Thursday, October 4, 2007

School Fund Raiser at the Skate Rink

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The kids had asked about going to this event. I once was a very fast skater who loved the feel of the wind in my hair. I have been benched! BOOHOO!
This was a private event just for the elementary school. So of course I did all I could do to make it happen. Knowing that beloved was going to be used up after a 10 hour shift I prayed and set all the ducks (in a row) for success! The kids were even willing to use the $5. they had each earned ( by counting backwards from 100) for the entry. Daddy said that they did not need to spend their money. He would pay. That meant YA! were going!
The Daddy man was tired, a little pessimistic about going.I can not help them and he does not, nor has he ever, skated. Our kids have never skated! It was time and this was th perfect opportunity to experience it! (some very blurry photos sorry).
Miss fiction met a young boy Matthew who was in her class at the door. He was more than delighted to see her. After introducing his mother to me. His Mother spoke about him telling her all about Miss Fiction. He told her all about the mysteries of skating relieving all of her fears.
Dash did well on the outer side of the rink. JUST DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE! Several kids offered to help them. Dash would receive no assistance! Very much a do it myself sorta kid. Yet he was gracious and showed appreciation.

Dash in the mustard colored shirt. Did his best to manage his ego, and save face.

The boy next to him is 12. He offered repeatedly to help, yet Dash just kept saying after a while.

I had asked a very nice Mother to help me keep an eye in the rink for Dove to be safe. She actually helped her to skate. I almost sobbed because I wanted to be the one to do it! I am very thankful to her for her kindness.
It does take a community to raise a child.
I signed the "thank you" and she returned the A.S.L. for your welcome. Startled, I then signed "deep gratitude of heart" to her. Daddy man soon loosened up and went out with shoes on center rink to help her.

She did very well (again sorry for the blurry images.)

We got a pizza. Thankfully Dash choose one bite and put it down, cheese is a big no no for him. I have to make him responsible to make good choices. I had feed him at home. We shared some with the helpful boy, who is a child of many siblings. Mother of many am I. He had not had supper and so I spoke to him, his the parents were not in attendance. I met two other of his siblings. This child just needed an adult to look him in the eye and care about his heart a little. He is apparently 3 years behind in school.
He met Dash at the door of the school today with a strange gang like hand shake that bothered me a little. I hope I have not given him over to a wolf. My kids told me at breakfast he was a good kid. There are so many invisible kids that just need to be seen. Keep an open eye out and let them know they are alive. We need Community !

Dash got the hang of it pretty well

This little girl was met last spring at the school. She was in the same class as Miss Fiction. The child approached and said..." I'll help her teacher" and they have been friends ever since. The girl even comes up to me and hugs me and eye to eye says hello every time she sees me. Many of the children know me from the photo's at the school last month. I also made the costumes for the class last year. I made this child's costume and she has never forgotten it. She always shows such gratitude to me.

They fell asleep fast and hard! I love to peek on them at night. She is so beautiful and so amazing to me! I often hope that I will remember these images. So I took a picture. This time they were so dead to the world that I knew the flash would not scare them.

These babies will grow and soon they will be adults independent and vibrant.
Time flies so fast!

Don't blink!
Isn't he so sweet!


Chrsitine said...

Thank you so much for your help with Lindsay and Josh. It was fun to spend some one and one time with Katelyn.
It was so good to see you there last night.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Awwwwwww...this looks like Skateland in it?


KC's Blog said...

We have been to Skateland, it's a blast. K.C. doesn't like the noise but Big Brother loves it.
Your kiddos have the most pretty blond hair!

Denise said...

I am glad your sweet children had a nice time.

Joe said...

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