Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

Busy busy days. Living life to it's top!
We got the car back and the 4 runner detailed. It is going on the market today.
I am home the first day of this week and tasks to do! oh man to do list so long I am tripping on them. :)

For the love of a child...

Yesterday I had set before me a commitment to keep to the children of Room 33.

While considering in my heart the day before while on the bus, this one child I had yet to reach I saw myself painting yesterday for him.
Dong a fast study of the dream catcher I set out to prepare my day at the elementary.
Two classes to paint for.
The first being Room 33.

One child of the 28 had yet to be touched through the exterior.
I have had children of the heart like this before.
Those who are wounded souls shut down before the world around them.
I found out yesterday what his color was of preference.

I learned a bit of understanding on the intent.
When I got to the class the teacher had a bathroom break and I ran up to the office to tell the office of a kid bullied to make sure he was alright.

When I returned they were all in the room and she asked me to just wait a moment before I came in. Dove was by me and upset...I was concerned of what was bothering her...

Then the door opened and I heard the kids singing something...I was focused on Dove at my side upset...
I turned to enter to the whole of the class in the middle of
"For she's a golly good art teacher, for she is a golly good art teacher...that nobody could deny!"

a bit stunned and endeared to the core I held back tears of appreciation only to have gifts placed in my hand and led to a CAKE! in my honor with "Thank You Mrs. U" on it.
They handed me "stacks!" of pictures and hand made cards...Then a stack of letters written long hand to me...
I was asked then to open the gifts.
There was a card every signed.
Another gift a $20 gift card to my very favorite restaurant! (I learned later that all the children had pulled money to collect a fund to get it for me,), It said "for DATE NIGHT" me...a date with my husband!!!!!!!!...
I cheered "Pie wei" I cheered! to the delight of the young ones they were so pleased.
A child walked up to me and handed me a hand full of CHERRIES! Those of you who know me know I LOVE FRESH CHERRIES!!!!!!!! I asked her "did I tell you about how much I loved cherries? " she said no.

Next was a plack with a poem on it!
Oh what a nice poem...
The teacher warned "now this one is gonna make you cry..."
After opening it I read it aloud in my best story teller voice with tone and inflection of emote.
The children cheered.

Well by now I was pumped up with all the helium a woman could hold.
Floating on the breeze...

I began the lesson and the painting.

I painted a dream catcher in honor of the only child I had yet to get through too. The only one.
He is a very beautiful hearted boy with a shell about him.
At the end of the lesson...It was so cool.
I told them of the import of respecting nature and each other.
Of hearing with their eyes, they understood.
For I told them the ear often hears and does not get it but to look and study the hands of the Elders to see lessons taught without word.
IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

I told them when I was quiet and listen to what I was to do for them that this was the lesson and the painting that I saw to do...I concluded the lesson with I did what I saw myself to do.
That this is also what I saw...
I then handed the painting to that child...I asked him if I might gift him the painting...Stunned he stammered, and I stated again that it was to be a gift to him...


"Made a difference to that one"

the statements on these letters would just pull it up from your toes...

A holy day!

Next up

was the second grade class... (not Dash's class) another.

I had taken the hands on a book pattern.

I spoke of the importance of imagination
Then the import of reference books.
Only to find out that the teacher favorite color was green...
and her very favorite thing in the whole world the childern told me was

So we painted the hands and the book, the kids had to make a short exit and then returned and I had finished the detail on the book.

The lesson...
Not only did your teacher give you knowledge...
She gave you understanding
how to use the knowledge you gained.

So on the spine of the painted book we named it
by Peterson (on cover)

Oh she welled up those baby blues and placed her hand on her heart.
COOL! The kindness penetrated deeply into her heart!

She told the children when they are in high school if they come back that they will see this painting still here on her wall.

A friend of mine saw me as I was leaving the school after a full day...She said I was glowing as I floated out those dubble doors on my way to my car....

Still am.

We learned at the last hour of the school day that it was the PTA fund raiser at the skate rink, Steve came home early due to the retreival of the truck (a friend helped him) We took a little girl who otherwise would not be able to attend (due to single mom loss of job).
They had a good time.
We got home late.
Telling you I need to just dip my candle in wax...

Some days are Holy

Oh but to see that flame shine up those dark corners.
I am a telling you

Oh to live a full life, this life not lost or idle in time.
Full and thriving.

"some day if you do not let them make me like them...I promise I will give you a life"
Promise kept.

How can I but be emerced in gratitude.


Susie said...

Happy Thursday:-)

Denise said...

So very precious.

Annette said...

So very sweet....I have that poem, it was given to me by a teacher right after my Johnanthon was diagnosed with ADHD, and when I read it I cried, for she WAS that one teacher that made a difference cause he mattered to her, I get a choked feeling in my throat when I think about it, and you know what? You did make a difference in that child, I promise, and you made a difference in so many other children lives, just by being there and loving them, for them!

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