Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Good Morning! After referring a dog scuffle over "blue bone", having a quiet time with my Abba Papa and doing the morning tasks (breakfast, packing lunches and feeding of the dogs) I dropped the kids off at school.
When I returned I walked around the block with my cane (just in case). Last night at the 7/8 th's point it was a hurting.

the scuffle continues right now Rena the Queen is the clear winner. This will continue for they are in one of their moods. They do have other bones,, Blue bone is the favorite.

Willy vying for position.


After 7:30 p.m. NO MORE WORK TONIGHT!
So happy Tackle! This is my focus today. I'll need to vacuum and dust and such. Change the linens and make the bed. This is the first time I have aloud you to see my most prized material possession (well it is on the list of the top 5) Do you see what it is? It has such a sweet story I'll have to share it one day. I made those drapes God gave me fabric $2. a yard I did that at the same time as the living room ones. It dictated the color scene. I used a color wheel . Rose was the primary due to the carpet. The whole house had that rose carpet in it. Some day I would love to get a silver gray.

This is all a mess. When we gave the kids their own rooms we confinscated this television. We do not like them in bedrooms. Including our own. However we have no other good place to store this gift. Yes, gift. When the plant closed down several of the girls entered my husbands name for the televisions that were in the cafeteria. Well he came home with it. Our other one in the living room is really the gift this is the old one that was displaced. It is in good working condition and we saved a long time for it. We gave one other one away and thought we should hold on to this one. It was in the school room then the play room. Now it is going to live here. Although I do not like a T.V. in my bedroom it has served well after surgery or when I am laid up.

Do you think I need to dust? It is a dry heat here and a dusty land! That beaded lamp I did, it took 6 months for the pair of them. That was before the purchased fringe they have now. I was young and did them with a needle. My first bedroom colors were blues and burgandy.

This is a mess! I have laundry but I think better of it than to try to carry it out today. I think perhaps I'll have the kids carry it and just wait. Close my eye to it and work around it.
I had hubby carry the laundry to the couch (it is much easier on my low back if I sort it from the hight of the sofa rather than sitting on a stool on the floor) to sort it tomorrow after my therapy appointment.


Years ago Leann a sister in Christ Gave this calligraphy on nice paper to me. She is gone now at her own hand. The battle took the best of her. I decoupaged it a long time back and placed shells around it. It is the Proverbs 31: text. It daily reminds me of my role and to never give up on it! Making it was a part of my grieving and healing her loss. Suicide happens one failed step at a time over several years sometimes. Watch your footing make good choices. It is a dreadful road.

"Happiness is being married to my best friend"
hangs over beloveds towel to remind him what really matters most to my happiness.

We see our wedding photo every day. I keep them before our eyes in our private space.

The rocker has a load of kids stuff on it to put away.

A good meal leaves a good sized mess. I took the kids on a nature treasure hunt around the block after supper last night so this was neglected.
I cleaned that mess up an made another by cooking tonights supper, but I am just too tire to do it.

Tools of the trade. I do my own pedicure.

A pedicure for me today! I start therapy tomorrow and I don't like to have people handle me. It is real hard for me to do physical therapy. I have been forced repeatedly to challenge this over the many times of recovering from the car wreak and the surgery and such. Once again I have more to learn in this court. So if I have to play I will do what I can to help myself feel less self conscience.

My husbands Paternal Grandmother told me I have beautiful feet. I used to go and clean her two nails and soak them so that I could clip them for her. They bothered her so badly. She would lay my head on her. She was very elderly and shook from a neurological problem. She would pat my head and tell me how lovely I was.
She was the first woman who showed me gentleness and kind touch. I was in my later 20's.
She is another who I could tell such wonderful stories of. How she left to go home to be with her God was so poignant.

Well here goes ! See you in the middle.
This is a great motivator!


Denise said...

Good luck my friend, but I know you will tackle everything. I have another award for you, visit my blog when you have time. I love you.

Christine said...

I've got some serious dusting to do my friend. One thing I've noticed it's very dusty here in AZ.

You have very lovely feet. A pedicure would do a world of good not just for your feet, but your knee and lower back.

Have a great day!

LoveMyStarr said...

It feels great to be able to get some things done. I know I feel better with a clean bedroom. Those are beautiful drapes. Very nice! And what a sweet story about your husband's grandmother.

Minkydo said...

The lamp you did is beautiful. I wish I had the patience for such a project.

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

That is a big to do list! Hope you can get it all done.
I love the idea of having wedding pictures right there to see in your own private space. I think that is something I would love to do myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

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