of yesterday for our dog dishes and camera. Then a trip to the toy store for the children had earned enough to get the Lego sets they desired. We stoped by the craft store for some glue we needed and I got two strands of purple beads to play with:) We then stopped for the big bag off dog food and came home. The kids started building. Those two saved almost $31.00 all but $2.20 of what they needed to get the sets. They began to build as soon as they got in the door.

I love seeing Dove able to do the fine motor stuff. She had Dash help her. YES! team work!

We have the kids put the plastic bags into separate bowls as to keep things ordered. Dash is a master builder! his little brain just thrives on it!

We placed them at different surfaces to keep the stuff from getting mixed up.

Dash had a grumpy day and Daddy man was doing his best to cheer him up. He kept getting hurt. Just little bumps and such. He is challenged with balance lately.

He is such a Daddy! I took another nap. I just cant seem to get enough rest. After 45 minutes I felt better and came into the blog as they finished the Lego sets.

Dove was able to do a lot of her set without help. She got car sick on the errands that is why the gray wrist bands. They are for divers if you have a kid with sensory stuff try them. You can get them at Walgreen's ore any drug store. Well... on the way to the grand parents now. enjoy your Sunday evening.

Dove realized yesterday that her Bible is a different translation than mine.
I was able to teach her about history of language.
Too cool!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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