Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dash's song

Dash was to be ours in the fall of the towers
We were awaiting the calls from the Russian to go get him any day.
When those towers came down as I stood in my kitchen my heart sank.
I waited until that December we were some of the first Americans to enter into Russia.
It was very dangerous. He had to stay in that orhanage untill he was 10 moonths old.
When we got to him he was very malnurished.
Oh he was so abused as well, we had to teach him that he would be safe.
He had surgery shortly after his home coming.
He would stop breathing on my chest over and over. Apnea was causing so many issues.
He had hypothyroidism that threatened dwarfism.  God healed him of it.
He has been hearing impaired...God restored his hearing to the point that he now can choose whether or not to use them. A miracle in it's own right.
This is my son.
This is the song that I sang while awaiting his arrival in my arms.

I waited 20 years for my son!

Dove's song

While waiting for Dove I faced 17 hours of home study. Additional Phyc testing due to my history.
I was given honor to adopt any child. Matched with Dove we had to await her arrival. She almost died before we could get her home. Many miracles got us in and out of Russia in three days.

I Waited 16 years for my daughter!

Thankful Thursday

Friends who have enough confidence in me to come to me when an issue is at hand.
It is that my very own son is trying on hats at school. Trying on what it is to be the "bad" guy.
To use his words to slay.
It is that wisdom prevailed and understanding obtained several years ago gave me an isight.
Insight that at the time attained was very difficult. 
The lessons learned with one child flows to the next, flows to the compassion needful for another.

Here it is I who instigate the end of bullies who have a child using words to wound.
Amazing how Good God is in life to teach us to ready us for the skill sets that will be needful in HIS right timing. Developmental milestones are so normal for kids. A child who wants so to get lots of attention can so easily become victim to patterns of reaction.
This time it was my kid who fell to the trap and became abusive.

So many wonderful opportunities to parent the young ones.

I went in to my dear son and bumped his chair as he was doing his breathing treatment.
I bumped his chair as he did the other child, then I repeated the names that he had spoken to said child looked him in the eye and calmly said "does that sound familiar?"
Appropriate shame flushed his face, loving I looked sternly at him and as I walked away I said
"think on it"

I spoke with the parent again.
I spoke to his teacher.

He called to me and I attended his call.
Thankful here it is...

"Mom, he said...Mom I went to God and told him all that I had done.
I apologized to God and asked for his forgiveness too."

I explained to the child that our words have the power to bring life or death

he said "MOM!, the 10 commandments said that thou shall not kill"

"our words I told him can kill the soul, or heal it, "

"I want to call him and apologize" said he

Say I, "it is one thing to say it another to respond to guilt through a change in behavior."

I had him list bullet points on a yellow pad of what he needed to own and what was the other child's doing. Then later I told him in another color add under each point how he might do it differently next time.

I can not begin to tell you of the warmth within my heart when that child went to GOD first!
Not to me, not the the phone, not to the teacher...but to GOD!
Boy a lot to be thankful for today.

Well gotta go set up another breathing treatment.

a Mother.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the love of a child.

Last Friday a major mile stone was accomplished.
This is my Little Dove.
She is now 12 years of age and amazingly resilient.
With special Needs her years have been filled with intervention after intervention.
She began her life in a Russian Orphanage.
This Child came to me at almost 8 Months of age, never having been held and touched very little.
I waited to be her mother for 16 years.
16 years of a promise that was kept by a loving God who only wanted the VERY BEST for me.

After 22 months of every therapy venue she became somewhat congruent to age. My daughter could not swallow for in Russia the nipple of the bottle was 2-3 inches in length and she essentially swallowed it. She had to be taught to suck, to be held, to have sounds other than crying babies around her. She still flinches at the sound of an infant crying and huddles behind me. This many years later.
She has many titles over her head. Dysfunctional difficulties of varied types.
The best title and most treasured is DAUGHTER. This is one kind heart of a soul. Always intervening for the underdog she is often misled. It is the hardest part of her development.

When my Dove was nested half way around the world I learned to TRUST GOD for her welfare.

