Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Well the day started off fast...
No surprise this is that uncommon life blog after all...
I was lovin' that pillow and my sweet darling had to pull a "come on hun, up and at em' ".
Once the lunch made, he off with a store bought breakfast bar...gasp!
I just am slowing down some:)

Kids out the door to the bus stop.. then I had just enough time to shave my legs and do a fast pedicure on my fancy little toes.

I bought these cool moisture sox and decided to leave them on with the tennis shows for the field trip and I gulped my coffee and made it to the class room 10 before boarding the bus.

Now I forgot my camera! arg...
We took the kids 45? of them two classes to a nursing home a good 20 drive away. They were awesome. No one was in power over or with them on the bus wierd...so I just stepped into my power. funny how children need to know there is an authority in charge they just relax with it.
We split (thank God) and did the performances to two seperate audiences. Our kids got to see the "Kitchen band" perform and clap and such. They were so awesome. I say that word alot...
Life is AWE inspirering.
So the performance was sweet, and then we all loaded the bus and left to the park here in my community. Funny the proviledge we have of living here we have one of the best public parks around.
Lunch and play was had. When It came time to gather the chicks to the gander....welll.
Life is awesome....
There was a man, who was the driver of one of the other busses (we were three busses of 6 classes total) so I asked him...
"Hay do you have a big bumming voice to call these kids in?"
He looked at me and approched...he said very quietly with a deep wrasp, "are you making fun of me?"
"I am a VET and I am wounded in combate I have no voice"
OH GIRLS...of all people to say that too.
That was my next sentence. He and I talked and I told him thank you for my country...I told him of Russia nad my children, how he make this able for us to keep free here. I told him of the little kind lecture I had just given on the bus ablut the last man standing holding up the banner as to never let it fall.
He was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
He thanked me for sharing with him. I too have PTSD just a different battle front. I was able to understand his heart and his voice of soft agony.
The children were calling me they had all abourd the buss. I boarded and told them all of what had happened...that I had just met a real HERO.
Our play was on HISTORY.


Home now did a post on the "Place to Create" on card making.
And the scrapping center in the studio.

This is the card I made this morning between 7-7:30 a.m., I had laid out the supplies before bed last night.

It is now 3 p.m.
The children will walk in the door soon.

at 4:15 we must be back at the school for another performance of the play for the parents.
Steve is getting off to meet us there. He never misses a play for his children.

I will pull away from the school at 5:30 to attend the Baby Shower at 6p.m.

While Steve stays at the school for the book fair at 5:30
Open house at 6-7
then the ice cream social for the volenteers 7-8.
I will miss out on that tonight.
OH but the smiles of the children are my acknowledgment.

no time to spell check
love ya!


Susie said...

Awesome tackle:-)

Denise said...

You go Wonder Woman..... Tote that barge lift that bail! You have yourself a good rest tonight after that kind of day..... Good job on the tribute and praise to the VET.... We should all be soooooooo thankful to him and all the others like him.

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, you go super mom. I love you.

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