Sunday, May 17, 2009

Living life to the top! Week end in review

I do not much remember Friday...
Dove and I took a trip to Costco and I found a new swim suit and got the cup cakes for her.

How can so much life fit into two days?
Cupcakes were purchased and we were all set to be off by 8:45 to the rink.
Of course like all party days a little stress was had, moments before the exit.
I keep forgetting to take my medications.
Then many hours later by ill effect we realize what is happening.
Of all things to forget!
I grabbed them and took them at the rink "thank goodness"!

Our party had been given favor to have a free lesson before the skate. Now I went to great efforts to accomplish this for the kids with timing and all.
I had to all but twist the arms to get them to participate.
Dash would not, he skates like a mad man run a muck. Gets him around the rink, in a very entertaining manner.
Dove finally joined in and showed good skills. I even donned a pair of skate.
There was a really nice guy that came over and kept an eye on me.
He said mam we have a class for the adults, I declined to stay with Dove.
He said "it is a much easier call"

Deciding to skip the hard parts, and being very sweaty from the really hard work it is to skate....well it was still very fun.
Noticing my Beloveds face strained sadly I realize it is very true that my days of skating put all who depend on me at great risk of losing my abilities.
I might just have been my last

Dove has pink hair from an event at the elementary.
I have yet to be able to get that stuff of of her scalp!

Only three of the seven kids showed.
One of the little girls who was not invited saw to that...
She called here to invite herself!
I overheard and told Dove "No" that I had a budget and she had 10 kids only to attend and then kindly reiterated that to the kid on the phone.
You see I use speaker all the time when I am on the phone.
With a hearing problem this is the only way The tones and such are easy for me to make out.
So the family is accustom to answering the phone this way.
Worked out well because the kids calls can be monitored.
Well Dove was thrilled, she had told the girl no.
Mom, however took that off of her.
She thanked me.

After a long time of skate and games the booth time came about.
She then was called to the DJ booth and got to speak up on microphone and everyone said happy birthday to her.

The booth gleaned her 75 tickets, I was so relieved that she got something.
I thought she had nothing.

Then there was sponge bob.
The 4 kids foreground and a boy were in our attendance.
3 guests yet I still had to pay for 10:{
So that little twerp made an impact.
Too bad for her she is given no instruction by her parents.
Nor are those who are intimidated by her strong enough to withstand her.
Bad thing that kid is going to turn into.

Dove still had fun.
One of the two girls that came was acting center stage and more than once Dove whispered to me about it.
Kids will get attention when they can.
So this was a strange party.
My sweet freind D. came she and her boy are real treasures. I skated with and for the kids.
dove had begged me too.
So I missed time with D. that was awkward, but it was right that I skate with and for the birthday girl.

Dove was so happy.
It was a real nice time.

I had to leave 15 minutes before the end of the party.
Well I had to leave.

My girl friends invited me here.

Oh my goodness...
Humbly I tell you of this outpouring of generosity and kindness.

My friends sat me at the head of the table...
The least of these amazing women...
These are dear dear friends of many years of sisterhood of the heart.
We are all captivating women who have understood who we are in Christ.
(Stacy and John Eldridge, Captivating a must read)
Our husbands all love God with passion.

We shared our updates on our present days.
Each live a marvelous work and a wonder.
All have uncommon lives.
Different in so many is those differences that we find growth.

I sat there amazed at how it felt to be so honored like that.
It was so ...well so humbling to be lifted up in you love and thoughtfulness.
Showered with gifts of words and of tangible treasures.
My heart overflowed.
Oh they are so beautiful thes women.

The tea was so touchingly precious.
It fealt like I was recieving all of those teas that my heart wished to offer others and often did.
It was those days when some of you came and spontaneously we shared a cup adn a cookie form my oven.

I received the luxury of a 4 course meal.
A bowl of fruit

I think we tried 4 teas with the pot always warmed.
I never even lifted a finger to do it.
Sorry if it sounds weird , but that just was so amazing.
I want to do it now for others here more.
I want to treat all of you readers to a tea.
A time where you feel as I felt yesterday.
Lifted up.
Taken to the head of the table.
Like some matriarch I sat with all of you loving on me.
I am honored to be called your friend .
You have lifted me.
I am refreshed...

