Monday, September 10, 2007

A full day. So much to be grateful for .

Math Man and his 10 math commandments!
He came up to me the other evening with this. Too cute!
He has been doing math around the house and with the lab all afternoon. Telling the dog to point to the right answer.

This is "mens group" evening around here. One fellow said to me Wow have you lost weight? I thought is he trying to score points for cool brother here. I said yes but only four pounds I cant believe you can tell that. He said in your face you look like you have lost weight. Well it has been 14 days since he last saw me that was two days before they pulled the tooth. My face was that swollen! I did not even realize before the extraction due to the bone infection my face was rather swollen He pointed it out to me. Every time I answer someone telling them about a dry socket they wince. I guess if you have ever experience it or know someone who has it is something to remember! I don't think I'll forget this for some time to come. The pain is so much better that even though it still hurts substantially it is doable compared. I am so growing tired of the hurt though. Blaa blaa blaa :)

Anyway...:)...What a full day. So few hours sleep last night too. I was up late sleepless yet peaceful. I have three or more marriages around me so rocky that one is close to the "d", the dreaded "d" that is the "I give up" of all that was once intended to be a life long vow of selfless devotion. Before the "I" got so neglected and overwhelmed that it became the thief that stole such precious ground. Sorrow about all that and just standing back in prayer. Personality conflict really ought to be addressed in school or wherever to get folks set out with a better understanding of what they are in for. The dynamics of two different personality types can really give unique challenges to every union or even friendship. I love to understand why? So I have studied personality a lot. I have a few cut little things on my side bar under "billboards".

Well after my return from the City I had an unexpected THRILL! I drove past a sign that said BEADS!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) BIG GRIN,,droll and a little giddy.... I used some FREE TIME!!!!!!!!! Radical! It is the first time this school year I just stopped and took care of that part of my artistic heart! They have classes and BEADS!!!!!!!!!!! drool, glee tantalizing excitement. Have I ever told you I LOVE BEADS. Well I love beads and everything beads make up (most everything). I meandered around that store for almost 45 minutes it was so inspiring and surprising how much money they charge for the beads and the classes too. I must have a gold mine here in all the collecting I have done over the years through all the estate sale stuff and E-bay lot sales ( I sorted 12 pounds of mixed beads, many many hours of mindless relaxation last year when I really needed it). So I think I'll bead something and maybe do a class one time. The classes are a dream to me. I have self taught for 20 plus years. The projects also need the supplies were talking $ to d it. I wont just ignore the thrill and I might search the class lists to see if there is one I have the beads for, or at least most of them.

I also stopped at the grocery and got some great meat deals, The butcher just put out the discounted items and I snagged up several and will freeze them up (this is a great mid day trick). I found a yummy freeze dried fruit item yesterday, that you sprinkle on cereal and such. It was Clarence for .75 cents so I grabbed 10 of them and will jar them for breakfast for everyone. I was able to get two nice new insulated lunch bags for the kids at $2.50 each. Wow I came away with over 250. for 95. approximately. Got home to put it all away.

I went over to the school and had the nurse copy all the documents and told her how excited I was to have them in hand. She put them in the psychologist box for tomorrow, won't she be surprised. Kids were so giddy and a little one other than my own wanted to come home with us or have us go to her house :) I told her how her mom will need to invite us and thanked her.

Dash had to do a homework page and Miss Fiction awaited T.V. time (no T.V. until after homework. I mad them the taco's and did that post. Now they are playing all is fed and Hubby has the mens group going.
Beloved embraced a happy wife and was grateful for the tacos. So I sit and enjoy the relief of the half a pain pill I took while making great effort to keep my hazel blues open just a few more hours while the young (er) ones play in the cool (relative) of the evening outside. I hear water running and they are at it again selling water (Beaver episode) You know if you have kids those old DVD sets are great for the preservation of innocence.

Well Dash just called me to CLASS in the dining room...Oh mercy what will I find in there better run. I hope your enjoying your evening


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I hope the tooth is better soon, and enjoy your beading classes!

Denise said...

You busy little bee, buzz buzz. I love you.

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