Friday, May 15, 2009

Shopping frugal

Hello, I missed all of you today.
I was tending my duties.
this week I was spread pretty thin.
Wednesday evening we got the truck back.
Just before we had to get together to go to the roller rink.
I put the signs in it yesterday.
Drove it to the school and had folks looking at it.
I drove it to the bank and the grocery just to get some exposure to it.
Lots of looks. It is very shiny.
It is a 1995 with only 130,000 miles on it.
New tires too.
Pass the word if you know anyone.

We set our price at $5300.
It is really beautiful.
We were given favor at the detail shop and only charged $150. for $300. job.
It is so pretty I really wanted to do the car put we opted to hold the funds instead.

I stayed up very late last night to get the kitchen cleaned.
Paid the bills and set the papers to be filed.
It is just a big job this week with so many tasks to do.
I did the lead in adds and collected the coupons, cleared out the outdated ones.
Set the list using a high lighter of color set for each store.
Pulled all the coupons to match lead ins.

I received a letter that I made an error on the Federal tax return.
They sent me $150. more!!!!!!!!!!
Replaced all the funds that we borrowed from ourselves and had $450. to spare to add to the budget. We will save it up, for our 6 month emergency fund that we are working on.

Got the statement on our electric bill.
We do a balanced budget payment.
It went down $29. a month now!
We did real well this last year and now have reduced the balance plan that much a month!
Mostly time of use, but hanging the clothing and Thinking things through better when we use the oven for example we really use all the heat at that time but doing things that we can add for the next meal while the oven is hot.

Today a trip to the post office to mail all the bilss, then to the Albertsons.
They have Saunderson Farm chicken .77 cent a pound!
filled the big freezer with 80 pounds of it, mostly split breast.
They had lunch meat $2 box, so after the first run to the store (where I had used those coupons I had had... $1 off three) I cut out the ones from my purchase and went back for more.
50 boxes apx total.
I cut the box, and just keep the package.
It is frozen so each day I can just pull one out.
No lunch meat or chicken shopping for me for the summer.

Click to enlarge
worth of foods for

only $268.

saved $353.68
add to that the items that were on clearance of around $30. more.
They often do not show up on the receipts as a savings due to just coming up at the clearenced price.

This is $3.44 worth of chicken, one family package. I purchased 16.

Found these cute place mats for .50 each.

All in all a very frugal day.

Costo found me buying cupcakes...
Yes Me...:)
The old saying choose your battles.
Found a cute swim suit that LOOKED GOOD ON ME!
I was stunned Steve even came in and said I looked nice in it.
A swim suit!
Go figure.

Tomorrow is the rink so I better get rested.

I will see you three for tea at 1pm
I need to find that address email you sent Trisha.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your day sweetie, love you.

Annette said...

I love it when I can go places with you! and enjoy your mom can shop like you, she gets so much for hardly nothing, I shop pretty smart, I thought, but not like you,but every time I read how you clip coupons here and there, it gives me ideas! your the GREATEST!
Is it today for roller skating party? and I'll meet you for tea at 1, I like lemon please....Have a FABULOUS day my friend!

Susie said...

Awesome job on reducing your electric bill:-)

Amrita said...

hi, nice to read about what 's been going on.

Amydeanne said...

wow! what a great deal you got! WTG!
love the placemats!

my deal last week was going to homeoutfitters and got tumblers that were reg. 18/set for $1/set!! i was pretty excited about that!

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