Saturday, May 23, 2009

Replacing the fuel tank moduel, sending unit

Fixing your own auto is a very valuable skill to develop.
Get your kids to take a basic auto shop class.
If you can find one in your area take on for yourself.

Even if you never turn a wrench it is a good thing to have the basic understanding of the combustible engine and the basic auto mechanisms.

Me...the only girl in my high school auto shop.
The most romantic time was had once while speaking the same language while tearing apart a transmission years ago in the garage. Elbows in oil laughing and standing amazed at the way the gears worked so beautifully machined. Like life . Cogs in the wheel.
Never ending wheel.

So this job however was at the hands of my dear friend (my husband).
This job for the part alone after market was $350
From the Dealer $$$

We found it on line through ebay
(high reviews and many years a seller)

$75. plus sh
$85. total

The job to be done at a repair shop perhaps at least $900.
Plus part of At least $350.

Our total cost
Sweat sore muscle
Wonderful family time in the driveway on a cool cloudy day.

The bed had to be slid back after the wheels and bumper was removed.
Bu removing the bumpber the bed did not have to be lifted.

With the wheels off we had just enough clearance to slide the bed back.

By getting online and researching the issue he discovered the problem through a symptom search.
At issue...The fuel gauge would show that the truck was on an empty tank, intermittently showing actual levels. First time we looked down to all the lights a flashing "out of fuel", we hurried to the gas station. Only to find it had a half tank in it.
Also it took three turns to the ignition to get the thing to start.
One might think it would be an issue in the dash component.

The fuel pump 1999 Chevy Silverado is in the tank with the sending unit a part of it.
This is the new part in and hooked back up.

Now one in the gauge in dash was inverted and the man was exasperated....
I told him to just be still and rest a moment.
The prospect of removing the dash was not a happy one.
He checked the old part to not the circuitry and such to be sure the new part was assembled correctly.
He was sitting beside me then he had an idea .
We went over and hit the dash...
It set the needle free!
See the smile!!!!!

He got the biggest kick out of that.

Now to slide the bed back up with wood under the frame as to guard the break lines.

It just slides on the frame and bolts in place.

Bed on, wheels on...

We lost our cloud shade by this time. He asked me if I was going to feed him grapes.:)
I was holding this a while and had to tend to other tasks.

Bumper on and done!

$1250. job...

FOR $85.!!!!!

We know who turned the bolts.
Now I do not turn the bolts, but I do not get easily ripped off either.
Knowledge keeps the crooked man straight.
(they cant pull one over on you)
So learn about your cars major components it really will save you an account of funds in the long run.

Many folk will sell an auto out of the ignorance or fear of the repair costs.
Think of the opportunities
This man of mine as a young man fixed autos in this way and earned his first house down payment at 20 years of age.

The man I married had owned his own home four 4 years when he married.
A young woman can follow these things as well, perhaps in a different skill set.
These are the things we so wish to empower our children with.
A foundation.


Annette said...

Your hubby does look so happy in that picture! I remember my first car, my Dad bought for me, Gilbert brought it home, and had me check the oil, check the water (after it cooled off) and I passed, THEN he looked at a tire and said "It's flat, you need to change it" I looked at with a curious look, and said "No it's fine" "Pretend it is" I started talking my way through it, and he wanted me to show him that I could take it off and put another one on, "Every woman needs to know how to do this, it not safe for ladies any more" I was so mad at him for making me get dirty, but it came in so handy once.My Johnanthon tinkers with his truck all the time, he can even put bearings in! I remember the first time I had Amanda put gas, seriously, she didn't know how, I was mad and laughing at the same time!

Corey~living and loving said...

love the happy picture of hubby. :)

my hubby is very mechanical as well. these newer vehicles with all the electronics.....he doesn't like to much.

Thank you for the really lovely comments recently.

as for the watermark on my photos. it isn't really hard if you have and editing program. let me know if you do.

Denise said...

He looks so very happy, I am glad.

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