Monday, September 10, 2007

Have a great day.

Morning was a rocky start for my son had no knit shirts left. Now if you are tactilely sensitive you must live by the demands of your Nero system! Don't you just love when they announce their needs right before school. I loving told the little dude that I could not oblige him on the spot and found one of many button down woven shirts...Oh but NO! just cant handle it I see it in his eyes that it really mattered so I went to check if perhaps the little pile of shirts on the coffee table might rescue him, but before I could get it back to him...MELT DOWN!! door slams in protest! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK<>
Five minutes before loading into the car the city school audiology department calls, sweet lady but kids are in a tiff and they are swinging back packs at each other and I on the phone an doing my best, caught off guard to assimilate the information coming at me. So Dash was not denied due to audio? So it was a speech eval that was too old?(now I have been waiting a month for a new report!) by the way he was still upset because he got a hair on him! a hair!
I pulled over to sit in the car. Told the kids if we cant get along then we will just sit here untill we get to the bottom of this! I told the kids they had no business going out into the world if they cant even get along as a family . So after apologies and amends and a limit to that snotty little Caiou show we were off.
I went to the dentist after dropping the kids off and then to the eye glasses place.
1. O.K. so I need to go to the city today and I better get my pocket full of stones.
2. Gotta address the speech therapist as to why I don't have what she promised me
3. Get the records from the phyc,
4. Drop off Dash hearing aids for another repair
5. Get a loaner pair
6. and sell the lanyard if she likes it
7. Drum up the courage to try to sell some other ones. I do not like to sell :{ If it were me I just would rather give them away and I often do. But it does help the budget.

I was able to get good news at the dentist this morning.
I have a "healing dry socket", the pain in it has calmed to a more manageable level and only a little bone is still exposed but it is much better.. He packet it with a soft goo. It is intensely strong of clove and misc flavors.
I stopped by to also get new nose pads on my glasses. she said to me "oh you have some free time now>>>" Wow I hadn't thought about that yet here I am three weeks into the school year! Of course I hadn't really experienced that yet either :)
I went back to the school and pulled Dash out of class and told Him that I love him and hoped he had a better day. That I am proud of him for who he is.

Well the traffic may have slowed by now I best get off to the city, and look for some more beauty in the day.
Ya, tooth socket better, new nose pads, no new audio test required. I got food in me (even if It did taste too much of clove :)
Grab the day!


JUST A MOM said...

bless us all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Denise said...

Glad you got good news at the dentist, love you. said...

Ohhhhh!! I have had a dry socket before and OH my it hurts so bad!! That has been over 40 years ago but I can still remember the pain!!
I am glad you are better!!!
Love and Hugs Grams

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, you are having a very busy Monday. Good to hear about your tooth....hope you continue on your road to recovery!

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