Monday, October 1, 2007

Marriage Monday

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Tonight the kids had some left over spaghetti (Oh joy!) They cheered at the news. I often give them some supper just after school. Strike while the iron is hot. They eat healthy foods then snacks can pleasure them later. With my Beloved arriving home late (10 hour days our new norm.) eating when he first gets in the door is a must. Especially on Mondays. He hold a mens support group hear on Monday nights.
I am now eating for my type (see other post).
I told him I was not sure if he would like what I fix. He said ..."I will eat what you eat"
I celebrated and even lit the bbq (this would have been a lot harder to do if it were just for me).
Well I just saw it come together and I got the heart hugs for him, We even had a candle. The kids were sweet and gave us uninterrupted time.
Now this was for Him. As he walked in I set the foods on the table. The phone rang, a brother was on the phone and needed him (he was called from a store and needed the info, I told the guy we were just sitting down to a candle light supper...) Well Hubby had 20 minutes to spend 5 was on the phone. It was not for me it was for him. I began to feel a little less than treasured as the conversation swerved toward feet smelling, a burp and so forth (NO expectation, I entered this meal with no expectations). I found myself a little hurt. Then I just had this switch inside that thought about something he said about feeling empty. Well this was for filling him up. As custom the guy arrived 10 minutes early! so we scarfed the last few bites. The guy pulled up a stool and began to talk about dogs licking wounds and spider bite wounds and showing us his burn on his arm that his dog was licking! yuk!!!!!!!!
So I stacked the plates and remembered this was ironically testing me to think about WHO that meal was for. My husband hugged me and thanked me for the Meal and then the men went out to talk and listen hopefully to each other.


Denise said...

Great post.

e-Mom said...

You have absolutely the right attitude here. Bless you! :~)

Thanks for linking up with Marriage Monday. Please join us again next month.

La Tea Dah said...

No words are adequate in response to this post --- you are a gem. You did a great job of keeping your perspective, refocusing, and keeping things in order. AND your table is LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!


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