Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Roast Beef Slicing and Roast Root Veggie Lesson

May I show you how to do this for the best results.

This was begun at noon today and at 3 p.m. I added the sweet potatoes.
After about an hour. I lifted the lid and began to baste the veggies (that is too use a syringe ball to drizzle the juices over the veggies and the roast as well), then cover and the let it roast for 30 min. or so.

At 4 hours I remove the roast to let it rest( not because it was tired) :) this is to let it come down. The roast will still be cooking on the plate for a good 20 minutes or so. I make good use of the stored energy within the hot meat. When it has rested it will not drain the juices when you slice. Uncover the veggies add the carrots. Baste again and every 20 minutes or so.
Speaking of energy I used the bottom shelf to bake some squash for tomorrow. I found a great recipe over at another blog. I'll get a link to it.

Do you see how dry the plate is = juicy meat:) There are garlic graduals on the roast.

Now I am hoping to relay this clearly.
Everything has a grain in its original form.
So knowing this and understanding the ramifications is critical in life as well as in slicing meat.
I have made a slice that was with the grain to show you how it pulls and you wind up eating long fibers that can be hard to chew (especially for children).
Now look at th slices on th right how then are thin. This is accomplished by slicing against the grain.
If you were to imagine a hand full of straws and cutting the end you have several little straws., but if you were to try to cut the straws the other way you would not only cut your hand:) , but you would have long slices of half straws that would be hard to get into smaller pieces without cutting them.
Now many a plate has scratched from this very problem.
A roast that is sliced properly can easily separate the little straw ends (so to speak) with a fork.

because the roast rested it reabsorbed the juices into the meat. Look at the cutting board. It is relatively dry.

Slicing a roast beef can "Make or Break" the meal.
The proper knife is also important here. Using a (saw) or serrated knife cuts lots of tiny straws. a straight edge would just crush them. Think about it.
That is a ball syringe it is used only in a vertical (up/down) motion. Please use care here. So many a new cook gets burned with the hot liquid when they tip the tool to a horizontal or upside down the displacement of the air in the tool causes it to spray out.

Remember now to drizzle the veggies.
I like the baby carrots they are organic and now they have become more easily available to me. I find them to be much more consistent in size and without the grating much faster to use as well. Organic carrots that are of regular form are not to easy to find either without going to a co-op or paying big bucks at the regular stores.

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips, the meal looks really good my friend.

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