Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Mathetes Award

"Denise", Just awarded me with the Mathetes award...I began to cry, I cry when I am loved. Thank you for your sweet release. It felt good to be loved, to cry.

Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) it to make more disciples. I'd like to take the opportunity to award five other bloggers with this award and badge for acting in the role of a disciple of Christ. These five all share the message in their own creative ways, and I admire them all for what they do.

In the spirit of this award, the rules are simple. Winners of this award must pick five other "disciples" to pass it on to. As you pass it on, I just ask that you mention and provide links for (1)this post as the originator of the award (Dan King of management by God), (2) the person that awarded it to you, and then (3) name and sites of the five that you believe are fulfilling the role of a disciple of Christ. If you know of other deserving recipients of this award, and would like to start a new string, then please post a link to where you've started in in the comments to this post. I would love for many deserving bloggers to be blessed with this recognition.

I have some time tonight to pass this and another on. I find it so hard to leave any one out when I pass these on so I often like to spread it around. So very many of you are so very deserving of every good thing. I wish I could make you all cry tears of loving kindness, embracing all of your tender hearts.
Denise you so have been a light. I am humbled to be spoken to and given this by you. I began to cry like real way down open it up and let it all out cry. It is not easy to walk in the right choices, or to live in the right way. All around us we are pulled. At times even ridiculed in this world for choosing the higher road. It is often a road with the suffering and compassions that call from us everything we are and have. He provides within us and through us. It is His example that we simply admire.

"spiritually unequally yolked"
"Real Life"
"Tales from the Scales"
These are all people who live the life that is effected by the worse of humanity and they live it with grace.


LoveMyStarr said...

What a very honorable award! What a sweet person to give that to you. I also hate to leave others out when I pass on awards. All my blogging friends deserve great awrds!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Donetta,

I truly just chocked up when I read your comments about this award. O my friend. I am so humbled you would consider me.

I have tears in my eyes as I give all the credit to our Jesus. Thank you for this kindness and know I love you with an eternal heart. Lynn

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

Oh, thank you, I must have missed this when I visited the other day. It means so much that you would think of me when you think of discipleship. This is my main mission in life.

Janean said...

Thank you so very much, my friend. You are a blessing. I will display it with honor.

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• how to love their husbands
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Please pray for her parents and family
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