Monday, May 18, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... Monday, May 18, 2009

Outside My Window... It reached 108 today... I am now sitting with the blind beside me closed. Sweltered in the heat on a school bus with 45 kids from 9-2. So it is shaded.

I am thinking...
Oh that was a good nap! I was so hot and tired.
From the learning rooms… A new book for the serger sewing machine.. Learning about the soil structure in the garden. Design and layout for the new garden extension in the fall. Study of what and where and how to set it up.

I am thankful for... The way these last several days are so tender and kind to me. Trials are calm and the ease of the last several days have been so healing and such a rest from stress.
From the kitchen... Left overs and warmed up individual much and crunch. I had a recipe set up and forgot the tortilla at the store.

I am wearing... Brown slacks and a brown shirt with white and light brown Flowers on it. I forgot to have earrings on.

I am reading...A list of study will commence once the week ends...With three field trips in four days I am full. I found myself reciting scriptures to the dawn.Some days when I am busy it is that the passages within my mind come to me.They are like a syrup that flows over me and sicks to my day refreshingly sweet to the thoughts.

I am hoping... That my time this summer with the children will be rich in new memories and good lessons of character growth for all of us. I hope for laughter and healing of the hearts from the long school year that was wounding to the souls of my darlings. Hoping for the healing that will return the sound balance that public school challenges daily.To also acquire a water tank and to prepare to gather the rain water for the gardens.
I am creating...Gifts for some blogging friends, mental plans for the summer sewing schedule, I want to replace my day dresses they have become 7-1o years old, a bit thread bare time to make me some new clothes. The plans for the garden extension. Finish the framing of the kids awards. A new blog called "A place to create" to share knowledge of skills and know how.
I am hearing...crunching as I am eating some apple/cinnamon rice snacks.There is a sparrow on the other side of the glass beside me, children are watching a movie and I am recovering my energy as the click and clack is motivating me into the evening.

I am going... To rest tonight!Tomorrow I will forgo the field trip to tend to my own fellowship and nurture my soul with Bible study attendance. It is the final meeting of the summer. I feel I would be amiss to miss out on the last gathering.

Around the house... It is in an even flux, except the toll of the laundry that has been given a back seat during the last several busy days. I will have a great catch up with that for a few days. With this heat I think I should be ahead of the washer as I hang things out to dry.All else in in good order.There is a large stack of papers in the office two ft tall! That the children and I will have a time together set aside. It is my vision to spend time going through the last several months to show them all they have gained through there education. I think it will be a good transition and nice to clear away the stack too.

One of my favorite things... is having my children home during the summer. I thrive on the time together with them. It is a challenging time of 24/7 so it must be thought out to create a good flow of time alone and together. Play dates and going to the public pools to swim.
Projects of art and such are nice to do together. Just that down time where they can settle back into them self. Away from the social lessons that are so difficult , yet necessary for good self esteem.
of self


Time to cover the bases to watch out for wholes in their development to take the time to stitch them up intentionally.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week... Laundry, Bible study, field trip to the skate land again..., Chocolate party perhaps with Dash's class. Laundry :)One more shopping trip for the last of the lead ins...LAST DAY OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

Protecting and Respecting the Life around us.Please cut up your soda rings so that fewer creatures suffer the torture of becoming entrapped by them.
Thank you.

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Denise said...

Such a nice daybook my friend.

Denise said...

I guess I need to start a day book........ I have seen it on a lot of blogs.......... Not sure if mine would be very interesting ..... I understand what you say about the kids being out for the summer....... I worked all my life but I was always so glad when my boys were home during the day.. We lived with my grandmother on a farm (small) so they received a wonderful education and they were wonderful company for Grandmother.. They will tell you fond memories of grandmother during those years......... Peach tree switches and all !

Susie said...

Great day book:-)

Annette said...

Thank you for stopping by, I'd LOVE to go and pick berries with you and your sweet children and sing songs of praises out in the open. your comment made me cry, you didn't hurt my feelings at all my sweet friend, I'm just so sad about my friend, I hold all my friends so close to my heart, I just loved the thought of the whole comment, I cry REAL easy.
Thank you for being such a wonderful person and my friend!

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