Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Smiles

At Spiritually Unequal Marriage

(photo taken last week)
Hello, I hope this fine morning is bringing joy to all of you.
The kids are very busy this morning playing pirates.
After sleeping through the night! yes, 7 more hours after! And sleeping most of the day yesterday.
I am rested. Wow! I have not rested so well in some great time. Walking was even easier today! :)

Beloved and I laughed so hard last night. I just got my tickle bone a going. He came to bed and I had replaced his pillows for him (they were under my knee) He was a little chilled after his shower he went to lay down and startled, he quickly bolted out of bed! "What the heck!" tehee...teehee... It was the ice pack! I got to laughing "man that was cold" exclaims he! He, then he passed me the blanket that the kids left, "sorry" say I, but then, he went to lay his head down and there was the ice cream bowl with my spoon in it. "what in the world"?!!!!!! folks I just busted up laughing a man can't even get in his own bed!!!teehee.... we both just rolled I don't know why but it was just so hilarious.

Poor guy this morning is become a frustration of doing my chores and living my mommy mornings fulfilling my tasks. Nice to see that my frustrations are not unique..(teehee on a smaller scale). It is strange just to watch. Man I do a lot of work. No wonder I am worn out a bit by mid morning. It is hard to just sit here and watch. Not to get up and help is a real challenge.

I am walking a lot better this morning! Still hurts but not quite as much ya!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby helped me clear up my cash so the site will load faster. He explained how the links are slowing it down. When we are given an award for example; it links to the person who gave it to you and also the person who gave it to the and tho the grandfathered back and back to the originator. It links back to several sites. This slows us down so we need to clear our cash(we did this) this is where things are loaded onto out hard drive. we then need to make the photos local. We still have that to do. For those of you with dial up I hope this will help .


Denise said...

Sounds like you have alot of fun at your house. Glad you were able to rest, and are not hurting as bad as you were. I love you.

childlife said...

Love the photo of the kids playing pirates and the ice pack was too funny! I laughed out loud : )

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I can envision the him jumping at the feel of the ice pack! LOL!

Also, I recently had to make some of those same changes to my blog because it had been slowing down for people. I also changed the amount of posts that show up on each page to like 5. That may help, too.

Lynn said...


You are a blogging machine.... I loved reading all of your posts and I laughed out loud at the ice pack and ice cream bowl. You man is a good man...

Sorry, I forgot to put Mr. Linky up. Completely sliped my mind. I will next week. Love you girl. Wonderful writing. Love and hugs, Lynn

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