Saturday, October 9, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap

Here you go Lisa and The young woman at Wal-Mart
as per request

This is a re-post
It is a huge money saver
Originally posted 5-7-09

What happens when you do not have to pay for the shipping, manufacturing, employee benefits and salary...

Laundry soap at less than 1/2 cent per oz
.26 cent borax
.32 cent washing soda
1.29 Laundry soap bar...
Oh yes and 17 quart of water.....your own water...of course you do pay the water company a half cent perhaps if that...

grate the soap in the food processor, add to heated water and cook until melted.
Do not boil.

Set aside
1/2 cup of each
borax and washing soda

Add melted soap to bucket...
take to sink and add the powders stir and fill quickly with warm/hot water...

I had to use a mixer for the thickening of this brand of bar was fast and thick, I added another qt. water and used the hand mixer again. It is setting to see if I might not have to add more water.

I did not miss the fabric softener at all on the last batch. This is a coconut oil base bar soap up from Mexico. If it works well I will go get several more of them. The bars can be hard to find. Look at 1$ stores or in poorer neighborhoods.

32 oz x17qt (it thickened up so fast I had to add another quart of water)=544


544*1.91=.003511 cents per oz or

1 & 1/2 cents for 5 oz.
Perhaps a half hour of my time.
you can do it it is so easy!
This soap works better than any other brand I have ever purchased.
Need no fabric softener.
Ya think it might just be a fabric softener conspiracy?????/
no...they wouldn't do that...smirk!

Oh ya I did not have to shop or carry it home.
One shop for (borax)75oz box *by 4oz each batch =18 trips
Washing soda 55*4oz=13 trips
So what ya say buy a box of each, and it will last you a good year!
Then when you find the bars you like stock up!
So once a year get 5 bars of soap $5
One box borax $5
one box washing soda...$5
Do your laundry for $15. a year

This batch has lasted several months (3?) yep last made February 8th, however this morning I found another jug that was left from then with a good two week worth in it.
so 15 weeks laundry for 4 for ...

That is 3 1/2 times a year I need to do this...cost
1.91 for 544 oz
1.62 for 313 oz

using the $39.07 model of savings that I have already improved on by dilution.
The first batch was a bit too thick.
it is a saving of
$136.75 a year in laundry soap alone!!!!!!!!

that is on the low side.
with only 4-5 hours labor

last time in February these were the numbers
Here is the cost ratio

$5. for a 75 oz box of Borax 75*4 oz per batch is 19 out of the box= .26 cents a batch
$5 for a 55 oz box of washing soda 55*4 oz per batch is 13 3/4 out of the box=.36 cents a batch
$1. bar of soap

$1.62 per batch of 313 oz that's
1/2 cent per oz!

$7.00 per 55 oz liquid equivalent =
.13 cents per oz!
that's 313 x's .13 = 40.70
less the $1.62
that's a 39.07 savings!!!!!!!!!
One hour of my time
I just got paid
39.07 for an hours worth of work!

post script.... it only took a half an hour this time.

KitchenAid KFP740CR 9-Cup Food Processor with 4-Cup Mini Bowl, Chrome
click on image


Denise said...

Ok ok....... I am going to have to print this off and try this! You are going to be nominated for Mom, Wife, Friend and Soap maker of the year............ oh I forgot, seed catcher and garden guru!

Hugs girl......

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing this dear.

Angie said...

I remember watching my Mamo make soap!

THIS is great!!!! I have a friend who makes her own soap, shampoo, lotion etc....she will love this!

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