Sunday, May 10, 2009

Made it to the Emergency Department.

Great news!!!!!!!!!!

The infection in my wrist is not mrsa!!!!!!!!!!!

The Doctor at the urgent care mis diagnosed it. I have been so sick on the antibiotics,,so sick.
Today I decided to go around three o'clock. Last night on the phone when I call them it was going to be a 2 hour wait. The fellow said today it turned into a 3 hour wait.

I did not want to sit around for two hours with flu and such. So I waited through the day. Spent a fair amount of it pretty sick. With having chills and feaver in the night , by three this afternoon I decided to take the trip up.

Steve droped me off and took the kids home. I walked in and told them why I was there. There was a empty waiting room, so I waved Steve off only to call him later to come and get me.

I was called to the treash within 5 minutes of sitting down!
Then while there , a man who was very angry wanted to see a supervisor. I then watched the eyes of the nurse flair concern. Girls this man came right over my shoulder and the guy was raging! Insisting to see someone in charge. The nurse was a bit flustered and had just asked history when I had mentioned having PTSD....the man was in my space!!!!!!
I looked at her and said just using the tools and smiled.

The supervisor then came out into the area with a police escort. The nurse resleased me to wait in chairs then relized she was not done and called me back to place the allergy band on. I stood up and walked to the opposite space. I had warned them of the mrsa diognosis and was really trying hard not to touch anything. I had not been standing there but 5 minutes...then I was called to the beds.
The whole thing now only maybe 15 minutes in from the door.

The PA came in and looked at the wound, he said "thats not mrsa, did he culture it?" I told him no he just said such and gave the medication oral and topical, This guy concerned me... he touched the open wound with a gauze 2x2 and then put it bakc in the drawer! I said dont put that back in there! He was embarased OPPS! HE SAID

The doc came in no way that is an infection to the burn. NOT MRSA! The oral medication making me so very ill. Was way to strong and not called for. I only had had 5 of them thank God. The emunity is a serrious thing. He told me to stop them and keep it real clean and dry dressed with just the anti biotic ointment. It is an infection of the tissue under the surface of the skin. Just gotta rest and heal. Watch it does not climb up my arm or get hot, or read streaked.

I got a tetnis shot as well.

So thank you all for your prayers ...
I was signed in and out, and released
within 30 minutes of arrival!!!!!!!!!!!
At an ER
Now Happy Mothers Day to You all

As I awaited for Steve (who had just pulled in our driveway ) to come get me the ER filled up!!!
Person after person non stop as I walked out it was full!
The guy at the desk even said how stunned he was that I hit such perfect timing
of course we know why...
Better go rest
Love you, love all of you...
That was some weekend.


Denise said...

Hope it will heal quickly now dear. I love you.

~Bren~ said...

So glad you can come off that antibiotic! Those are important for deadly things, but in everyday illnesses they can do more harm than good.
Get some asodolphylis to replace all the good bacteria they destroyed in your body.
Love you!

Susie said...

I am glad that you had an unusually brief stay in the ER and that your diagnosis has turned out for the better.

Photo Princess said...

Glad to hear the news!! FYI something I recently discovered that I'd like to share, CVS pharmacy has "Minute Clinics" at various locations, not all have the Clinics inside. They treat a lot of symptoms. We've used them on several occassions now and are in and out pretty quickly. Have you seen any in your area? Just thought I'd pass it on.... Looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday!

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