Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pains been bad, time up is limited.

It was a long night and a hard day. Pain is bad. I just now used the crutches to come in here. It is almost three. The kids an hubby are caring for me well. I watched a couple of movies. Muscle spasms have been real bad. I over did it after the injection by stopping for the B12 for Miss Fiction. She had a bad night the night before. I drove to a bank to get the $10. and the drive up atm was out of cash, I drove around the building again and cashed a check at the drive up. I had given my word I would stop back by a neighbors yard sale she was holding a few books for me for the kids. She had closed the sale and I had (choose with ill thought) to get out of the car and go to the door. There were three steps. I should of given up at that point I made it to the door. Got home and rested but went to get the kids an hour later when they got out of school. Too much did I, Too much pain have had I.
I made poor choices and now pay with bad pain. I am resting all day.
My Daughter brought me breakfast a sweet bowl of cereal and soy milk in a gravy boat too cute, Then she came with my tea pot and cup set full of apricot nectar. I am so Loved. Miss Fiction and the Daddy went to Costco and came home with a four foot pillow covered in soft fake rabbit fur it feels so good on my leg, so soft. Then My beloved presented Costco ribs to me ( my favorite. I was able to eat respectfully). It sure hurts, my back is so pained from laying so log. The muscle cramping is much better right now. Gotta go so as to not over due.
Have a great day.
Well it is evening now
I posted this and removed it. I thought it dribble and full of all things that might put you readers off. well after thinking about it I am a real person. I have been shown respect and if I only expose the cheerful light side of my days I would be a fraud. That would never due.
It has been a long day of laying around and being board and feeling yucky from the second round of anti biotic taken for the dry socket. Tuesday I go back in on it. Now I rest this sweet injected knee that is just angry and unpleasant to have danglingly around while I hobble on the crutches that are leaving my back hurting.
I don't know how Amy does it!
Really it is the end of the month that is getting to me. That yearly call to arms to prayer to the reality of what is going on right now in preparation for the darker side of things.
I pull myself up in my chair only to hurt in my heart for the flashes of reality that I seam alone in the awareness of. I feel lonely I think. So I will not try to hide behind a lovely post tonight. Not that I ever do. I just feel so many feelings. I did an entry on the other blog that is so compelling for the sake of children out there.
How can I stand on a hill and cry out! When I can barely stand on my own leg. I must be in His strength alone.


Denise said...

Please know that I am with you in heart, and thoughts. I love you bunches.

KC's Blog said...

Prayers for you hun:_) I can't even begin to imagine the pain you are in.
Your family are angels, the children are awesome for helping :)
Hugs to you!
Hang in there, easier said than done I know.

Amy said...

Oh Sweetie, I hate reading that you are hurting so bad. Makes me want to cry for you and with you. Please know you are on my heart constantly. I do care very much.

Love, Amy

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Please pray for her parents and family
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