Last Friday after years of guarding over her , year after year of struggles with the public school systems I signed the document I have been battling for for all these years of social workers who fail at their tasks. Documents one month out of the time window. The documents that we spent well over $800 to gain. I Sat in the office at the school where the current Social Worked actually did her job!

It is finished!

with the 504 in place I now can rest for the battle has been won. In shock and relief for days now it is settling in. I through the tenacity and favor given me by God have accomplished what seemed at times an impossible task. Met with wall after wall I walked around and around them shouting for justice. Those walls came a tumbling down. Not only that but the ground was taken in such a way that the residence of that city are now being restored.

At the door as I left that meeting the principle informed me that because of my persistence a new school wide program will be instituted next month to educate and empower the student body to stop bullying, gain conflict resolution skills. They will be empowered with KINDNESS!
They are also implementing a program to educate the young girls who have WAY too much power as bullies to have better conflict resolution skills. These kids have yet to be noticed as human beings by those that suffer them a horrid childhood lacking in all that they and every child deserve.The fight for my own child has taken shape to help well over 600 kids. This because of
walking outside of strife
and within the confines of compassion for the children. Kids who even harmed my own. Kids whose home life consist of abuse.


It is NOT only our own children that we need to be guardian. We are to guard the widow and the orphan. Many kids are orphaned in this global essence that there is  
no one left available
to fight for them. Remember as much as you might love to have vengeance on a child who hinders your own that it is that very kid who needs your compassion.  We see dimly. Humility is a skill that few kids have an example of.
I weep with joy at the struggle that I have faced all these years. It was all worth it. You see the battle often should not be prayed away. Rather it needs to be prayed through.

Revelation 2:11 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Well I tackled that day!

Dove and I to the bus stop we had a sweet time together tying cords

Dash slept til almost 9 a.m. unheard of he was really feeling bad.
Dash to the Doctor I got him tended.
A cold viral they think up and out comes the breathing machine for a few months.
Sweet baby will need to begin his daily preventives.
I was so very fortunate for the physician was the office specialist of Asthma.
We will be setting up a half hour training visit soon for anyone who might care for Dash.
We set up a green light, yellow, red light action plan for him.

I found a $5 in my purse and stopped at the golden arches for a drive through burger and a knife.
We split it there in the parking lot.
He was so sweet he said "no mom you eat it your really hungry, I'll get something at home".
You know that I would find that just too hard to do, besides the example of sharing is more important than the belly.We don't live by burgers alone but by every word every deed.
We got home and had soy ice cream. He wanted to watch the 10 commandments video.
I fell asleep on the sofa sweet baby covered me with a blanket.
I am still getting my strength back from last week.

When Dove came home it was like the two of them went a year without saying hi.
They are so close to each other.
Dove came in begging Dash to keep a secrete.
I confronted her that I had heard and asked her of it.
Seams a boy offered to give her a cell phone for $10.
I told her that her father and I would be the ones to meet her needs.
She said not to use just to pretend.
My Christmas gift phone has only $3 left on it and I really do not want to have one unless we could really have one with a good plan. We do not choose to have a big bill for such a thing.
We lived a life when there were no cell phones boy do I miss society it has changed too much.
Folks just gone, gone going gone.

This evening I did Doves nails and she did mine.
I taught her the way to hold the brush.
We spoke of girl things.
I so love being a Mother.

Tomorrow art masters presentations.
Dash to School.
Breathing treatments there.

Dash hawk is sick

I took him to the pediatrician and must begin breathing treatment.
So I will see you all on the flip side
Dash matters more than me time.
Love ya all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Marriage Monday Febuary 1 st

Get your thinking caps on.
Join us here

February's topic , "How to Celebrate February 14 Every Day of the Year."
I'm really looking forward to Marriage Monday on February 1, 2010. 
See you then.

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The joy of a clean home.

