Monday, May 11, 2009

Week end in review

Thursday night we had a new invention.
Without any bread baked and the left over chicken already cooked...

Chicken and onion (home grown), dogs.
The kids flipped over this one.
Mao and baked chicken that it.
Better than a hot dog!??????????
cool! Better for them that's for sure. We use a kosher all beef, but still this is healthier.
Homemade salsa from the garden, I grew it!!!!
That is just the coolest thing to grow the foods!

Each day last week we had early morning visitors.
These two brothers come to our home and hang out front.
They obey their parents well and never come in.
They are sweet kids. One id in Dash's class and the other a 5Th grader. The parents must be absent in the morning for work.
The boys feel so safe as to walk the block or so here.
They have a bus stop close, but rather come here to wait.
Mother of many. I got to tell you I have witnessed bigotry toward these two great kids twice it really lights my fuse! I calmly just tell the boys they did not deserve to be spoken to like that. I tell them the person was disrespectful and in error. Tell them maybe that the person was having a bad day. I see it in the elder boy though how it hurts. To few folks are color blind.
My kids are raised color blind intentionally.

The kids are respecting the "no climb rule" that was set by the neighbor. You see it was "o k" if my kids climbed it....NEVER A PROBLEM...
well when we all go to the stop the kids all respect that it is her tree.
Her property. We would never want to over weigh the tree, or be liability of a fall.
The kids were saying that the tree was sad, it missed them in it.
They all touched the tree and could feel the life in it.
The elder boy could not understand that so I placed my hand on his.
His eyes opened wide, "I asked him can you feel my life?" Then I lifted my hand off of his..."now can you feel it?" He smiled wide
"I feel it"

Despite the news of the false mrsa and the punchy health on those meds we still had a garden to water.
Steve helped me by instruction, I had to stay out of the sun. He even washed off the onions for me. I have three times as many yet to pull up. When they fall over they are ready to pull.

Lesson taught me to wrap the onion in foil and not to let them touch.
I trimmed the greens and saved them as green onions. This worked well for some easy shish kabobs. I was barley able to put this dinner together . Somehow we ate and watched a show.
Then I was spent.

So easy to do, remember to soak the bamboo sticks in water so they do not catch fire.
Drizzle a little olive oil over with a dash of seasoning. I used a Cajun BBQ.
That was dinner.
I went to bed very early.

Next morning with water dripped all over me I welcomed Mothers day with joy!
Although I was in poor health, those kids and my husband just brightened the day.

Dove waited her turn while Dash gave a gift of many very thought out images, a collage.

Dove was so patient and Dash just was an empty reservoir.
He was so sweet!
Dove was so patient. She sure is growing up.
What an amazing letter, two page, she wrote out long hand for me.
She told me of a boy who "wrote out one lousy sentence Mom! he said he did not like to write."
She was so disturbed by it. She was really upset at the boy.
She also made some cool flowers of tissue paper.

My Sweet Steve gave me breakfast in bed and a lot of rest time.
He really pulled up on the dishes too.
Kept the wheels rolling with the coop and the poop (dog) clean up.
He really covered my back while I was down. I will still take it easy for me. :)

So sweet, she worked hard on this.
She said I shined like Gold.

Dash came running back with a book and just wanted to have an endless supply of gifts he looked frustrated. He explained every detail, in detail. He really thought this out.

Well this morning you could tell I was off work a few days.
Steve kept up dishes but oh the life of a working home.
It just grows like a well watered flower.

funny how it grows.

and grows....

and multiplies...Well I know one thing for sure it needs me. {:)

Here's a tip slip...
Put that sun screen but the door and squirt them down on the way out!
I have a set up by the back door too.
I have yet to forget it, with it right there each morning.

The plants flowered on Saturday( the day of the funeral).
I transplanted the cacti I had purchased for the funeral.
My nephew loved the desert.
I took it up to his mother today and got to hold my Great Nephew.

My niece is a beautiful young Mother who is very protective and thoughtful over him.
It was so nice to see her. It had been a year or two.
I listened to what mattered to her.
Then shopped accordingly.

Stopped by and got some soy (I am milk allergic) yogurts to down this afternoon.
Found some things to make the baby shower gift with.
I have yet to wrap it up or set it up as it were. I'll take a picture when I do.
We went to get the car this afternoon they had finished it.
We dropped of the 4 runner to get it detailed . To find out that the $300. It normally costs had be waived to $150.! It was a personal favor to the shop that referred us there.
I had thanked the girl. The shop did a great job.
We have the truck there till Wednesday so we can accomplish tomorrow.
It is a very full day to come.
I just could not do any more than is set to accomplish.
We told them to take their time and not to feel rushed.
The truck will be locked up indoors all the while.

Well now your all caught up with me.
Here I come to catch up on all of you.


Denise said...

You are such a precious addition to this world, I love you dearly.

Susie said...

It looks like you had a great Mother's Day:-) That's awesome!

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