I had a surprise that another good friend showed, to join our circle.
It had been some time that we had gone without being together.

I loved this arbor!

Look at all this generosity and kindness!
They would not let me pay for my lunch.
We have never splurged like that before.
I teared up over that little angel and shovel.
Funny how some things just touch your heart so deep.
One of the gifts is a little Hummel tea set.
I had given Dove mine.
I thought well she is a little girl grown now up, I felt I had to show her I had confidence in her to take care of it.
Now I have one just for me again.
It has a baby and a sunflower on the pot and plates.
See the little bag of sead, well you bake a bird feeder cake!
and the note pads say...
"Who loves a garden , Still his eaden keeps"
pretty image of a younger me, with sunflowers.
Funny thing getting older, all those years of noticing flows...
Now I see how really pretty I was as a young woman.

When I pulled up to the house there was an
truck out front!

ua oh!

The ac needed to have the coil cleaned and when steve touched it
I sprung a leak!
Our dear friend , who just started to work with my darling had lost his ac unit on Friday.
He was good friends with a fellow is who is renowned locally for industrial ac.
Well we got a referral to HINKLE AC
They were there at the house in 10 minutes and 15 minutes later the ac was fixed and recharged.
$300. to do so and we were up and running.

Sunday Morning...

Darling on the mill...
"what you up to say I"

To his reply
"I'm making something for you"

I hurried to go get dressed and such.. to sweep up while he worked.
By the time I returned he had done the sweep of (borax against the ants)
He was almost done.
You'll have to go over to a place to create to see it.
I'll get it posted tomorrow.

Mothers day for my MILove
We were absent due to the wrist thing...
So I set together a basket of produce from our garden.
He had a nice afternoon there and had a lovely supper of fresh fruit salad.
Hot dogs too...
Well she is so sweet she gave ma a great book on serger projects.
Then the lovely fabric gift she gave will be perfect for some cloth napkins to go with the new place mats.
Summer is here and this time of year my sewing is a big focus of the days ahead.
She made me some more knitted dish clothes that I will turn into another hot pad.
I just love those, if you spill it turns into a dishcloth in an instant.

We gifted the kids with the movie
"Bolt" this week end.
I found a $5 off coupon for it at Costco (good until 5 /28?)

They wanted to see what is was all about for the dogs to hang their heads out of the car window...

They really loved it!
It was just too hot to lose the ac in the car
104* here mid afternoon.
My goodness...
Look at that...
Plus all those letters and pictures from the children at the school.
It is like my cup is so full, and still.
Like if I bumped it, it would slosh over the brim...
Thank you all.
Oh I forgot there is a really cool rustic bird house to set out that came from the fallen oaks in Conneticut, my sister gave me. I'll try to get a picture of it and the cool book and fabric given to me today.
My cup over flows!
I am so loved.
I remember as a kid how much I used to pray to be loved.
It is a holy thing.
I take none of your love for granted.

I remembered an event at the baby shower last week.
I was asked to go get lemon aide and then learned my sister had a plan to follow and so I followed her plan instead of leaving to get the juice. It was a surprise party and I had hidden the car a half a block away already. Well I thought about that comment from anonymous , how she saw me as selfish. My view was following the hostess wishes. We maid lemon aid without a reamer, I just used an ice cream scoop. More than one way to skin a cat. :
I thought of how we can see each other through the eyes of our interpretations of the event. Not really knowing how or what is the thought process going on in another head.
Think of it.

It really rang true of that passage of thinking the best of one another.

A tid bit of an understanding in one of those flash point moments during introspection.
Just made me stop and think.

Well tomorrow I need to get this truck on an add.
Look at this engine. They really made it look nice.

Well it is 12:30 adn the tylenol will take effect now and let this hampster sleep.
My body was resting , but my mind was just on the wheel.
I love you all so much.
Your comments are so appriciated.
Your lives are so beautiful and each little event your speak of tneder and dear to me.

May all of you have a beautiful day.

I have a field trip to the State Capital then the mineral musium and then onto the park at days end...
Oh ear plugs on a school buss....a must!

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Denise said...

Wow, busy, fun, and awesome. I love you my friend.

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