 This Saturday the Daddy man suffered the torment :)  of taking the kids to the picture show. Alven and the chipmonks....think three times before you subjet your self
So I had the house to myself.
I danced and rearanged the great room
I have all my Bible study stuff at my right hand (worked hard on book transfering today.
I have all my song books too. I love to read old very old hymnals. LOVE IT!
The quilt repair is there in the light of the windows too. Great space to have a nice conversation.
We are able to watch the kids play too.
 Coming in from the garage. The couch is perfect to layout the laundry dried in the machine.
This is SO nice Just LOVE IT!
I had so much fun!
I danced and danced as I tinkered, dusted and set things aright to my good pleasure.
The purpose of all that is done.
To find pleasure in the work of our hands.
Ecclesiastes Last verse of the book.
The wooden rocker is our very first piece of furniture.
It was in the raw and Steve and I sanded and finished it together.
It is oak.
See the beautiful red vase. I so wanted on and looked for one.
My SILove gave me the simpathy flowers in it.
Of course she has no idea. It was inopportune to tell her at the time.


 Dsah had tired of a loft bed.
I could not get to him up there.
Could not make the bed so far up high either.
He said it got too warm up by the ceiling too.
He was such a kind heart about volunteering to give up his new room to tend sissy's needs.
Those are his baseball cards in th grove left by removing the structure.
 I set Him up a libary by the light of the window.
Again as in the living room living buy the windows are such a delight.
I do not know why I never thought of it before.
Look how close that fit on the wall! within a half and inch!
I still have to go through the books to see to it the infantile ones are seperated out.
There are many very very valuable home school books in there.
Old lovely Hardbound volumes from the 40's and 50's.
 His dresser needs a good once over inside the drawers yet.
Today I did his laundry and will do so when I put that away.
I have yet to hang his print of the jet over his bed.
Now this fluke was a brain storm!
When I pick up toys around the house I can just approach the doorway to put things into the sort bins. Perfect.
 With the world map here and I put the states map quilt over his bed in the long wall.
My kids love geography.

 Dove's Room

Now I spoiled her a bit today by making her bed for her.
I just had too to see this...
 I hung a white cross with the "all things quote" in the big blue rectangle.

The Office

Swept and all three boxes removed it has a little more tlc to add to it.
So much better than it was.
I moved all my study books into the new sitting area in the living room (by the quilt rack)
 The little side table is the last of it.
I moved all the finished photo albums to the bottom shelf
All the Civil War books to the low shelves on the right.
Steve and I are both history buffs.

We teach the kids that History forgot will repeat itself.
This can be a real bad thing.
 Mr Lincoln is a bit dim in this image.
He is made up of hundreds of period images.
It is amazing how that artist created his image when looking at the print from afar.
This is what I see at the end of the East wing hallway.

Main bathroom

This is all finished except to mop the floor.
I even got the baseboards washed down.
So you see why sitting here is a catch my breadth sort of time.
 I love my botanical thiem in here.
Lupine and the yellow I forget the floor.
That is a little child's devotional on the commode.
On the shelf it says
"thou shalt NOT whine"
The bird and the insect prints were found years ago in the basement sale of an old stone church in Jerome Arizona.

OH a clean house on the East wing every room is clean at the same time!
That is kids bedrooms and kid bathroom too unheard of!

Well the laundry on the line is asking to come inside before the sun goes down and the temprature here in this desert drops so many degrees.
It was a delightfully warm day to hang the laundry out.
Short sleeve weather today.
Sorry you who chilled to the bone long to be warm outside.
It will come hang in there.
When I am house bound in the 115*'s plus you can encourage me.

Meal Plan Monday

Hello all you organized sisters of the home.

Well now the garden is extending a nice bit of harvest right now.
Hay anyone have ideas to us up turnips?

My boy is home sick today with a chest cough.
Or a mental health day still not sure but I figure we all deserve one sometimes.
If that is what he needs well I can honor that.
He was iffy if he wanted to stay home and it just seemed that he was a bit lethargic.

Chicken today to turn into soup tomorrow.
Chicken dish on Thursday too.

Healthy afternoon snacks a must.

Kids are of a mind to write down some meal ideas that they would enjoy.
Cool idea, Dash asked for the right to do so

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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