Monday, January 12, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday (inventory)

Not Rocket science. :)
Just sound business practice.
This is my career.
Homemaking is my business.

Regarding my menu and food preparations...
Life on a budget is like any business that prospers.
When a business nears a fiscal year end it does an inventory.
I remember in my childhood working in my parents gas station.
At nine years of age it was my job to inventory the penny candy. Alright stop laughing, yes I am that old...

As a part of our cooperative effort to track our moneys more efficiently I have begun inventory of our home resources.
I began two weeks ago with the pantry, the kitchen refrigerator and freezer.
Out door refrigerator and deep freezer was completed yesterday.

As was the storage in the garage of supplies on one sheet, on another all automotive, another garden and yard.
Sheets are also prepped for the storage of medications. Dash has Asthma as do I and so we have three months of supply when first ordered. I want to do a better job of tracking the quantity and expiration dates. I think I will be moving the storage of the surplus above the kitchen refrigerator and getting my bell jars down to be able to use them for some canning.
By making the effort to keep like items together on the list I am able to run down it and think ...
What can I create with this.
Like a cook off challenge, I prepare my menu.
By listing exp date, how many, what oz. if it applies and what it is and in what form
(whole /ground) I have all I need at a moments notice.
As I use it I cross it out.
When I shop I add those items.

On my clip board I use a paper clip to note each section for quick paging.
As I use an item on the menu I note the needed items of current expiration and place them into the menu in priority and then build the meals around them. Bargain purchases and such are the core of my basic stock goods. I have to keep track of rice ,grain and wheat so that I have knowledge of when I might need to restock and how much I need to set aside in a future budget for surplus groceries on the budget sheet.

Under my inventory on the clip board is my monthly zone 7 planting list. This covers both edible and flowers. Other information like tending to the chickens (they are a large part of my food store) is kept with these papers as well.

This is in need of inventory this,

and this is above the washer and dryer.

This is above my commode in our bathroom

Under the sinks are to be inventoried.
Master bathroom

Under master bathroom sink.
It is very hard for me to get down on the floor due to my knee. These photos showed me what needs to be done. I also can see the inventory so as to list it without having to get down on the floor any longer than to straighten it out.

Master bathroom drawer.
See the blades , now they are very high in cost those I found for less than $1 for 5 blades.

so I bought them out.

When My Dad (thought to be my birth dad ) who divorced my mom in my infancy...died
This is what I gave myself. Essence oils of all the variety I dreamed of.
I find perfume hits me hard!
Yet I can make my own lotions and oils myself and not have an asthma attack.
In the right side basket is all the dog medical supplies.
This is part of the medical and hearing aide station for Dash.
Also surplus cosmetic and personal stuff as needed.
picture removed
This all needs to be inventoried and also I have a lot of empty medication bottles that I keep just to remember when and who prescribed them. When I had this or that and never use this again. I need to list all this information and toss the bottles.
Many very expensive medications that I can not use. After trying them I fell worse. So I stopped . It is hard for me to just throw them out. I know I am silly . I grew up in poverty tossing a perfectly good thing galls me. I hope that some day I might give them to a soul who might make use and need them not being able to afford them.
I found that an agency called Saint Vincent De Paul has a clinic, folks that have no insurance and need medications will be able to make use of them.

This is surplus asthma medications for Dash's and I. Dash has a breathing treatment every night!
We have the other two who also have some various medications taken as needed.
We also have a nice variety of supplements,
although I have neglected the dispensing of them of late.
I used supplements to get Dove off of all medications. Now she is well I do not remember to use them.

Dash did this...
It too needs to be inventoried.
For good measure.

Now if...if... I get all that done this week and cleared out I intend on listing the rest of the spices and herbs in the drawers and on the rack.

When I see it all on the inventory sheets my mind is so fast at seeing the dishes to prepare. It is really amazing how quickly ideas come.
The whole purpose of the inventory is a matter of
a greater respect for what we have.

I know the balance in my savings account.
Well... the resources are just that a savings a stockpile of savings and potential wealth.
As I use them more wisely
we keep the funds to s better use.
A more intentional use.


L2L said...

Wow, now this is the most serious and proficient tackle I have ever seen. I am still in awe, lol.

Susie said...

Awesome tackle!!! I made something similar to this on the computer last year. My husband thought I was nuts but we save over $1000 just by knowing what we have. There is no "do I need aspirin or not? I will just get it in case". There is a lot less waste and that saves money:-)

Denise said...

Great job as always.

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