Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Good Morning!
I had an easy start today . Beloved awoke to his alarm and noticing I was still sleepy lold me to forgo packing his lunch and to just get a few more moments rest instead. He put the dogs in the room and a half an hour later I heard my Dash say"where Daddy?" I reached over to for Dash and got an are full of Lab instead! It was weird. I laid with him and scratched his back and then got up to discover he had fed the dogs, well sorta I think I was not really sure?
Miss fiction had only 30 minutes to ready herself and eat. NO T>V> NO whiny little Caieuo show! Man I really wish the folks who made morning T.V> would show a kid with a sweet attitude. I digress.
When I pulled into the driveway after dropping the kids off I noticed a desolate front entry that had a lot of dead plants and it was dirty with blown in dust and debris from those neighbors who have the good fortune to hire lawns keepers who then in turn blow the neighbors stuff away into never never land (my front entry) :)
So I tackled it.
Pulled all the dead stuff and swept and watered and tinkered.

More importantly was something else I tackled.
The hose out front is pretty poor excuse for a hose. Hubby repaired it twice and still it sprays me and gets me all wet. I have to ware glasses to be able to see, so it is a hassle when they get all wet. I had jeans on that got soaked. Then I scratched my self on the clamp and it hurt! I thought to myself hoe annoying that it all was and started to stew in the juices. The stew you no that becomes so nasty that it is not palatable. YUK. So I tackled that with a SO WHAT! I'm wet, If I get in a bad mood over it I'll STILL be wet!
I enjoyed the rest of my time in my wet jeans and soggy shoes:)

I met this little fellow reminding me I am never alone.

I got inspired and climbed up into the attic (yes very carefully, to my loved ones knowing about my knee.:) I played in the bins of old decorations. Those ones I once used before life got crazy.

I decorated the front porch.
See the table and chairs I found it years ago for under $50. it is so heavy.

It is 10 A.M.
I have so many choices to Tackle so I keep going on with Tackling it.

Post script 12:30
O k! after tackling that, Ironing my aprons Just for me!, unloading/loading the dishwasher and putting the dishes to soak, 3 loads of laundry dried to be folded and one in the washer. A roast in the oven and lunch and a phone call or two.

After ironing them I hug them for ease of use.
I go through one at least one a day.

3:30 P.M.
I was blessed with this $20. roast yesterday for $7.00! They were having a special on Top Round Roasts at the grocery. So I by the largest one for the greatest savings. It has been roasting for 3 1/2 hours. I just put in some sliced sweet potatoes. I also got one for the deep freeze. (I love my clean oven)
Check out my nest post (this is a link) for a tutorial on slicing a roast.

I got a big tackle! Done via a little God intervention.

Wow the long dreaded "I gotta call the old dentist blues", and get my records and films .
I got a phone call from his office~ Wanting to schedule a cleaning!
I greeted her without strife... Told her I was glad she called because I needed to make a call to their office..... I requested my films and records and closed my accounts with them over the phone told her I would be picking them up this noon.

Very few moments later a 2nd call (I could just see him standing over her) I hear her... voice "you cant have your records they belong to the dentist...We will print out the running forms of services and what tooth ect. and price and balance.. balance sheets ... " She then asked me if I wanted her to print those out. I said "yes and I want my films and a copy of my records too, she said "that they belong to the dentist" I said That they are legally mine. I want a copy of them . She said let me have M. talk to you....I was on hold long enough to fill the sink with water.
M. comes on "hello: Dr S. office you called"...I said "no your girl called me back and I have been on hold." "Oh!" said she. I said that I wanted a copy of all of our records and all of our films including my children's. At that she said that she would speak to the dentist (I could just see him over their shoulders and felt strife, I refused the strife.
"Please prepare my films and copies of my records" I said" perhaps I should speak them to counsel regarding a copy of my records. Thank you I'll pick them up later."
The Phone rigs again (a3rd call) 4-5 minutes later... The other office girl calling to see if she had offended me in any way or if there was anything she could do to make it right. I greeted her. I told her "no, you have not offended me in any way. I actually am very grateful for all your kindnesses with helping me by letting the kids be in the lobby for me while I had work done". She said "Was it someone in the front office?" I told her "no, All of you have just been lovely and I have enjoyed knowing you". "Is there anything I can do?" she asked. "No, You have done nothing wrong" I told her. Was it the doct...pause....I spoke telling her that I have addressed with the party in question, and I now must do what I believe is right. I neglected to do so and got bit in the butt for it. Now I choose to take care of myself and learn from my dragging my feet. "I need to request my records and my films". She said" you are so sweet I am really going to hate to see you go."
I thanked her and she then began to say that there will be a charge for a copy of the film. (a little rage began to stir the thought of a loss of her sincerity stirred me...) Breathing deeply I asked "how much of a charge". It was only for my daughters films because they were in a storage shed and they would need to be copied. I declined to pay for it and she assured me all my records and films for the family would be mailed tonight.
I was pressed more for the reason. I explained for her to go tell someone else to call me is inappropriate. If there was a query it must come from the person directly or what good is it. She paused and said. "I'm going to miss you Donetta".
There was peace, no strife, no abusvie tones or defensive gestures. Just peace.
That was a BIG TACKLE!
Now I just have to make sure I get them.


Denise said...

Looking good my friend, you go girl.

Crystal said...

Great tackle:) It's been so busy with back to school that I haven't done one in weeks! I really have to get back to it soon.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great tackling! You have a beautiful entryway... :)

JUST A MOM said...

sucks to be a grown up I am proud of you....

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, you had a busy day. Your front enrty looks great...what style of house do you have? You had a challenging day...have some tea a relax...you deserve it! Dianntha

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