Saturday, May 23, 2009

The hanging of the cieling pot rack.

Seventeen days ago I was given this pot rack for my birthday.

How I have longed for this now for some 15? years or so.
Many years ago I had a dream for the type of pans the professionals use.

The handsome fellow was so fortunate to locate studs to screw directly into.
He sunk pilot holes and then it bite into wood sound on all four corners.
(so no one gets killed)

We found this rack for 50% off that night he and the kids took me to the Hobby Lobby store.
I love this rack!
Without the big discount I doubt I would have gotten it.
We had been talking about the need to do something for my back.

My pans are very heavy.
They are hard anodized aluminum.

I had learned about the best tool for the trade.
Early on in our marriage I researched it out.
We think of tools this way.
Save up for it buy it once...
So years into our marriage I had used those newlywed pans up they were spent.
During that time a very big fancy store closed down.
I had been watching for the closure and took a visit.

These pots and pans were obtained I think it was 75-80% off!
They are so awesome and think of it they are at this point at least 15 years old.
Over time I would find one at an outlet or at a TJ Max , Never have I had to pay full price though.
It is the desire of the God I love too bless me.
Yes I had to wait.
Time is a flash.
I did not suffer with out.

Well if you know me , you know that I make use of my kitchen tools!
Like every day pots and pans are working.
As you can tell I need to set to some steal wool and barkeepers friend.

My back has been a bother because I can no longer bend my right knee properly.
The shrinking of the lower lumbar space is not much help with that either.
It has been getting so hard to get down to retrieve the pans of late.
I wind up on my butt on the floor to get a pan out of the cupboard.
Then to get up ....
Well it isn't pretty :)
Humbling and at times embarrassing.

I feel wind set to sail for I truly have been discouraged by days end to pull a pan to cook with.

That night we got the corner brackets and the head scroll too.
This is in the fond memory of the old house we had for 16 years.

I can not find a more resent picture this was when we first moved into it.
This was our second home.
We had been married 4 years by then. We lived there the longest I had ever lived in one place in my life.
We sold it when the casino was to move in my it.
It was the nicest house on the block when we sold it. A man from Russia bought it at first sight.
He later got a visit from me when we got Dash home from Russia.
I told Peter H. that this is why our heart was to sell, and that he helped to make it possible.
He wept.
It was so beat up at that time. Later we had those black iron brackets above the door way too.
Steve and I roofed that roof with our own hands. I looked like "Popeye the Sailor Man". One forearm got very built up from slinging that roofing hammer. Those times were so good. We love working together.

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Denise said...

Awesome my friend.

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