Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Smiles, It's a good life.

Well I hope each of you found some joy in your day. I found great pleasure this morning in actually waking to the sensation of very little pain! It has been the extreme opposite for 10 days now. So that right off started the day on a great note!
I had actually woke in the middle of the night in the middle of a dream where I shouted out loud at my husband "JUST STOP!" . It was so clear and scared the poor guy out of his wits! I was having a dream that he was pouring glue on something and I asked him to put some paper under it to protect the counter top. He grabbed a little 2x2 inch piece and I said No really get something to protect the counter. All of the sudden he got all upset in the dream because the end of the tube of glue split and the glue went all over! So in the dream he goes over and starts hitting his head against the screen door. It was bending the frame and so i told him "just stop it"!
Only it came out my mouth and woke us both up. There I go yelling at him in his sleep and he didn't even do anything GIGGLE ha ha.
So when we both woke up he was humored at me. He was also so happy to see me out of the intense pain. We had a real sweet morning around the house and just enjoying each other. The kids really like each other and that is so cool! They played independently too.
I began my challenge to better care for myself by sloughing and shaving my "beautiful" (hubby said so as he came in the room) AW... Legs, I also did a pedicure . I can not walk yet but I can take better care of myself.
This was the third day in a row I stopped and did make-up and my hair (just for me). I have realized that I am neglecting myself in far to many ways. After I dolled up I went to hubby to tell him I was going to the store and got a wide eye pleased smile and a, wow! I see that this is going to benefit me in more ways than one :) He delights in me:) ! It is thrilling to him to see me care about the woman he loves so very much.
I went to the grocery where I knew there was a clearance on several end caps. The store had just remodeled and were selling out several boxes of cosmetics at 1/8 the price. So I took the time to go through them. I have been wanting to get some play make-up for Miss Fiction, I looked at the kids play stuff and would never want to put that on her beautiful skin. I found a transparent powder compact (Gold would have been cheep end in compare when she opened it!)
Clear lipstick to match the royal blue compact, Some neutral blush and a bottle of clear nail polish all Cover Girl or Sally Hanson no cheep junk. So I brought it home opened all of it and went into her room sat on her bed and called her to me. "yes momma?" she chimed, asking her to sit down I showed it all to her. She was ecstatic! She was so touched and deeply grateful. She was going to show her little girl friend and they can make up together. NO COLOR MESS! I taught her the process and she is so CUTE!
After lunch and several "Leave it to Beaver " episodes the Daddy Man left for his folks to help his Mother with her new computer. (She now has bragging rights:) We tease her because she has a better computer than her girl friend. She is a local artist and the women have a web site with their work on it. They have been guild members for many years. Art is a big part of our family. Daddy Man spoke of that last night we all went to the Rain Forest Cafe for a night out last night and both kids were enthralled with the art books.
Anyway...After he left, and the children were done selling water for a few cents a glass ( a re enactment of a show they watched). They did this with my permission (water slide). They were already all wet. So with the hose on top of the slide they played swamp rescue.

After the maiden was safe and all was rather soaked in the moat, The queen determined it was time to dry of and clean the bed chambers. Miss Fiction called my name to flash this picture of me. She is so sweet, she then went to her fair knight and took his image as well as the successful cleaning spree. Mind you they did not give me a hard time. It was so wonderful it just gives me chills. I just told Dash little projects and one by one he came and asked "what should I do now?". I found the princess FOLDING ALL HER BLANKETS! Of course I rushed out of the hall so she would not see me looking!

I was putting the blender together. Hubby was waylaid by a bad modem connection, so I stopped dinner production and made the kids smoothies.

Dash's response to his sissy taking his picture.

Hubby came home with another main frame to dissemble and grandfather into our existing machines. He thinks it might be a better one than Dash is using. We have so many grandfathered or passed down computers that we often are able to help others with parts. Hubby can dismantle and reassemble one of there in his sleep.

We took the kids over tho their school so they could have some use of the place without the crowd. This helps them a lot. They feel more like they are at home there during school. We did this before they started school too. If they can play on the equipment without on looking peers they get more relaxed on it.

can you see why I call him Dash Hawk, that boy can fly fast. There is no stopping him.

Daddy Man threw several balls for them each.

Dove or Miss Fiction showed me some new tricks she learned.

Soon Dash followed and showed us this newly mastered maneuver. Big things to little ones. So they are big to us.
Baths are done story time over. The house is quiet. Beloved in playing with his new prize. I am looking forward (I think ) to going in tomorrow to get the socket (my) re-packed in the morning after I drop off the kids at school. I have a trip to the city. Dash has a problem with his hearing aides. I have to take them in for repair and get a loaner pair. He has been without them since last Thursday. I just was not able to drive down town. So If I can be without pain Medication after they pack up my socket I'll go to the city. I also have some records to pick up and a lanyard (the black one) to deliver. I sure hope she likes it.


Denise said...

Sounds like a great day, love you. The dream really made me smile, giggle.

Christine said...

What a fun day!

That is a really funny dream. Your poor hubby.Bless his heart.

Good luck tomorrow!
I forgot I need to take Josh to the lab for his blood tests this week, for his appt. on the 18th.
Say a little prayer for him, he doesn't want to go.

Debbie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Hopefully the font is easier to read.


Lynn said...

Wow, what a beautiful post and a neat day. I felt like I spent time with you.

You are a sweet spirit to the Lord and an encouragment to me. Love you,

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