Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Mothers Birthday

This would have been her 83 rd birthday today. Knowledge of my mothers birthday caught me off guard. My Mother died 5 years ago the week after Valentines day. The last time I visited I told her about my intention to adopt a son. She never lived to see him.


Looking for a place and for land and to dream. Well I'm finding how very much there is to love about this wonderful home I have. If I could just pick it up and plant it in the forest without packing it or letting go of all the amenities it has.

I love the idea of moving to the forest and the dream of being there without debt and employed with health care puts us in ares that set us nearer cities and away from the woods.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mission Controll

We have lift off Husten, Little Dove has a desire for a quilt that has astronauts and space shuttles on it (her birthday is soon) . sooooo I was able to use all the supplies on hand and created a 101"x45" quilt for her. I got the space fabric for 80% off a while back and the backing is just yummy. It is a cotton with sphiers on it. I recently ( 4 months ago) bought my MIL Bernina 2000 dce Surger when she got a new one. I was able to make good use of it and sewed the layers altogether. I am making a very simple quilt. The kids are so occupied they have not even been in here to see what I'm up too. How wonderful it is to created again.
I have been driving to the city and doing so many chores getting the house back together too.

Story for you.
When I got the fabric I was making shorts for Dash Hawk. He requested the fabric for himself. Well I cut out the end of the run for his shorts pattern and trimmed the edge design for the end of little doves quilt and I was able to do both! the batting was acquired for a $1 for a $8? bag.
My sister also gave me 88 spools of Sulky thread for the embroidery machine( Huskavarna #1+)! When I learn to use it I will have just about every color I could ever need or desire.

SEW>>>>>>I sew on.....Smile and enjoy the use of my skills with new (to me) tools. I am blessed !

Thursday, June 14, 2007


We are looking forward to exiting the Vally of the Furnace.
We are looking into seriously moving into the dreams of our youth. My husband is so excited at the livelihood and cost of living. He is filing an application for CADD employment tonight.
Raising our children out of this city thrills us. Billings a large city can sustain any medical need for the kids and for us.
My hubby was so encouraged by a fellow at work and just wished his own parents were more like that. He so needs their blessing. It must be hard for them to consider him moving on to live his life and raise his family. They are elder and we have always looked at our future as having to wait out their days. We see error in this and even though our love for them is large we must follow our hearts.
We are so happy to walk into our future! We are going to get employment sell out get a new truck and keep our belongings and head North! three month out??
Gods will be done and we will rejoice in it.

One year reprieve for Dash Hawk

Well, No sign of optical nerve loss today, we will redo the test in a year, then year by year by year.....

So I have a year to forget about it and just kick back and live free of the thought of it until next year. Sorta like a shark in the deep waters.

deep sigh and relief and praise!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have a load of it on me today!
Tomorrow with the apt for Dash Hawk, today with my husband and I wanting to move out of this city and just the general over all layer on layer of life. Stuffed feelings and hurts. frustrations, migrains and dreams defered.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007


On the way in to the city the Frova was beginning to course into blood stream. The blessing of an earplug in my right ear eased the screechy singing of Little Doves lizards song. So cute but so painful it hurt. I asked lizard to please ask Becca to use her voice and was refused by my sweet 10 year old going on four (grief pumped stress into my head) the realization of her delayed abilities and cognitive mind waves over me with a Dear God I hope she prospers and is safe in this world.
The freeway turned into parking lot 10 miles short of the hospital where Dash had an appointment. I was able to get over from the far left HOV lane to exit and then I went through the city streets. It is good to have lived here for twenty five years. I know my way around the mess. Arriving a few minutes early I was able to do some joint compressions for Little Dove. Her morning sitting still class is causing here to have some sensory issues that can be quite disruptive and annoying. So she and Dash were properly tickled too. After two games of crazy eights we went into his therapy. Little dove was calm! ya! she sat and wrote her novel. Dash was showing stress and complained that he was the only one in the family that had to do therapy. I reminded him that they both had occupational therapy next moth because the sabbatical is almost over.
We faced double apt. on Thursday and the therapst had an "unheard of" opening at 2pm so we could us the 2:30 slot to see the optomitrist. This is not for a vision test but for a test that may determine the Ushers Sydrome. I may find out whether or not my sone will be going blind. The pain that stikes me even at the typing of this curls my face and pounds in my head. I may find out that there is no definative and we are to walk yet in the perpetual unknown, only to face quarterly retests like the hearing studies every 3 months. What ifs robe my very tummy rest is waves like the stormy tempest right now. He is so beautiful and I am so glad we adopted him and that He is my son. No regrets on that. I simply long for Him to prosper in the true life.
I cant even type the b/deaf. It hurts. I hurt for him. What if not?? WHAT IF NOT? WHAT IF NOT NOT NOT NOT. Gods hand is on this boy and this woman. What love there is in that!

Dash Hawk's time with Mom

Dash Hawk says.."I love you Momma , and I had a great time with you making your blob. You helped me fix the problem with the computer with the background. I had a great time with you Momma. I wishe I got to see Bionnacle 3. We had a great time, the End"

Well off to play a board game and to do or math and writing and dishes and laundry.


This was then read by Dash Hawk and then he dashed off to go to the potty. Sweet sweet time.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

evening outside

This evening when we retuned from the Grand parents we started showers for the kids and I went out to do the poop scoop, mowed the Lawn and watered the sunflower house. It was so nice out. I fed the birds too.
Tomarrow will have the yard work accomplished yayayay
TV time with my honey now.

Little Dove's Rock Star Momma!

Little Dove has taken to a special time with me changing my doll. This is a special time we are sharing. It offers a sense of affiliation and unity for us. We also learn to use the computer a little more too :)
She and I are enjoying moments together that are sweet. She feels accomplished to be apart of me in this. I love sharing with her. She critiques the outfits and the scenery with a mature eye. Sleazy stuff is Not her way she loves to have modesty. I am grateful.
She is accomplished and walked away with a skip in her step and a desire for her daddy to turn on his computer to look at my blog. She loves to show him her accomplishment!

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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